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Where is the best placto get custom t-shirts? – Quora

Supply Well – Get your own custom apparel & online store.

The best place to get custom t-shirts and screen printed t-shirts:

Thailand is known as one of the major hubs for overseas t-shirt manufacturing and proven to produce some of the worlds highest quality fabric and carefully finished stitching. Most global designer brands manufacture screen printed t-shirts using factories such asSugini factoryin Thailand.

Sugini produces premium quality fabrics such as pima cotton, supima cotton, polyester/cotton, cotton/rayon, cotton spandex and polyester to apply custom artwork in the form of sublimation printing, silk screening, direct to garment printing, foil screening and embroidery.

There are so many places where you can get custom t-shirts. Zazzle, Customon, Spreadshirt, CustomTeesNow, CustomInk, Printful, InkMonk, CaffePress, and many, many other shops for custom printed t-shirts are available and convenient to use to design, customize, and order your own, unique custom t-shirt. Most of these companies offer good prices and conditions like free shipping and a variety of products for your designs, not only t-shirts: phone cases, tote bags, coffee mugs, throw pillows, etc.

How to choose the one company that will be right for you? This really depends on what kind of printing you like and how urgent your order is. Most of them do digital printing and can deliver your t-shirt within 1 2 weeks. This mostly depends on the season how busy it is. For example, if you need a custom t-shirt for Christmas, which is one of the busiest times of the year for any business, I think you should plan and think ahead.

Will You Marry Me Valentines day Engagement shirt Marriage Proposal Crewneck Sweatshirt

However, you can get faster delivery even during some of the busiest times with Customon. I work for Customon, but before I started working for them, I got to familiarize with their business – I ordered a couple of t-shirts from them myself after a recommendation from a friend. Customon will ship your t-shirt in just a couple of days. They can do this even during the Christmas season, St. Valentines, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and other important holidays, because they have US-based, in-house production. They never outsource their printing. Even if you make a large order, they will handle it easily and fast. Regardless the number of items you order, youll be provided with the same service quality.

Best Friend Ever Fathers Day Gift Funny V-Neck T-shirt

Located in Eatontown NJ, these guys will receive your order immediately, handle it fast, high-quality print it, and ship it to you in 1 2 days. And you can get the number of your order and track it to make sure it arrives on time. The customer service is excellent, always available and transparent, and the quality of your print is guaranteed because Customon is in the printing business more than 10 years.

You can choose from 40 different products in 1000 style & color variations and use their easy-to-use design tool to design your t-shirt from scratch, or customize apparel already made by independent artists. Finally, you can opt to order your t-shirt right away or you can try selling your designs, as this is also easy and risk-free with Customon. You dont need any investments for this you just choose the place where youll place your t-shirt designs for sale Customon Marketplace or your Shop – and decide on the commission. And this is not only me the feedback these guys receive from their designers and customers is excellent.

If you want to design or customize your own t-shirt, you have many convenient options, but you should research and choose the one that is most convenient for you. If you want to design a tote bag, Customon is not a good option as it doesnt offer this product (try RedBubble and Society6) but if you want to design your custom t-shirt, hoodie, baseball shirt, sweatshirt, a phone case, or a mug, and you need it fast, Customon is the right solution for you.

If you wish to learn how to easily and fast design, customize, order, and receive your t-shirt, read Customon postCheap Custom T-shirts. Youll learn fast everything you need to know. And if youre interested specifically in selling your designs with Customon, go toStart Selling Designs.

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Where can I make custom t-shirts online?

What are the cheapest custom t-shirts?

What is your review of Custom T-Shirts?

Where can I get 10 cent custom t-shirts?

What are the best places to get t-shirts printed in Melbourne?

, Content Editor at Printsome (2015-present)

As you can tell from the responses to this question, it seems like everyone is in thecustom T-shirt printingbusiness nowadays, making it nearly impossible to pick the right option for your specific needs. When you look at it objectively, there is not one single greatest T-shirt printing company that is best for all orders. Ill go over the T-shirt printing possibilities in the UK, as I work for Printsome.

