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How to create a custom Google map

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Need to embed a custom Google map in your website? Heres how to make one.

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Creating custom Map Charts using shapes and VBA

Creating custom Map Charts using shapes and VBA

Whenever I see promotional images for expensive BI Dashboard software, they always show the same thing a map with countries or regions highlighted in different colors.  It sends the subtle message that maps are the pinnacle of Business Intelligence (whether they are or not is a different matter altogether).  Until Excel 2016, these Map Charts were not available natively in Excel.  As a result, the BI Dashboard software stood out as being something which was more advanced, it had the WOW factor.

As you will see in this post, with a few images downloaded from the internet and some lines of VBA we can create our own custom Maps Charts in Excel.  Our Excel dashboards can now have that WOW factor too.  This solution should work in any version of Excel which can run Macros.

Even if you have Excel 2016 with Maps Charts built in, you may still want to follow this article.  The built-in Map Charts are amazing, but at the same time have various limitations, so this approach may better meet your requirements.

In this post, you will find the World Map Template, which is available to download for free, but also instructions on how to create your own Map Charts.  My goal for this post is to give you the tools, skills and knowledge to construct your own custom Map Charts.

I want to share with you the World Map Template file.  This template includes a world map, in which the countries change color when the values associated with those countries change.  The functionality within this template can be applied to any map, or any shapes.  Whether your map is of states, school districts or by geographical factors, this template can be adapted to any scenario.

The World Map Template is available to download for free.

Please note, you do not need to download the file to create your own Map Chart, as all the instructions and VBA code are in the sections below.  But it will be much easier to follow along if you have the World Map Template downloaded.

Whilst I try to create safe and reliable templates, I can (and often do) make mistakes.  Please backup copies of your files before opening this template or running any VBA code.  If you do find any bugs or errors, please let me know using mycontact page.

By using this or any other template from the site, you agree that I will not be held liable for any type of damages, and use is entirely at your own risk.

Click here to download the World Map Template.

I must say Thank You to allowing me to use and distribute their World Map images within the World Map Template.  This is also a great site to get your hands on other maps.

Try out the template for yourself.  The countries in the map are formatted according to the names and values in Columns Q and R.  The formatting applied is based on the fill color and left border color in Cells T2 T8.

Changing the values in Column Q, or changing the colored banding in Cells T2 T8 will change the formatting of the countries on the map.  The ColorToShape function (which I created using VBA) in Column S is the trigger which drives the functionality.

For the functionality to work, the values in column Q must be identical to the names of the shapes on the map.  If the ColorToShape function is applied to a name which is not also the name of a shape, there will be no effect.  But, if the shape name exists, then its color and border will change.

Clicking on one of the countries will reveal the name of the shape.

As some countries, such as Indonesia are constructed of multiple shapes, each shape is named Indonesia.  Each shape does not need to have a unique name.  Naming the shapes in this way ensures the formatting is applied to all shapes associated with that country.

This section covers the steps to create your own Map Chart, which will work in exactly the same way as the World Map Template.  The specific VBA code for each step is provided.

Get a map with each country/region as a separate shape.

Rename all the shapes to usable names.

Get a final list all the shapes (with usable names) and the value related to each country/region.

Define the colored banding for formatting each country/region.

Use the ColorToShape User Defined Function to format the shapes.

The easiest way to obtain new maps is to search the internet for maps embedded into PowerPoint files.  You need to find maps where each country/region is a different shape.  Simply copy the map (i.e all of the shapes) from PowerPoint into Excel.  A good place to start is this is where I obtained the images for this post.

You could draw the shapes yourself straight into Excel, it would be quite time-consuming, but an option all the same.

To get a list of all the shape names, select a cell and run the ListAllCountries Macro.  This Macro will list the names of all the shapes on the active worksheet, starting with the selected cell.

On most maps you get from the internet the names of the shapes are not particularly helpful, for example, the shape may be called Freeform 102, rather than Australia.  In these circumstances, it is necessary to rename the shapes to something usable.  This can be most painful and time-consuming part of the process.

The easiest way to rename a shape is to select the shape, change the name in the element name box then press Enter to confirm the change.

However, using this method, it is not possible to give multiple shapes the same name, which is fine for some circumstances but not others (such as the Indonesia example stated above).

Another option, is to rename the shapes using a User Defined Function which I created called NameCountries (see the code below).  This function takes the following form:

The NameCountries function takes 3 arguments;

oldName = the current name of the shape this can be a single cell reference or text string

newName = the name you wish the shape to be called this can be a single cell reference or a text string

targetSheetCell = the reference to any cell on the sheet which contains the map

By using the NameCountires User Defined Function it is possible to give multiple shapes the same name.

