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Whether your business is sleek and sophisticated or casual and chic, we have a business card template perfect for you. Free to edit and ready to customize now.

We might live in a digital world but business cards are still very much relevant in todays professional landscape. Business cards are part of your very own professional branding and are handy self-advertising tools you can use to make genuine connections. Use them to make a lasting and tangible form of a first impression you can leave with a prospective lead, client or business partner.

Your business card speaks for you so its important to have a memorable, attractive and professional one. Really striking and well-made cards can even get shared to other people and becomes a free form of marketing as well. With Canvas suite of expertly-designed templates, youll be able to find a design to fit your needs and by using the Canva design editor, you can easily personalize and customize your card.

Start by uploading your own photo, graphics or logo. You can also choose from over a million professionally-shot images, graphics and illustrations. Pick the right one that says something about your business or your brand then enhance it with Canvas advanced filters tool. Make your card stand out with a background you can choose a solid color or pick from a variety of images and textures in our design library. Then, start adding your information to your card through the text tool and select from over a hundred different fonts to suit your style and theme. Finally, you can download your complete design as a JPEG, PNG or print-ready PDF file.

Logo Design Portfolio

A professional logo design for a car rental company. The logo is stylish and smart appropriate for a car rental company. The icon is simple so that it can easily be formed into metallic reproduction. The red and black colours would stand out and be visible. The ACR is blended together forming a creative icon.

The right logo will boost meaningfulness, uniqueness and professionalism of company branding. When done properly, a logo is one of the simplest ways to make a brand name recognition impact.

Wellington Music Academy for teaching music to both adults and children,The shape of the musical note has been blended with instrument playing in the graphic of the logo.The logo completely creates the idea of music teaching and the traditions heritage music.

This is a very well thought out logo.Hand is a symbol of Deaf organization.Koru is very kiwi symbol standing for new Zealand.The colors are all soothing colors giving effect of natural beauty of New Zealand.A strong impact logo for branding Deaf Games.

A very kiwi type logo for a Bay of Islands touring company.Silver fern logo has been vertically placed in a creative way to emphasize the unique blend of New Zealand beauty and hospitality. AN elegant subtle silver fern highlights the soft exhilarating effect of a kiwi trail finder trip

Professional elegant logo for motorway ramp equipment manufacturers.The Auckland based company has a simple but very unique logo which depicts the ramp at an interesting angle.The logo captures attention with its unique eyecatching concepts and colors.

Logo Design for a Food company.The logo brings out the idea about healthy nutrition The green colored ribbon and the stalk of wheat create an impression of good wholesome food supplements.The font used is simple and elegant with a modern style.

New Zealand Gift Company logo depicts graphic of a gift skillfully Interwoven with H. This gives a very attractive presence to the branding power of a New Zealand Logo of a Gift company.

Logo design First Brand Introduction

New Zealand designsbusiness logo, corporate logo, professional logo giving most unique, original and creative concepts. our logo designs are created using software like photoshop. we custom design our logo giving life to our clients vision and requirements.