Basically, there are three ways to go: the big, overseas international T-shirt printing company, the established printer and your local printing shop. Lets have a look at the factors you need to take into account.

Obviously, it makes a difference for a company if they receive an order of 2 or 200 T-shirts. If youre in need of a larger quantity, the local printing shop might not be the best option since they might not be able to produce that amount within the requested timeframe. Whereas, when it is a small amount youre after, the overseas international might not be the way to go since they could have a minimum order limit.

There a couple of different T-shirt printing techniques available. Not every printer offers all of them, so it is important to go over which one it is you like best. The local printer is more likely to have just a couple techniques available.

As were all so very busy nowadays, we all want our orders in our hands by yesterday. If youre looking for the fastest delivery service it would probably the established printer. As they dont have to cross extreme distance to reach you and they have enough experience to have perfected their production and distribution channels. Most delivery times are 1-2 weeks.

Where is Printsome situated in these categories?

Printsome is a mix of all three. In ourTottenham facility,we are able to print on a small scale. OurEssex facilityallows for large-scale printing jobs and finally overseas, via ourPortugalorSpainfacilities. We have five printing techniques available: Screen printing, DTG (Direct To Garment), Embroidery, CAD-cut vinyl and transfer. With a standard delivery service of 5-10 days and an express service of 2-4 days (!) we really try stand out from the competition in the UK.

Learn more onour blogand I hope you found this information helpful in your search for the perfect T-shirt printing company.

for a few years. If you want a very small run, or different printing such as a nickname on each shirt, Zazzle is best by far. The quality is much better than CafePress. For larger runs of same design (20+),

is best online, and there are plenty of good local screenprinters too.

, former Digital Marketing Executive at Printsmash

There are so many websites where you can get custom t-shirts but i would suggest you to checkout

Design Your Own Round Neck Tshirt Printsmash – PrintSmash

They print T-shirts usingDirect-to-Garment printing(DTG), The artwork will be screen printed to perfection on our premium, 180 GSM Bio-Washed and 100% cotton with a soft and silky finish round neck tshirt. High-quality and durable prints on the most comfortable.

Design Your Own Round Neck Tshirt Printsmash – PrintSmash

– Printed using latest DTG Technology

P.S. Im a former Digital Marketing Executive at Printsmash

If you are in search forcustom t-shirts manufacturerand wholesaler and distributors, thenOnly Teezis one of the very best. It has an extensive andattractive collection of custom t-shirtsthat is available in wholesale prices on bulk orders. This manufacturing house caters to the requirements of all, from small retailers to big business giants. Retailers, business owners and all other bulk purchasers can choose from thousands of options or create their own with the expertise of this manufacturing house. Shoot a mail torequest a free quote on custom orders.

Should you be looking to acquirecustom t-shirts online, I would suggest you decide to go with the Reinfall Design. Ive purchased several products from this website, and every time they fulfilled my expectations.

Talking about quality, I would appear at first sight reliable in the market. They provide the best material that takes long. Before six months, I purchased two t-shirts from Reinfall Design the colour didnt fade, and so they still look new.

These are delivery services, all the items that I ordered at Reinfall Design were delivered on time. So, the delivery is fast. You may expect your products or services being delivered on the specified date.

These are pricing have been an active online shopper, I usually compare them to different sites before purchasing. After buying several products fromReinfall Design, now Im able to say they feature the standard products at the most competitive price. And, you acquire the best thing that you will be paying for.

The best company to get custom t-shirts is definitely Saltycustoms. This company gives the easiest options to make your own t-shirt in just a few minutes. They offer 2 options:

This is an online application. There are 3 steps to go.

Besides the shirts, they also offer polos and hooded sweatshirts! The quality of these shirts are high and they allow up to 5 printing colors!

