How to Design A Shirt Make A Mockupdobe Illustrator Phoshop

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I will tell you how to take an image and vector it. After I will tell you about an awesome website with great tools and show you how to turn your vector into a t shirt design

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How to Create a Hand Drawn Vector T-Shirt Mockup

illustrator t shirt Design Tutorial T shirt design adobe illustrator cs6

Inkscape Tutorial: Simple T Shirt Mock Up

Photoshop T-Shirt Design Tutorial (Basic)

How to Make a Logo in Illustrator – KD 6

Simple Type T-Shirt Design in Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

Martin KY

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1 oz. SPF30 Sunscreen Suntan Lotion with Carabiner

This premium 1 oz suntan lotion with carabiner is SPF 30 or SPF30, Our sunblock is PABA free and contains aloe extract. This sunscreen is manufactured in a US FDA-approved facility and includes a laminated 4-color process decal. Lamination protects your investment. Compare and save.

Clear tote bags are the rage of the runways which means the trend could soon be sweeping the promotional products industry too.

While the roots of clear tote bags might be utilitarian, some high fashion labels have suddenly fell in love with them, creating astoundingly expensive offerings in the category. ThePrada totebelow is a great example of the trend. It was retailing online at Nordstrom recently for $1,040 beforeselling out.

Made in Italy from PVC, the transparent tote features Pradas black logo print across the front and a white canvas trim. In a little nod to privacy, the push-stud top closure reveals a detachable zip-fastening pouch for storing essentials out of sight.

Meanwhile, this transparent Kara PVC Pinch Tote is another example of transparency couture. It retails for $325 hardly even the cost of a lunchtime appetizer for your average Manhattan billionaire.

For those of us sitting in the proletarian seats, though, theres good news. You can still get in on the namebrand clear tote trend for a relatively reasonable price. Urban Outfitters offersthis totefor $25.

Interestingly, the high-fashion transparent trend extends beyond totes intoother bag categories, including reusable shopping bags.The bagbelow is an exclusive collaboration betweenVoo Storeand Belgian fashion designer Raf Simons. Available for about $180, the bag includes a dustbag that can also be used as an inner compartment.

Given the popularity of clear bags in fashion circles, promotional product distributors should anticipate that demand from clients in the promo space will increase, too. And who knows the trend could proliferate well beyond bags altogether, if this tweet from Prada is a clue.

Mysterious moods and contemporary details.Pradahat with PVC visor.

Lego enthusiasts of all ages crowded into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, PA, on April 21 and 22 to enjoy Brick Fest Live!, which bills itself as the 1 Lego event in the U.S. The show featured feats of artistry and engineering, including detailed cityscapes, working miniature rollercoasters, a life-size statue of Darth Vader and a lovingly rendered replica of Vincent Van Goghs Starry Night all crafted from the colorful plastic bricks that have been a toy chest necessity for decades.

The event was also an opportunity for vendors to peddle Lego-themed merch, from vintage building sets to apparel and accessories decorated with actual Legos. At the official Brick Fest Live! Booth, attendees could purchase a $20 BrickSwag box, which included a T-shirt, flashlight keychain and a mystery minifigure. Other booths were selling caps modified with Lego baseplates, allowing wearers to customize to their hearts content. Several entrepreneurs had crafted hair clips, bracelets, earrings and bow ties out of Legos. There were even brick-shaped pillows and molded chocolate lollipops.

The Pennsylvania Distance Learning Charter School also set up a booth at the expo to share information about its virtual summer camps. To help build goodwill and boost name recognition, the school was giving away a slew of promotional products. Children could spin a wheel, and receive a branded foam stress brick, backpack, temporary tattoo, chip clip or other prize.

Brick Fest Live! heads next to New York City in July, then stops in Pasadena, CA, in August and Houston in October. Check out some of the highlights from the Philadelphia show below.

Hawaii Bans Certain Types of Sunscreens

Hawaiis state legislature has passed a bill that bans sunscreens containing chemicals that can reportedly damage coral reefs a new regulation that could impact sales of branded sunscreen.

Senate Bill 2571, passed on Tuesday, prevents the sale and distribution of sunscreen that has oxybenzone and octinoxate, unless prescribed by a licensed healthcare provider. If Governor David Ige signs the legislation into law, the prohibition would take effect Jan. 1, 2021.

Should the ban become law, promo distributors and suppliers could no longer provide sunscreen containing the blacklisted chemicals in the Aloha State. Whats more, the Hawaiian ban could resonate to the U.S. mainland, possibly influencing some would-be buyers of branded sunscreen to seek natural options that are perceived as better for the environment or to avoid purchasing sunscreen altogether in fear their brand will be perceived as a polluter.

Found in popular sunscreen brands like Coppertone and Hawaiian Tropic, oxybenzone and octinoxate contribute to coral bleaching, studies show. For example, a recent study from the Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology found that chemicals in sunscreen kill coral and result in DNA damage in larval and adult stage coral. The impact on DNA limits corals ability to grow and develop healthily. Coral bleaching was reportedly a cause behindwidespread destruction of Australias Great Barrier Reef. According to researchers, about 14,000 tons of sunscreen glop onto coral reefs annually. Sunscreen concentrations were found to be among the highest in the world on the beaches of Hawaii and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Certain environmental organizations praised legislators for passing the bill.

Hawaiis reefs have been slowly dying over the past 20 years, and that death spiral has been accelerating with the impact of El Niño-induced mass bleaching events and increased local pollution impacts from both tourism and development, Craig Downs, the executive director of the Haereticus Environmental Laboratory,told The New York Times. Everyone has come together to support this legislation, from local nurses and doctors, to resorts and airlines, as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of new sunscreen companies to supply reef-safer products.