Logo Business Cards

Create Your Owni class=zazzicon zazzicon-att-signed-open/i

Custom logo, white, square, professional square business card

Luxe Faux Gold Painted Circle Designer Logo Business Card

Add Your Logo Rustic Kraft Square Business Card

Modern Home Logo on Linen for Real Estate, Realtor Business Card

Watercolor Burgundy Floral Facebook Instagram Logo Business Card

Hair Stylist Professional Logo Modern Elegant Business Card

Floral Hair Stylist Logo Beauty Salon Appointment

Minimalistic modern Your Logo Business Card

Modern Geometric Marble/Pink Monogram Logo Business Card

Add Your Logo Modern Black and white Business Card

Add Your Logo Modern Black and White Square Business Card

Modern Geometric Marble/Black Monogram Logo Business Card

Luxe Faux Gold Painted Circle Designer Logo on Tan Business Card

Minimal and Modern Gold Designer Scribble Logo II Business Card

Modern Lawn Care/Landscaping Grass Logo II Business Card

Bakery Chef Whisk Logo Floral Gold Glitter Business Card

Spray tans logo elegant rose gold typography black business card

Add Your Logo Rustic Modern Kraft Business Card

Modern Faux Rose Gold Abstract Square Business Card


Corporate Professional Logo Design Business Card

Add Your Logo Modern Black and White Square Business Card

Bakery Cupcake Logo Floral Gold Glitter Sparkles Business Card

Abstract Indigo Blue Brushstrokes Business Card

Modern Gardener Landscaping Logo on White Business Card

Professional Monogram Logo in Faux Gold II Business Card

Personal Trainer Dumbbell Logo Fitness Instructor Business Card

Add Your Logo Modern Black, White and Aqua Square Business Card

Eyelashes Makeup Logo Gold Black White Stripes Business Card

Makeup Artist Hair Salon Beauty Logo Trendy Marble Business Card

Luxe Faux Gold Painted Circle Designer Logo Square Business Card

Real Estate Professional Add Photo and Logo Business Card

Photographer Vintage Camera Illustration Logo Business Card

Simple wedding photography minimal typography business card

Modern Faux Rose Gold Abstract Business Card

Tree of Life Logo Health and Wellness Business Card

Unique Abstract Indigo Blue Brushstrokes Square Business Card

Add Your Logo Modern Black and White Square Business Card

Watercolor Lotus Flower Logo Yoga Healing Health Business Card

Autumn Bloom Floral Logo Square Business Card

Luxe Faux Rose Gold Painted Circle Designer Logo Business Card

Hair Stylist Professional Logo Beauty Salon Lux Business Card


Elegant Rose Gold Leaf Logo Business Card

Modern Logo 4 for Cleaning Service and Hospitality Business Card

Pine Tree Logo Square Business Card

Logo business card template Vertical layout

Modern Home Logo Architecture, Real Estate Dk Wood Business Card

Faux Rose Gold Abstract Logo Loyalty Cards

Mobile Spray tans logo rose gold typography black Business Card

Real Estate House Roof Logo Real Estate Agent No. Business Card

Beige Linen Grey Simple Plain Monogram Business Card

Hair Stylist Professional Logo Modern Elegant Business Card

Faux Gold Pen Nib Logo for Writers, Authors Business Card

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Creative Modern Black Pattern Business Card Template

Modern Corporate Black White Business Card Template

Modern Corporate Pattern Business Card Template

Graphic Design Business Card Template

Professional Business Card Design Template

Stylish Corporate Business Card Template

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Think of all the business cards out there, exchanging handsinserendipitous encounters, potential-client meetingsand largeindustry conferences. All of thebest business cardsserve a purpose: They provide information about you and your work, and they hopefully encourage the receiver to follow up with you in some way. And as part of your identity, a great businesscard reflects your personality.

We reached out to14designers and firmsat the top of their gameto see whattheirbusiness cards look likeand to find out what they believe makes a good business card.

Check out thedesigns and insight below, and if youre hungry for more,take at look at thesecool business card designsnext.

Bold, beautiful and unique, says Fredrik Öst, founder & creative director of SNASK.

Designer: Robynne Raye atModern Dog Design Co.

A good business card is one that is hard to toss aside, says Robynne Raye, co-founder ofModern Dog Design Co.[Our] cards are printed with name and email (no other info is on the card), that way I can customize with a Sharpie. Each person gets a unique, one-of-a-kind card.

Material: 100 lb Cougar White (Matte)

There are two primary purposes of your business card:represent your brandand provide contact information. The magic is in the mix of these two elements, saysHannah Paramore,president of Paramore Digital.

The business card is the strongest, most personal piece of collateral you have. It carries the companys identity as well as your own; its your name on the card, after all. You either hand it to someone personally or send it in the mail along with a personal note, so its an intentional connection. We believe that your brand should be simple and bold. Iconic. Simplicity is powerful.

The main reason you give someone your business card is so they will have your contact information, but how much info do they actually need? Over the past decade weve seen business cards become so cluttered with the various ways to connect (2 phone numbers, a fax number, street address, email, URL, and a dozen social icons) that they look desperate. Its only a matter of time before someone out there adds a call to action to Right swipe me on Tinder. Just wait. Its

So, in the latest version of our business cards we stripped most of that away, relying on ourwebsiteto provide connection options. We simplified it to one phone number, one email address and a URL that takes you to each persons personal page on the company website. The effect is understated yet bold. Like that strong, silent type standing in the corner. You cant miss it.