If you want to design your custom t-shirt on your mobile, then they also have an app called Doobie. With the Doobie app it is possible to create your shirt in just 60 seconds. You can upload your design and change it to how you want it to be. The app has a lot of benefits. First of all, it is possible to print all over the t-shirts, with no space or color limitations and you can print every color on every surface. Besides, the products will be shipped anywhere in the world so it can be used by everybody! Last, the shirts are specially fabricated for dye sub printing to produce vibrant prints. They are soft, comfortable and lightweight.

Searching for the best place to get custom t-shirts?

Saiyanstuffis the best place for you! If you love Dragon ball Z then this is really the perfect spot to getcustomt-shirts!

This is the best place because there are so many products for you to Choose From, free Shipping, secure payment thru paypal, and amazing customer service.

Saiyanstuff always treat customers as their best friends. Your queries will be comprehensively answered in a hugely polite manner.

You create your own designs and well work with it for you! justcontactand email your designs to us directly!

If you are a Dragon Ball fan, check out my profile and follow me to expand your DBZ knowledge!

Where is the cheapest place to order low quantity of custom t-shirts?

Where can I get t-shirts customized for my dog?

Whats the best place to get highly customized T-shirts in London without paying a fortune?

Which are among the better places in Bangalore to get a custom t-shirt or a college t-shirt to be printed?

From where can I buy customized bulk t-shirts?

What is the best place to order custom printed t-shirts, hoodies, etc. in Australia?

Where is the best, most reliable, cheapest place to manufacture custom screen printed t-shirts in Arkansas (AR)?

Where is the best, most reliable, cheapest place to manufacture custom screen printed t-shirts in Alabama (AL)?

Which custom t-shirt shop is best for getting paid on designs?

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What is the best custom T-shirt provider in Mumbai?

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Where is the best place to get funny & patriotic T-shirts and custom printing?

Where is the best place to get wholesale white t-shirts?

Still have a question? Ask your own!

Where can I make custom t-shirts online?

What are the cheapest custom t-shirts?

What is your review of Custom T-Shirts?

Where can I get 10 cent custom t-shirts?

What are the best places to get t-shirts printed in Melbourne?

Where is the cheapest place to order low quantity of custom t-shirts?

Where can I get t-shirts customized for my dog?

Whats the best place to get highly customized T-shirts in London without paying a fortune?

Which are among the better places in Bangalore to get a custom t-shirt or a college t-shirt to be printed?

From where can I buy customized bulk t-shirts?

Custom Signs Quality Banners

Customize Any Sign & Banner Your Way, And We Will Print And Ship Your Order In The Same Day!

Its time to start making signs for commencement ceremonies and graduation events.

Free Artwork to make lawn signs for homes, lots, & property for sale

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We understand you have a lot of options, which is why we do our darnedest to make designing, ordering, and receiving your custom sign an amazing experience. But dont just take our word for it. Our customers say they only trust because:

Other services would have charged more and taken longer.Thanks, Marcie M.

Accurately described, great quality and very fast shipping.Thanks, Karen B.

It arrived in plenty of time for the event, and before the promised date!Thanks, Ruth L.

Dont Worry Its Risk-Free With Our Guarantee!

Weve become the guru of online sign sales because weve perfected the process. Were so fast some orders can actually be shipped on the same day theyre placed at no extra charge! Plus, if your signs dont ship when we say it will, the shipping fees are on us. With ourBanner Barons Goof Proof Guaranteeyoure also covered in the off chance everything isnt completely right – even if you goofed during the design process. Hey, nobodys perfect. We get that and account for it with a quick 24-hour turnaround on an all new goof proof replacement. See link for details.

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Custom Rubber Stamps Design and Order Online

Its easy to order custom rubber stamps from . Just click onCATALOG.Youll see a variety of Rubber Stamps to choose from, including our traditional wood handle Rubber Stamps, art mount stamps, Trodat Printys, Xstampers, daters and more. After you select the product, you can design your stamp on-line, selecting typefaces, sizes, and uploading your own graphics. Youll even get a chance to see your design on screen or email yourself a proof before placing your order.

