Make And Print Your Own Coloring Pages

Coloring pages and coloring books for grownups are seeing a surge in popularity right now. Adults are remembering again that its fun to color!  And more than just being fun, it can be a low cost way to relax and get a little stress relief by creating beautiful designs and colorful pictures.

I joined in on the fad this week too when I wanted a little quiet time of stress relief by sitting down and doing some coloring.  I dug my colored pencils out of storage and then started searching for some free printable coloring pages  but instead ended up making my own!

Because thats what I do around here I make my own 🙂

I came across a site thats a free online tool that lets you create your own geometric designs to print off and color.  When you choose their Design New option, you get to Add Shapes and Clone Shapes and start building your own designs.  It takes a little bit of fiddling to figure out what to do, but once you get the hang of it, its kind of cool!  Heres one of the designs I came up with and you can click this link if you would like to print it:The Make Your Own Zone Printable Coloring Design

The design seemed a little small to me when I first printed it off as it didnt fill up my entire sheet or printer paper BUT once I started coloring I decided it was in fact a very manageable size for coloring that let me finish my design in the amount of time I had available that day.

Another fun option off their main menu is the Color option that lets you choose from one of their premade designs and then virtually fill it in with color.  A nice option if you dont have any markers, colored pencils, or crayons around.  I played around with that for a while too and colored this pretty little design:

If youre not quite feeling up to the task of making your own designs , there are lots of ready-made adult coloring pages to print for free online as well.  Heres a few sites to check out:

Coloring Pages For  Lots of categories of pages to choose from and print.

Easy Peasy and Fun There are several free pages to print on this blog if you look around a bit.  A few of my favorites are thepeacock, theflower swirl, and thedream catcher.

So give yourself the treat of a little quiet time enjoying the fun of patterns, designs, and colors.  You might discover (as I usually do) that the time flies by!

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Do you know of a place where you can convert an image into an adult coloring page?

Ive tried a few things to convert images to coloring pages, but havent yet found anything Im really happy with. One option thats not too bad is using the free photo editing site . Upload your photo, click on the photo effects icon on the top bar (it looks like a wand with stars). Once you are in the photo effects, choose the Pencil Sketch option. This will turn your photo into a format that looks like a black white pencil sketch, which could then be used like a coloring page.

Youre right! I thought it was fun to do the designing myself as well as the coloring.

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