Build your dream car

Here you can build your dream car online using virtual software. You can build any cars you always dream about by choosing the make, model, and model year. The online virtual software allows you to build a car according to what your preference. These have included car accessories, after market parts, air brush, body color, wheel size, and among others. Eventually it helps to save up a lot of time and money because it allows you to see how the car will look like before you put the design to the actual car. Check out how.

Design and build a car using the virtual software before you start the actual work can prevent you from buying parts that you dont like. This allows you to see how the car will look like after you put the extra parts or painting on your car. For example, a red fire dragon air brush at both sides of the doors. Other than the actual work to actual car, building a dream car virtually can be fun and satisfy. It just free and you dont have to spend thousand of dollars to put a paint job to a car.

Here are the lovely top 5 things you need to know before you can build a dream car.

1. Make.First of everything you must have in mind what kind of car is your dream car. You can start choose to build a car among all the famous car makers. Audi, BMW, Ford, GMC, Hummer, Buick, Cadillac, Mercedes-Benz, Citroen, and among others.

2. Model year.Choose the model as well as the model year after you choose the car brand. Usually there are few generations for a same model car.

3. Colors and trim.Pick whatever colors you want by just one click and you can see how the car will look like in the color you choose. This helps to prevent any regrets especially the cost of painting is not cheap.

4. Car wheels.A fun way to change your wheel and see how the car looks like. You can change the wheels model and size without have to pay a single cents.

5. Quotations to build your dream car.Right after you know what exactly you need to build of modify your dream car. You will have to send it to a few companies to get quotes and compare the price.

Click here for the list of virtual software that allows you to build your car online and also some of the related information:Build your own carbuild your own dream carcustomize your own cardesign your own car.

Other than that, you can try out some of the photo editor to edit a photo of your own car before upload to the program and design it. These software are such as Adobe Photoshop or Alais AutoStudio.

The paint job and color has taken a big portion of a car. Therefore, choosing the right color and good paint job is important. You can always mix your own color base on some special color code. All you need to do is to choose the main color you prefer. You can get a diecast model and paint it to see how it looks like before you put the paint job to build the car.

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Create Drive your own racing car – Dream CaRacing

Good online games for kids to create/ make things, free fun building games, cool racing car games for PC, Mac, Ipad, tablet to play now with no download. Flash car games, new driving & racing games for teen boys & girls, design games for PC, engineering games, off road buggy driving games..

Awesome Racing Car Designers and Talented Inventors required fast! Calling on creative players who can construct their very own cool car and drive it to victory.Dream Car Racingis a highly-stimulating, construction and car racing upgrade-based game for older kids & teens where you have to carefully and continuously build your ideal monster car, and test it out on increasingly challenging tracks. As well as being in the drivers seat, you also get the opportunity to showcase your creative engineering talents as you constantly tinker with your cars attributes, components, and performance levels in between each test drive. With virtual upgrades awarded through good race performance, a continuous circle of impressive mechanical mastery can transform your plodding little vehicle into a humongous hydraulic beast!

Unleash your inner automobile designer side as you utilize creative construction techniques and clever add-ons in order to tailor your machine to your exact modifications. Trial, error and learning from your mistakes and car deficiencies are the key to good race performance. For example, if you are struggling to get over a particular hill during a race, expand your booster capabilities for some extra oomph! Right then, its time to leave those other car designers staring at your dust!

How to Play:There are two distinct elements to the game the creative Blueprint area, and the Race area. At the Blueprint stage, you create, upgrade, and alter your dream car, while the Race arena is used as a testing ground for your cars capabilities as well as for earning virtual gold (which can be used to upgrade the car in between races). At the beginning of the game at the Blueprint stage, you have to add columns and beams to complete your initial car structure. Click and Drag beams using your computer mouse or touchpad, and attach them to the blue node areas on the already finished parts of the vehicle. When you think your car is ready for testing, click on the Race button in the top right corner of the game screen. Here, you are brought to the track select screen (There are 7 tracks in total, and each must be unlocked through good performances).