Because of our efficient systems and expert technicians, we can ship faster than anyone else. Stamps ordered by 12:00 noon (Eastern time, GMT-5) are shipped the same day (Monday -Friday.) Exceptions: Xstampers, Multi-Color, and RoyalMark stamps. They require an extra 24-48 hours. UPS Overnight Air service is available.

Want to include a signature, logo, or favorite image? No problem! Our web site allows you to upload an image file when you order. For best results, save your work as a 500 dpi black and white TIF or BMP file. You can also send us images by US Mail, or by fax. Call us for special faxing instructions.

Newest Addition:StazOn Ink Pads- Fast-drying, permanent rubber stamping ink for multiple surfaces. Works great on glossy papers. We also carry:

Color Box Pigment ink padsin 64 rich, delicious colors.Traditional Wood Handle Stamps

Our traditional wood handle stamps and art mount stamps are assembled by hand. Unlike some stamp manufacturers, who just keep a few stock sizes of pre-assembled handles, our stamp handles are custom cut to match the size of your rubber die. That way there are no excess margins to catch ink. That also means you get a clean, clear impression every time.

Artists and crafters love our art mount stamps. These are genuine red rubber stamp dies mounted on beautiful clear finish maple blocks. Theyre custom made, with your graphic image or text (or both.) Minimum order: 1 stamp.

Best of all, youll love our service! We guarantee it. Since 1989 when we started, weve prided ourselves on providing faster and better service than anyone else. We use the latest technology and highly skilled craftspeople and proofreaders, to make sure your stamp is perfect. If youre not satisfied, you can return your stamp for a free replacement.

If you need to place a large order, let us know. We have special arrangements forwholesale (dealer)customers, and for large volume orders. The quality and service are the same, but the price is reduced when we can produce for you more efficiently. To request a quote, pleaseemailor fax us at (413) 863-6804 or 1-(800) 870-7888 (USA and Canada.) You can also telephone us at 1-(413) 863-6800, or 1-(800) HE-SIMON. Our mailing address is: 320 Avenue A, Turners Falls, MA 01376-1826 USA.

Real Estate agents and landlords give our products as gifts to tenants and clients. Product managers give them to stores as frequent buyer promotions. Trade shows give them to exhibitors for stamping attendee cards. Smart people use them toadvertise their website or email address. We see surprising new ideas every day.

We can help you with distribution as well as production. Our staff can ship your custom products for you to one (or many) addresses, using your return address label if you wish.

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35 Custom Horizontal Flag

Design your own banner in 3 easy steps!

• Penetration Printed to show Reverse on Back

Custom design or upload a flag design today and order online horizontal 35 flags. The 35 flag is a standard sized flag and is among the most commonly used horizontal flags in the world today.

Each flag is made with woven polyester. The woven polyester gives the flag a very light but strong feel which enables the flag to easily wave and fly when on a flag pole. The material is of a high quality so its long lasting and can work well for all occasions.

Each flag is double-stitch sewn top and bottom with a quadruple-stitch fly edge on woven polyester. The flag also includes a canvas header and two brass grommets which protect it from ripping off of a rope in any extreme weather conditions.

If you already have a design that you want to tweak you can simply upload it into our custom flag designer tool and make some adjustments. If you dont have a design you can start from scratch and get going on a free design today! If you have no design experience theres no need to worry at all. Our flag designer tool can make most designs look professional. You dont need any illustrator or online design experience whatsoever. The tool is completely free and if you dont have time to finish your flag design today you can save the design and come back to it later.

When you click on the browse designs button just above you can tweak or customize a template. You can upload a logo or design to the template to improve the overall design.

All custom flags are affordable and priced to help protect your budget. The shipping is completely free as well as the design tool. The best part is theres nothing cheap about our flag, although its priced low, the flag is still a very high quality flag and were confident that you will not go wrong by purchasing a flag with us here at Quality Sign Designer.

