Cabinet Design Software

The most important aspect to consider when deciding on which cabinet design software to purchase is whether or not you will be able to actually use it. If not you will have wasted your time & money. With its intuitive interface, Cabinet Planner is considered to be the easiest program around in respect to its low learning curve. Time after time the question comes up, Will I still be able to access the job(s) I created with the free trial. The answer is yes, of course. But what this question reveals is that the prospective customer was able to actually create something of value in a relatively short time.

A natural side effect of being easy to use is that it is also quick. A kitchen for an average middle income house can be designed in about 20 minutes. That is faster than you can do it with a pencil, paper & ruler. But most important is the cut lists and shop plans will be accurate for

construction techniques. You will need to setup the program for your building style but this is fairly easy to do. Most users say they are up and running in only a few days with all their standards fine tuned.

The cost of the program is $69.95 and there are no other fees. Period! Support is done via email only. This works out well because you have the email to refer back to, especially handy for more technical descriptions which could be easily forgotten after a phone call.

While Cabinet Planner is geared mostly toward kitchen and bath room cabinets it can also be used to design and build book cases, entertainment centers, mud rooms, laudry rooms, dressers and much more. Basically every type of cabinet found in a house. With the Combined Cabinets (casework or casegoods) feature you can design an unlimited amount of cabinet combinations.

The included panel optimizer will help you do both. Youve got your signed contract & down payment and now its time to start cutting materials. But, do you know the best way to cut out your cabinet boxes to get the highest yield? Cabinet Planner program does. With just a few clicks you can print them out and be on your way to being more efficient.

Lets face it, most customers look at a floor plan or elevation drawing and have no idea what the finished product will look like. You cant really blame them, it is a concept they dont see in their day to day life. In todays world you must supply them with 3D renderings. Better yet, take your laptop and sit down with them in their kitchen and show them the design you have created. Youll see the light going on in their mind. Thats when you know the sale is complete.