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Creating a custom business card template gives you the advantage of being able to add your own graphics, logo and company information to your calling card. Designing a business card template takes some thought and planning to ensure you achieve a high-quality result that will leave a favorable impression on present and future customers. You can move the creative process along and save time by basing your new business card template on an existing Word template. Another option is to create a template by using the Labels feature in Word.

Open Word and click File on the application toolbar. Click New and select Business Cards from the template list.

Choose the template closest to the look you want for your business card and click Download.

Customize the text within the template by highlighting the existing text and typing in your own details. Copy and paste the text from the first card to the remaining cards in the template.

Customize the graphic and insert your own logo or image. Click on the graphic, then click Insert and Picture. Choose the graphic you want to use and click Insert. Resize the graphic as needed by dragging on the handles. Copy and paste the graphic to each card in the template.

Print a test page. Make any necessary adjustments and print another test page. Continue this process until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Save your custom template by clicking File and Save As. Enter a filename in the File Name field. Click on the Save as Type down-arrow and select Word Template (DOTX) to save your template.

Open Word and click on Mailings. Click Labels, then click Options.

Click the Label Vendor drop-down arrow and select a business card manufacturer. Select the Product Number and click OK.

Type your information into the business card. Press Shift+Enter between lines that you want to keep together so theyll be easier to format later.

Highlight the text and right-click with your mouse. Select Font from the drop-down menu and choose the font face and size for your text.

Highlight the text again, right-click and select Paragraph from the drop-down list. Make adjustments to your alignment, indentation and spacing as needed.

Confirm that the Full Page of the Same Label radio button under Print is checked, then click the New Document button to generate a full page of your cards.

Click on the Insert tab to add graphics. Choose Picture, find your logo and then click Insert. Adjust the graphic size by dragging using the picture handles.

Reposition the graphic as desired by right-clicking on the image and selecting Text Wrapping to set how the text flows around the graphic. Adjust the placement by right-clicking on the graphic and selecting Text Wrapping and More Layout Options.

Copy and paste the graphic to the remaining cards on the page.

Test your template by printing it on card stock. Make any final adjustments.

Save your customized template by clicking File and Save As. Enter a filename, click on the Save as Type down-arrow and select Word Template (DOTX) to save your template.

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Martin, Anni. How to Create a New Business Card Template in Word.

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Martin, Anni. How to Create a New Business Card Template in Word accessed June 12, 2018.

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Make aBusiness Card Using Microsoft Office2007

Add a Graphic to aBusiness Cardin Microsoft Word

MakeBusiness Cards Using Microsoft Publisher

Make Your OwnBusiness Cardson Photoshop

Create and print your own business cards Publisher

A fast and secure browser thats designed for Windows 10

Publisher makes it easy to produce effective business cards, whether you create your own design or use one of the Publisher designs. You can use color schemes and font schemes to select the colors and fonts that reflect your companys image. You can further customize your business cards for specific market segments or locales, and you can add names and job titles for new employees as your business grows.

Print business cards on a desktop printer

After you create your business cards

When you start to design your business card, it is helpful to select your printing method  such as spot color or process colors if you plan to print your publication at a commercial printer  so you can plan ahead for any printing issues that may affect your design decisions. The business cards that you design in Publisher can be printed on your desktop printer or taken to a commercial printer, depending on your needs:

You may want to take your design to a commercial printer if you have to precisely match a specific color, if you need a large quantity, or if you need precise alignments or folds. Commercial printers have sophisticated machinery and offer a variety of papers, inks, varnishes, and other options.

You can get great results with a desktop printer, too. Using a desktop printer gives you the flexibility to change your business cards at any time to better fit your needs. Most office supply stores carry prescored card sheets in a range of colors and specialty papers that have preprinted designs.

No matter how you choose to print your business cards, remember to include these basic elements:

Your mailing address and phone and fax numbers

It is easy to get started by selecting one of the business card designs that are included with Publisher.

ClickFileNewand chooseBuilt-into use one of the templates installed in Publisher.

In theBusiness Cardscatalog, underInstalled Templates, click the design that you want.

Note:If you know that you will be printing on a specific manufacturers product, scroll to the specific manufacturers section, and click the product that you will be using. If the product that you will be using is not listed, follow the procedure below.

Click the drop-down menu underBusiness informationand clickCreate new…to automatically populate each card with the same information.

In theCreate New Business Information Setdialog box, enter your information in the fields, includingBusiness Information set name.