Ordered my flag in September 2016. It has been flying outside and in great shape now (Feb 2017) – So Im pretty happy with the quality. That and they helped me confirm that the flag would look good before ordering which is great, whether you use their designer or submit a photo to them – I love that there is a personal touch to it. I am ordering a bigger flag now and plan on trying different designs later. Recommended!

Best, most AMAZING Website EVER!!! Our flag just arrived and it is absolutely beautiful. Colors are amazing, super heavy duty. Their Customer Service is the GREATEST ever. We have a shore home with a rooftop deck and we ordered a flag to hang there. It is super easy to design and it arrived so quickly. I cant say enough about Quality Sign Design. This was my first order we ever placed but believe me we will be placing many more as my husband has his own company. I bought it for my husband as a surprise since we had a flag that was beat and battered by the wind and salt air at the shore. Judging by the material this flag is made of, I am guessing we have a lot of years with our new Gorgeous Flag. Thank you so much and Thank you to everyone in the Customer Service Department. Your company is 1 in my book. Emesto from Customer Service deserves a HUGE raise for all the help he gave me answering all my silly questions. Thanks again from NJ

So many wonderful things about Quality Sign Designer!

— easy interface to design our products

Weve ordered from them multiple times and will keep coming back!! Love these guys.

How Feather Flags Can Boost Your Business

NEW PRODUCT Smart Frame Banner Kit

Need Sidewalk Signs? Try the Sidewalk Solution Feather Flag Kit

Printing Process Dye Sublimation

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Custom Modular Direct

All modular home designs have the flexibility to reflect your tasteto offer you both style and provide you with a sense of space, freedom and privacy. Our inhouse computer drawn floor plans allow you to decide on room size and placementto determine the type of doors and windowsto add options and finishing touches. In addition to ranch designs of every size, homes are available in split levels, cape cods, two and three stories, and are being designed in all styles from traditional to contemporary modular designs. Our continually evolving modern modular home designs and styles can be changed to reflect minimal customization or totally redesigned to your very specific ideas. Need a multigenerational home with an attached inlaw suite? Or perhaps, you love a plan but would prefer a first floor master suite. Our Optional Rooms category will allow you to gauge price and size of various addon designs to aid you in creating your ultimate plan. Sunrooms and morning rooms, inlaw suites and home offices it is up to you. You can composite homes to come up with a truly unique floor plan that is, pick an exterior from our modular home designs category, add a first floor plan from another home, a second floor from a third home and create the plan that works for you. And when the final touches are placed on your blueprints your modular home designs are then factory built utilizing bulk purchasing power in a controlled environment, with year round skilled labor, to bring you a home of distinction and quality, affording you unparalleled value and reduced construction time.

Looking for green modular home designs? We are Energy Star plant certified and can create green modular home designs per your particular needs, project and site conditions.

We invite you to browse through these floor plans, or bring an idea of your own, to create your own personalized home and see for yourself why our homes are at the forefront of the building industry. Modular home designs factory tailored to suit your needs.

Baldwin II w. garage and luxury bath

Standard Features & Popular Options

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Custom Car Accessories

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Factory-fitted seat covers and other parts inside the car cabin wear out over time. Protect them and keep them looking new with attractive car interior accessories from our store. While this website is dedicated to products primarily in pink, here we offer a good collection of decorative car accessories like seat covers, floor mats, steering wheel covers and more, in several other color choices. These automotive products can be designed to fit all makes and models of cars, trucks, jeeps/SUV and vans. We can even personalize them with your name or a text message and a logo or design of your choice!

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Custom Dress Shirts

ShirtsMyWay Beta Version 3.0 Designability Platform: Counting Over Seven Trillion Unique Design Variations.

Smarter Shirt Shopping Copyright 2018 MyWay Group Limited All Rights Reserved

You might be wondering how we can fit 7 trillion different shirt designs into one site. Allow us to explain: Our new shirt concept lets you compose your own tailored shirts to the extent that you can put any piece of fabric on almost any part of your shirt. You will do this using our interactive shirt model. The ShirtsMyWay Experience lets you design truly original mens shirts as you get to decide every detail following an easy step-by-step guide. Think of the shirts as your very own designer shirts.

