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Build a new home at your styles at San Diego

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PowerPoint Slideshow about Design your dream home – DanielHenny

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Todays new homes offer more benefits than ever before.

New homes are well insulated and include double-glazing as standard making them cheaper to run than older homes.

Offering all you, there are plenty of advantages to be had when you decide to buy a brand-new home or planning to build a new home.

Why settle for someone elses choices

when you build new home you can select your favorites cabinets, countertops, appliances, carpets and flooring.

and especially to choose a experienced Home builder

You can choose gorgeous bath and kitchen fixtures, lighting and other options that you love.

So that Your new home will reflect your style, not someone elses taste.

An used home likely has tired products that may soon need replacing. But if you build your new home and the products that comprise it are brand-new and under warranty.

General contractors usually have a few traits that can affect your relationship with them.

Many general contractors (GCs) are accustomed to being in control of their projects.

The owner must manage two separate contracts and handle all disagreements between parties

The owner bears the risk for the design adequacy. Inherent in this process is the issue of each party having its own agenda and objective which may or may not coincide with the owners needs.

New homes offer the latest designs, style, comfort andquality. They provide a care-free lifestyle so that you can enjoy your home, not work on it.

so its important to find custom home builders you can trust to bring your vision to life, as well as keep the process under control from start to finish.

In order to bring all these facilities it is mandatory to choose a

buyers visit dozens of listings to try

Buyers going way over budget with a new house, but our builder quoted us a base price and we worked with their team to stick to our budget.

There were a few existing houses on the market that met our needs, but because of their location they were expensive compared to building a house from scratch

A new house gives you the latest in energy saving appliances and building code standards.

In a new home the energy and environmentally efficient features included; high efficiency direct vented furnace, high efficiency power vented hot water tank, double pane low E windows, insulated overhead garage door, and energy efficient spacing on all framing

Home designs are at your styles by building a new home and choosing a right builder.

If you are building a new home which offers

4.warranty protection to home owners for a new home.

Modern living spaces that work perfectly for your needs.

Enjoy open plan living, outdoor entertaining spaces and more standard features than older homes.

New homes are more energy and water efficient and come with new appliances that can save you money on household bills.

New homes generally require less maintenance and repairs so you have more time to spend relaxing.

When building a custom home, you have full control over each aspect of your home.

Every product and feature in the house; therefore, you can certainly set your own budget and work within it.

As a custom home owner, you live in a unique home and canappreciate each of the choices you made during the building process.

Custom home builder can be designed at your choice and styles and you have full rights on decision making for your future home.

The functionality and quality of your home is to your standards by choosing a right home builder.

A right home should know the building materials, trade contractors and the building process by type and price of home.

While some Home builder construct a broad range of homes, many builders also specialize in a specific type of home, price range, or style.

Home builders have expertise in a variety of design stylesand architectural details, in general, look for a builder whose work includes at least some examples of the style of home you want.

Look for builders whose homes tend to hold or maintain their value

The local home builder helps you through the whole process of your home construction in San Diego.

Build a new custom designed home in San Diego Contractor Richardson.

Richardson Design & Build Contractor P.O. Box 492 Vista, Ca. San Diego 92085

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Acoustic Design for the Home Studio

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Dream Home Calculator

We have developed our Dream Home Cost Calculator to do just that.

Our Calculator takes about 10 minutes to complete

It walks you through a series of questions to discern your tastes.

Your responses are submitted for analysis and then, after comparing your tastes to our vast database of home costs, a report is prepared and e-mailed to you that provides an estimated cost for your dream home.

We will also sign you up to ourBuilding Tips e-newsletterfor free!

Financial Management & Administration

Why You Should Consider a Minimalist Bathroom Design

Add a Beautiful Glass Backsplash to Your Kitchen Design

How to Begin Designing a Minimalist Bedroom

How Should I Update My Family Room?

Embrace the Beauty of a White Kitchen

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7 steps to building your dream home

Whether building new or renovating an existing structure, creating a new home is a journey of discovering who you are, what you want, how you want to live, and where you want to be. Its a chance for you to define your relationship to the world, to your family and to yourself. Creating a home is more than building 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms. It is so much more than the sum of a few parts.

As with any journey, youll want to do some research and plan your trip. Youll want to have a sense of what the end result should be and how much itll cost. And while youll no doubt be able to go it alone, having a seasoned and experienced guide show you the way will likely mean a more enjoyable, more enriching and overall better journey.

Lets look at the steps, in chronological order, involved in creating a home.

Keep in mind what architect Charles Moore once said: If you care enough you just do it. You bind the goods and trappings of your life together with your dreams to make a place that is uniquely your own. The crucial ingredient is concern, care for the way that a house is built, and the shape it gives to your life.

1. Set goals.Creating a new home for yourself is all about setting goals and taking the steps to achieve those goals. Youll want to establish the answers to a whole host of questions so that you can set these goals.

Goal setting requires satisfying both left- and right-brain activities. So your list of goals will include two sides: a practical, meat-and-potatoes side and an emotional, ice-cream-and-pie side. Each is important, and each needs to be recognized so that the end result will reflect a totality.

By the way, a goals statement is what architects refer to as aprogram. So when your architect says program, just think goals.

2. Establish a budget.While a budget should be in any goal statement, its such an important piece that its included here as a separate task. When making your budget, of course youll begin with what you can afford, and how the cost of your house fits in with your overall plans for the future. When youre ready to get down to details, include everything that will go into the project: the cost of the land, local fees and taxes, design and engineering fees, construction of not just the home but the landscape, plus furniture and decorating.

And dont forget a healthy contingency. As with any complex project, things will happen, and the road from point A to point B will have a detour or two. Make sure that these little side trips wont send you over the edge.

A spreadsheet program such as Excel is a good tool to use for developing a budget, as you can continuously update and modify it as you work your way through the project.

3. Find some land or a neglected older house.Where do you want to be? How do you want to live? What are you looking for? Maybe you want that house in the mountains or with the ocean view, but its not in the cards right now, for economic or other reasons. No matter; youll likely be able to reinvent yourself later. For now, its the burbs with the good schools or some other place. The point is, find a spot on the globe that you can claim as your own and build what will be a home.

And maybe that land isnt a few acres thats never been trampled on. Maybe its an existing house thats just old and tired and has suffered some neglect. The house whispers to you that it really does want to shed those avocado-colored appliances, that shag carpeting, and those single-pane windows, and you know youre the person to do that.

So take heart if you decide to transform that sows ear into a silk purse. Youll be amazed at the transformation that can take place.