Sunscreen containing oxybenzone or oxtinoxate kill coral reefs. Congratulations to Hawaii for passing this bill to ban sunscreens with these ingredients!

Of course, the ban had opponents, too. Traditional sunscreen manufacturers pointed out that the chemicals are FDA-approved and important ingredients for protecting people from skin cancer. Ban opponents also included the Hawaii Medical Association. The association expressed worry that the prohibition could encourage people to reduce the degree to which they wear sunscreen a concern given the heightened risk for skin cancer that comes with not using sunscreen.

Critics of the bill say it could discourage people from wearing sunscreen altogether, increasing skin cancer cases.

Forbes reportsthat mounting public pushback against sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate has opened the door for a niche market focused on natural sunscreens made in Hawaii. Tourists and locals on the islands can find Kkua Sun Care Hawaiian Natural Zinc Sunscreen, Mama Kuleana Reef, and the mainland All Good products, wrote Geologist Trevor Nace for Forbes. Of course, chemicals found in sunscreens are far from the only pollutant causing problems for coral reefs. Ocean warming, agricultural runoff and sewage dumping also are weakening and killing reefs, research shows.

As a family-owned company founded in 1984, The Shirt Gallery combines state of the art systems with old fashioned values centered around you, our customer. We offer thousands of promotional products that can be customized with your company logo or groups custom design. A wide variety of services are available including, Logo/Design Preparation, Screen Printing, Digitizing & Embroidery. (Note: Prices listed for individual pieces are for reference only. Minimums apply).

Create a T-shirt design and prepa it for print

Hi there. My name is Darko, akaXLoncheon 99designs, and I recently started designing T-shirts. I would love to share what Ive learned about this field so far. In this tutorial, you will learn what it takes to design a T-shirt and most importantly, how to prepare the files for print.

Before jumping into the computer, you will need to create a sketch it will be your guide while inking the outlines of the design.

Lets import it into Adobe Illustrator CS6 (note: this can also work in CS5, but Im not sure about older versions). I am using a template for the brush settings you can find it atcartoonsnap. In Illustrator, youll notice you can choose different weights for a brush: Ultra fine, Fine, Medium, Bold and Bolder.

Lets open the brush template by going to File Open Recent Files find the file from where you downloaded it, or if youve used it before, go to Open Recent Files and it will be there.

Now, lets open our sketch. Go to File Place find your image and press Okay. Or you can drag your sketch from Photoshop to the Illustrator document.

Double click the layer with your sketch, and check the box that says Dim Images to: 50%. Then, lock the layer by clicking the box next to the eye a lock symbol will appear.

Create a new layer and name it whatever you want. You can do that by clicking the little paper icon at the bottom right of the Layers Palette.

Select a brush and start inking the sketch. All the brush settings are set up, you just need to select the brush with a weight that varies from Ultra-fine to Bolder. Im going to use a Medium and Bold brush.

Once we are done with the inking, we need to turn all the brush paths into objects and merge them. To do this, go to Object Menu click Expand. Then, go to Window Pathfinder, click on the Unite icon.

Chose your colors, and go to Object Live Paint Make. You can paint the places you want with one click. Choose your color and choose the Live Paint Bucket tool (K).

Now click on the fields you want to color.

Note: Make a new layer below your lineart. For each color, make a new layer.

Lets add some highlights and shadows. Draw new objects above the color layers using the Pen Tool (P). Heres an example:

Now, make things interesting and play some music 😀

You might be used to doing online artwork in RGB, but to ensure the most accurate colors with a silk screener, definitely usePMS and CMYKcolor modes. This also makes the color separations easy and accurate.

Sometimes your artwork may call for a very obscure font or maybe even a custom designed font. When sending your artwork off for print, the last thing you want to see, is a substituted font in your design. By converting the text to outlines, any computer that opens the artwork will view the text as an image. Therefore, no substitutions will be made.

Do not trust the printers judgment without discussing it with them first. Your vision of the end product can be different from what the printer thinks is your end product. The safest way to defend yourself in this situation is to create the artwork in its final size. Dont know what size you want to use? Slap a ruler to the shirt you are wearing. Sounds simple, but it works.

This is not an argument overraster vs. vector, just a suggestion to use vector artwork when possible. It makes color separations easier with the print coming out cleaner. This is a general rule for everyday jobs and not automatic in all situations.

If you have properly set all of your colors to PMS swatches, then the color separations software will have no problem. This is more of a human error that occurs because sometimes strokes are overlooked. I put this tip at 5 because it can save you from ruining an otherwise great project. To expand your strokes, select what you want to expand then go to Object Expand.

A huge thanks to designer Darko (akaXLonche) for this great tutorial! If you need more advice, hes the expert.

99designs loves to share design how-tos directly from design professionals themselves. Reach out to share your thoughts, ask questions, or thank these experts for their awe-inspiring tips!

How to use the blob brush in illustrator

Learn how to create a brand guide from scratch with this tutorial

June Top 9 at 99 Merchandise apparel

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T-Shirt Crafts

Enter Our Dream Vacation Sweepstakes!

Here, 15 craft projects that let you dye, sew, print, and more to create your own custom T-shirts for yourself or your kids.

Games at a family reunion wouldnt be complete without a starting lineup of shirts for everyone to wear during the water-balloon toss, three-legged race, and doughnut-eating contest. Begin with matching apple-motif tees and then stencil numbers on the back with fabric paint.

Our motifs (including starfish, more correctly known as sea stars) are charming on kids beachwear, and the process is easy enough for small helpers.