You have the option to design classic dress shirts or eclectic fusions. You can combine a variety of colors such as white, black, blue, brown, or pink to create vibrant dress shirts which might even become fashion shirts. You can quickly customize the collar, cuffs, buttons, buttonholes, monogram, and many more details. Whether you are thinking of words like oxford, cotton, plain, striped, french cuff, button down, slim fit, formal, or business shirts, they all match our style spectrum.

We want you to have fitted shirts, so we have developed a self-measuring tailoring system on our website. You simply get a friend to measure your body following our super easy guide or take out a well fitting shirt from your wardrobe and measure it or select a standard size. Youll, apart from a unique design, be getting great fitting tailor made shirts. Before you even start thinking about going to your local shirtmakers, where you get your bespoke shirts, give us a try first. Be nice to your wardrobe.Get Started.

How to Design Your Own Custom Hoodie

We know how much you guys and gals love a good tutorial! We just launched our newHoodie Templatesand they are amazing. I decided to sit down and design a hoodie and to write a tutorial in celebration.

You should know right from the start that there is a lot to digest here. This is a long tutorial and will demonstrate some advanced skills. Along the way youll not only learn how to create a detailed illustration, but also how to create professional hoodie mock ups with Go Medias Hoodie Design Pack.

Heres what were gonna make:

I scanned the rough image from my sketchbook into Photoshop and busted out myhandy dandy Wacomtablet.

I set up my file for 25 by 20 at 300 dpi in CMYK, then pressedctrl+alt+shift+nto create a new layer and began to draw over my sketch.

We always get questions about what kind of brush settings we use when drawing with a Wacom. These are the exact settings I used.

Remember how quickly I sketched the octopus? Its just a starting point, because as you can see I dont always stick to the original sketch. As I am working I just let the drawing dictate where things should lie.

If you arent comfortable with this, you can just add all the detail that you want to your initial sketch and try to follow it a little more closely inside Photoshop.

In this next shot you can see how the drawing is growing beyond the boundaries of the original sketch. Its starting to shape up! Take a look at your own design right now and start to revise it until youre happy. Well be moving on to adding details in just a minute.

After I had my rough outline at a satisfactory point, I then went back through the drawing and added detail to make the little guy come to life a bit more. For me, it usually just involves thickening up outlines to simulate depth and adding texture to the rough outline. In this particular image, it mostly involved making wrinkles and adding splashes of ooze.

These next few shots are really important. As Bill expertly explained in hisHow to Become a Master Designerseries, one of the secrets to depth is varying line weight. Take note of how this looks and try to add a little depth to your own design.

Okay! Looks like all my linework is complete. Now lets bring it to life with some color.

Once I was finished with the outline of the drawing, I went back and began to add color. I started by laying down the base color of the octopus. For this drawing I chose a nice bluish green color.

Heres how I set up my new Octopus layer:

Use the magic wand to select all the white area around your black outline and all the other spots where you dont want the octopus color to be.

Then use select inverse and create a new layer.

Use the bucket tool and fill the new layer with the color you chose.

Then I selected a slightly darker hue and added shadows to create even more depth and dimension.

I followed the creases and folds of the tentacles with my Wacom pen keeping in mind which parts I want to pop forward and which I want to recede into the background. Always try to think of where the light would be hitting the different areas.

I wanted the octopus to look really wet and shiny, so I added heavy white highlights throughout the illustration to simulate a glossy surface. Again, just follow the creases and folds keeping in mind how the light would hit the various parts. Also keep your Wacom pen strokes somewhat loose and free flowing.

I then chose other colors that complimented the design and I used them to add the final details to the octopus. FYI: I always keep my colors on separate layers. It makes it much easier to edit them without having to destroy the whole drawing if you decide to change something.