4. Assemble a team.While you might think you can go it alone, assembling a team of tried and true professionals is the better approach. After all, you wouldnt represent yourself in court. So why wouldnt you entrust your single largest investment to an experienced team that wont be learning on your dime?

An architect and a builder (if not one and the same) are going to be your most important team members. These people will act as guide, therapist, advocate, and counselor throughout the journey that creating your home is. And, as with all good professionals, the right guide can ensure that the journey is all the more enjoyable.

As you embark on this journey, you will likely want to add team members. A kitchen and bath designer, perhaps; maybe an interior designer, too. Certainly a landscape architect, who shouldnt be the last person hired when all the money is gone; you want to create a beautiful yard that will complement the house.

5. Plan, plan, and plan some more.Every large project Ive ever worked on has had this one thing in common. The owner, whether a private developer, government agency, or corporate entity, knew the importance of planning the project in detail before starting to build.

These owners knew that moving walls on paper is a whole lot cheaper than moving walls after theyre built. So embark on a robust planning and design phase.

Sometimes the first answer is the right answer, sometimes its the 31st. Just remember not to settle until youve explored all the possibilities; you dont want to say after the project has been built, We should have done …

And I dont mean big as in size (thats a whole separate discussion), but big as in big ideas. Building a home, be it from scratch or a renovation, is an exercise in making something thats yours. So dream big and have grand plans. There will be time enough to deal with the realities of budget, zoning, and codes. Dont sweat the small stuff for now.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Youll be asked to make many more than you can imagine. Just remember that God is in the details, so make sure that the details are there so that your home will be uniquely your own and speak to who you are.

6. Accept the inevitable.Youve made the plans, gotten the permits and secured the money; now the only thing left to do is build your house. Youve accounted for everything, so it should all come together as smooth as silk. Easy, right?

Oddly enough, stuff happens. Thats a given. How you and your team react to these hiccups will be important. My advice is to stay calm, keep your sense of humor, and work with your team to address the issue. This is where having the right team in place can pay dividends. An architect, a builder, and others who can work together and share ideas without criticizing one another will go a long way to helping you keep your sanity.

Some tips for staying sane during construction:

Early on make all of the decisions you have to, select all of your finishes and dont change your mind. Yes, youll be enticed by that new thing that comes along. Just remember that once construction starts, itll cost you time, money, and perhaps a trip or two to a therapist if you change your mind.

Every construction site is filled with workers complaining. After all, who doesnt complain about his or her job? Who hasnt wanted to vent about the boss? The best thing you can do is ignore it. Dont worry; if it really is an issue, youll be told about it.

7. Enjoy your new home.Youve worked hard and spent more than a few dollars to create your new home, so enjoy it to the max. Revel in the way the light falls across a room and how it changes with the seasons. Find unexpected places to talk with family members. Discover how this place gives shape to your life and allows you to become the person you want to be.

In the end youll be amazed that your new house is so much more than the sum of just its three bedrooms, living room, and so on. Its the place you get to call home and make uniquely yours.

Houzzhelps you renovate and design your home from start to finish, whether youre decorating a small room or building a custom home and everything in between.Get started!

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If you like your trial issues, youll get 46 more for a total of 50 in all for just $1.39 per issue a savings of 65% off the cover price! Plus receive instant digital access.


We are architects that specialize in the design of single family homes. In each episode of DESIGN YOUR DREAM HOME, Doug and Steve give insider tips to help you get the most out of your home.

Interview with Architect Mark Gardner

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview New York City-based architect and professor, Mark Gardner.

Highlights:The guys learn about designing/building in the City and the unique challenges that it presents.

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview Palo Alto- based architect, Stephen Atkinson.

Highlights:Stephen explains how he got to design his own dream home as a young architect.

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview Little Rock based architect and builder, Jeremiah Russell.

Highlights:The guys learn about Rogue Architecture and their unique design-build approach.

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview the hugely prolific architect and writer Duo Dickinson.

Highlights:The guys learn about Duos multi-pronged approach to creating good buildings for everyone.

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview New York-based interior designer, Diana Byrne.

Highlights:The guys chat with Diana about interior design intersects with architecture and how the lines between are often blurred.

Interview with Architect, Mark LePage

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview New York-based architect and business consultant, Mark LePage.

The guys chat with Mark about EntreArchitect- a business resource for all design professionals.  And we hear how about Marks current dream house design in North Carolina.

Interview with Architect David Andreozzi

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview Rhode Island-based architect, David Andreozzi.

The guys chat with David about his historical-based architectural style and how he adapts depending on context.

Interview with Architect, Eric Reinholdt

On this episode, Doug and Steve interview Maine-based architect, Eric Reinholdt.

The guys chat with Eric Reinholdt about his forays into film, craft-based residential design, and his popular Youtube page.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Zoning and Codes.

Highlights:The guys discuss important things to keep in mind that may not be all the exciting but someone has to do it!

On this episode, Doug and Steve each talk about three of their favorite tools as an architect.

Highlights:the guys discuss both old and new tools from pencils to drones and triangles to computers!

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Keeping Your Home Warm.

Highlights:The guys discuss ways they keep their home warm by understanding fireplaces, windows, sealing gaps and more!

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Kitchens.

Highlights:the guys discuss important things to remember when designing a kitchen and share some new awesome kitchen products!

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Door Handles.

Highlights:the guys discuss how a door handle is more than a door handle. Its the handshake of the building!

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Favorite Objects.

Highlights:the guys discuss some of their favorite materials and objects they have used in their designs and own homes.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Basements.

Highlights:the guys discuss how the basement can be a lot more a space for storage and utility.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Resilience.

Highlights:the guys discuss Resilience i.e. the designing for weather-related events such as heavy wind, snow and floods.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each share their three favorite houses.

Highlights:the guys present the houses that have influenced them the most in their careers.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Fees.

Highlights:the guys discuss a subject that architects dont like to talk about publically- how much will it cost to hire an architect? and what do I get for my money?

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Doors.

Highlights:the guys discuss different ways to re-think how to design a door, including front entry doors, pocket and barn doors.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Doors.

Highlights:the guys discuss different ways to re-think how to design a door, including front entry doors, pocket and barn doors.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Inspiration.

Highlights:the guys discuss what sources they look to for design inspiration for their projects.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Additions.

Highlights:the guys reflect back to their experiences designing additions and offer advice to homeowners considering adding space to their existing house.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Architecture School.

Highlights:the guys reflect back to their experiences in school as students and offer advice to those considering a career in architecture.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Stairs.