In Race Mode, you must travel as far as possible (solo) on the track, picking up as many Gold Coins as possible, and spending as much time executing awesome jumps as you can. The further you race on the track, the more Gold Coins you earn. Use the Arrow Keys on your computer keyboard to control your car: Up Arrow = Accelerate; Down Arrow = Brake Left Arrow = Lean Back; Right Arrow = Lean Forward. Press Spacebar to initiate your nitro Boost.

Keep an eye on your gas levels in the top left corner of the game screen. If you run out of gas or if your driver becomes unseated, the race is over, and you return to the Blueprint area. In between races, you can automatically upgrade to the next level of each car part by pressing Spacebar. Alternatively, you can improve specific individual elements of your car by clicking on the various upgrade tabs at the bottom of the game screen. These upgrades cost virtual money, and your ability to purchase them depends on the amount of Gold Coins (c) earned from previous races. Enjoy the challenge!

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How to Build Your Dream Car

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A lot of people can say they bought their dream car, says Carter Kelly Kramer. Not a lot of people can say they built it.

Kramers 1976 BMW 2002 is an example of how persistence can pay off. He bought the car at 16, from Ebay, with a tiny budgetand the car was far worse than described. Worse, he soon hooned off the road and punched it through a fence.

The repairs took a long time, as Kramer was determined to do it himself. I had a pair of garden shears, I had a hack saw, I had a crowbar, and a sledgehammer he says.

I slowly learned by taking the car apart how the car goes together, Kramer says. Dont worry, I got this, after his mom began to question why the 2002 was, again, in pieces.

Over time, it was decided to get rid of the project before collegeafter the car had inspired his successful entrance essay. Inevitably, Kramer suffered from sellers remorse and eventually got the car back: It was like a dog that ran away, he says.

I realized I took [a] nightmare and turned it into a dreamits taught me about cars, and driving, and fixing things. You cant put a price tag on that.

Petrolicious wishes to thank Collectors Car Garage for the use of its elevator and as an interview space during filming. The epic facilities were almost too distracting!

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Create a Ride – Design Your Dream Car

Create a Ride – Design Your Dream Car

FREE GAME! Create your dream car! The car customization options are endless in this sweet flash game Tune-up and modify your ride to the maximum! Take it for a spin once you are done! Visualize yourself sitting in it, alright wake up its just a flash game…

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Build Your Dream

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Tips of the Week: Voronoi Patterns, Minwax as a Mask, DIY Bondo Knobs, and BeingPrepared

Meet These Book Authors at Maker Faire BayArea

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I built my first car model when I was 8. It was a Duesenberg 1934 Coupe Chauffeur. Magnificent. Body pieces that snapped together, metal panels, chrome interior details, glass windows that folded down, real fasteners, burgundy interior fabric, rubber tires with white-wall siding, metal spokes, cables, and a miniature motor.

My older brothers bet I would never finish it, but I might as well have been glued to our playroom table because I didnt get up for three days that summer until the entire model was finished and gleaming. And I had just as much fun organizing my workspace, tools, glue, and paint as I did building the model. It was my first man-cave, the first little place in my life that my sister didnt want to mess with. The whole experience of car creation just seemed to be so essentially satisfying. I was hooked.

Thirty years later, Im still at it. Only this time the cars are real, and Ive learned to share the love with thousands of fans on the internet as together we design the cars that were going to build together.

I run Local Motors in Chandler, Arizona, which is the first collaborative car design and engineering business wrapped up with the worlds first micro-factory production facility. Here, customers are invited no, required to join us in the build of their car.

We recently began manufacturing our first car, the Rally Fighter. Designed by one of our 20,000-plus community members, Sangho Kim, its a premium, authentic, off-road vehicle thats also on-road legal. Building a Rally Fighter at our micro-factory is the ultimate kit experience, priced at $74,900.

Heres how it works. hosts the open collaboration space Local Forge, where people can post their ideas on anything automotive. Most of whats there is free exploration, but the discussions always come back to the essential question: What would it look like if I were to make it real? This is not a fantasy picture site, but a place where engineers, designers, and enthusiasts collaborate on stuff that the big automakers wouldnt dare to. You can dream anything you want here, but to see it come alive, you must also justify your ideas to your peers and accept guidance from our engineering team.