The VBA code for the NameCountries function is here (Note this code must be entered into a Module).

Get the name of the sheet which contains the map

Loop through each shape on the sheet which contains the map

Change the name from its existing name to a new name

Keep running the ListAllCountries Macro and the NameCountries function until you are happy with all the names.

Next, give each shape a value based on the data you wish to represent, (e.g. temperature, income, life expectancy, school grades, or whatever else you want to use the map for).

Next, create the ranges which will be applied to the countries.  The fill color and left border color will be applied to each of the shapes.

For the purposes of the ColorToShape User Defined Function (see below) it is necessary for the banding to go from smallest value at the top of the list to largest value at the bottom of the list.

The map shapes do not have a default color, they will only change when the forced to by the ColorToShape function (see below).  To ensure the formatting is correct, the values for each country must be between the lowest and highest value in the colored banding range.

The Macros and User Defined Functions so far have been purely to set-up the map template in the right way.  It is the ColorToShape function which drives the working template.

The ColorToShape function takes 4 arguments:

=ColorToShape(countryName, lookupValue, lookupRange, targetSheetCell)

countryName = the name of the shape, can be a string or a single  cell reference to a string.

lookupValue = the value associated with the country/region/shape, can be a value or a single cell reference to a value.

lookupRange = the range of cells containing the values and colored banding to be applied to the countries/regions/shapes.

targetSheetCell = the reference to any cell on the sheet which contains the map

When this function is recalculated, it will change the color of the shapes based on the lookupValue and lookupRange.

The VBA code for the ColorToShape function is: (Note this code must be entered into a Module):

Set default value of the function to Not Found

Loop through each shape on the worksheet containing the map

If the shape and countryName have the same name then

Loop through each cell in the colored banding range

If the value is less than or equal to the colored banding then

Apply the fill color of the colored banding

countryShape.Fill.ForeColor.RGB = _ lor, R), _ Color2RGB(lookupCell.Interior.Color, G), _ Color2RGB(lookupCell.Interior.Color, B))

Apply the left border of the colored banding

countryShape.Line.ForeColor.RGB = _ RGB(Color2RGB(lookupCell.Borders(xlEdgeLeft).Color, R), _ Color2RGB(lookupCell.Borders(xlEdgeLeft).Color, G), _ Color2RGB(lookupCell.Borders(xlEdgeLeft).Color, B))

Change the result of the UDF to Formatted

Formatting applied, stop looping through

The ColorToShape function calls another function to obtain the correct RGB color reference.  Include the following code within the same Module as the ColorToShape function.

Hopefully you can see the subtle message that Excel is not a good Business Intelligence tool is flawed.  A bit of Excel/VBA trickery is all that is required to turn Excel into a tool which can create Map Charts.  The expensive BI tools will be much easier to set-up, but will be limited in their options.  Using this method, Excel can be turned into anything you wish, for example, if you want a map of Middle Earth from the Lord of the Rings, it can be achieved with Excel.

Excel Off the Grid has reached its first birthday. 12 months ago, when I started the site, I had no idea what I was doing (to be honest, I still dont), but its been fun. There have been over 100,000

From stock parts to holiday villas, from employees to logos, there are many reasons you may want to automatically change an image based on a cell value.  In this post, well explore 3 different methods to achieve this task: Named

My first experience of Bullet Charts came from reading Information Dashboard Design by Stephen Few in 2007.  This was the year I started to get serious with dashboards. Initially, to create Bullet Charts I used the 3 stacked bar/column charts

The code below is intended to be a basic reference to anybody trying to use VBA code for Powerpoint.  Its certainly not complete, but it is code Ive used for various reasons.  I will try to add to and improve

Want to Learn VBA & Macros?If you want to automate Excel and save time, my recommended resouces for learning VBA Macros are:

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Create a map in Visio

A fast and secure browser thats designed for Windows 10

In theCategorieslist, click theMaps and Floor Planscategory.

ClickDirectional Map, and then clickCreate.

From theRoad ShapesandMetro Shapesstencils, drag a shape (such asRoad roundorCurve 1) onto your map, and then resize the shape as necessary.

To set the thickness of a road shape, right-click it, and then click a thickness setting (Thin,Standard,Thick, orCustom.)

If you chooseCustom, you can drag a selection handle or control handle to change the road thickness.