Highlights:the guys discuss how stairs can present an opportunity for a design statement and also showcase some very different types of stairs.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Floors.

Highlights:the guys discuss natural vs. synthetic materials, and review different types of wood flooring.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of DIY- i.e. designing it yourself.

Highlights:see what the guys think about homeowners designing their projects without an architect.

On this special episode, Doug and Steve each discuss subjects that architects consider taboo for public consumption.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Creativity.

Highlights:the guys discuss how they avoid creative blocks when designing their projects.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Roofs.

Highlights:the guys discuss some different material choices such as slate and metal and consider the potential of solar roof shingles.

On this episode, Doug and Steve each give three insider tips on the subject of Showers.

Highlights:the guys discuss shower pans, how to make a feature wall and a product spotlight on a new outdoor shower system.

Doug Patt is Registered licensed architect. AIA, NCARB certified. B.Arch, B.S. Arch and M. Arch. in architecture. Hes worked in the architectural field since 1993, specializing in high-end residential architecture. Hes been published in a variety of professional journals and magazines. Doug has worked on projects that have received American Institute of Architects (AIA) and Builders Awards in residential architecture. Hes the creator of How to Architect website and YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers and millions of video views web wide. Hes also the author of How to Architect, published by MIT Press Spring 2012 and a top seller. Doug is the Co-Founder of RootPhi, LLC a product development company. Co-creator and inventor of a three patented products. Hes created and spun out two businesses including Golaces, llc, which was acquired by a publicly held footwear company, and Reclaim, llc which licensed technology to San Francisco based soft goods company Timbuk2. Doug is the creator of the Architects Academy, an online classroom teaching architecture and design. Hes also a classically trained painter and sold artwork through Target stores nationally.

Stephen K. Chung, AIA is a registered architect and principal of Stephen Chung, Architect.  His Boston-based studio is focused on residential and hospitality projects. projects include a new 89 room boutique hotel in called The Sarasota Modern, a new 4000 sf waterfront house in Sarasota and a townhouse development and apartment building both in Boston.  In 2017 Stephen won a Best of Houzz Award for his residential design work.

In addition to practice, Stephen has taught design drawing at several institutions, including Northeastern, Cornell, Rhode Island School of Design, the University of Texas at Austin and Yale University.

Finally, Stephen is the creator, executive producer and host of the acclaimed public television series called Cool Spaces: The Best New Architecture. Season 1 of this landmark series debuted on PBS in 2014.

Ask Doug or Steve a question and they will answer it on a future podcast.

How to Build a Virtual House Online for Free

Instead of using regular paper and pencil to draw what you want your dream home to look like, some online resources offer free tools so that you can draw virtual plans. These types of websites offer simple user-friendly grids and interfaces for constructing everything from the outside to the interior of a house. Many virtual home-building websites are also accurate and detailed enough so that you can show your finished plans to contractors, who can use them to help build a home.

Construct a free virtual house online at Architecture Studio 3D. This virtual house-builder walks you through choosing a fictitious client for whom youre building as well as the landscape surrounding the house. Users can select from pre-made floor plan styles, modify the interior with furniture and sectional walls, and choose the type of exterior material and roof. Architecture Studio 3D also allows you to modify the landscaping with trees, shrubs, and plants. This website contains a three-dimensional walk-through feature, giving users the chance to walk both around the house and inside to see furniture, walls, and other decorations in three dimensions.

Go to the website and sign up for a free account to get started building a virtual house. FloorPlanner contains a Construction set of tools that enables the user to draw exterior walls, surfaces, and single divider walls. The program allows you to specify the length and width of your house walls as well. FloorPlanners Library box comes with multiple room-specific furniture options for decorating common rooms such as the kitchen, living room, and office, in addition to patio furniture. Users can choose to view the house in two or three dimensions during or after construction. The site even contains a notes feature that allows you to type directly on the building grid if you need to make notes. A save feature offered by FloorPlanner allows you to store your virtual house plan online.

Build detailed floor plans on the Internet using the Gliffy Online program. Gliffys free program allows you to not only create house plans, but also office buildings and network diagrams. Gliffy allows you to add walls, furniture, and other details to your virtual house using drag-and-drop software. This means that you only need to click on the item you want to add and drag it with the computer mouse to the appropriate area of the house. In addition, users can type in the exact preferred dimensions to re-size walls, furniture, and other house decorations. Gliffy allows you to save your house plans online, export them to your desktop as PNG image files, and print them directly from the web.

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ColorView® makes selecting and coordinating siding, roofing, and trim easier and more fun.

A virtual swatch book, ColorCoach is a simple tool designed to give you more confidence in your color choices.

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Get Out of Your Own Way: Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior

I Hear You: The Surprisingly Simple Skill Behind Extraordinary Relationships

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F*CK Him! – Nice Girls Always Finish Single – A guide for sassy women who want to get back in control of their love life (The Truth about his weird … of commitment and sudden loss of interest)

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Communication Miracles for Couples: Easy and Effective Tools to Create More Love and Less Conflict

Insecure in Love: How Anxious Attachment Can Make You Feel Jealous, Needy, and Worried and What You Can Do About It

I Love You But I Dont Trust You: The Complete Guide to Restoring Trust in Your Relationship

The Interpersonal Problems Workbook: ACT to End Painful Relationship Patterns (A New Harbinger Self-Help Workbook)

Mindful Relationship Habits: 25 Practices for Couples to Enhance Intimacy, Nurture Closeness, and Grow a Deeper Connection

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Hurt People Hurt People: Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationships

Girl, Wash Your Face: Stop Believing the Lies About Who You Are so You Can Become Who You Were Meant to Be

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts

Anger Management Workbook for Men: Take Control of Your Anger and Master Your Emotions

