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We are proud to offer you, our customers in the USA, Australia and all around the world, the cutest, prettiest and most lovable auto seat covers and pink accessories you will find online for any kind of automobile you might have. The products in our shop will surely make your automotive interiors match with your personality or style because we can personalize it with your name and logo/design upon request. Be the envy of your peers by giving your car, jeep/SUV, truck, van or any other vehicle a makeover, or better yet, just share with them the pink accessories and other treasures you found on our website ūüėČ

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Build Your Own Custom Car

For car lovers, customizing is a very rewarding activity. Moreover, personalizing is a great option if you are bored with the way your car looks at the present. This write-up provides some tips on customizing your car.

For those aspiring to be a la Chip Foose, the mere mention of the word custom car is sure to give them an adrenaline rush. It conjures up the images of whacky designs, modified fenders, bonnets, mirrors and so on. A custom car is an altered or changed vehicle in two ways. The objective is to enhance the performance and make the car a style statement, thus giving it a different look from the other run-of-the-mill car designs.

Initially, you need to assemble the things you would require to customize your car. You need innovation, the accessories for making the modifications, and the blue print of your design plan. These things will generally get you started. You can also watch shows such as Overhauling to understand what the task of giving your car a makeover will entail.

Before you give your beloved vehicle an overhaul, check out its condition for wear and tear. This will help you determine how much to modify and which areas you can work upon. To customize your car and give it a different look, one of the most easiest ways is to change its tires. Replace the normal wheels with the custom wheels. If you have a SUV or a truck, chrome and billet are good options for the wheel material, otherwise you could opt for aluminum wheels.

Custom wheels are available in the size between 13-26 inches. Pick whichever size is suitable, depending on the type of the vehicle (car, truck, or SUV). You will need to have a blueprint at hand to get a rough idea as to how the car will look after the modification. Once you choose the wheels, many people opt to work on the vehicle suspension; they either reduce or increase it. For that, you would need to get a kit.

Another area to focus on would be the body and the color. However, body modification is a tough task. So, you would need to go for an auto shop specializing in this aspect, and tell them what changes you exactly want in your vehicle. For instance, if the body of your car is a bit rough and you want to give it a smooth, suave look, what can be done is shave your vehicle. So, that would perhaps entail removing the handles, mirrors and so on. Then you can weld together the seams, grind it out and smoothen it, so as to make it ready for a coat of paint.

You can have graphics added to your car through paint. Paint the jazzy formula 1 design on your vehicle. In that case as well, it would be better to get a professional to apply paint. Choose from the shiny metallic colors to the dull and flat ones. If you just want to change the color, remove all the parts, paint them and put them back again.

A great idea to customize your car is to get the upholstery or the interior changed. You can use leather or any other upholstery that you want. You can also install a swanky music system. Performance enhancement can be done by installing new air intake or a factory exhaust.

Basically, if you have proper plan and good imagination, you can completely give your car a new look. So, use the aforementioned information to get started with this task.

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NFI Empire

Go from boring stock, to custom built!

While enjoying SEMA it became abundantly clear that most 4X4 and performance vehicles displayed were never going to see the road…on or off! It was also clear that 99% of the population could not afford one of them. Dont get us wrong, these are some of the most incredible machines you will ever find.

However, NFI wants to offer 4X4 & Performance Vehicles to be both admired and used.

Our team has been significantly improving every aspect of Jeeps, 4WDs, & performance vehicles over the past 20+ years. Our goal is to take that experience and offer extraordinary vehicles at justifiable prices.

The NFI goal is to offer a product our customers are proud to drive off the lot and into their lives. We dont want to just give the initial wow factor, we want you to look at your vehicle everyday and know you made the right choice.

We will do all we can to enhance the local and national economy. Our vehicles are hand picked in the Southeastern US and fully reconditioned at our restoration facility in downtown Erie PA. American made through and through!

Are you looking for something bigger and better than stock?

** Please scroll to the bottom to fill out your restoration request form or CALL US at Ext. 2**

Or email us at for your build quotes

NFI Empire Jeep -* Click to View Build

Rock Lobster Jeep * Click to View Build

1982 CJ-8 Scrambler – *Click to view build

1979 CJ-7 Ultimate Beach Cruiser – Click to view build

1974 Ford Bronco – Click to view build

Golden Eagle CJ-7 – Click to view build

2014 Dodge Ram Mega Cab – Click to view build

1977 White CJ-5 – Click to view build

2002 Series 2 TJ – Click to view build

2000 Series 1 TJ – Click to view build

1972 FJ Land Cruiser- Click to view build

1998 2 Door 5 speed XJ- Click to view build

I attend the Bantam Jeep festival every year and I ran a crossed one of their Series 3 XJs. The guy who had it was nice enough to show me the detailed work and man, this thing was completely bad ass. I had to jump on the web and figure out who you guys were.

Never before have I felt so much pride in owning a vehicle. I cant say enough about NFIs design, build quality, and attention to detail. Every vehicle they touch is truly a work of art. A great group of guys who are very passionate about what they do and are a pleasure to deal with. If you are looking for a badass custom vehicle, you have come to the right place.