To change the direction of a road shape, use the rotation handle on the selected shape.

To flip a shape, on theHometab, in theArrangegroup, clickPosition, point toRotate Shapes, and then click a rotate or flip command.

FromRoad Shapes, drag other shapes, such as bridges, roundabouts, and interchanges to your map.

Make sure that no shapes are selected.

On theViewtab, in theShowgroup, clickTask Panes, and then selectShape Data.

In theShape Datapane, in theRoad WidthandMetro Widthfields, type a base width value.

This value will be applied to thin roads and thin metro lines. The width of standard and thick roads and metro lines will be based on multiples of this value.

FromLandmark Shapes, drag shapes onto your map to indicate natural features (such as trees and lakes) or buildings (such as schools and hospitals).

Drag theScaleshape onto your map. To associate the scale with a specific distance, select the shape and then type to add a distance measurement.

Select a shape that you want to add text to, and then type.

On theHometab, in theToolsgroup, click theText Blocktool.

Drag and draw a text block onto your map, then type your text.

On theHometab, clickPointer Toolwhen you are finished adding text.

In theMaps and Floor Planscategory, clickDirectional Map 3D, and then clickCreate.

FromDirectional Map Shapes 3D, drag road shapes onto the drawing page. You can duplicate road shapes by selecting the shape, and then pressing CTRL+D. Repeat to create multiple road segments.

Align the shapes to create the road configuration you want.

To nudge a shape into position, select the shape and then press the arrow key that represents the direction you want.

To create a longer road or a road grid that can be moved as a single unit, group multiple road shapes together.

Drag other shapes, such as bridges, buildings, and cars onto your map.

To rotate a selected shape, drag theRotationhandle.

To add text to shapes, select a shape, and then type.

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Create and publish interactive maps

Use maps for analysis and presentations

3-level access control for each map: Viewer, Member and Admin

Input from: Location(Search), Crowd Source, Google Spreadsheets, Microsoft Excel, CSV, KML, GeoRSS feed or Copy-and Paste.

Create a MapCreate a MapMap my Spreadsheet

You do not need to create an account to make maps

Add searchable custom fields for map entries

PDF or PNG map images for presentations or brochures

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Maps work in all smart phones and tablets

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For both interactive maps and map images

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Keep maps data private. HIPAA compliant infrastructure and HTTPS

Search for entries matching field values, with distance

Manage your map entries with powerful editing grid

Multi-point route optimizer for distance or time

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…Ive been designing things like this for years and work as an Interaction Designer and my pro opinion is that you all hit it right on the mark…

Intuitive, easy to use ZeeMaps has been a lifesaver for me and the community mapping project…

© 2005-Zee Source. All rights reserved.

Our basic plan allows you to create free maps, share them with friends and co-workers, publish them in your website, create high resolution images, and so forth.


Welcome to Customaps! Create and print maps of ANYWHERE in the world. Choose the location, choose the style & customize your map using our awesome map creator.

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Create a custom map in Power Map

A fast and secure browser thats designed for Windows 10

You can use Power Map to explore data with any type of map by creating or importing a custom map. For example, you might want to create a custom map to show traffic for transportation routes, like the ones on this fictional island.

A picture in .jpg, .bmp, or .png file format. For example, a picture of a floor plan or a public transit routes map.

Data that relates to the picture that Power Map can plot on your custom map by using an XY coordinate system.

Tip:If you dont have X and Y data yet, try using Microsoft Paint to record the pixel position of items in your picture and enter them in X and Y columns on your worksheet.

Heres how you can use those items to create your custom map:

In Excel, open the workbook that has the X and Y coordinates data for your image.

In Power Map, clickHomeNew Scene.

, locate the picture you want to use, select it, and click

Adjust the X and Y coordinates as needed.

Flip the axes by checking theSwap the X and Y axisbox.

Check theLock current coordinate valuesbox if you dont want the values to be changed.

ClickApplyto accept the selections you made, and clickNextin the Layer Pane.

Youre now ready to use Power Map as you would with any other geographical data.

5 minute tutorial for creating custom maps with Excel and Power Map

10 Free Tools For Creating Your Own Maps

Maps are handy for a lot of reasons. Not only do theythrough certain areas, they also enable us tolearn more about the world and what it has to offer. What if youre someone who wants tocreate a mapinstead?

Sure, theres Google Map and Google Earth to help you out but there are actually other tools to choose from as well. Here weve gathered10 free amazing tools that you can use to create your own maps. From maps that are conveniently made for sharing to ones that are quite interactive, the selection below has a range of things to satisfy your mapping needs.