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Hiking,url:/camping-hiking/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_camphike?ie=UTF8&node=3400371,text:Cycling,url:/Cycling-Wheel-Sports-Outdoors/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_cyc?ie=UTF8&node=3403201,text:Outdoor Clothing,url:/Outdoor-Recreation-Clothing/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_outcloth?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Scooters, Skateboards & Skates,url:/skateboarding-scooters-skates/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_scooskate?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Water Sports,url:/water-sports/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_water?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Winter Sports,url:/winter-sports/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_wintersport?ie=UTF8&node=2204518011,text:Climbing,url:/climbing/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_climb?ie=UTF8&node=3402401,text:Accessories,url:/outdoor-accessories/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_accout?ie=UTF8&node=,text:All Outdoor Recreation,url:/outdoor-recreation/b/ref=nav_shopall_sa_out_alloutrec?ie=UTF8&node=706814011]],KindleAmazonEchoPanel:promoID:nav-sa-kindle-amazon-echo,template:name:itemList,data:text:Echo & Alexa,items:[text:Echo & Alexa,items:[subtext:Always ready, connected, and fast,text:Echo,url:/dp/B06XCM9LJ4/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_ha_rr,subtext:With built-in smart home hub,text:Echo Plus,url:/dp/B015S1SWLO/ref=nav_shopall_1_k_ods_ha_sr,subtext:Add Alexa to any room,text:Echo Dot,url:/dp/B01DFKC2SO/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_pk,subtext:The first Echo for kids,text:Echo Dot Kids Edition,url:/dp/B077JFK5YH/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_bk_nav,subtext:Stylish, compact Echo with a screen,text:Echo Spot,url:/dp/B073SQYXTW/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_rk,dividerBefore:1,subtext:Now Alexa can show you things,text:Echo Show,url:/dp/B01J24C0TI/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_kt,subtext:Love your look. Every day.,text:Echo Look,url:/dp/B0186JAEWK/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_aucc_hx,subtext:Compare devices, learn about Alexa, and more,text:See all devices with Alexa,url:/Amazon-Echo-And-Alexa-Devices/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_cp?ie=UTF8&node=9818047011],text:Alexa Smart Home,columnBreak:1,items:[subtext:An intelligent security camera featuring 1080p HD, night vision, and two-way audio.,text:Introducing Amazon Cloud Cam,url:/dp/B01C4UY0JK/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_emrg_pe,subtext:Control smart home devices with Alexa,text:See all smart home devices,url:/smart-home/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_ch?ie=UTF8&node=6563140011],text:Content & Resources,dividerBefore:1,items:[subtext:Discover all the things you can do with Alexa,text:Meet Alexa,url:/meet-alexa/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_alexa_ug?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:For Fire OS, Android, iOS, and desktop browsers,text:Alexa App,url:/gp/help/customer/display.html/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_con_help?ie=UTF8&nodeId=201602060,subtext:Turns your Echo into a voice-controlled speakerphone,text:Alexa Calling with Echo Connect,url:/dp/B076ZRFP6Y/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_echo_bl,subtext:Order millions of products and access exclusive deals with Prime,text:Alexa Voice Shopping,url:/alexa-voice-shopping/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_VANS_GNO_Flyout?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Personalize your experience with skills,text:Alexa Skills,url:/alexa-skills/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_con_skills_st?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Stream tens of millions of songs with weekly new releases,text:Amazon Music Unlimited,url:/gp/dmusic/promotions/AmazonMusicUnlimited/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_con_music,subtext:Your entire Audible library available on Echo,text:Audible Audiobooks,url:/Audible-Audiobooks/b/ref=nav_shopall_1_ods_ha_con_aud?ie=UTF8&node=2402172011]],CreditPanel:promoID:nav-sa-credit,template:name:itemList,data:text:Credit & Payment Products,items:[text:Credit Cards,items:[subtext:Special financing on eligible m Store Card,url:/iss/credit/storecardmember/ref=nav_shopall_credit_plcc?_encoding=UTF8&plattr=PLCCGNO,subtext:Get rewarded for every purchase,text:Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards,url:/iss/credit/rewardscardmember/ref=nav_shopall_credit_cbcc?_encoding=UTF8&plattr=CBCCGNO,subtext:Pay-in-full and revolving credit lines,text:Amazon.com Corporate Credit Line,url:/gp/cobrandcard/marketing.html/ref=nav_shopall_credit_ccl?ie=UTF8&plattr=GNO_CCL&pr=ibprox,subtext:Find a credit card thats right for you,text:Credit Card Marketplace,url:/compare-credit-card-offers/b/ref=nav_shopall_credit_ccmp?ie=UTF8&node=3561432011],text:Payment Products,dividerBefore:1,items:[subtext:Use your rewards points for purchases,text:Shop with Points at Amazon,url:/b/ref=nav_shopall_credit_swp?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Add cash to your Amazon Balance,text:Amazon Cash,url:/b/ref=nav_shopall_amzcash?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Pay in your local currency,text:Amazon Currency Converter,url:/Currency-Converter/b/ref=nav_shopall_credit_tfx?ie=UTF8&node=388305011,subtext:An easy way to fund shopping on Amazon,text:Amazon Allowance,url:/Amazon-Allowance-Gift-Cards/b/ref=nav_shopall_gno_allowance?ie=UTF8&node=,subtext:Add funds directly with a credit or debit card,text:Reload Your Amazon Balance,url:/Reload-Your-Gift-Card-Balance/b/ref=nav_shopall_gno_balance?ie=UTF8&node=]],HomeGardenToolsPanel:promoID:nav-sa-home-garden-tools,template:name:itemList,data:text:Home, Garden, Pets & Tools,items:[text:Amazon Home,url:/home-garden-kitchen-furniture-bedding/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_amazonhome?ie=UTF8&node=1055398,items:[text:Shop by Room,url:/Shop-by-Room/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_shopbyroom?ie=UTF8&node=,text:Shop by Look,url:/shopbylook?ref_=nav_shopall_home_sbl,text:Home Dcor,url:/home-d%C3%83%C2%A9cor/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_homedecor?ie=UTF8&node=1063278,dividerBefore:1,text:Furniture,url:/Furniture/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_furniture?ie=UTF8&node=1063306,text:Kitchen & Dining,url:/kitchen-dining/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_kitchen?ie=UTF8&node=284507,text:Bed & Bath,url:/bedding-bath-sheets-towels/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_bedbath?ie=UTF8&node=1057792,text:Garden & Outdoor,url:/Patio-Lawn-Garden/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_landg?ie=UTF8&node=2972638011,text:Mattresses,url:/Mattresses-Box-Springs/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_mattresses?ie=UTF8&node=3732961,text:Lighting ,url:/Lighting-and-Ceiling-Fans/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_lighting?ie=UTF8&node=495224,text:Storage & Organization,url:/storage-organization/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_storageandorg?ie=UTF8&node=3610841],text:Arts, Crafts & Sewing,url:/Arts-Crafts-Sewing/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_artsandcrafts?ie=UTF8&node=2617941011,dividerBefore:1,text:Event & Party Supplies,url:/Event-Party-Supplies/b/ref=nav_shopall_home_party?ie=UTF8&node=901590,text:Pets,dividerBef

Best iPhone Apps for Interior Design Dign YouDream Home Virtually

Want to transform the look of your home? These best interior design apps can enormously help you in giving your amazing ideas real wings.