Although I dont drive a Jeep. NFI Empire was able to take my Tundra and turn it into a Beast of the streets. These guys are taking customization to another level! Helping pick the perfect wheel and tire as well as working crazy overtime. NFI Empire made it simple and stress free. I recommend these guys to anyone looking to trick out their ride or buy one of their own customized rides.

When I saw all the badass Jeeps parked outside NFI, I knew NFI was the place to go. I came to Justin asking if he and his team could take my stock Cummins and make it into the truck Ive always wanted; he didnt turn me down. The crew took my stock truck and made it into one of the most bad ass diesels in town. I couldnt be happier with the work that NFI did. Any 4×4 you send them; they can modify it into exactly what you are looking for and at very reasonable prices. NFI is always looking after the customer and would never steer anyone in the wrong direction.

I came looking for the jeep I could turn into my dream jeep and I happened to come across NFI empire and seen the black 09 JK and instantly wanted to go look at it and hopefully be able to bring it home. Justin was friendly and did whatever he could to help get me into the jeep. From my experience with NFI Empire I would refer anyone who is looking for a jeep of their dreams to go take a look at what they had to offer. I know when Im ready for my next jeep Ill be sure to stop by NFI Empire to see what they have on the lot!

I first learned about NFI when I noticed the sign up on the corner of an Industrial building. It said they build custom jeeps. I had to stop and see what it was all about. Wow, these guys are something. They are manufacturing and fabricating their own products that are hard to believe are not already out in the market. They know Jeeps inside out.

I wasnt sure what to expect when walking into NFIs new local shop. I was quickly met by Justin who enthusiastically showed me around the new facility. Incredible Jeeps being customized in every corner. I was totally blown away. Justin showed me a currently stock Cherokee that they had recently got in. We spoke of customizing the Jeep to my specs. They worked to meet my budget and design ideas. I got the best modded Cherokee I could have ever asked for….at a great price. Super cool guys and amazing vehicles.

NFI took my XJ to a level I couldnt believe! I started with a very straight Jeep and what they did with it was amazing. High-end components and quality workmanship are evident throughout and I get nothing but compliments from everyone who sees my NFI Jeep! I highly recommend Justin and his staff to anyone looking for a competitively-priced quality build youll be proud to own.

Im beyond impressed with the work NFI Empire performed on my Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. I couldnt wait to customize my JKU but I just couldnt decide on a place to get the work done. As soon as I found out about NFI I knew I had check them out. I stopped by their 12th street location in Erie and met Justin. He was more than happy to help me build my dream jeep within my budget and I couldnt be happier with the results! Thanks to the awesome and knowledgable crew at NFI Empire I drive one badass Jeep Wrangler. I will continue to be a customer and I highly recommend them for any of your jeep needs.

I met Justin when I went to Real Training and Fitness Bench for Babies Competition, My girlfriend Jordyn and I saw his Jeep in the parking lot and we fell in love with it instantly. A few weeks later we went to Bantam Jeep Fest where Justin and I discussed building out my Jeep. The NFI team hooked my Jeep up and Im very happy with it. Im happy to be with the NFI Empire Custom Jeep Family!

Great guys over at NFI. The team has never let me down, guided my jeep build & I into the right direction. Anyone second guessing this place stop now and see their work at first hand! It is great and I am proud to say NFI built my jeep. Solid Quality, Genuinely Great people!

The NFI team recently did some body work to our Jeep and it came out looking 10X better than when it when in! We were so impressed with the NFI family and will be using them for all of our 4×4 needs! The attention we were given from the owner and the customer service offered by his employees is surpassed by none. Thank you NFI for making our experience truly one of kind! We couldnt be happier!

Great crew. They did my lift and wheels for the truck and lowered the car. Also did some dent repair and resprayed my front bumper on the car. Work turned out great and I felt welcome every time I went in and bugged them to see progress. I would recommend anyone to get work done here. Very proud to be part of and represent the NFI family.

Im beyond satisfied with my new Nissan Titan from Justin! The staff at NFI treated me great and they are very respectable to deal with. I will for sure be back for my next purchase!! Thank you again!

Took my 1980 CJ7 to NFI Empire for new chrome headers and side pipes . Looks great, sounds great and they had it done in a few days and under budget!

Cant thank you guys enough for the amazing job you did on my Jeep!! And a special thank you to Justin Fried for putting up with me lol I absolutely love my jeep more than i did before (if thats possible) you were so patient helpful and explained everything to a T for me!!! I would recommend you guys to anyone!!

Recently purchased a Jeep and I love it. They have some great vehicles. Hit a few bumps along the way but most importantly they made it right. If youre looking for a clean jeep this is the place to go.

We couldnt have asked for a better experience. My Husband and I visited their North East location and we were blown away! Steve took great care of us, and we were in and out quickly, with a high quality vehicle.:

I reached out to NFI to look for a F-350 for me, and they went well over an above on their search. They found me the exact truck I wanted, and had it shipped right to my door.

NFI built me the most bada** truck in the market. I cant express how pumped I was when I picked it up! Thank you guys for taking care of me, and building me a truck I look forward to driving everyday!

I cant say a single bad thing about these guys and girls! They did amazing work on my truck!

Great prices great service!!!! Must check them out!

Such great craftsman! Helping to preserve the history of the Jeeps iconic designs of the past, all the while turning todays vehicles into beasts!