Recommended Reading:40 Creative Remakes Of The World Map

If youre looking to create and view beautifully informative animated maps then this is the tool for you. Animaps basically extends the My Maps feature of Google Maps so that youcreate maps with markers that move, lines and shapes that change over time and images and texts that pop up on cue. The final result is an animated map.

If you send an Animap to your friends then itwill display like a videowhich they can play, pause, slow and speed up. Its simple to learn if you go through the basic tutorials. You can easily sign up for a new account on Animap or even sign up via your Facebook account. [Visit site here]

UMapper is a useful map creation tool used by publications like National Geographic, Star Tribune, USA Today and other well-known organizations. UMapper providesan effortless approach in creating Flash maps that are easy to embed and distributethrough a website or blog.

You can use any one of the top map providers such as Bing Maps, Google Maps, and Open Street Map to get your map out there. With the help of UMapper, you can also make money by displaying advertisements. If youre keen on more features, you can have a look at thepremium packages. [Visit site here]

Scribble Maps is a mapping tool that providesa comfortable platform for drawing and sharing maps. Using this tool, you can easily add custom images, place text and markers, draw shapes, calulcate distance, save a map in PDF format and much more.

You can also send maps to your friends or embed them on your website. The basic Scribble service is free whilePro Scribble Maps allows you to import KML files, spreadsheets and SHP files at a certain price. [Visit site here]

Click2Map is an easy to use mapping tool which allows you tocreate customized maps according to your needs. Click2Map conveniently lets you place built-in markers from their huge library to make your map more informative and interactive.

You can alsoadd lines and polygons on your maps for various purposessuch as to indicate a particular geographical area. Once you are done with creating your map, you can download your newly-designed map and publish it on your website/blog at no charge. [Visit site here]

ZeeMaps enables you todesign and publish your interactive maps without having to sign up. By using ZeeMaps, you can place customizable markers and highlight countries, states and cities too.

A cool feature is that youcan add video, audio or sound clips along with the markers. In addition to that, you can add customizable search fields for your map as well. ZeeMaps is offering free as well as paid versions at different prices which you can check outhere. [Visit site here]

MapTiler is a mapping tool with lots of rich features. The features are top-notch as this tool is used by Google, NASA, Apple and other big organizations. With MapTiler, youcan effectually render the geodata into map tilesthat are highly suitable for Google Maps API mashups, MapQuest, Microsoft Bing and Google Earth amongst many others.

You can use MapTiler on Windows, Linux and Macmaking this tool quite versatile. If this sounds interesting to you, theres a free version that you can try out as well as 4 paid versions withdifferent pricesand different bundles of features. [Visit site here]

TargetMap is a handy tool for creating and publishing your maps. The websiteencourages a sense of communityas sharing maps help to enrich and boost the knowledge of the participants. This is because once your map is published, you can compare it with similar maps done by others and this helps you improve.

You can also embed your maps into your website or blog. To use TargetMap as a free tool, you have to share your maps with others but if you want to keep your maps private then you can opt for the Not to Share option. The free version of this option comes with limited features as opposed to the premium version, so what you decide on really depends on your needs and capabilities. [Visit site here]

HeatmapTool is anice and easy tool for making attractive heat maps from a CVS file. You can scale the heat map as you like and conveniently update it in real-time. You can also cool down the heat map by dimming it accordingly and sharpen or soften the edges of the heated area as well.

Another handy feature is that you cancreate an overlay for the Google Maps API. Like the other tools, this one is free but if youd like more advanced features, you can check the pricinghere. [Visit site here]

GmapGIS is a simple tool which is used for mapping purposes. You caneasily draw lines, shapes, add labels, add markers and measure the distance on mapswithout using a Google account.

Once you are done drawing and labeling a map, a link is automatically generated for your map which you can share with others. With GmapGIS, you can choose tosave the map in a KML format or view it in Google Earth. [Visit site here]

GeoCommons allows us tocreate, use and share rich interactive maps regardless of your experiencewith mapping tools. It lets you map real-time social data and over 50,000 available open source data sets. This is a great tool to view a large amount of data and to animate a map in just a few seconds.

You can alsofilter the data and maps in the GeoCommons databaseusing any number, string or date attribute of database. If youre interested in sharing your map, you can embed it within your website or blog andshare it via social media. You cansign upfor free and start using its services right away. [Visit site here]

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