A corporate logo is one of the most important steps in building your companys image. With increasing competition in every industry its more important then ever to set your company apart from the crowd. A professional logo will help you establish brand awareness.

Whether starting a new business, or redefining your company image, the most important part of your corporate identity is a powerful, well planned, professional logo design.

Dont risk the future success of your business by choosing the wrong company to design your logo. So many business owners put too much emphasis on price, often looking to spend the least amount of money on creating their logo. This is one of the worst decisions a business owner can make. Instead of basing this decision on price, businesses should focus on value.

When price shopping a customer will try to find the lowest bidder to complete the project. This often leads to inferior results and many frustrating hours of wasted time. It might seem like a good deal because you are paying less for the final product, but if the outcome leaves you with a logo that is poor quality and takes too long to complete, you really end up losing in the end.

Value shopping is a much more rewarding approach. Choose your designer based on quality, professionalism, dependability and creative ability. Turn around time is not as high a priority as quality. You get much better results by being patient and allowing sufficient time for the artist to explore different ideas and creating multiple concepts to choose from.

Many business owners dont understand the complex process of design. So many times people see a simple logo and assume that the process to create such a simple image is easy. Just a few clicks of the mouse and your logos finished. What many fail to realize is the creative process and preparing ideas for a high impact logo might take as little as a few minutes or as long as several days to conceptualize.

This is where decision makers can save a lot of money. Conceptualizing your iconic image, the style of design and color scheme prior to approaching a designer will enable you to save many hours of production time and give you more control over the final outcome of your project.

Decide what type of logo you want to represent your company. There are many types of logos but Ill focus on the three most common.

Text Based A text based logo is typically the name of the company typeset in a creative looking font or combination of several different fonts. For an example of a text based logo look at FedEx, Disney, Coca Cola logos.

Icon Based The icon based logo usually incorporates a graphic representation of your company. Many business owners choose and icon that is representative of their industry, or the services they provide. The icon based logo should be simplistic in design (not cheap) and incorporate a minimal amount of texture, detail and color. For an example of the icon based logo look at the Nike, AT&T logos. This is by far the hardest type of logo to use as a corporate brand. When done successfully it is ingenious, because of the risk involved.

Combination A combination logo is an iconic image combined with a text based logo. This is by far the most common request by business owners. For an example of a combination logo look at the Starbucks, Sprint, NBA logos. This is probably the most effective type of logo for small businesses to incorporate but can be more expensive and time consuming to complete.

Choosing the right colors and style for your company logo is every bit as important as choosing the type of logo that will represent your company. This is a very important step in this process and should not be taken lightly.

Different colors actually influence the behavior of customers. What may seem cool or exciting to a business owner, might be a big turn-off to your potential customer base. A big mistake that business owners make is choosing colors that they like simply because its their favorite colors. What most business owners fail to realize is that their customers might be attracted to something completely different then they are. There is a more scientific approach to choosing an attractive color scheme then just picking colors that you like.

You have to remember, youre selling to other people, not to yourself. Keeping your customer in mind when creating your corporate identity is one of the most important things to consider.

Here are some other points to consider:

Tones does your logo use many colors from the spectrum or remain within a narrow range of color?

Influence learn how different colors affect peoples emotions and purchasing habits. Some colors incite passion while others provide a calming relaxing affect on people.

Visibility does your color scheme stand out? sometimes subtle is better. decide whether your color scheme will be understated or overt. Understated usually indicates confidence, elegance, luxury and attracts high end buyers. Overt colors get immediate attention, catch peoples eye and draw them in.

Comfort is your color scheme comfortable for others to look at? red over blue is very harsh for most people to look at. does your color scheme draw people in or make them close their eyes when they look at it?

Choosing the style of your logo is similar to choosing color for your logo in respect to your target audience. Ask yourself, is this a good logo because I like it or is it a good logo because it will attract customers and stick in their minds? There are many different styles of logos and the easiest way to choose a style is to study other logos. Its difficult to label a logo by style as this is a subjective area. Just look at as many different logos as you can before deciding which style you like.

Keep these points when choosing style for your logo:

Lines are they thick, thin, curvy, straight etc.

White Space white space is the area of the logo that is not covered with color. is the white space minimal or very prominent? are there hidden images in the white space?

Once youve decided on the concept its time to execute the design for your logo. This is where you must invest some money and decide what is the best way to invest.

Should you have a professional create the digital version of your logo, or should you purchase the software and books to learn the technical aspect of digital design and do-it-yourself?

It is important to remember that your time as a business owner, is much better spent developing your business model and making money then learning how to design your own logo. Its also important to realize the effort and cost that designers invest in learning their craft. Your logo is too important to leave in the hands of someone with little or no training. This is not an area you want to skimp on your spending.

If you want high quality be prepared to pay a good price. The cost of buying the software and learning how to use it correctly is much greater then hiring a professional to do it for you. It is not uncommon for businesses to spend several thousand dollars on their logo. Dont be afraid to invest in this area of your business.

If youre interested in working with a truly professional company with a solid client base and a proven track record contact AMI Studios. AMI Studios understands how critical this process is and delivers your professional logo design at a price that will fit your budget.

Now that you understand the conceptual process you just need to decide whether to hire a professional or design your own logo.

I really like your first point VALUE VS PRICE. Its most important factor to keep in mind while getting logo design. Quality and Cheap is inversely proportion

A work mate linked me to your site. Thnx for the resources.

Awesome article Andrew! Great explanation about perceived value and the price etc.