Designing your house can be fun, exciting and a fantastic experience. You dont have to be a professional interior designer to get started thanks to excellent iPhone apps developed for interior designing on-the-fly.

There are some amazing features each app brings to the table. From near-accurate measurements to 3D renders and walkthroughs, heres a list of iPhone apps for interior-designing your home, experimenting with alternative styles and doing much more.

If you are redesigning or remodeling your home, Houzz Interior Design Ideas can be enormously helpful in giving your abode a fantastic look. There are over 11 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors to choose from. You have the option to select photos by style, location or room such as dining hall or kitchen.

You can use sketch feature to annotate and draw on photos. There are over 5 million products and materials including cabinets, lighting, furniture, tile to buy. During featured sales, you will be able to save up to 75%. There are over 14 million high-resolution photos of home interiors and exteriors to choose from.

Whether you are redesigning your home or giving it a facelift, try out Dream House to make it look attractive. It offers multiple paint color choices to select from and let you design as well as decorate your home perfectly.

You have a great many pieces of furniture and accessories to choose from. Customize your decoration to your hearts liking using all the tools. Check out your creation in 3D rendering just to have the right idea about how your dream home would look like.

When it comes to creating a striking home interior design, you can trust Planner 5D to give your imagination an adorable shape. You can create your favorite interior design in both 2D and 3D modes.

There is a vast catalog to let you choose any type of interior items. You will be able to customize accessories, furniture, dcor elements and apply various different textures as well as colors. With 4.6 million design ideas, it makes a lot easy to plan and furnish your dream office or home.

If you are looking for an app to turn your dream of a wonderful home into reality with stellar design, you shouldnt miss out on Morpholio Board. You have plenty of tools to create a fantastic custom layout. As for instance, you can select your favorite design from a massive library, assemble photos and images and add appealing annotations.

Sketch, draw or write photos, markup note, create the college and present your ideas just the way you wish. The Board Pro features include the ability to save your creativity, search categories and explore tons of ideas, concepts, etc.

The Decorator is primed for design lovers who have the passion for exploring interior design. Simply share the pic of your room and let your friends and other community members redesign it.

There is a lot of visualization software that helps in discovering the best possible design for any room. It features more than 900 Pantone colors which inject life into your design. With plenty of design ideas available, you will be able to transform your concept into reality. Create to-do list to ensure your project doesnt miss the deadline.

This app makes designing your home in 3D super easy. Based on your concept, you can draw your room, dividers, change the height, create corners and transform your special ideas into an appealing reality. There are thousands of pieces of furniture and accessories to decorate your home.

With the complete editing option, you get the desired liberty to customize your decoration. The 3D rendering of your creation presents you the real picture of how your home would look like. Once you have created a fabulous design, share it via email, OneDrive, Dropbox and other services.

Want your beautiful home to dazzling in Pantone color? You shouldnt look beyond PANTONE Studio as it consists of a vast library of more than 10,000 standardized hues.

You can create color palettes with up to five captivating colors. Arent impressed with the existing colors and want something special? Make the best use of the color picker to create a custom palette. Since its linked to ColorLovers community, you will come across grand ideas or work that can rejuvenate the concept of your design.

How about bringing some fun into the way you design your home? Home Design Story is a fun-loving game which lets you design, decorate and remodel your home to your best liking.

Depending on the type of dream home you want, you can create a retro, ultra-modern or vintage style. Adorn your home using Victorian wallpaper, bamboo floors, and modern art. Play smartly to increase your home value and unlock all-new design pieces.

If youre talking about measurements, Photo Measure will let you measure the dimensions of your living space almost instantly. Instead of going about with a measuring tape, all you do is click a photo and mark the lengths: Photo Measure will do the rest. Its not just the corners that you can measure with this app. You can measure dimensions of your furniture, of the shelves and other items in your room.

Thanks to the excellent combo of computer vision and AR, TapMeasure provides a unique way to capture and measure physical space. Using this spatial utility app, you can quickly create accurate 3D models of rooms. It flawlessly detects rectangular objects like windows or doors to let you capture point-to-point measurement.

You can create perfect outlines of items on the walls or floor and be able to send your 3D model with an URL. Besides, it also allows you to export 3D models of rooms as SKP files.

Getting ready to give your home an all-new look and wish to try out how furniture and dcor products would appear? Homestyler Interior Design would be a fine pick.

Decorate your home using 3D models of furniture and see how it would look when readied in full-fledged form. As per your concept, you can change everything starting from colors to the layout of the furniture. If you need some inspiration, there are some admirable interior design projects and trends to take note of. Besides, this interior design app also allows you to share your designs with your friends via Facebook and email.

So, its time to create a wonderful 3D design of your home and transform its look just the way you wish. With these ultra-advanced apps available, Im sure your great concept wont have any problem in coming to life.Sponsored Links

Which is your favorite interior design app for iDevice? It would be nice to know that. Share your feedback with us and stay connected viaFacebookTwitter, andGoogle Plusto explore more top iPhone and iPad apps. Also, dont forget todownload our iOS appon your iPhone and iPad.

How to Share Live Location in WhatsApp on iPhone and Android Phone

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Reboot Randomly: How To Fix This Issue

Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of . He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

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Win a $5000 Design Your Dream Home Package

Win a $5,000 Design Your Dream Home Package

Entries have now closed. Good luck!

Design Within Reachmakes authentic modern design accessible and they continuously bring the best in authentic iconic design to clients.

Apartment Therapyis helping people make their homes more beautiful, organized and healthy by connecting them to a wealth of resources, ideas and community online.

Sonosis reinventing home audio for the digital age. The Sonos Home Sound System delivers all the music on earth, in every room, with warm, full-bodied sound thats crystal clear at any volume.

Discover the world withWine Awesomeness. We work with amazing producers around the world to select some of the best juice on earth for you to enjoy.

Get a designer room youll love withDecorilla. Youll receive 2 customized design proposals for your space from Decorillas top professional interior designers, a 3D model of your room, shopping list with links, layout, color palette and implementation guide to create your perfect space.

Design the home youve always wanted with a $5,000 Dream Home Package because you deserve it! Our ultimate prize package lets you do just that. Simply enter your your email address above for a chance to win our prize valued at $5,000.

Design the home youve always wanted with a $5,000 Dream Home Package because you deserve it! Our ultimate prize package lets you do just that. Simply enter your your email address above for a chance to win our prize valued at $5,000.