Great crew. They did my lift and wheels for the truck and lowered the car. Also did some dent repair and resprayed my front bumper on the car. Work turned out great and I felt welcome every time I went in and bugged them to see progress. I would recommend anyone to get work done here. Very proud to be part of and represent the NFI family.

Couldnt be happier with the build they did on our CJ8/Scrambler. The guys at NFI hit it out of the park! Looking forward to some great times in our new Jeep Scrambler! I would highly recommend NFI for any Jeep builds, they will not let you down.

Great Customer Service and Help! I contacted them after I tried to get a local Jeep dealer to help me figure out over the phone why my jeep wasnt starting with no lights anywhere what so ever. NFI listened all the issues I was telling them and was able to diagnose what happened to my Jeep and why it wasnt starting over the phone! With that help I was able to get my Jeep started.

Always very courteous and helpful. Quick to answer any questions Ive had.

So very happy and so THANKFUL for the easiest and most AMAZING car buying experience…. EVER!!! Absolutely in love with this beautiful machine and cant thank Steve enough thru the process!!! Make sure if youre in the market (ESPECIALLY for something CUSTOM) or just looking to CUSTOMIZE your own ride—LOOK HERE FIRST!!! THANK YOU ALL AT NFI EMPIRE AND VERY THANKFUL FOR ALLOWING US TO BE PART OF THE FAMILY…!!! Lets see how long I can keep her clean… LoL

2 weeks ago I drove from Columbus, Ohio to Erie, PA for a one of a kind 99 Cherokee XJ. Sooooo worth the drive! Not only was the Jeep better than expected(compliments on it everywhere I go) but Steve and the staff there were absolutely wonderful! They made the day enjoyable and were very hospitable. Great quality, great price, great customer service equals a happy satisfied customer. Would highly recommend NFI Empire to anyone looking for a custom vehicle/customer experience. Keep up the great work! drivingsomethingcool

I started looking for a clean TJ this past summer browsing the internet. I came across NFI Empire and after reading their personal story with 20 plus years experience offering incredible vehicles and reading all the personal testimonials I knew this was the place I wanted to get my jeep. I saw a jeep that I liked and inquired about it talking with Steve. Next day I drove up from Pittsburgh the jeep was exactly as Steve described. I told Steve I want this jeep heres my budget and that I wanted to get it lifted and looking bad ass. Steve called Mike at the shop and that morning we began the process of customizing my jeep and staying on budget. Steve said he needed a few weeks to get the jeep done and would call me keeping me in the loop how my build was coming plus telling me we have a few surprises for you. The day I came up I was blown away how nice my jeep looked the crew at NFI Empire made my dream come true. I could not have asked for a better experience Justin, Steve, Mike and the NFI Empire family put their customers first and deliver amazing work.

Very happy with the staff and customer service we received. We drove 3 hrs to get here and I was very impressed with the business itself. After recently being burned by a big dealership — these guys were absolutely wonderful to deal with. Any issue we ran into was dealt with professionally, on the spot. Thanks guys! Worth the drive for sure. I couldnt be happier! When mamas happy everyones happy!!

5 star organization!! These guys take pride in getting you what you need!! I will continue my relationship with them for years to come. They take pride in customer satification and communication.. A++ GUYS!!

I took my F150 in for some needed service, and the help that I recieved was friendly and professional.

When I showed up, one of the techs came out to talk to me about my truck. He asked me about what I was having done and about the graphics that I had on it. You can tell this is more than just a job to them. This is something they do, because they like it. Ill definitely be back!

The entire staff was great. They really worked hard for my husband to be able to bring home the truck he wanted. Definitely will recommend them! And be back for future vehicles

We bought a 1969/Plymouth from them. Excellent service from Steve. We Bob the car. they did a great job with small repairs that had to be done to the car. We would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a custom-made Jeep or classic car. Theyre located in northeast Pennsylvania on Route 20. thank you and if I for your wonderful service. Jim and Maureen Tanner.

Let me start by saying I have bought 26 different cars in the last 10 years… Both local and long distance. This has been the smoothest, most honest dealing I have ever done. Throughout the entire process I requested very specific pictures and videos that were sent to me within a matter of minutes. The vehicle was inside on carpet tire pads!! (And it was only a $25k car!!) Would absolutely recommend them to anyone who wants a great deal on a great vehicle. 10/10

Recently purchased the most badass Tundra in the world from NFI. Working with Steve over the phone from 3 hours away. He got me in the truck with literally 5 feet of snow on the ground. couldnt be any happier. Will deal with these guys again. Top notch operation.

I have dealt with all the aspects of NFI Empire and couldnt be more thoroughly impressed! I had seen some of their Jeeps around town and decided to check them out. Im glad I did. I decided after visiting their shop that I wanted a Jeep but would have to sell my muscle car first. It was pointed out to me that they also do consignments at their North East location. I took my car there and set up a consignment that was very easy and risk free. My car was sold fairly quickly and for the amount I wanted. They were able to find a buyer and ship it to another state, with all the logistics involved, with no work from me. They then listened to my description of what kind of Jeep I was looking for and found me a perfect match. It was down south and they had it shipped up here. I purchased my new Jeep and had the shop do some further modifications to make it truly my own. Their customer service is top notch and went above and beyond what I was expecting. They even provided me with a lift to or from their business when I needed one. They do seem like a family, are very knowledgeable and are easy to talk to with NO pressure. Thanks to Justin, Steve, Nichole, Mike, Dave the two Jims and everyone else who makes NFI Empire special. Look forward to doing business in the future!