Create your own iron-on shapes using your favorite craft punch and iron-transfer paper. The end result? Creativity gone wild on your or your kids clothes.

More chic than a tie-dye but just as fun to make, this stylish shirt may become the one you reach for every Saturday morning.

Wet, wild, and, yes, a little messy, tie-dyeing is the perfect way to keep kids entertained on a summer day while creating unique T-shirts and other accessories.

Bring some natural inspiration to your wardrobe with this unique feather-printed T-shirt.

Use this simple fish-print technique to make a one-of-a-kind T-shirt thats perfect for adults and kids alike.

These charming T-shirts are perfect for kids.

Add some stylish flair to childrens cotton T-shirts using glitter and a simple stencil.

A few strategic cuts transform a simple white T-shirt into a skeleton-inspired Halloween costume.

Create one-of-a-kind T-shirts with this simple dyeing technique.

Add colorful images to childrens T-shirts using the ancient art of batik, a wax-resist-dyeing technique.

With this special technique and some creativity, you can transform a plain tee into something special.

With our templates, embroidering a T-shirt has never been so easy. Choose from a dragonfly, elephant, fire truck, giraffe, or tractor, and start making one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing for your kids.

These adorable snappy tees are fun to make and fun to wear!

Use this easy technique to make a sophisticated belt, a stylish leather cuff bracelet, and more.

Add beads, sequins, and pretty fabric to a simple bag — and suddenly its a dazzling clutch

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Welcome to Printigo

We offer the very best service and quality in garment printing, embroidery, printed flyers/leaflets, business cards, business stationery, promotional products, banners and posters.

No garment printing order is too big, too small or too difficult. We welcome one-off gift ideas. If we cant do what you require in house well try our best to find some one that can.

We have a selection of catalogues with quality garments and products for you to choose from ready for your design using our extensive range of vinyl/flex, digital transfers and embroidery services. also have friendly staff who are always there to help you chose the best printing method for your job.

Our in-house designers work with your ideas, artwork, logos and brands on a daily basis to make them print ready with a relatively short turnaround.

We have a professional and competent design service available creating stunning business cards, flyers/leaflets, banners & posters.

Whether you visit our friendly shop, contact us by phone or via our website we are able to serve you in an efficient and professional manner.

Whether you are a large corporate company, a small one man business or a customer wanting a one-off gift we can look after your individual needs and value your custom.

Serving Utah since 2007!

Screen Printing, Embroidery, and Sublimation.

Utahs best source for screen printing and embroidery services. From school events to business wear, we can get you exactly what you want and make sure you love what you are wearing.

Our in house graphic designer can help you put together the perfect shirt and answer any question you may have about apparel, embroidery, or screen printing.

Shirtbatter has been serving Davis, Weber and Salt Lake county for 10 years! Over the years we have moved from Layton to Kaysville, and have made plenty of friends along the way!

Looking for a specific feel in a tee? Having trouble finding exactly what you want? We can help you find the perfect feel and style for your apparel.

We are located at 347 N 650 W, Kaysville, UT 84037. We are right off the 200 North Exit right behind the Mazda dealership!

Today is a very special day for everyone involved with our company. Ten years ago shirtbatter embarked on a journey that has helped us all grow as individuals, fill a growing need in the screen printing industry, and create a team of creative professionals who have created something great collectively. As today marks our ten year anniversary, we look toward the next ten years with excitement for our future growth and with pride in the amazing accomplishments weve had since our founding.

Jumping into the deep end with both feet first was the best way to get the ball rolling for our founder.While many companies spend months and even years working on business plans and investor pitches, Derek decided to start Shirtbatter right on the spot when the idea was planted in his mind and run with it for all these years. A short time after Derek started looking for potential clients, he found BBSC events. Their major event annually is the St George Triathlon. When BBSC ordered 2,000 shirts with 6 printing colors, Derek wholeheartedly agreed even though he had never printed a single shirt in his life! With all manual printers, printing just one 6 colored shirt could take up to 5 minutes for a seasoned professional not to mention someone who had never printed a shirt in his life. His team was ready to rock and roll. A week of back to back 22 hour days and 2 hour naps at work resulted in the first of many successful printing jobs for Shirtbatter.

Just like any business, it is our customers who keep us in business.Putting our customers first is what we believe to be at the core of our success. It has not only kept clients coming back but it has created amazing word of mouth marketing opportunities that money just cant buy. Our clients have kept us going through the ups and downs of the last ten years and to them we are forever grateful. Being able to serve our community and customers for the past ten years has been a wonderful gift and we are looking forward to many years to come serving our amazing clients!

We are so fortunate to have a founder who is still so hands on with our business after ten years.Derek, unlike many other founders, has a very fun, energetic, and hands on approach to running his business. He is a leader who can inspire a vision for his team that constantly keeps everyone stoked! The vision of franchising Shirtbatter into a nationwide leader in the online screen printing industry has created an intense energy within the organization. Everyone on the team is ready to take things to the next level. Our design team is full of creative professionals from fashion, design, and various artistic backgrounds. The upbeat and fun personalities of our design team help clients feel relaxed and excited about their printing projects at Shirtbatter. What would an online screen printing company be without a web team? The web team for our company is made up of tech-savvy professionals who have years of experience in web design and online marketing. Last, but certainly not least, our production team of screen printing and embroidery specialist have a work ethic and attention to detail that helps finalize the amazing products that arrive at our clients businesses and homes. Our team wouldnt be complete without a proper mascot! Lisa Frank, a beautiful rainbow chameleon, keeps worker morale high and reminds us all to let our true color shine through. Named after 90s artist Lisa Frank, our mascot reminds us to always listen to our creative and artistic side when working on any project for Shirtbatter.

