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A designer, printer and a certified installer, Scott knew his way around the graphic printing trade and was intrigued by wraps when they came onto the scene. He saw huge potential, but also saw many independent wrappers and sign shops doing it all wrong.

He decided he could do it better. With a wide-format printer he couldnt fit through the office door, a little installation training under his belt, and a vision to make the growing industry better for the consumer, he halted production of signs and banners and decided to open a wraps-only business. Originally named Texoma Wraps, the company was one of the first in the nation to establish itself as a shop dedicated to producing only seamless vehicle wraps.

Scott was installing about 1-2 wraps per month at first. But as word got out about this new company and the quailty it produced, business picked up and he could no longer design, print and install the wraps alone. He reached out to a longtime friend and fellow designer to help out with designing wraps. Soon, they were producing 2-3 wraps each week.

Eventually, the two of them couldnt keep up with the demand. So Scott began training an installer to help. As time went on, the workload steadily grew. Our installer team grew, we found more graphic designers to help with wrap design, we added printers, production managers, administrators, marketing and social media staff one by one to reach the dream team we have today.

Each person who has been hired to work at Car Wrap City has a unique connection to the heart of this business each employee fit the need of the company at exactly the right time, even fans of CWC on social media that moved cross-country and accross the world to work with us. From Russia, Egypt, Great Britain, Mexico, Brazil, and even Vietnam. We all have different talents and interests, making Car Wrap City a very diverse city, but we all share a common passion for providing quality wraps and a commitment to driving the industry upward.

Another way of doing that was to partner with his friend Justin Pate, to create the Wrap Institute. Scott always respected Justins approach to installing vinyl, for Justin it is always important to not over work the material, but get to understand it and increase your quality ten fold. The Wrap Instititute has become the largest neutral wrap training plateform in the world. Its in 9 languages, and all but 6 countries. Even though Scott is in the business, he feels its better for him to compete in an industry with better installers, making it an apples to apples commitment, benifiting the comsumer in the long run.

More about what we offer and links to important wrap knowledge:

Questions to ask when gathering wrap quotes

We offer a 5-year limited warranty on installation

What you need to know about wrap removals

Fannin Tree Farm loves Car Wrap City. They have a wonderful staff that is creative, precise and very helpful! Over the last few years they have helped us develop all of our fleet wraps for our vehicles, machines and equipment from design concept to completed product. They respond very quickly and are always so professional. We even used one of their decals for branding on marketing material we loved it so much! This is one of the best investments we have made in our advertising and branding.

A full, printed wrap covers the entire surface of a vehicle and allows for the ultimate in creative design and visual impact. A full wrap generates the most impressions.

A partial wrap covers only a portion of the vehicle, and is designed to work with the original paint color to give a full wrap feel, without the full wrap price tag.

Spot graphics (or plots/decals) are a simple and inexpensive alternative to a wrap. Brand your vehicles with a company logo, a call to action, and/or a graphic image.

Clear Wraps paint protection protects your vehicle from scratches, stains and chipping with a practically invisible clear finish. We custom-fit any area, from bra to full-vehicle.

The quickest, easiest and most affordable way to customize the color and style of your vehicle, we offer hundreds of color/texture options and any mix of vinyl or graphic designs you can dream up.

We print graphics on a perforated vinyl material that will not impede your visibility while driving, but advertise to outside viewers (great branding option for tight budgets).

We can affix printed graphics, photos, printed messages and more onto any structure with adequate surface space – walls, storefronts, furniture, floors and much more.

With an in-house team of designers and large-quantity printing capabilities, wed love to help bring your branding dreams to life – even if you arent located near one of our locations!

There are six steps to creating a high-quality, long lasting wrap.

A Car Wrap City wrap comes with a 5-year warranty on installation that covers any major lifting or bubbling in the material.

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