Took my girlfriends father out to Justin to get his lift done after getting the run around about pricing from another local company. Justin got us the prices and scheduled asap. Working with them on this was painless. If you are looking for a shop to do your lift, they are IT!!

I visited the 12th street location after calling around and driving around Erie to find someone somewhere that would get my tires and wheels on that day I almost gave up then NFI said bring it up we will figure it out. They did! They also went over and beyond and even fixed the rattle I was hearing! I will be back and highly recommend them! Thanks guys! A+++++++ experience!

I was looking for a truck for quite a long time, and a buddy of mine bought one from NFI Empire so I decided to check their website. Im beyond satisfied with the truck I bought from them!!! I would recommend everyone to go check them out!!! Thanks again Justin for all your help I will definitely be back in the future!!!

Awesome Builds!! No Jeep project too Big or too small and showed great at Bantam!

Great quality products and service!! VETERAN OWNED!!

To all you would be Jeepers, no need to look any further. NFI EMPIRE will have the jeep youre looking for OR they can build it for you. Im a proud owner of a 06 jeep TJ Rubicon. I searched all over then stopped at NFI. I was treated with respect and they answered all my questions. I purchased my jeep and havent had 1 regret. These guys and gals are top shelf. Talk to Justin or Steve I promise youll be satisfied.

Great group of guys, Justin knows Jeeps… and they know Off-roading. Highly recommend

NFI Empire is top notch! They did amazing work on our Jeep!

The NFI guys are the real deal! They walked me step by step through the build process, and made sure not to leave any details out.

STOP! The search for the best in the industry is over! NFI Empire is what I would call the BEST in the industry. Take a look at their work and it is easy to see, that they leave to leaf un-turned!

The limits with NFI Empire are endless!! I called them for Diesel performance parts, and they had the connections for me! Not only did they have the best prices in town, but the highest quality! They really are the one stop shop! I ordered my parts, and had them install them. These guys are awesome!

The Presque Isle Partnership owes a great debt of gratitude to the entire crew at NFI. The hard work, dedication and craftsmanship that went into this Jeep truly reflects the core values of your business. We placed our trust in your team to bring to life an idea that will impact so many. You simply rocked it. We are beyond thrilled with the finished product and cant wait to start showing it off! It has been an absolute pleasure working with you. Looking forward to a healthy & lasting relationship.

Such a hardworking passionate and awesome company to have locally. You guys rock!

We met these guys at Bantam 2017, and we were blown away by their talent! Not only are they talented, but the entire crew are kind, helpful, and most importantly passionate. They know everything there is to know about the Jeep industry and that showed with their impressive setup. I must say, they were the most impressive setup we saw at Bantam.

Kick ass selection of specialty cars and trucks! If they dont have, they can build it or find it for you.

I have been wanting a Jeep for 20 years and final am able to. But I didnt want just any simple Jeep I wanted a specific color and style and then have it lifted with new wheels and tires. I couldnt do it alone so I cant say thank you to the NFI Empire crew for making this dream a reality it was a great journey to take with you. You really did everything to make this happen thank you so much

Great attention to detail and coordination of color and equipment. From the paint, to the wheels and tires, bumper, rock slides, etc. they tied it all together to create a nice vehicle. Appearance is nothing short of amazing. NFIHARDLINER paint work is amazing.

Im sure theres probably other good builders out there but I dont know that theres any better.

Loving our truck and cant wait until we are ready to add another vehicle and visit !

Just wanted to thank NFI for getting my sons truck done. They had one day notice for a lift,tires and rims,stacks,bedliner,and fix some saftey concerns. Even after a mistake on are part with the year they took care of it no questions asked. They got it all done in time for him to get back to his base from leave. Thanks again for taking great care of my son.

I started looking for a clean TJ this past summer browsing the internet. I came across NFI Empire and after reading their personal story with 20 plus years experience offering incredible vehicles and reading all the personal testimonials I knew this was the place I wanted to get my jeep. I saw a jeep that I liked and inquired about it talking with Steve. Next day I drove up from Pittsburgh the jeep was exactly as Steve described. I told Steve I want this jeep heres my budget and that I wanted to get it lifted and looking bad ass. Steve called Mike at the shop and that morning we began the process of customizing my jeep and staying on budget. Steve said he needed a few weeks to get the jeep done and would call me keeping me in the loop how my build was coming plus telling me we have a few surprises for you. The day I came up I was blown away how nice my jeep looked the crew at NFI Empire made my dream come true. I could not have asked for a better experience Justin, Steve, Mike and the NFI Empire family put their customers first and deliver amazing work.

I just wanted to write and say thank you again. I couldnt be happier right now. When i saw the jeep yesterday I was speechless. This is something that I have wanted to do for years and now its a reality.

The work you guys did was flawless and I will always be coming back to you guys when I am ready to take the next step.

Thank you again Mike. You have a customer for life and I will give you the highest recommendation i can to anyone I talk to.