We are overjoyed that we have made it this far.The last ten years have taught us a lot about customer service, team building, and building a brand. We are looking forward to meeting new clients, building and even more solid team, and advancing our printing technology even further. We are grateful to everyone who has helped us get to this point, and we are looking forward to many more successful years to come!

When you are looking to print your custom shirt in Utah, you should only go with an experienced and trusted screen printer. Here at Shirtbatter, we pride ourselves on only providing high-quality printing solutions to our Utah-based clients. Whether you are a band promoting your new album or a team of corporate lawyers, we will be able to provide you with the high-quality shirts that you need in an affordable and timely manner.

When you have a great idea for a shirt but dont know how to make the final product happen, this is where we come in. We will be able to work with you to make sure that your idea is being conveyed appropriately to our designers. When it comes to creating an amazing design, your possibilities are virtually endless due to the advanced screen printing technologies at our disposal. Our team of in-house designers will help you to make the very best shirt possible for your sports team, band, family, or business.

We pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted sources for screen printing in Utah. Our hands-on approach helps businesses and individuals feel as though all of their unique needs are being taken care of during the design and manufacturing process. With the many choices of shirt types, we will be able to accommodate most every style that would be needed during the printing process.

Designing your own shirtcan be a fun and exciting thing to do. While you may need to hand off your design project to one of our professionals, you can get the ball rolling with our online design studio. This easy to use online application will help you match your design with the style of your business or organization. The choices of starting with a blank canvas or choosing from one of our design templates will you virtually endless possibilities for your design.

Working with Utah-based business and individuals is our passion. Your final product will never be printed until we have met your design specifications completely. Contact us today and start the process of designing the perfect custom printed shirt.

screen printing, embroidery, sublimation

Create your own shirt and choose from hundreds ofproductsand even more colors. Put the same design on as many types of shirts, hoodies, polos, sweat shirts, and tanks you want. Our suppliers includeSanmarGildanNext LevelAmerican Apparel, DistrictPort and company, and many more. Is the product your looking for not on ouronline designer? Let us know and we will get it loaded up for you.

Uploading your designis as easy as clicking a button. Create you own shirt as fast as you can click the upload button. You  can even create a profile where you can save your design for future use. If you need help creating a design dont hesitate to stop by the shop or give us a call. Our graphic designer is always ready to lend a helping hand.

Ouronline designermakes it easy to create you own shirt and makes it even easy to place your order. Once you have your design created you can place it on various shirts and products. Checkout is as easy as it is on amazon and like always the more you purchase the more you save.

We want to make sure you are getting exactly the shirt you want. In order to do we will sometimes need to approve your design before we print and ship it. Sometimes we might even send a proof back to you so you can make sure your shirt comes out perfectly. Either way we will work as quickly as possible to get your shirts to you as soon as possible!

Keep Calm and Carry On

Classic Keep Calm and Carry On Products

Keep Calm & Carry On Gentlemens Red Distressed T-Shirt

Keep Calm & Carry On Canvas Tote Shopping Bag Pink Print

Keep Calm & Carry On Gentlemens Charcoal Grey & Duck Egg Blue T-Shirt

Keep Calm & Carry On Flight Bag Red

Keep Calm & Carry On Gentlemens Light Navy and Grey T-Shirt

Keep Calm & Carry On Black Flight Bag

Keep Calm & Carry On Canvas Tote Shopping Bag Black Print

All prices are inUSD. © 2018 Keep Calm and Carry On

SitemapPrivacy PolicyTerms and ConditionsPopular Keep Calm Sayings and Quotes

How To Start a T-Shirt Businesshe Ultimate Guide

The t-shirt is a staple in casual wear and has been universally accepted by both men and women the last few decades. Not only are they a classic piece of casual wear, but t-shirts are a blank canvas for artists and entrepreneurs alike. Because of this,selling t-shirts onlinehas become a popular business choice. For many entrepreneurs, starting an online t-shirt brand is a great and inexpensive way to start an online business, whether its your first, second, or tenth business.

Free Training: How to Quickly Start a T-Shirt Store

Learn how to sell t-shirts without worrying about design, inventory or shipping.

With the growth in popularity of t-shirts businesses, theres no doubt youll be facing some stiff competition. To break through, youll need to havet-shirt designspeople love, a brand people cherish and quality people trust. In this guide we will go through the creation process for starting your own t-shirt line and online store. We will look at each of the steps involved and the keys to success to help you get started as a t-shirt entrepreneur.

Heres the good news. Building and launching a new t-shirt brand is relatively inexpensive and quick. If you already have ideas for the types of designs you want to sell, you can be up and running in as little as a few hours. With the abundance of apps and integrations in theShopify App store, you can also connect your store to a t-shirt printer/dropshipper in minutes and have a fully functioning store, ready to print and ship to your customers.

Although the tools and technology available nowadays for designing, printing and shipping your own t-shirts makes getting going extremely simple, the difficult part is building a brand to stand out from the competition. Combine competition with slim margins and building an online t-shirt company becomes a little harder than it might first appear.

To be successful with your new t-shirt brand, you have to make the right decisions from the get-go.

There are several critical elements to starting a successful t-shirt business. Each of these elements need to be considered closely before moving forward:

: Being more specific will help you stand out as well as better attract and market to the right audience without blowing your budget.

: The majority of people that are purchasing graphic tees are looking for design, graphics and slogans that connect with them and reflect their opinions and personality.

: The quality of the shirts you use and the prints needs to be top notch.