Select aPage size-LandscapeorPortrait.

If you want to include a logo, checkInclude logo.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? In thePublication Typestask pane, clickBusiness Cards, then in theBusiness Cardscatalog, click the design you want. Choose any options that you want, such as color scheme, business information set, or whether you want portrait or landscape orientation. Then, clickCreate.

If you purchased business card sheets from a specific manufacturer, you can set up your business card in Publisher so that the dimensions match the card sheets when you print the cards.

In thePage Designtab, clickSize, and then clickMore Preset Page Sizes.

In thePreset Page Sizedialog box, scroll down to theBusiness Cardssection, find the specific manufacturer that you want, and then click its name.

Note:If you cant find your specific manufacturer or their specific product, carefully measure the size of the business card that you want to print on, being sure to exclude that portion of the card that doesnt get printed on. ClickCustom Page Size, and then type the business card dimensions in theCustom Page Sizedialog box. For more information about setting up a custom page size, seeCustom Page Size dialog box.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? In theFormat Publicationtask pane, underBusiness Card Options, clickChange Page Size. In thePage Setupdialog box, scroll down to theBusiness Cardssection, find the specific manufacturer that you want, and then click its name.

Click the specific page size that you want, and then clickOK.

Before you print on your card stock, practice with some plain test sheets to make sure your business cards are printed the way that you want.

To replace the placeholder text with your own text, click the placeholder text and then type.

Note:If you stored your business contact information in a business information set, and you select a business information set, it will automatically populate your business card. To edit your contact information or replace your business contact information with a different business information set, clickBusiness Informationon theEditmenu.

In most cases, the text is resized automatically to fit within a placeholder text box. However, you can manually adjust the text size.

On theText Box Tools Formattab, point toText Fit, and then clickDo Not AutoFit.

Select the text, and then choose a new font size from theFont Sizedrop-down on theText Box Tools Formattab.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? On theFormatmenu, point toAutoFit Text, and then clickDo Not AutoFit. Select the text, and then choose a new font size from theFont Sizelist on the toolbar.

Click the logo placeholder, pause, and then click the placeholder picture again to display theInsert Picturetoolbar.

In theInsert Picturedialog box, browse to the location with the logo that you want to insert into the publication, and then double-click the picture. Publisher will automatically size the image to fit.

Note:If you have included your logo in a business information set, and you select that business information set, the logo is added to new publication automatically.

Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? Click the logo placeholder, pause, and then click the placeholder picture again to display the

dialog box, browse to the location with the logo that you want to insert into the publication, and then double-click the picture. Publisher will automatically size the image to fit.

The back side of your card is a great place to add information to make it easier for customers to do business with you. You might want to include any of the following:

Translation of side one into another language

Complete the steps for creating a one-sided business card.

In thePagesnavigation pane, right-click the existing page and selectInsert Page.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? On theInsertmenu, clickPage.

In theInsert Pagedialog box, clickAfter current page, and then select any options that you want.

For example, if the second side of your card will display the company motto, you may want to clickCreate one text box on each page. If the second side will include a translation in a different language, you may want to clickDuplicate all objects on page, so that all of the colors, graphics, and text are available on the second page.

Add the text, images, and other information that you want to appear on the back of your card.

When the back side of the business card looks the way that you want, save the file.

If you are printing two-sided business cards on your desktop printer, test your design on plain paper first, for the following reasons:

Desktop printers often dont align two-sided documents precisely. This is especially true if your printer does not support duplex printing and requires you to manually reinsert the paper to print on the second side.

To be printed correctly, front to back, the page margins of your card layout must be even (as they are in the default layout of 10 copies per sheet). If you have customized the spacing for margins or gaps, or if you have changed theCopies Per Sheetsetting, the fronts and backs will be harder to align.

Open the business card document that you want to print.

Load the printer with the paper that you want to use to print a test sheet.

UnderPrinter, choose the printer that you want to print to.

UnderSettings, go toPagesand select eitherOne page per sheetorMultiple copies per sheet.

Important:If you selected a page size for a product from a specific manufacturer, the options for that product are already set up.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? On theFilemenu, clickPrint. On thePublication and Paper Settingstab, choose the printer that you want to print to. UnderPrinting options, clickOne page per sheetorMultiple copies per sheet. Under thePreviewwindow, clickShow how to insert paper, and then clickRun the Two-Sided Printing Setup Wizard. The wizard collects information about your printer to help you determine which way you should insert the paper to test your publication. This is helpful even if you are printing a single side of a publication.