No purchase necessary to enter or win. This sweepstakes is open to legal United States residents ages 21 and up. Prize is non-transferable and cannot be combined with any other promotions or previously issued gift certificates. Entry period begins at 1:00 AM EST on 09/27/2016 and ends at 11:59 PM EST on 10/11/2016. Winner will be notified via e-mail and the prize must be claimed within three (3) business days. By entering this sweepstakes, you agree to receive e-mails from Apartment Therapy, DWR, Wine Awesomeness and Decorilla. and accept theTerms and Conditions.


Luxury Homes and Plans, French Country Castles, Mansions and Mediterranean Luxury Home Villas by John Henry Architect. Custom designs with modern floor plans and traditional European details. Classical Interior Design Services optional. Contact:joh

Ultra Luxury Custom Homes Architect: Manors, Villas and Palace Estates by design

Luxury Home plan Design and Custom House Floor blueprints by Florida Texas diterranean Tuscan Dream Homes, European Traditional style House plans, for new home design and construction. Luxury homes, blueprints, floor plans for Traditional and Contemporary house design including French Country Chateaux, Classical Beaux Arts Houses and Estates, Modern Movement Deconstruction, Mediterranean Revival, Victorian, English Tudor, Tuscan Provence Villa Estates, Castles and Georgian Mansions. Luxury House floor plans per your specifications. Home builder plans, Interior Design, Remodeling, Turnkey Design/ Build in many United States and foreign countries.

Custom Luxury Homes and Plans by John Henry. Period traditional and contemporary modern floor plans for new homes. Dream homes, Tudor mansion plans, French country chateaux, European castle plans, French country house plans, remodeling, interiors, house plans, luxury house plans, real estate, home plan designs, resources, free questionnaire.Also commercial projects: theme resorts, hospitality, renovation, urban planning, small town design, retail.

John Henry Architect, is eminently qualified to assist the Owner in the planning and conception of the Custom Residence and to direct every critical aspect of the design/ construction process in order to preserve the integrity of the design and thus investment value.

Mr. Henry offers professional design services nationally and worldwide, supported by a comprehensive architectural background and experience in varying styles and sites.

Internet and long distanceCyberdesignbeginning at this web site.

On Site Project programming and Client consultation (call for details)

Ultra-Custom ServicesFull Services Construction Documents and Specifications with Contract Administration available.

Commercial Services Schematic to Full Services in a range of projects: Commercial, Hospitality, Theme Park

Creating the American Luxury HomeAvailable now on CD- rom. (click below left) This is a history of the luxury home with sections on working with an architect and builder, style, modern and traditional approaches, etc. Also, companion volume:Dream Home Design Questionnaire and Planning Kit(click right below, available as PDF file via email)

To Contact architect via e-mail:johTo Contact architect by phone: 407/ 421-6647

Luxury homeowners in this day of pluralism and prosperity have only their imaginations to limit the architectural manifestation of lifestyle and statement. There are no rules, there are no boundaries — there are no in styles or out styles, colors, materials, shapes, etc. There is only a pendulum swing between Traditionalism and the current fad. History bears this out. As one prominent English architect of the 16th century defined architecture as artifice, we have finally come to the realization that all construction, whether it be for practicality, durability, and/or aesthetic pleasure is the sum of the clients sole interest. It is only the talent, vision and technical ability of the architect chosen to interpret the client program that makes the final result either dull, acceptable, interesting, inspiring, or sublime. No doubt, the builder selected must share in the goals and aspirations of client and architect. He or she must have sufficient ability, care, and love for the work to make that dream manifest. —— John Henry=block; show=

Architect John Henry is offering Premium Design Services for the first time on the Internet. This cyber-design advantage is available to those who wish to start the planning and design process without committing to a Full Services contract. Here you may interface long distance and via phone, e-mail, fax, etc. by submitting your wish list per a Design Questionnaire and receiving a Schematic Floor Plan and Preliminary Elevation for study and a base to continue into Design Development and Construction Documents. You may continue to develop the design from this point with Mr. Henry or take the initial product to a local draftsman or architect.

John Henry has designed starter homes from 1200 square feet to luxury estates ranging from 10 60,000 square feet. Based in Orlando Florida and Austin Texas, Mr. Henry holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture from Texas A&M University. He is licensed in Florida but can design in any other state or region with reciprocal licensing through the NCARB. He has won numerous regional awards for his highly original period style work. The architect weaves function and aesthetics together to achieve a timeless work of art, a World Class Design. His clients, peers, and members of academic institutions applaud his work and writing. (SeeRecommendations)

Mr. Henry can provide under most city, county, and state statutes PRELIMINARY and SCHEMATIC designs and Design Development drawings to Clients located in nearly all of the United States. Certain exclusions may apply to deed restricted communities or others governed by private covenants. Mr. Henry works with several prominent associate architects and designers in a collaborative fashion depending on the scope of the project. Complete or traditional services, including interior architecture, specifications, and contract administration is also available under a full services contract. SeeServices.

For additional background information including Awards and Citations, a Client Listing, philosophical statement and approach to architecture, and a compendium of works designed to date, please orderPortfolioon CD/ Books page.

The same materials and expense thrown away on an ugly, ill proportioned building, if guided by good design, would produce an elegant building, and this is why the architect is brought into requisition, to treat the materials placed in the architects hands so as to give an expression of beauty to the simplest form.

To Contact architect by phone: 407/ 421-6647

Even though opportunity for expression is boundless, only the proper match of plan, theme, and site woven together with the will of the Owner will result in a truly enduring and timeless Architecture, one that will retain its Investment Value over time. For over 20 years Award Winning Architect John Henry has proven -consistently, that his unique capabilities and background can satisfy the desires of the most demanding and esteemed client. Through continuous personal research and a commitment to Design Excellence, in each case the result is a one-of-a kind residence that bears a distinct signature style: timeless, a true classic.

John Henry is a practicing licensed architect in the state of Florida and Texas with an office based in Orlando. He holds a Bachelor in Environmental Design and Master of Architecture degree from Texas A&M University.

Having apprenticed in a variety of prestigious commercial and residential firms Mr. Henrys work includes examples of decorative Traditional styles to ultra-Contemporary designs which can be found in various communities and metropolitan areas nationwide ranging from starter homes to country estates, and commercial/institutional projects.