: A strong, interesting brand is vital in the t-shirt industry.

Lets take a deeper look at the keys to success.

You hear this term get tossed around a lot, but nowhere is it more important tochoose a nichethan in the graphic t-shirt industry. One of the most important factors in building a successful t-shirt business is the ability to stand out from the many competitors and one of the best ways to do that is by choosing and catering to a specific niche.

In general, categories like t-shirts with funny slogans are going to be too broad to attack in a very developed market. Youre going to want to tighten it up a little more. An example of a more specific niche would be t-shirts with funny slogans that relate to doctors and nurses.

The last thing a visitor would want is to see in your catalogue is a copy of t-shirt design found elsewhere. Your designs dont necessarily need to be complex, in fact many of the best selling graphic tees are very simple, however, they do need to connect with your audience and stand out.

Recommended Course on T-Shirt Design:Hey, Cool Shirt: Designing Effective T-shirt Graphics by Chris Delorenzo, Lead Designer forJohnny Cupcakes.

The next most important factor in the success and sustainability of an online t-shirt business is quality. You can fool someone once, but you cant fool them twice. A pattern that fades and cracks or a t-shirt that shrinks and rips wont create raving fans that come back and repurchase.

Your brand is a promise that will tie together all your choices including your niche, designs and quality. Building a unique and likeable brand is important for businesses in a high competition industry. When customers have more choices, it becomes extremely important for an ecommerce business to have a distinctive presence to capture customers attention.

Recommended Course on Clothing and Apparel Branding:A Staple of Branding: How to Start Your Fashion Company by Jeff Staple, Founder,Staple Design.

Get great photos for your t-shirt store

Burst is a free high quality stock photo site powered by Shopify. Browse 1000s of product and lifestyle images to use across your store and marketing campaigns.

Not all t-shirts are the same and not all print jobs are the same. As we mentioned above, quality is paramount to your brand and its success, so its important to educate yourself and choose your blank shirts wisely.

It will always be tempting to sacrifice on quality for higher profit margins but you need to consider how the quality will affect customers decisions to share your brand and repurchase in the long run.

Quality t-shirts encompass several factors, including fit, sizing, material, softness, and weight. A great start point for determining which blank t-shirt to use is to check outT-Shirt Magazine Onlinesreview of some of the most popular blank t-shirts for printing.

Once you narrow down your choices, its strongly encouraged to order each of the t-shirts yourself to make an informed final decision.

with a 14-day trialT-Shirt Printing Quality

In this day in age, there are three popular methods for printing onto t-shirts. Each method has its pros and cons, and will partially depend on how much time you want to invest into the product creation, as well as the printing partner you choose.

Below, we have outlined all three print methods to give you a better understanding of each process.

Screen printing is an old technique that has stood the test of time. As one of the most popular methods for printing onto t-shirts, screen printing can produce durable and long lasting result. However, a labor intensive initial setup means screen printing is most cost effective when printing in bulk. Screen printing also poses issues when it comes to complex designs or designs with more than four to five colors as each color increases costs and production time.

Heat transfers have also been around for a long time and exist in several form. You may have seenbasic heat transfer paperat your local office supply store. Although these make it easy to print your designs from your home computer and transfer them with an iron, these wont cut it when it comes to running a business. The more advanced form of heat transfers are called plastisol transfers and are printed by professional printers on special, high quality heat transfer paper. The advantage of this is being able to order a stack of prints from your local printer and transfer them to your t-shirts as you receive orders with a commercial heat press machine.

Heat transfers can produce full-colour images onto t-shirts relatively easily and quickly.

Lower quality and less durable than direct-to-garment and screen printing.

Large upfront investment into a heat press machine (Few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars).

Do-it-yourself approach means additional time input from yourself.

The direct-to-garment printing process operates much like a ink-jet printer you would have at home. DTG prints ink directly onto the t-shirt and can produce full color images with accuracy.

Direct-to-garment printing produces quality printing on par with screen printing and better than heat transfers. Because it operates just like an ink-jet printer, there are no setup costs, unlike screen printing. This means that its easy and cost effective to print small orders.

The major disadvantage of direct-to-garment printing is the lack of volume discount for large orders, as it takes the same amount of time to print each shirt.

If youre stuck for t-shirt niche ideas and designs, a great start is to look at what else is popular and currently selling well.

Below is a list of several popular and bestseller pages for some of the top graphic t-shirt marketplaces that just might help you get a better idea of your next niche or t-shirt design.

You may also want to consider checking outGoogle TrendsandGoogle Hot Searchesto get a sense of the topics people are currently interested in.

Once you have an idea for some t-shirt designs. Youre going to have to get your ideas actually designed. If you haveAdobe Photoshopor similar programs you can likely produce some simple designs by yourself. However, if youre like most people, you will likely need to enlist some help.

There are a wide variety of tools and market places you can use to find a suitable graphic designer to help you with your designs.

Dribbble- Dribbble is a great designer community with lots of unique talent. Search for the style youre looking for and message the designers you like to see if theyre available for freelance projects.

Behance- Behance is another great designer community to check out for your next t-shirt designer.

Some other great options you may also want to try are the more popular freelance networks likeFreelancerandUpwork.

If youre stuck for a designer, there are also options to purchase pre-made designs. Youll want to keep in mind that if you choose to go this route, theres high likelihood that other people are already selling the design, making it harder for you and your brand to stand out.

Check out t-shirt graphic marketplaces like:

You may also want to check out general graphic design marketplaces but keep in mind if you plan to sell your t-shirts, youll need to purchase a commercial license.