Absolutely impressed with this whole Empire if you will. I worked with Steve over the phone form 3 hours away. He assured me and put my mind at ease about every question or concern I had. We worked out a very fair deal for everyone. In my opinion they actually went above and beyond what most would do. My Yukon is lifted 6 and had 2 like new 35 tires and 2 that were so so and they just overnighted some tires and installed them as I waited at the shop, and they put an adjustable rear trac-bar on it bc the original lift didnt come with one and it was the safest thing to do. This is my family hauler and I appreciated the extra safety of adding that. Both the dealership and the shop locations were VERY nice and clean. You can definitely tell this place is veteran owned. Every vehicle on the lot was something I would drive, customized in some way either with wheels or lifted. Just the kind of stuff any guy would like. If you are buying/shopping from out of town or state, rest assured you are dealing with top notch folks here and they will go out of their way to ensure you have a great experience!!

Very impressed with NFI Empire bought a truck from them Im totally satisfied with product and service. I will defently recommend NFI Empire

Extremely fast service. Very reasonably priced. Fastest growing automotive business in the city.

Justin and Jim are great people to work with! Very happy with my truck.

After I saw the Scrambler NFI Empire built for Channellock at Bantam 2017, I decided this year I HAD to have mine done.I have had this Scrambler for 16 years, and the time was never right to have it rebuilt.I trusted NFI Empire to do the job. Its exactly what I wanted. Our plan is just to enjoy the Jeep with our family and go to Jeep shows. The ultimate goal is to bring it to Bantam and try to place it in the historical show.

Had my truck posted for sale on various sites, got a call from NFI saying they could get my truck sold no problem and get what I wanted. I had my doubts at first but after reading other reviews and talking with them i decided to give them a shot. They had my truck sold in just a couple weeks! Had a great experience with them, always quick to respond to any questions I had. Would definitely go back to them in the future.

We recently made a trip to NFI Empire, up by Erie Pennsylvania, to check out there pickup trucks. We had looked locally and the prices here were considerably higher, then we took a trip up at NFI Empire. It was worth the trip! No hassle, no heavy pressure to buy, salesman was great, and we purchased the truck we went up to see. We had been researching vehicles on Craigslist, and a few other places and was fortunate enough to learn about NFI Empire and what they had to offer. If youre looking for a vehicle, dont be afraid to check them out.

Had them do work on lift kit for truck. Amazing work and they cleaned the whole truck no charge. Easy to work with and I shopped and they were lowest price.

1.) 3.6LPentastarVVT V6 gasoline engine paired withAisinD478 six-speed manual transmission as standard equipment, with an 850RETorquefliteeight-speedautomatic transmissionbeing optional.

2.) 2.0Lturbochargedfour-cylinder (Inline-4Chrysler Hurricane engineis available on all models. Paired exclusively with the 850RE Torqueflite eight-speed automatic transmission, the new engine features amild hybridsystem branded as eTorque for improved fuel economy and off-road performance, and produces 270 hp (201 kW; 274 PS) and 295 lb‚čÖft (400 N‚čÖm) combined. This is the only gasoline engine offered in Europe. In North America, this engine will have late availability, and all Wranglers will launch with the existing 3.6L Pentastar V6 gasoline engine.

3.) Jeep has announced that a 3.0LEcoDieselV6 turbodiesel engine, built byVM Motoriwill become available in 2019 the same engine is available in the Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) and theRam 1500.It will produce approximately 260 hp (194 kW; 264 PS) and 442 lb‚čÖft (599 N‚čÖm). This is for the European market. The rest of the world except for North America will get a 2.2l 4 cylinder turbo diesel. North America will not get a diesel Wrangler right now.

Jeep has also announced that aplug-in hybridelectric vehicle will be released in 2020.

Make money from your couch! Refer a friend!:There are three different ways you can make money with the click of a button.

Do you have a friend you know would love a vehicle that is on our sales lot in North East? Give them a call, and tell them all about the vehicle.

When they call or come in, andpurchase the vehicleyou referred, then you just earned yourself $50!!

Terms & Conditions: The vehicle referral must be real. By real, we mean the referral must make it to a vehicle sale. Once the sale of the vehicle you referred to your friend goes through, and the dealership (NFI EMPIRE)is funded, you will be paid your $50 commission.

****Must show referral document upon arrival to qualify****

Do you have a friend you know that would love to drive something cool? Give them a call, and tell them all about NFI Empires Custom Build Shop!

When they call or come in, and our team does their custom build you referred, then you just earned yourself $50!!

Terms & Conditions: The build referral must be real. By real, we mean the referral must make it to the end of the build process &sale.The custom build must total over $1,000 to qualify.Once the sale of the custom build you referred to your friend goes through, and NFI Empire is funded, you will be paid your $50 commission.

****Must show referral document upon arrival to qualify****

Do you know someone looking to sell their vehicle? Send them our way! If their vehicle is something we are interested in selling onconsignmentorbuying outright, then you will receive $25!

Terms & Conditions: The inventory referral must be real. By real, we mean the referral must be a vehicle our General Manager approved to buy or consign. Once the vehicle is on our lot, and checked into inventory, you will be paid your $25 commission.

****Must show referral document upon arrival to qualify****

Your Name (Person making the referral)

Your Name (Person making the referral)

FULL NAME – Friend you are referring

FULL NAME – Friend you are referring

Number (Person making the referral)

The NFI Empire crew!We build, buy, and sell 4×4 and performance vehicles!