The last element for us was the use of color to tie the brand directly to something quirky and clevermy glasses. Thats a longer story, but suffice it to say that one trip to See Eyewear ended up influencing not only our business cards, but the skyline sign on the top of our building in downtown Nashville, which you can change the color on from our Paramore Color smartphone app. Hows that for symmetry.

Production: Letterpress; hand-cut and hand-stamped

As someone who does business almost exclusively on theweb, its toughfor me to answer that question, Cameron Moll says. The only time I hand out or receivecards are at conferences a few times per year. But for me, the valueof a business card is found in its personification of the giver, andjust as importantly its authenticity. The best and most memorablecards Ive received reinforced the feelings I had upon meeting the giver.

[My] cards are individually cut from myletterpress typepostersusing inventory that is damaged in some way (ink splatter,bent corner, etc) and stamped by hand, Moll says.

Designer:Geoffrey Bunting atThe Ugly Tree Graphic Design

A good business card is something that doesnt just get thrown in a wallet and forgotten, says Geoffrey Bunting, founder ofThe Ugly Tree Graphic Design.Its a piece of you that you give to someone that stays with them and makes them say wow, by being either visually stimulating or having interesting and engaging content.

Designer:Jenn David Connolly atJenn David Design

Material:Classic Crest Solar White 100 cover

Production:Offset exterior, digital interior

The card must impress the moment its received and be comment-worthy, says Jenn David Connolly, creative strategist of Jenn David Design.It must capture attention and pique curiosity or examine it further. It should break out of the typical 3×2.5 business card size, but not in an outrageous way. It should not be too large or too thick.

Material: Curious Skin Collection Black 100 Cover (two sheets mounted)

Production: Engraved 1/0, white ink & Letterpress 0/1, blind

A good business card embraces its format, yet stands out in a crowd, says Becca Eley, founding partner of Tag Collective. Our cards send a message about the caliber of our work. We focused on the experience, the tactile nature of print. We selected a paper that has a unique feel (Curious Skin) and used both engraving andletterpresstechniques to create raised lettering and an indented mark. Overall they have a solidity that feels dependable, and a simplicity that feels elegant and consideredwhich is exactly what we want our studio to stand for.

Designers: Fred Weaver and David Warren, founding partners atTank Design

Material: 200 lb Finch Fine Bright White

Production: 1 color, embossed logo with AQ varnish, letterpressed black type

According to Tank Design: A good business card should represent an individual, or business, in a way that is unobtrusive but memorable. Handing over a card takes a few seconds so it should be simple enough to be digested in that time. Impactfulbut not distracting.

The Tank card is intentionally simple and void of style. It doesnt take a strong design perspective, because we dont want to influence our clients visually at the earliest stage of meeting them. We dont want to suggest we have a particular style that will influence our thinking. We view ourselves as a gallery for our clientsa backdrop for them.

Thelogois blind embossed in the top right, and employee information is listed clearly and simply on the bottom left. We dont have a lot of hierarchy at Tank, so we dont even list job positions on our cards.

Designers: Amy Pastre and Courtney Rowson atStitch Design Co.

Production: Letterpress, foil-stamped and edge-painted

According to Stitch Design Co.: A good business card is a business card that you want to keep, one that is not easily discarded. The card should be designed as something more than just a card; it should be amini self-promotion piece. The overall design and printing process of the card should speak to the companys values and approach to business. If the company specializes in luxury productsthe printing process should reflect that.

Designers:Amy Graver,owner and creative director atElements(Elementssymbols) and Joy Cho(pattern on stickers)

Material:Cards:100 Mohawk Solutions Feltweave Recycled White Cover; Labels: 60 Uncoated Pressure Sensitive Labels, 92 Brightness

Printer:The Pyne-Davidson Company in Hartford, CT

A great business card is one that is memorable and is an extension of your brand, says Amy Graver,owner and creative director atElements. Every design decisionfrom the paper choice to the printing processshould be considered carefully to help convey thepersonality of your brand. For example, we chose a toothy paper and smooth, hand-applied sticker to convey attention to detail and our love of tactile materials.

