Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 27, 2011

The Maserati website is excellent and allows customizing on 4 of the GranTurismo models and 2 of the Quattroporte models.  View your custom car in many different views and close-ups, and even add the x-ray viewer to look at the innards of it.  Very cool.  There are tons of options for customizing including exterior colors, wheels, calipers, interior colors, trims, seats, and more!  Once youre done with your creation, choose the export to PDF option to see high quality images of the car and all the options with pricing youve chosen.


Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 25, 2011

Build your own Viper!  It is fun to look at the different options and see the customized Vipers form from the ground up.  Start with 1 of the 9 2010 Viper models.  Unfortunately there are no options for the new Vipers.  Choose colors and things like stripe-patterns for your sports car.  There are many interior options as well.  Once you are finished you can check to see how much money you need to be save in order to own one of these beasts.  Good luck!

acrbuild your owndesigndodgeroadsterviper

Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 10, 2011

Follow your ultimate dream and tinker around with building your own Ferrari!  They have a nice design option where you can see your car transform with each customization in a high-resolution image.  Begin the design process with one of six Ferrari models: the FF, California, SA Aperta, 599 GTB Fiorano, 458 Italia, or the 599 GTO.  Choose from many premium colors for the exterior and shades of leather for the interior.  From there, decide on wheels, tires, and other awesome options.


Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 10, 2011

Check out the design options on one of the ten VW models including the Golf, GTI, and Jetta.  Choose different options on each step:  trim, engine, color, wheels, interior, and more.  After youve created your dream Volkswagen, you can request a quote and even a test drive!


Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 10, 2011

Toyota is like the other typical dealer options.  Start with one of their sixteen models of cars or trucks and then decide on custom options and packages.  Choose colors for the exterior and interior, and look for the prices of each chosen option.  Enjoy!


Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 10, 2011

The Ford website has a build your own option and you can customize up to 24 of their models.  It is mostly about choosing the different package options they have available, but you can decide on colors and many other factors.  Once you have nailed down the vehicle you want, you can choose to contact a dealer and go from there.

Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 8, 2011

Mini has a very nice design function on their site.  Start with any of the 5 models and completely make them your own.  I really enjoy choosing the different paint designs and graphics for the exterior.  From there you can pick between many customizations like wheels, upholstery, decals, headlights, dash trim, roof racks, and much more.  After youve made your Mini creation, you can save it for later once you sign up for an account.  You can also save a large photo version onto your computer, send it to a dealer, and/or have an itemized price list with all your customizations.

convertiblecustomcustomizedesignhard topminimini cooper

Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 8, 2011

BMW of USA allows you to get in there and customize over 50 of their luxury vehicles.  Choose things like metallic paint jobs and interesting interior designs.  They have options for many parts of the cars and they keep you updated with the price lists and customizations youve chosen.  From there look at financing and local dealers.  BMW does well with the visualizations of each design that you add.

Posted byAndrewinDealerson July 4, 2011

Select one of  the eight Dodge models to build from the ground up.  This includes the Durango, Charger, Challenger, Avenger, Caliber, Grand Caravan, Journey, and the Nitro.  Choose from many types of paint jobs and other exterior options.  Then, decide on the many other options including interior material and colors, wheels, spoilers, sunroof, sound system, and more!  From there you can get exact pricing and financing options and dealer locations.  Enjoy!


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