Winner of several local and national design competitions, his work was voted the Peoples Choice Best of Show and Best Architectural Design for Villa Verona in Alaquas 1992 Street of Dreams in Orlando, Florida. In 1995 the residential prototype for Time/Warners interactive cable Twenty-first Century Technology House was completed in Longwood, Florida. In 1998 Valmoreal received the Best of Show award for Philip Landings Street of Dreams showcase. (see below)

Influenced by the archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome and the Renaissance period in Italy, France, and Germany, plus the Islamic architecture of the Middle East, Mr. Henry has developed a personal view of architecture shaped by the rich cultural influences experienced in his youth. The distinguishing philosophy of Mr. Henry is the belief that classic architecture may be executed in any style: but that style must be handled with the proper understanding of historical development, by focusing attention to particular details, materials and design characteristics of the period, and by building appropriately to site and environmental context. Above all design integrity is paramount in order to insure a coherent and valuable statement.

John Henrys approach to traditional style is an inspirational blend of academic classicism tinged with romantic overtones. The work can be formal to eclectic: several styles can be brought together to achieve a unique, one-of-a-kind response to a clients discriminating vision. Period style facades combine with practical and clever floor plans which can unfold according to lifestyle, views, topography, and microclimate.

In a time that the faddists are experimenting with chaos theory and the commercial world is steeped in monotonous functionalism, it is refreshing to find an architect who strives for aesthetics and grace beyond just practicality. In this politically correct era where judgment is suspended, an architect is setting a standard of excellence. A bleary less is more world is thirsty for decorative detail that does not overwhelm and visual interest that is evocative, complementary.

The interesting irony here is that John Henry received a Master of Architecture from a university that was insistent on adhering monolithically to Modern Movement tenets, prohibiting the use of any form of historical revivalism in solving contemporary building needs. Since the middle 1970s that idea has been compromised in leading academic institutions allowing post-modernist ideas and practice. While having the opportunity and experience in modern architectural design, the residential field has meanwhile followed the pendulum swing to traditional and period style work, currently vogue. Before this swing was apparent or as nearly complete as it is now, Mr. Henry concentrated over 8 years of private research in the effort to understand and be proficient in the art of the ancients, resulting in one of the most competent and original architects of period style design. His portfolio is resplendent with various examples of Greco-Roman to Gothic residential (and commercial structures) finished in a wide range of materials, budget, and consequently integrity of the period.

This two-sided approach – one of function and practicality, the other of aesthetic richness and historical allusion — results in a best of both worlds resource. Add a flair for an exotic/ romantic interpretation of the classics, the insistence on integrity of the design, and you have the makings of World Class Architecture. If you feel that less is a bore and you crave a return to human-based scale and sensuous form; if you long for the heroic and monumental, for the evocative – the sublime in art, then John Henry must be your architect of choice. If you believe beauty in art and architecture is still possible and that a return to tradition can satisfy a longing for the elegiac imagery of the past please consider an architectural classic designed by John Henry who has been successfully solving living needs and enhancing lifestyles for discriminating individuals, offering a wide variety of experience in terms of site and client briefs, and a tailored scope of services.

John Henry accepts commissions to partially or completely design and detail luxury custom homes in any location of the world. The results vary in scope depending on each Owners unique circumstances and program. Satisfying the conceptual model is the heart of the project, and Mr. Henry has been adept at starting from zero – a blank sheet of paper-to finishing projects started in conjunction with other designers. The energy and vision that an Owner brings to the table is matched and synthesized into an enduring architectural statement which becomes a valuable heritage investment.

Each program results in a one-of-a-kind solution. It is extremely rare to find the typical in John Henrys work. All is special, a wonder. Truly, beyond four walls and a simple roof we all attempt to create a distinct environment multi-layered with meaning, an ephemeral habitation for our body and souls. John Henry has an uncanny ability to draw out (figuratively and literally!) the genetic spark or thematic essence of each Owners vision. The conceptual response is unnervingly prompt. He opens up various possibilities in the conceptual stage to insure that the Owner has considered the principal options and alternatives available before further development.

Because of the highly customized nature of Mr. Henrys practice all commission requests unfortunately cannot be granted. Please correspond as to the nature/ location/ scope and estimated budget of your project, as well as a time/ schedule commitment. You will be notified promptly if available time and resources can be allocated to meet your needs.

You will find that the measure of John Henrys worth is based on the value his services create: a lasting investment based on timeless principles of design, not pasted with clichs or caricature that will date and deprecate your investment. He is a purist theoretically, but welcomes any challenge that would further the boundaries of excellence in design – modern or classical. In creating with any materials or designing under any stylistic basis, be believes that without soul, without romance, art, or drama – the project would fail in its most essential purpose: to create an inspiring human environment that speaks of its Owners vision and aspiration. With great sensitivity to harmony and balance, to color and light, for form and texture, such an end may be realized. Rest assured that your project will be one of a kind – exclusively designed by Mr. Henry and personally executed to the highest standards.

Mr. Henry derives his greatest satisfaction from thoroughly pleasing his clients which is possible by his comprehensive manner and professional commitment, knowing that the manifestation of the creative energy expended has resulted in a truly timeless and classic work of architecture – a lasting and secure investment.

John C. Henry holds a Bachelor of Environmental Design and Master of Architecture degree from Texas A&M University. He currently maintains a professional license in Florida (AR 13013). Licensure allows an architect the right to design structures of any size and type in each respective state licensed. Usually, a structural engineer must check the building structure for adequate member design and specify certain details for steel, concrete, and wood framing. He or she will stamp the structural drawing set and the Owner may then present the engineering set with the architectural set for permitting. Seismic and wind design is required by certain states. Other jurisdictions may require environmental impact studies, etc.

Out of state architects may design residential structures in states in which they maintain no license as long as local engineering is accomplished and reciprocity is granted. In some developments the community covenants and regulations simply state the requirement for a licensed architect to be commissioned and may not specify in which state the architect must be licensed. If prohibited for some reason, an out of state architect (Design Architect) may contract with a local consulting architect (Architect of Record) to execute Construction Documents and follow with Construction Administration.

Shahid Ahmad of Contempo Design (321/229-7251 or 407/ 238-9590) working with John Henry (photo above) during framing stage of ultra-custom residence in Cypress Point, Orlando. Inspecting screeds for stucco moldings below:

Many of John Henrys projects take place out of the State of Florida, where the prime office is located. However due to the many benefits of telecommunications, much can be accomplished with a combination of site visits and personal consultation aided by telephone, fax and overnight drawings delivery, and through same-day fax-modem file transfers directly to a local reprographics firm.