We also design for simple assembly. Our customers arent trained auto workers, and we cant assume their level of expertise, so we steer designs to ensure the customers capability and enjoyment as they build in our micro-factory. Each car must be buildable by two people in 12 days, from a clear set of instructions that the team develops on a wiki.

This open source ethos promotes understanding and sharing by all stakeholders, which eases manufacturing and service later. The result is that our build process accommodates all comers, from 13-year-old Iowa Boy Scouts to 85-year-old businessmen from Kazakhstan.

Our cars are literally open source. The build wiki is accessible and modifiable by anyone. Each build is broken down into day-by-day instruction sets, each with a text listing and photos of all the required parts and tools, and YouTube videos taking you through the entire build step. We build our cars here, but there is no part of a Local Motors cars assembly that someone cant study and replicate elsewhere.

Sangho Kim was a young professional industrial designer who dreamed that Group B-inspired Dakar racing coupes like the Fiat Enduro, Porsche 959, and Lancia Stratos needed a younger brother available to the common man. He posted his concept drawings of a high-waisted, desert-running, P-51 fighter airplane-inspired, off-road car that could also work on the road. Kims simple side views and gestural drawings from several angles described the feeling and stance of his Rally Fighter idea, which immediately caught fire in the Local Motors community.

In the next stage, the community discussed initial concepts of how to fit the necessary components inside the Rally Fighter. For this, we made orthographic packaging drawings, where the original concept is flattened into 2D planes from the side, top, and front and then the major systems (wheels, engine, transmission, driveshaft, axles, seats, steering, etc.) are placed in their proper orientation.

The result: the Rally Fighter would have a lightweight space frame, composite aerodynamic panels, 20-inch shock absorbers, and a mid-mounted engine with rear-wheel drive.

This exercise is effectively ground truth for the engineers focused on function, but any changes to the 2D orthographic views to accommodate gear can also alter the 3D appearance of the car in unexpected ways. To realign the space requirements with the original vision, we snap the orthographic lines back out into a 3D surface, add highlights, gravity effects, and texturing, then render the revised design. With the Rally Fighter, the communitys gut reaction to the renderings was still powerful and positive. We had the makings of a potential car.

The next step was open development to get the Rally Fighter ready for micro-factory production. This is a grand effort, because with each car built, we have to train our build force (our customers) anew, so weve got to make the process as clear and supportive as possible.

At our facility, people equipped with only hand tools and desire, in a 10-by-15-foot concrete build bay, go from a box of parts to their finished machine over the course of two weeks. Our amazing architect worked round the clock on a minimalist plan that accommodated everything Local Motors needed in our 40,000-square-foot space, from our offices and R&D cage to the materials fabrication area, where chassis are welded and composites are formed.

We use scanners and 3D printers for fluid, rapid prototyping, and fabrication equipment like water jet cutters for rapid manufacturing. We limited the fixed machinery and put everything else on wheels so we can move it around. If you think a rolling crosscut saw is a bad idea, think again.

Our ten build bays are stacked together on the build floor so that customers can eyeball each other in a friendly game of I can build to standard better than you can. Competition is an amazing motivator. If it works in Dearborn, it should work here.

The crown jewel of the build bay is your very own tool cart, which contains exactly what you need and nothing you dont. This cart disproves the common notion that you need every tool under the sun in order to build a car. Actually you only need a few; they just have to be the right few. Each bay also has a web-enabled screen to consult the all-important build instructions, which can be updated on the fly with new build-floor wisdom on the open wiki.

Finally, since we demand ten-hour days or more in this car-building boot camp, we include a kitchen and refreshment area managed by a local Arizona Culinary graduate who comes prepared to keep the troops well fed. A happy belly is a productive mind.

Thats how we roll here, and if you breathe automotive and style, I invite you to mand engage in real-time auto evolution: design, buy, build, and love the car of your dreams.

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