The NFI Empire crew!We build, buy, and sell 4×4 and performance vehicles!

NFI Empire was grown on years of love for 4x4s and Performance Vehicles. What started as a hobby grew into a world-class professional organization. Our staff is extremely dedicated and strive to offer only the finest finished products. We only use the best components and have field tested every product we employ.

Steve Lobaugh General Manager – Click to View Profile

Jim Harvey Build Shop General Manager – Click to View Profile

Nicole Lawrence Director of Marketing – Click to View Profile

Joshua Davis Motor and Suspension Specialist – Click to View Profile

Rich Stein Paint and Body Shop Manager – Click to View Profile

Jordan Logan Electrical Tech – Click to View Profile

Kasey Seymour Mechanic Apprentice – Click to View Profile

Customize your Cullinan Rolls-Royce launches configurator foSUV

Customize your Cullinan: Rolls-Royce launches configurator for SUV

For those who cant actually purchase and own aRolls-Royce Cullinan, the day to live out a fantasy has come. The British ultra-luxury brand has launched the posh SUVsonline configurator, and anyone can build the Cullinan of their dreams.

The old saying applies here: if you have to ask how much it is, its pretty darn expensive. Naturally, pricing isnt listed with the configurator or any associated options. That didnt stop us from digging through the tool to build one opulent SUV. Rolls-Royce offers eight exterior colors ranging from a deep red, a soft blue, green, and typical whites, blacks, and silvers.

After choosing a color, potential customers move along to exterior style. The portion gives potential buyers (read: dreamers) the choice to choose a separate color for the coachline, select various wheel options, and choose the style for the ever-important Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament.

Inside, the choices grow. Rolls-Royce offers a handful of pre-selected schemes, but shoppers can easily get creative and choose a primary, secondary, and tertiary color. Not only that, but Rolls-Royce also offers the option to select different finishes for various parts of the seats, door panels, and more.Seat optionsinclude the rear-seat configuration (lounge, immersive with a center console), heated and cooled choices, and rear picnic tables. Finally, shoppers will choose leather detailing.

Oh, and theres also an option for lambswool floormats.

Before closing out the configurator, buyers will also have the option to choose extra personalized options. They include an umbrella and a signature personalized key for the owner.

We wish we could tally up just how costly our build turned out, but we imagine we spent a pretty penny along the way. Pricing for the Rolls-Royce Cullinan starts at $325,000. Of course, that quickly inflates once a buyer ticks various option boxes.

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Easy Way to Customize Floor Mats for YouCaTruck

Are the floor mats in your vehicle old, weathered and worn out but too expensive to replace? Do the mats buckle and slide around under your feet when youre driving because they dont fit properly? Maybe you just dont like the floor mats that came with your car or truck. Or maybe you want to make a statement with some mats in a hot color or wild design.Driving without the ugly worn-out mats is not a good solution, as mats are meant to protect your vehicles underlying carpeting and floorboards from damage caused by dirt, mud, sand, water and debris. However, you may be surprised to learn how simple it is to make and bind your own custom, brand-new floor mats.With a little bit of time and a few simple tools, you can cut and bind professional-looking floor mats for your vehicle in any size and shape and save a lot of money. Do-it-yourself self-adhesive carpet binding tape will give your new floor mats a beautiful and durable finished edge and no one will ever know you made them yourself. The carpet binding tape is available in many colors,  styles and materials to coordinate with whatever carpeting you choose, and no special tools are required.Old floor mats or heavy paper for cutting patternsBefore you start cutting and designing new floor mats, youll have to measure carefully to be sure the new mats will fit. You will also need to know what size carpet remnant to buy and how much carpet binding tape you need. Good deals on carpet remnants in a wide variety of colors and patterns can usually be found at do-it-yourself home centers and carpet retail stores. You may want to buy a little extra carpeting and a few extra feet of binding tape in case you make a slight mistake with your measurements.

If you currently have floor mats in the vehicle that fit properly, remove them and measure the length and width of all of them. You can use them as patterns.

If you dont have floor mats, you can measure your cars floors from door to door, allowing a little extra if your mat has to go over a center hump. Then cut patterns out of heavy paper. Check the fit and make adjustments where necessary. Continue to fine-tune the patterns until everything fits just right.

Place your patterns or old floor mats on your new carpet remnant and cut out your new floor mats.

Trim loose threads from the new mats and trim all edges so that they are clean and smooth.

Place each mat on a flat work surface to apply the self-adhesive Instabind‚ĄĘ.binding tape.

Start with a clean cut, peel off part of the paper backing from the binding tape and begin applying it to the back of the floor mat, starting in the middle of one edge.

If you reach a corner, extend the binding tape past the end of the floor mat, cut the flat part of the Instabind‚ĄĘ without cutting through the piping.

Overlap the backing and continue around the corner of the mat

Continue applying the backing until you reach the point where you started and jointhe two ends with a little hot glue.

Now, use the glue gun to run a small bead of glue between the edge of the floor mat and the piping, all around the floor mat. Do short sections at a time, holding the piping against the edge until the glue sets.

Trim up the binding on the back side of the mat and apply clear tape at the corners, pressing down on the adhesive to flatten it.

Continue the process for each floor mat.

