Home Additions

Zoning Restriction Laws to Know Before You Renovate

Before you get out the tools, know what your local laws have to say about your home improvement project.

How to Save the Most Money on Your Home Addition

From using stock sizes to doing the demo yourself, theres plenty of ways to keep costs low when building onto your home.

The Challenges of Second Story Additions

For single story homes with not quite enough space, second story additions are a great way to add space and value.

Uncover Your Houses Secrets: How to Trace Its History

If you live in a vintage house, it can be a fun project to research its life before you came along. The results may be surprising!

What You Should Consider When You Plan a Home Addition

Whether your family has outgrown the size of your home, or you would just like some extra living space, a home addition can bring more room and value to your house.

Getting your building plans approved may seem like a challenge, but these tips break it down for you.

How to Plan a Gameroom from Start to Finish

Call it a gameroom or a man cave, heres how to set it up.

How to Convert Two Small Rooms into One Large Room

Get the larger space youve always wanted in just eight steps.

Read on to get the basics for constructing your own custom wood balcony.

Whatever the reason you have for attaching wood to masonry, try one of these methods for both temporary and permanent solutions.

8 DIY Design Lessons Learned From Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue

Improve your DIY success with these 8 lessons.

A loft bed is a great space saver for any room. Here are some great ideas for extra storage with your

Build a Basic Spiral Loft Staircase

A spiral loft staircase is a great way to add a unique element to your loft. And it doesnt have

Loft Interior: Decorating a Uniquely Shaped Room

Loft interiors can have a strange shape, causing them to be hard to decorate. They may also have low

Maximize Your Space with a Dorm Loft Bed

Purchasing a dorm loft bed is the first step in getting organized for college; there are so many different

If you just purchased a loft bed you may notice the need for a loft bed ladder. The height of the loft

Dorm loft plans are a vital consideration for any dorm room. You can never have enough space and loft

Porch columns are usually a focal point of the front of a home. Since the porch is often covered with

Subdivided apartments of a home, sometimes called Granny Flats, or Mother-in-Laws homes, are an easy

Building a Home Addition: Four Things to Consider

Before starting on a new home addition, there are several important things to consider. Youll want to

Glass Room Addition: Three Designs To Consider

Glass rooms or sunrooms provide an airy and transitional type of space and can significantly increase

Design A Home Extension For More Space

As the population changes and families are choosing to stay in their current homes rather than purchase

Design A Great Family Room Addition

A family room addition can be an excellent way to expand your living space and add value to a home. For

Designing your own home addition can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience, but one that requires

A screened-in porch can be a very popular method of extending living space from the inside to the outside

Game Room Flooring- Carpet or Tile?

You need to make a choice about your game room flooring choosing between carpet and tile. Each has obvious

Game Room Accessories- Table Tennis Set Up

A popular item included when choosing game room accessories includes a table tennis set up. You need

Putting an addition on your home begins with the framing process. If youre going to build the addition

Game Room Card Table Construction Guide

If your family enjoys playing card games, building a card table in a game room is a project you might

Board games are an essential part of any game room supplies. Keep in mind that some games lend themselves

Game Room Ideas- Choosing Arcade Games

Although some game room ideas include classic arcade choices, many today are video-based. When deciding

If you have a game room or recreation area in your home its important to have good lighting. After all,

Five Game Room Ideas For Young Children

Here are five game room ideas to consider when designing a play space for young children. Keep the colors

Vegas Style Game Room Ideas- Lights, Games, & Decor

Some great game room ideas can focus on a Vegas style theme that includes dcor, lighting as well

The Game Room of your home greatly benefits from wall art, like handmade decorations or family photos.

The Ultimate Game Room Decorating Guide

The ultimate game room requires more than just a few games and a table. To make your game room stand

Decorating Your Game Room With Photos- Unique Ideas

A game room is generally designed specifically for one person or a small group of people, say an adult

What Game Room Supplies Do Kids Enjoy?

Your game room supplies can make or break a rainy day for your kids. While a simple TV attached to the

Game Room Accessories – Decorating Your Walls

Using unique game room accessories to decorate your walls will bring you comfort on a daily basis and

Game Room Accessories – All About Pinball Machines

A pinball machine is one of the best game room accessories, not to mention classic entertainment and

Summer time gives us a lot of free time to come up with new game room ideas. Keeping cool is important

Coming up with game room ideas for remodeling can get your creative juices flowing. Next to the kitchen,

To create a space in your home for your teens to get away with their friends, start with a list of game

Storm shelters, which are now often called safe rooms, are most often seen in regions where

Loft Remodeling – 7 Excellent Contemporary Ideas

A loft is a room that is usually converted from a wide open space such as an upper story, an attic, or