Once you have some final designs, your next step will be to get some mockup images of them on actual t-shirts. Your customers are going to want to actually see what the final design will look like printed on a shirt.

There are a few ways you can get images of your final designs on t-shirts including ordering samples and takingproduct photographyyourself, or with the abundance oft-shirt templates online, you can opt to create a 100% digital mockup like the one below.

Adobe Photoshop (Free Trialt-shirt templatesare the most common types of mockup files. They allow you to quickly preview how your designs will look printed on a t-shirt. Most Photoshop templates comes with multiple layers that allow you to change the colour of the shirt and apply your own design that will blend with the creases, folds and contours of the shirt.

Below, we have compiled several resources to help you find the best possible mockup file for your next project:

If Adobe Photoshop isnt right for you, you can also use web-based mockup software that will allow you to do the same thing without having to download and figure out Photoshop.

Another great options for tasks like this is to enlist help from someone onFiverrfor $5. Justsearch for t-shirt mockups.

Before you spend a lot of money on your new business idea, you should first verify that there is a market and interest for your designs. There are many ways you can go about validating the market for your design ideas.

Some of the popular and more common methods for validating your ideas include:

Personal Social Networks- Post some of your designs to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks your friends and potential customers are a part of. Be careful asking friends however, their opinions will usually be tainted with an over-positive tint.

Reddit-Redditis huge and we have discussed it thoroughly inpast posts. With the massive number ofsubredditsits possible to easily find a highly targeted niche of potential customers and ask them first hand their thoughts on your designs before launching.

Kickstarter-Kickstarterand other crowd-funding websites have made it much easier to test, validate, and collect money upfront for your new business idea. Launching a crowdfunding campaign can be time consuming and requires a good deal of preparation, however, the benefits can be huge, which include fully funding your project before you have spent a dime.

Example:Dev TeesandStarstuff Clothing

Open Test Store- Finally, with ecommerce platforms like Shopify, its never been easier to set up a fully functional online store in the matter of few hours to validate your business idea.Sign up for a free 14-day trialand check out some of thefree themesto get started.

Now that you have your t-shirt designs, made your mockups and validated your idea, its time to build your store. As mentioned in the validation section, getting set up on Shopify is quick and easy.

There are a handful of t-shirt print-on-demand dropshippers that directly integrate with your Shopify store, allowing you to get up and running in no time. These printer/dropshippers will print and ship your t-shirts to your customers on your behalf every time you receive an order, automatically.

Check out the following Shopify printer/dropshipper apps:

Its never been easier to express your creativity and start your own online t-shirt business. Follow along with the video below and you can have your online t-shirt business up and running with an on-demand printing and fulfillment service in just 20 minutes. No design or coding experience required.

Bonus:For marketing tactics to market your new t-shirt business, check out the How to Sell Online section of the Shopify blog.

Richard Lazazzera is an ecommerce entrepreneur and Content Strategist at Shopify. Get more from Richard onTwitter.

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Youll start receiving free tips and resources soon. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Youll start receiving free tips and resources soon. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify.

Get free online marketing tips and resources delivered directly to your inbox.

Youll start receiving free tips and resources soon. In the meantime, start building your store with a free 14-day trial of Shopify.

Diy Custom T Shirt

Ill show you how you can create, (or steal) any design and transfer to a shirt (even black shirts) all that is needed is

guess at school Im condsidered to dress as a punk. maybe its becauseA.) Ive heard of a belt and I dont have my pants down to my ankles like a ganstaB.) I wear converse instead of a pair of $500 Jordans or what ever brand orC.) I have belt buckles of different Star Wars characters heads (such as Boba Fett) orD.) I wear usually black shirts. (I also have red, white and Grey shirts I frequently wear)but any who I make probably make 50% of my shirts. below are 2 different ways to do shirts the one on the right is obviously the batman logo which was done pretty simply by using Jordans Another T-Shirt Stencil tutorial. the only difference is I kept the freezer paper on and waited for it to dry then reapplied a yellow ink then took the freezer paper off and left it to dry. However the on on the left has many different colors and stuff. for this type of shirt design you will need to do a run to walmart.

go run to walmart and pick up a package of these they wont carry these exact ones put the will most likely have them. you will find these in the craft section of walmart ask some one who works there they will know where they are. if you local walmart doesnt carry them you can check places such as Micheals or A. C. moorse they definitely will have them! also while your there at walmart pick up some t shirts (Black) Now run back home and pop the sheets in your ink jet printer. find a picture off the internet here are some of my favorite websites to go to to get ideas or to steal pictures from: and . just get the largest picture you can of the design and just copy it then open you favorite program for pictures. I like to use print shop 15 but use whatever you have. then open a a new document or new and paste the picture, now make the design you want to what ever size you want it to be on the shirt. if you are using 2-4 pictures on one sheet paste all the designs to one sheet and print it out. make sure you let the ink set for about 30mins.

now that you have the design on the paper its time to cut it out with your trusty x-acto knife or blade. make sure NOT to leave any whit border around unless that is the look your going for. now you should have design cut out like the one in the picture below. as you can see I couldnt find a big picture of the design so I now have a pixelated look but it will still look cool!

now you have to peel the front thin side from the thick photo papery back. see picture. then take out you iron, put it to full/ high heat.let it get as hot as can be. iron the spot you are going to lay the design on. this makes for a better surface to stick to. now place the design on the shirt, put some parchment paper on top of the design. now place the HOT iron on the design that is now under the parchment paper MAKE SURE TO GET THE EDGES OF THE DESIGN or you design wont stay very long on the shirt. take the iron and parchment paper off let the design cool in about 30 more minutes repeat the ironing steps this will ensure of a great hold / stick. the black looks a lot lighter than the shirt but when you do the iron process all the colors are bolder and darker

So in conclusion… to make decent shirts for roughly 5$ each (do the math) and considering things like my Thundercats shirt would run for $20 opposed to $5 it cant get any sweeter!! also as far as washing use ONLY cold water, low wash, and turn the shirt in side out during wash to ensure for a long life of the shirt. oh by the way did you get the impression that i like star wars and Boba Fett?