Depending on availability/ scheduling, the scope of work, and contract terms, Mr. Henry may make multiple visits throughout the design-build process. If circumstances do not permit extensive representation a local architect may be contracted directly by the Owner or hired as a consultant under the Owner/ Architect contract. The local firm may fulfill the Contract Documents phase for example and be asked to administer bidding and contractor selection, review draw requests, and visit the site as often as possible to insure that the Contractor is following specifications and drawings to fulfill the complete terms of the construction

Projects overseas may be organized similarly to those out of the architects principal working range. The squatters system for programming and conceptual design is encouraged here since there is more limited personal contact. Materials and construction methods have a great bearing on style as well as political, geographic, and climatic issues. Also, local custom and family organization affect the layout of plans. A non-Western lifestyle may usually be adapted under traditional Western architectural forms, and many up-to-date internal conveniences/ appliances/ electrical and mechanical systems, as well as decorative materials may be imported.

The Construction Documents often must be adapted to mimic local standards, which includes drawings executed in the metric system. This presents no real problem but attention to imported electrical motors (voltage and current), cabinetry, windows and doors, etc. must be taken to insure the proper utility connections and fit in walls. Consulting architects must be available unless the Owner might consider having the prime architect locate a Field Representative to the site.

Logistics may hamper progress. For example, the importing of certain materials may be prohibited or taxed; the duration of shipping to the host country may delay the project. Local contractors may not be familiar with the installation of certain products as well. The availability of skilled trades and craftspeople also presents a problem. Many of these issues should be addressed in the programming phase in order to reconcile the most reasonable and desirable design.

…the thing of first importance in architecture is beauty.

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Chateau des Revesclick image above for exclusive video of interior space

Exactly how to proceed varies between professionals. Following is a summary of how to begin working with Mr. Henry apart from contact and procedure outlined in this web site.

You will find examples of John Henrys work in national magazines, even commentary about his views on design and planning issues in major newspapers and trade journals. Or, referral is most common. A brochure will be forwarded on which to help base your decision to commission the architect. After examining more examples of his work, studying background and credentials, reviewing recommendations, etc. you may request a contract proposal and/ or schedule a personal interview. To meet personally in Florida or Texas involves no charge, but to meet outside these states, a time/ travel and accommodation fee will apply (see brochure material). An initial meeting should involve a site visit; if not, a topographical survey should be available for study.

A portfolio of finished work as well as a group of sketches/ plans will accompany the architect in order to review several projects of interest. You will gain information as to how specific projects were accomplished, in terms of planning/ conceptualization and materials selection. A variety of styles are apparent from which to help narrow a selection for your own project. You will sense whether or not you will feel comfortable on a personal level to embark on a long-term association as well. If a contract proposal has not been submitted at this point, Mr. Henry will develop a personalized contract for your review within a week, or if time permits, on-site. If agreement is reached on the terms and provisions of the commission Mr. Henry may be available to begin a squatters session (see below), or at least clarify your exact requirements in person.

Mr. Henry will require an outline brief of your intentions in terms of site, budget, anticipated style and area needs in order to customize a design proposal. Following the interview and discussion of this proposal, some adjustments may be negotiated until a satisfactory fee schedule and terms are accepted. A retainer based on approximately 10% of the total contract amount and contract signatures allow commencement of the design.

Problem seeking or the search for opportunities and the development of the client brief (if not worked out beforehand) marks the first stage of the planning process; it is a pre-design phase (see above) on which everything else follows. Changes to the original conception as understood prior to agreeing to the contract proposal may warrant adjustments to the contract due to a change in scope of work. For example, during the Conceptual Design phase the site selected may not be adequate for the size and style of home anticipated, or an initial budget estimate may not support the degree of detail required per area needs. Or, after developing the initial floor plan schematics, the total buildable area may have to be adjusted 10-40%.

In the late 50s two Texas A&M architects pioneered a process by which the Owners program was tested on-location in a relatively short period. Combined with the French Beaux Arts system of a timely competition under stressful conditions (the famous charette) this process came to be known as a squatters design charette. It was an intensive design session allowing direct feedback by the Owner.

The architect(s) relocate temporarily in the city or town where the Owner resides, preferably close to the site in mind. The clients program brief is clarified, evaluated and possibly modified. Upon agreement of the basic parameters, the architect will study the site and begin sketching several alternatives in bubble-diagram format until the proper spatial relationships emerge. One approach is singled out after several attempts, as the agreed-upon theme becomes key. A conceptual elevation or two is proposed in order to sense the massing. Style, a result of proportion, height, and preconception may precondition the floor plan or may evolve depending on site and changing program specifications. The Owner is reviewing each sketch overlay and edits the progress of the work.

Next the diagrams are further developed into distinct geometries and checked with the site conditions. Setbacks, microclimate, vegetation, views, site improvements, context, vehicular and pedestrian circulation must be observed and integrated. During this process further alternatives may present themselves. If the site is generous and relatively level, a plethora of layouts is possible. If such is the case, a protracted conceptual design session will occur before any hard-lining is attempted.

When the ultimate conceptual plan and elevation is generated in sketch form, John Henry translates the floor plan into a computer generated scaled drawing, usually on a portable or laptop computer that can be linked to a large screen television. The Owner can observe and make changes to the floor plan as it is being digitized. A flexible CAD program allows the movement and alteration of any wall. Several small-scaled plans can be hard copied and then a ¼ scale plan plotted on large sheets from the computer disk. Doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, porches, stairs, etc. can be altered and developed into the initial Schematic Plan, fulfilling Phase 1 objectives.

A front view sketch based on the larger plot will be drawn up next. Color and texture indications will be added. The style is now clear and further manipulation of the floor plan may be necessary to balance the composition of the façade. A style change may be possible as well. Overlays and perspective renderings may follow. If the Owner is very satisfied with this product, further refinement and progress to the next phase will follow. This section basically compresses several weeks of the conceptual to schematic design phase in a matter of 3-7 days and illustrates the basic strategy involved in producing an acceptable plan and elevation. For complex projects of larger scope (4-7,000 SF+) and on more difficult sites, some additional drafting equipment will be necessary to keep the scale of the work consistent and may extend the time period up to two weeks or more.

The development of the concept is an orderly process, but as mentioned earlier, can often loop back to an earlier stage challenging all previously developed programmatic requirements and philosophical approaches. This is not bad, but can either lead to frustration or elevate the project to new heights. Generally, the pre-construction design process is quite satisfying and memorable to all parties. While the design process is critical to the generation of the construction documents, additional effort must be taken to insure tha