Designer: Matt Wegerer, creative director atWhiskey Design

Material: Wood veneer laminated to French Blu Raspberry and Steel Grey paper

Production: Lamination, screen print, letterpress and foil stamp

Whiskeys goal for every card we design is that each time our clients hand off a card, be it in a meeting room or just on the street, we want whoever they are handing it to to have an immediate reaction. (Hopefully its, Holy shit, thats bad-ass.) We want that person to think that if our client

took that much time on their cards, just imagine the level of attention they will invest into their business, says Matt Wegerer, creative director at Whiskey Design.

For our personal cards, we took the same approach. By using real wood veneer, screen-printedstains, letterpress printing and foil stamp contact info, we tried to make something feel extremely premium and clean but also have a handcrafted vibe. It is also hard for these suckers not to get noticed since they weigh about 20 pounds each.

Designer:Amanda Acevedo, art director

Production: Letterpress printing 2/3 spot colors

Printer: Mark Moroney at Thomas & Brown Press

A good business card materializes from a combination of fundamental design principles, says art director Amanda Acevedo. Ultimately, the design expresses the brand. A business card is a brand ambassadorrecognizable as the brand and a quick, courteous interaction with the brand. Hierarchytried and true principle for communicating effectively. Crucial in good business card design for the amount of standard information assigned to a small amount of space. Hierarchy, always.

Successfully balancing several elementslogo, contact information, website and social media addresses, tagline, artinto an uncluttered, attractive, tangible first impression is a sign of good design. Lastly, the business card design is memorable, evokes a feeling, or makes an emotional connection, for example, throughcolors, imagerytypography, production material, copywriting, tone, attitude, shape or texture.

Designer: Michael Borosky, founder and creative director atEleven

Vendor: All City Printers, San Francisco

Stock: Mohawk Superfine Ultra White 100 cover

*The 11 is perforated on the card*

Since the basic information of any card is now so easily shared and transmitted via digital devices, it helps to consider thinking about a printed card, specifically, as an anti-digital artifact, says Michael Borosky, founder and creative director atEleven. In other words, use the craft of printing to your advantage and appeal to the senses. You only have a few seconds to leverage a hand-to-hand exchange into a momentary, favorable impression.

Our original cards, designed fifteen years ago, used five different (but subtle) printing techniques. Our current card uses only three, the most memorable being the die-cut 11. Its the one thing people have consistently commented on over the years and, incidentally, the most expensive part of the process.

Designer: Joel Kreutzer, design director/senior designer atArchrival

Production: Letterpress, lithography

Printer: Elman Printing and Cranky Pressman

According to Archrival: A good business card always leaves the right kind of impact. Its both a first impression and a lasting brand extension we want people to be compelled to hold onto. At Archrival, we consider the business card documentation of the most personal type of communication and as such should be designed with care.

Design Inspiration: Creative Ideas for DesignersDesign NewsFeatured Design NewsHOW Blog

amanda acevedobest business cardsbusiness card design ideasbusiness card examplesbusiness cardsCameron Mollcreative agency Elevenelements LLCidentity designjenn david designModern Dog Design Co.Paramore Digitalpromotion designsnaskstitch design co.tag collectivetank designthe ugly tree graphic designwhiskey design

Makes you want to reach through the screen and pick up all of these beautiful cards. Thanks for the article and the printing information. We will share this with our students.

All these business cards are amazing! I really need to show may boss these so I can eventually convince him to buy new cards. I even got a good price on he still wont trust me! Thanks! 🙂

Interesting information. Though Ive got used to a desktop software called JuicyBC gonna try to implement some ideas from here. Thanks for the article!

Very helpful information.Business cards are increase your brand identity, so it should be very informative and clear.this information is very helpful for me while designing business can check some unique business cards here :

Business cards help business people present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by a particular company. I would like to prefer to you Print flyers for less. they provide high quality printing services for personal and business needs.

Business cards help business people present a good company image by highlighting the services provided by a particular company. I would like to prefer to you Print flyers for less ( they provide high quality printing services for personal and business needs.

A business card represents our business services and address in a single card and put the strong impression of our business profile. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful design. Keep Posting.

Paper quality of business cards is always being good, but design should be unique and perfect. Design is the first impression of our cards.