Did you make this project? Share it with us!

Please be positive and constructive.

Which paper are you using to print design on? Is it normal A-4 sheets that we print our documents on ?? Or is it photo paper could you specify the Gsm or help me knowing it ..!!

And what about frezer paper commonly known overseas..??

Nice tees! I use to use an iron as well but found that my designs werent always lasting very long. After using a heat press I found they were lasting a lot longer, and now I could never go back. I also started a website reviewing and discussing heat presses: You can get some pretty cheap ones now through Amazon. If youre interested, please have a look.

Super cool that youre a Star Wars nerd. And this is good stuff-clear instructions with interesting side details thrown in. Thank you for this!

High Quality Silk Screened T-Shirts – Shipped Daily

This is our gift to you, oh beautiful world. Nowhere on the internet will you find such a large variety of quality printed t-shirts at such a ridiculously low price. While other online t-shirt businesses charge three times the price, and deliver one-third the quality,click here to read more ..

Youre a lifesaver!!! Thanks so much!!!!

Thx for putting this out there I have a small lawn business and didnt want to spend hundreds on screen printing so thx a lot. Btw its not what people call, its what you answer to. Your more than a guy making t shirts with Boba Fett on them your a man trying to make a difference by being yourself and not letting others dictate who they say you should be. One last thing dont feel like you have to defend yourself by talking about what others think about you, all that does is echo the negativity for others to hear. None of us knew what others were saying but now we do. Stand up when others sit down and sit down when others stand up, there are times when strength is needed because those around you are weak. There are also times when choosing to be humble can stop the pride of others dead on their tracks. Those people saying those things are looking for a reaction from you and want to bait you in to make them look cool to the other cool kids but I guarantee that there are others watching that need someone like you to stand up by not saying anything back. Pride is the only disease that makes everyone else sick accept the one who has it. Stay strong and maybe you can turn your T-shirt making skill into a business that makes a difference by promoting a positive message on the shirts your making. Remember this world is full if people that cant or wont speak up but there are others like yourself that can. You can tell a lot about a person by those who they surround them self with. I was not planning on writing all of this but I have lived a life that has been full of choices that have made a difference both positive and negative. Hope this helps you and any others that read this. God bless

You sound normal to me and definitely not punk! You stay true to who you are and thanks so much for this tutorial.

Hosting our family reunion just now become easier. Thanks! 🙂

dude thank you so much for this. You have no idea how expensive it is for me to do a custom print t shirts. This is actually going to you allow me to make a Mothers Day shirt for my mom. She loves Thor. Im going to print Thors armor on the front of the shirt and then Im going to put its my boyfriends shirt on it. Thank you so much.

Thanks, Ill give this a try! I enjoyed your, guess at school Im condsidered to dress as a punk…

This is going to be very useful as my son loves TapOut stuff and it costs a fortune. I am going to be doing some experimenting very soon 🙂 Thanks!

how many times do you repeat ironing?

Nice instructions! I will give this a try

A heat press will produce better results

I design tons of shirts using the transfer sheets I buy from art stores – but the thing i HATE is that invariably they all curl or crack off after the first or second washing. 🙁 1) Any tips to eliminate the cracking altogether? I really dont think its a matter of turning the shirt inside out. It still happens. It reminds me of iron-ons from the 1970s – only they dont last at ALL. Boo! and also:

2) I would LOVE to be able to just skip the whole cheapo iron-on print out / transfer thing and do the more professional screening thing, but isnt that thousands of dollars and takes up tons of room? This is a hobby of mine. and lastly (sorry to be such a question hog)

3) I AM actually quite proud of the designs I make and get compliments and requests to buy them all the time but , truth be told, I use images from the internet and from pop culture, film,k etc. and their are definite trademark infringement issues. Advice? Warnings? Is it just a big no-no?

You will achieve better results if you use higher quality transfer paper! Just google youll find more than enough

This is great. I really like unique shirts, such as home-designed shirts,team shirts, and so on. Thanks for posting this!

Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt intg

HomeGo Media ZineTutorialsIllustrator Tutorial: Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

Tutorial: Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

Pro Tips On Preparing Artwork For T-Shirt Printing

We areGo Media, Cleveland brand designersand more), and we hereby decree that best way to ensure fast turnaround times on your custom printed t-shirt order and keep a happy, healthy relationship with your print partner is to deliver correctly prepared art files every time. By following the guidelines in this article, you can avoid unnecessary delays in the process that occur due to common artwork errors.

Tip 1: Start by planning out your color schemes.

This might seem like a strange place to start, but by planning your color palette first, you can avoid details that are often overlooked until it is too late. When creating an apparel order from scratch, it doesnt necessarily matter whether you pick garment or ink colors first. However, there is an undeniable link between the two that is reflected in the final product. Always simulate every ink and garment color combination by creating mock-ups ahead of time to proof the results on screen.

If designs are already created and you just need to add them to garments, the process is a little easier. Its important to check if your graphic contains the same color as your shirt. If so, those areas can be used as negative space the space around and between the subject of an image in the middle of your print only, as matching colors along the outside edge will not be visible.