For the background of the illustration, I created a free form splatter shape that echoed the shapes of the ooze splatters. I duplicated the shape and used a bitmap to create a halftone image. I then used hue shift to change the color to a purple hue.

The final illustration looks a little something like this

I really liked the way the tentacle/intestine shapes were looking so I decided to make a repeating pattern from them to use as a background texture/all over print.

To begin with, I created a file at 1800 x 1800 pixels. I then copied portions of my black outline layer from the octopus illustration into the new file.

After I had arranged the tentacles into a design I was satisfied with, I used theoffset filterto make the pattern repeat. I did this by offsetting the image by half of each of my dimensions, so 900 pixels in width and 900 pixels in length. You will notice at this stage there is a noticeable area in the center where the lines are crazy and dont match up dont freak out were gonna fix this.

So, I erased all the weird seams and began to re-connect the tentacles with my Wacom Pen. Go back and redraw, erase, and repeat. There are a lot of lines to clean up, but the most important thing is thatyou should not change any of the lines on the outer edge of your designor your pattern will not repeat correctly.

Once you get it to a point where you think everything looks good, double check to make sure the pattern aligns correctly in all directions. If it does, congratulations, you just made a repeating patternnot so hard, huh?

Now if a client asked for a hoodie design she might not be too impressed if I show her just the flat illustration. She asked for a HOODIE, so thats what were going to give her. Enter the hoodie templates.

I begin by dragging my artwork onto the whole hoodie layer to size it and get it positioned where I want it. Once you get it where you want, the joy of the hoodie template comes into play. The design already looks pretty darn real because its automatically shaded by the Shadows & Highlights layers.

For this design I only want the print to appear on the front and the pockets of the hoodie. However, if you want some custom pockets or cuffs its really easy. Adam Wagner has painstakingly masked off the various parts of the hoodie at nearly every seam, so you can do some really custom things with the design.

Anyway, for my particular design, I opened the folders for the Chest and Pocket Layers and pasted the design onto the Left Chest, Right Chest, Left Pocket and Right Pocket Layers.

Now that I have my design in place, lets move on to coloring the hoodie. I am a huge fan of reversible hoodies (two looks for one price baby!), so were to mock this up as one.

I began with the outside color of the hoody. Im on a big purple kick right now so I am going with a vibrant dark purple color. I selected the folder named Colors and I use hue shift to adjust one of the color layers until the hoody is the right color of purple.

On the inside, I used a green that is similar to the green of the ooze in the design. I sampled the green from the ooze with the eyedropper tool and then filled all three of the liner fill layers with the fill bucket tool.

The last thing I did was add the seamless pattern to the whole hoodie. For the outside I gave the pattern a light purple color, and for the liner I gave it a light green color. Presto done.

Heres the final design and hoodie mock. Phew we made it! If all of this was a bit difficult for you, give it time & keep reading. Im going to show you some really quick shortcuts to get you started in the next couple of sections.

Heres one more in a standard flat view.

1.The shape layer (this acts as the mask)

3.Pattern Layer (more on this in a minute)

To the left you can see all the seams that weve already masked out for you.

These layers make it a snap to mockup complicated designs that need to look real. For example, you can realistically mockup diagonal stripes on each of the pockets, or give your design dark cuffs. Besides all these layers, youll notice lots little details, like how the tag & drawstrings are separated for some extra realism.

The Colors Group has eight preset base colors, and you can of course fill any of these layers for any base color you choose.

The hoodie mockups below were created in a few clicks using a few of the included patterns. Cool!

Phew! We went from sketch to scan to final Illustration to mock up. Then we went ahead and explored theHoodie Design Packin a little more detail. I think thats enough for this time! I hope you ended up with a killer illustration and had fun playing around with the templates.

We want to hear what you have to say. Do you agree? Do you have a better way to approach the topic? Let the community know by joining the discussion.

I cant even express how psyched I am about your design skills. Just awesome.

The highly polished end products reflect both the personal attention and professional service they provide.

Christa Kraft, Marketing Consultant