Helpful information! Im always looking for inspiration when designing a business card. I want to stand out and not just have an ordinary card thats tossed int the trash. Thanks for sharing such beautiful designs. By the look, letterpress seems to be one of the more elegant type of cards.

Those business cards are really nice. Im looking for a company withprinting business cardsservice thats why your post has been really helpful. However, my uncle asked me to try out his suggestion. I think its .uk? Im not very sure. I wouldnt want to hurt his feelings by neglecting his suggestion so I would really like to know a third partys opinion about them. Thanks in advance!

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These are really very attractive and creative.. Thank you for such kind of business ideas..

Thank you for this nice collection of wonderful designs. Camerons hand cut business card? Very cool, especially in our digital age! I found this company that offers exquisite designs. I used their silk laminated paper for my art business cards. They turned out wonderful. Enjoy

Mobile Bizdex App is a social multimedia messaging app based on the business card. Themobile Bizdexis also business Cards where people share their Business profile and update with other people.

Every Card had a unique design. It is difficult to which one is best. Every card had different purpose and intention. Thanks Amanda for this great source.

Good job Amanda Aszman. Thanks for gathering this wonderful collection for readers.

Thanks for sharing amazing ideas. I have chosen Crescent Printing for my business cards. I like their ideas and yours as well. I will merge them now.

Thanks dear for making my business card attractive by few ideas written above.

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Why settle for paper when plastic says forever. Whether youre interested in providing added value or just standing apart from your competitors, plastic business cards are a great way to ensure your business cards do not get thrown away or end up in the paper shredder pile. Plastic business cards are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your potential customers.

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Logo and Business Card Design Glossary

Designed byElegant ThemesPowered byWordPress

Business card design tips

Printernational offers a set of tips and guidelines to help you while designing a business card. Keep in mind that these are guidelines only, not rules.

Graphic design is not an exact science and todays standards might not be there anymore tomorrow. If you have any feedback or questions on the following information dont hesitate tocontact us.

The most important element on business cards are text sizes. If your text is too small, clients might struggle to read information on the cards. There should be a visual balance between the size and position of the address and the name and title.

For determining the sizes of your typography keep the following tips in mind. Font sizes are indicated in points.

Address and Phone contact elements should be 7 to 8 point

Name should be 1 point bigger or set in a bold typeface

The title could be the size point size as your address details or 1 point smaller

If needed the Company Name should have a minimum of 12 point

Like any other design you might make a business card will look messy and untidy if you would go with a different text sizes for everything. Try to go for a typographic consistent design. If the logo you are using has a tag line or payoff try working around that font size in your details.

Different font weights and sizes on business cards.

The address information should not be smaller then 6 points, or 5 point if you are setting in capitals. Anything below this will be hard to read. Add 1 point if you are setting your typography inverted (light typography on a dark background).

Its common to see professionals – such as doctors, lawyers and architects – using smaller type sizes for contact information.

An example of inverted typography on a business card.

While its logical to look at the typeface suggested in the corporate identity (if available) those can be header-only fonts. Be sure to work with a font on the business card thats designed for print.

Some fonts tend to print smaller in the same point then others. The font Copperplate for example will look like 6 point while set in 7 point. Keep this in mind while testing your card (see the next chapter).

Be sure to print your business card a couple of times while designing it. Even take some effort to cut away the rest of the paper to see if the layout balances well.

A business card surrounded by a lot of white space (e.a. your printing paper) may seem different to the eye then the design cut out off actual size cards.

The following is a list of information commonly found on business cards:

When display telephone and fax numbers its useful to start them with Tel (or T) and Fax (or F) to indicate what the number is for. Its common to see the same done with the email (E) and Internet address (I). The latter is not exactly needed but done with constancy in mind.

Telephone numbers are usually broken up with spaces to increase readability. Take the following phone number for example:

Broken up in pieces that would look something like these examples:

In international phone numbers you can replace the 00 for a + symbol (the example above is a random number in Germany). If your client is working overseas its a good idea to use a international phone number. In Europe its common to see international number notations.

Example of a phone number broken up in pieces.

Please refer to our overview ofbusiness card sizesfor the common business card sizes in your country.

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