Similarly, ink and garment colors close in value will result in low visibility. Sometimes this can produce a cool effect, like when using tonal colors. However, if your intent is to have a logo that is readable from far distances, you may want to consider otherwise. To guarantee your logo can be seen from across the room at corporate events, make sure that you have maximum contrast between the two colors.

If starting from scratch with the ability to choose garment colors before inks, you can design with color harmony in mind. This requires a little more groundwork, but there are tools and resources available to help make this advanced technique easy even for the novice designer. First, you will need to determine the RGB values of the garment color that you have chosen. For our example, we will use theAlstyle 1301shirt inline (92, 193, 81). Next, plug those values into a Color Palette Generator such asKuler by Adobe. From there you can apply the different color theory rules to create additional ink color swatches.

With whatever colors you end up choosing, add them to your swatches palette and save them. Create a separate folder for this color scheme, and label each color in a way that makes sense to you. Use these presets as a guide to how you will paint each area of your design and do not stray from your original plan. Just think of this process as if you were picking paint chips from the hardware store in preparation to paint the exterior or interior rooms of your house.

Tip 2: Choose Pantone colors (only if you possess a physical color book).

One of the biggest mistakes is improper use of Pantone references. Many times designers will select PMS colors from their graphics applications like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator and expect to see the results as they appear on their screen. This defeats the entire purpose of calling our Pantone references due to the differences in color calibration from one computer monitor to the next. To get an idea of how drastic color, brightness and contrast controls vary on screen, walk the television aisles of any electronics superstore.

The only way that your printer can guarantee a color match is if you both are looking at identical references. This requires both parties to be holding the exact same physical color book in their hands. The Pantone book that you will need for screen printing inks is called the Solid Coated Formula Guide. This color library is generally sold with an Uncoated version and costs around $150 for the pair. So, unless you need to guarantee exact color matching on a regular basis, this may be a bit of an investment for a part-time designer. The good news is that your printer will generally not require PMS colors with your order and will choose the closest available Pantone based on what they see on screen. Count on your local print shop to have correctly calibrated monitors and ideal lighting conditions for viewing color. Just remember that there may be slight variances from your out of the box computer that you are working from in your office.

Remember to include your PMS references in your written order submission. If the Pantones are only included in your files, they may be overlooked or assumed as non-pertinent information.

Tip 3: Design in Adobe Illustrator when possible.

If you can control how your graphic assets are created, always do so in vector format, created with Adobe Illustrator. Unlike .JPG, .GIF and .BMP image formats, vector graphics are not made up of a grid of pixels. These files can be resized indefinitely without sacrificing print quality, so if you want to use the same logo for business cards, postcards, t-shirts, banners and billboards, each one of them will print clearly and without the blurriness or pixelation that occurs when resizing images that were created in Photoshop.

When you create your graphics in a rasterbased application, such as Photoshop, you are more or less stuck with the original dimensions. Always start your documents from scratch at the intended print size with a resolution of 300 pixels per inch. If you then copy/paste low resolution elements into that workspace, you will notice that it will resize the graphic and will appear much smaller. DO NOT scale these elements any larger, or they will become blurry and will print with poor quality. When in doubt, always create your artwork larger and at a higher resolution than needed, as you can always scale the art down without causing issues. Transforming files to be larger can get you in trouble.

On the condition that your artwork was hand-drawn and you need to digitize the illustration, be sure that you have scanned your artwork at the correct resolution. The general rule of thumb is that if you have drawn the artwork at actual size, then scan it at 300 dpi. If your artwork was created an 50% scale, then you will need to scan the artwork at double the recommended resolution (scan at 600 dpi).

Tip 4: Leave the separations to the professionals.

For t-shirt graphics, your print shop will be creating spot color separations themselves, so there is no need for you to try and divide the ink colors up on your own. Regardless of which program you use, set your color mode to RGB. CMYK, also known as full color, is for process color printing only, where the Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black halftones are blended on press to optically create the full color gamut. Instead, think of screen printing inks as pre-mixed paint colors that go straight from the bucket to your t-shirts.

Where a full color image is reproduced on t-shirts, your printer may use 8-12 spot colors printed as halftone screens to reproduce the spectrum of color in your file. This technique enables them to replicate photorealistic prints with more vibrancy, even on black garments, and with greater color consistency from one piece to the next. If the graphic is instead made up of all solid areas of color, the print may not contain any halftones at all.

The color separations that the pre-press department will create from your artwork will be specific to their equipment and workflow. Sometimes, creating your own separations will just be creating extra work for pre-press, as they might have to make corrections. If you are trying to achieve a particular effect, try to mock it up first. Always include instructions in addition to submitting your original untouched print file, and consult your printer ahead of time before submitting your order to confirm that they can produce the results you are looking for.

Tip 4: Save an editable copy for yourself and a second copy for print.

When you have finished your final design, be sure to save an editable file for yourself, just in case you need to make adjustments later. If your printer has issues with any of the things that you have done within your file, you want to be able to go back and make amendments without having to recreate them. Or worsestart from scratch.

Once this safety net is in place, save a final print file to send to your printer using the following guidelines:

-Outline all fonts (convert to vector shapes)

*Create a separate layer for your garment color and label it. DO NOT flatten your artwork to your garment color.

Jakprints is your friend in the print industry with high-quality, affordable, eco-friendly products in Full Color Printing; Label and Sticker Printing; Embroidery and Apparel Printing; and Large Format or Banner Printing. Our online printing services are always available when you want to place orders, request quotes, download design templates or review product pricing and options.

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I cant even express how psyched I am about your design skills. Just awesome.

The highly polished end products reflect both the personal attention and professional service they provide.

Christa Kraft, Marketing Consultant