Success! You now have beautiful, professional-looking floor mats for your car or truck.TIPS:To prevent the floor mats from slipping, invest in a few non-slip shower appliqus and glue them to the backside of the floor mats. Or check out rug backings, such as afelt/rubber rug backingsthat can be applied, rubber side down, with spray glue to keep your new floor mats securely in place.Custom-made floor mats make great gifts. Surprise your boyfriend, husband or other car enthusiast in your life with brand new, affordable mats for their favorite vehicle.

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If Buyer fails to make a payment on or before its due date, a late fee of $X shall be added to the balance due and shall be payable immediately.

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enclosed car trailer 85×18 9900 gvw customize it

Truck Beds-Service Bodies and Dump Bodies

Beacons and Light Bars and Spot Lights

Air-Flo Dump Bodies, Plows and Spreaders

$6,595.00Heavy Hauler Trailers and Truck Accessories

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customize your own cargomate econo hauler enclosed car trailer

molded abs license plate holder with built-in light

(2) 12v dome lights (1) wall switch

18 wedge front nose (flat front w/ anodized corners ipo of 18 wedge available)

*these dimensions change with added height options

NOTICE: For Information on Shipping to Canada Call or

Heavy Hauler Trailers – Albany, NY – Ghent, NY – Hudson, NY


105 3PC Wheels by Lexani Forged¬ģ. short description

POTENZA S001 RFT Tires by Bridgestone¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance, Run Flat. short description

EXTREMECONTACT DWS06 Tires by Continental¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. short description

LIGHTNING Blue with Machined Lip 1-Piece Cast Wheels by Konig¬ģ. short description 10

PREMIER A/S Tires by Michelin¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. short description

S.DRIVE Tires by Yokohama¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

CVT Gloss Silver Wheels by Vossen¬ģ. short description

DIREZZA DZ102 Tires by Dunlop¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

D531 HOSTAGE 1PC Matte Black Wheels by Fuel¬ģ. short description

D612 STROKE 1PC Gloss Black with Red Accents

D612 STROKE 1PC Gloss Black with Red Accents Wheels by Fuel¬ģ. short description

ROADIAN MTX Tires by Nexen¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance, Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. short description

TURBINA Matte Black with Bronze Face

TURBINA Matte Black with Bronze Face Wheels by Advanti Racing¬ģ. short description

EAGLE F1 SUPERCAR G2 Tires by Goodyear¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

ZIEX ZE912 Tires by Falken¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. short description

XD129 HOLESHOT Satin Black Wheels by XD Series¬ģ. short description

DESTINATION M/T Tires by Firestone¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Truck / SUV. short description

803BM BEAST Gloss Black with Milled Accents and Clear Coat

803BM BEAST Gloss Black with Milled Accents and Clear Coat Wheels by Worx¬ģ. short description

TERRAIN GRIPPER A/T G Tires by AMP¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. short description

M20 Gloss Black with Machined Lip Wheels by Mamba¬ģ. short description

ECSTA XS Tires by Kumho¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance, Track / Competition. short description

ZIGZAG Custom Paint Wheels by DUB¬ģ. short description 1

P ZERO Tires by Pirelli¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

S.DRIVE Tires by Yokohama¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

VENTUS S1 EVO2 K117 Tires by Hankook¬ģ. Season: Summer. Type: Performance. short description

PILOT SPORT A/S PLUS Tires by Michelin¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance, Track / Competition. short description

D240 CLEAVER 2PC FORGED CENTER Black with Chrome Face

D240 CLEAVER 2PC FORGED CENTER Black with Chrome Face Wheels by Fuel¬ģ. short description

MUD GRAPPLER Tires by Nitto¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Truck / SUV, All Terrain / Off Road / Mud. short description

LUST 1PC Black with Machined Face Wheels by Lexani¬ģ. short description

EAGLE SPORT Tires by Goodyear¬ģ. Season: All Season. Type: Performance. short description

Nothing can dramatically affect a vehicles appearance and performance as much as a set ofcustom wheelsand performancetires. Most cars and trucks are available with just a few optional wheel choices, so if you drive a popular model you probably see the mirror image of your ride everywhere you go. Custom wheels will give your car or truck a unique, distinctive look that will make it stand out from the rolling masses, especially if you opt for larger diameter rims. Factory tires are designed for the average driver, but thats not you, and if you want more traction and better looks, on the street or in the dirt, we can set you up with the rubber that will do the job and go perfectly with your wheels.

If youre ready to transform your ride, you wont find a better selection of custom wheels anywhere. We have everything from one-piece cast wheels to high-tech multi-piece wheels in styles to suit every taste, in sizes for every application, and at prices for every wallet. Choose from timeless, classic styles to the most advanced, cutting edge designs. And if youd like the wheels you choose in a different color or finish, we can customize your rims in our in-house paint facility. You can preview how your wheels will look before you buy them in our wheel customizer tool, and see how theyll look on your car or truck with our wheel configurator.

Once youve decided on a set of custom wheels, we can mount the tires of your choice, balance the assemblies and have them delivered to your door. We carry all-season, winter/snow, performance, all-terrain, and off-road tires from all the top brands. Our wheel and tire packages come complete with lug nuts, ready to install on your car or truck. We recommend newTPMS sensorsand well install them for free. Buying a wheel and tire package makes it easy to switch between snow tires or racing tires if you change tires for the winter or for track days, because you wont have the hassle of having to mount and balance multiple sets of tires to the same rims.