ClickPrintto print a test sheet, and then make any adjustments that you want.

Load the printer with the paper or the manufacturers card stock that you want to print on.

Publisher will automatically set up your business cards to be printed correctly, whether they have landscape or portrait orientation.

Unless you customized the size of your card or chose a specific product from a manufacturer, Publisher defaults to the standard business card size of 2 inches by 3.5 inches.

To change the number of copies that are printed per sheet, do the following:

UnderPages, Select eitherOne page per sheetorMultiple copies per sheet.

If you choose theMultiple copies per sheetoption, you can change the number of copies per sheet by changing theCopies of each page.

Tip:Using Publisher 2007 or Publisher 2010? On theFilemenu, clickPrint, and then click thePublication and Paper Settingstab. Select eitherOne page per sheetorMultiple copies per sheet. If you choose theMultiple copies per sheetoption, you can change the number of copies per sheet by changing the margin and gap settings underMore print options.

Successful marketing requires communicating the right image of your company to your potential customers  and then continuing the relationship after the initial contact. Business cards are a key tool in those efforts. In addition to serving as a convenient reminder of your contact information, a business card introduces your company and reinforces your companys image. A business card is also invaluable in building and sustaining word-of-mouth marketing.

But business cards dont do any good hiding in your desk, so get them circulating!

Offer business cards to your customers every time you see them, not just the first time.

Give business cards to every person in a group, not just the boss.

Hand out two cards, not just one. Ask the recipient to pass the extra one on to someone else.

Enclose two cards with every letter, birthday or holiday card, and thank-you note.

Include two cards in every media kit.

Word How to create custom businessards

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Business Card

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Open Canva and select the Business Card design type

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Canvas business card maker makes it easy to brand your business card like a professional. Upload your logo, use your brand colors and choose complementary fonts to create a unique aesthetic instantly recognizable to your brand.

Canva also gives you access to a library of over 1 million stock images, graphics and illustrations to use when designing your business card. Many of these images are also free, while premium images are all priced at just $1.

And if youre stuck for inspiration, we even have a bunch of awesome business card ideas for you.

Every business card design you create in Canva can be re-opened and edited as many times as you like. You wont need to hire a graphic designer to make small changes such as adding a new phone number or address. Simply make the changes to your original design and download it again.

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Yes! Download our iPhone and iPad apps from the App Store or our Android app from Google Play to design from the office, home or on the go! Otherwise, head to create designs on the web without downloading or installing anything.

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Stand out from the crowd with a business card that is singular to your personality by designing it with our personalization tool. Zazzle offers you the option of creating a custom business card in various shapes and sizes. You can choose from standard, mighty,magnetic, and more. Not enough personalization? Add an image or a bold color. With Zazzle the choice is yours!

Professional Elegant Modern Black Plain Metal Business Card

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I want to make business cards. How do I start?

1. Start from scratch: Before you begin designing, first choose your size and shape, then select your paper type. Rounded corners can also be added for a finishing touch. We recommend this method if you know exactly what you want and arent intimidated by design!

P.S If your design is something youre proud of, did you know you can even post your design for sale and actually make money from it?

2. Shop our marketplace: Our marketplace carries hundreds of templates published by our community of independent designers who have created designs for you to easily customize and call your own. If you arent sure about your design skills, head on over and start browsinghere.

We recommend designing your file in CMYK, which helps ensure that printed colors will match your monitor. Files designed in RGB may not print as expected because CMYK does not include all the colors in the color spectrum that RGB covers.

We currently dont have the eyedropper ability to match colors, but if you know the exact HEX value, you can type it in the color tool.

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Please note that white ink printing is only available for our Premium Color papers (Premium Black, Premium Grey, and Premium Kraft).

Yes! While most of our cards have a writable surface, heres a quick run-down of which ones are better suited to write on.

Standard Semi-Gloss (for reference, this is the same paper we use for greeting cards and postcards)

Signature Silk (Writable with a ballpoint pen, but smudges more easily)

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Get exclusive offers by signing up to our mailing list. Enter your email address.

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This is a full featured, freeware Business Card Creator program. To make it even better we continually improve it and upgrade its features. You are NOT required to sign-up or register to use this program, it is straightforward and hassle free. Be sure to read our helpfuldesign tutorial.

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