Besides the best custom wheels selection, when you deal with us you also get a buying experience that the local tire store just cant match. It starts with our dedicated wheels & tires team. Collectively they have decades of wheel and tire experience and theyre ready to assist you and make sure you get the right wheel and tire combination for your vehicle and suspension setup. Their expertise is why we can guarantee that the wheels and tires you buy from us will fit your vehicle. Tire mounting and balancing is free using state-of-the-art touchless mounting machines and advanced technology balancing machines and wheel weights. Free nitrogen tire inflation helps tires remain properly inflated for increased fuel economy and longer tire life, and all orders are shipped in packaging certified by UPS, to ensure your wheels and/or wheels and tires are in perfect condition when they arrive at your door.

We have far more to offer in our wheels & tires department than just custom wheels and new tires. If you want to replace afactory wheelthats been gouged or dented from contact with a curb or other obstacle, we can supply you with a wheel that will perfectly match your other wheels and be identical to OE in every respect, except for a price thats much lower than youd pay at the dealer. We also have replacementwheel covers,center caps, and trim rings, as well as custom wheel covers andwheel skinsthat can inexpensively give your car or truck a custom look. Customlug nuts and wheel locksare a great way to improve wheel appearance and security, andcaliper covers, available in your choice of colors and engraving, are an easy way to hide unsightly calipers behind custom wheels.

If you dont have the ideal wheel and tire combo for your car, we havewheel spacersthat can give you the clearance you need for wider tires or the installation of aftermarket brake kits. And no matter how aggressive the tread is on your tires, it may not provide enough traction for safe travel on ice and hard packed snow. When staying home isnt an option you needtire chains. We have chains that are easy to install, with self-tensioning systems so they stay tight and dont flop around, and theyre designed to prevent damage to alloy wheels. You can get the most useful life from your tires and wheels when theyre maintained and protected. In ourwheel & tire accessorieswe offer easy to installwheel bandsthat will take the scrapes instead of your alloy wheels, andtire pressure gaugesand portableair compressors, to check and maintain inflation pressure. And if you have a tailgate mounted spare, we havespare tire coversto protect it, many with unique designs or logos so you can give your ride a personal touch.

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What You Need When Rebuilding Or Replacing An…

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Shopping Guide Floor Mats & Liners

If youve ever balked at the prices car dealers charge for an optional set of floor mats, we understand. It can be enough to turn you off to the idea of floor mats…

What Special Tools Are Available For Electrical…

When it comes to any automotive electrical work, things usually begin with the testing of circuits – probing connections and wires to verify whether electricity is…

What Special Tools Are Available For Exhaust…

Exhaust work can be challenging. Old parts are usually corroded and difficult to separate, and new ones sometimes need minor fitment adjustments during installation….

What Special Tools Are Available For Fuel…

Maintenance and repair work on fuel systems must be done with precision, no matter what part of it youre working on. Tools specifically designed for use on fuel…

Understanding Off-Road Tire Size Measurements

When you want higher levels of grip for stomping over mud, rocks, or snow, off-road tires are typically designed with deeper tread, larger sizes, and higher sidewall…

What Special Tools Are Available For Driveline…

The expression heat and beat applies to a lot of driveline repairs, meaning worn parts are often so difficult to separate that one must use a blowtorch and great…

Tire Pressure Gauges The Must-have Glovebox…

Because under-inflated tires hurt fuel economy, handling, braking, and overall safety, its essential to monitor their pressure regularly. You spend good money buying…

By definition, an automotive battery is an electrochemical device that stores and provides electrical energy on demand. Electrical energy is produced inside the…

– VENTO Satin Black (20 x 7.5, +38 Offset, 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern, 73.1mm Hub)

Rims are nice. Thought 20s would be too big but its perfect. Installed on a 2010 Lancer.

– Red Insert and Red Track Wheel Bands‚ĄĘ

Its been a good solid product simple and easy application. My track band is blk Id like to know more about getting the variety of colors. Fantastic concept.

– Gloss Red Caliper Covers with Acura Engraving (Full Kit, 4 pcs)

It brings on the shine and looks simply fabulous.

– M117 MISANO Matte Black (18 x 8, +42 Offset, 5×112 Bolt Pattern, 66.6mm Hub)

Bought for my Audi A4 B8. Looks so sweet and aggressive. Perfect for my project, definitely in love with it.

– KM696 PIVOT Satin Black (20 x 8.5, +35 Offset, 5×108 Bolt Pattern, 72.6mm Hub)

These wheels are a great value for the money! Easy installation and they look great on our vehicle. Would recommend these wheels to anyone looking to make their vehicle stand out.

Horrible in the rain and on wet roads. Definitely wouldnt attempt to use in winter.

– 17 Replica 6 Spokes Matte Black with Machined Face Factory Alloy Wheel

The wheels look and fit great. Easy buying process!

– TYPE 197 Black with Red Stripe (16 x 7, +40 Offset, 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern, 72.62mm Hub)

– TSUNAMI Gloss Black with Machined Face and Lip (16 x 7.5, +38 Offset, 5×114.3 Bolt Pattern, 73mm Hub)

Love the wheels, thanks for the fast shipment, will order again from CARiD if needed.

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