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How to Build a Home Network That Will Make Any Business Jealous

How to Build a Home Network That Will Make Any Business Jealous

In the past Ive discussed how home technology infrastructures and lab environments are one of the keys to personal career success and how IT practitioners should set a high bar in their own lives and hold their businesses accountable to an even higher bar. I often speak to IT practitioners looking for ways to improve their own education, skill set, and rsum. I propose an approach to building your home network and lab in a way that really makes your business jealous.

I mean it quite literally. Why not approach your home network as an opportunity to raise the bar, both on your own experience but also on what you expect from businesses? The approach is an excellent one for changing how you think about your home network and its goals. Dont just use your home to learn new skills in a checkmark fashion such as learned Active Directory management. That is an excellent and obvious use of your home network. But we should consider taking this even further.

In many ways, this applies far more to those IT practitioners who work in small and medium businesses where it is common to cut corners, eschew best practices, leave work half done and not approve realistic budgets, but it is valuable for anyone. You can take this from the smallest of features in your own home the physical aspects (like cabling, labeling, and organization) and take it very large (servers, services, security, backup, etc.).

For a real world example, we should begin with the simplest component, cabling. Few people, even IT practitioners, take the time to cable their homes for data, let alone cabling it well. This is a big missed opportunity. This is something that is not only utilitarian but ends up adding value to the house as well. And many businesses do a very poor job of this themselves. Even though cabling is not strictly an IT discipline, it is a fringe area of electrical support that is related to IT and well worth using as a physically visible showcase of your home environment.

Doing good cabling at home, since it is your home and presumably there is nearly unlimited time to do things well, can really be taken to an extreme. I recommend using forward-looking cable, CAT 6 or better, so that you can handle flawless GigE today and faster in the future. You do not want your home infrastructure to become dated unnecessarily. This is your chance not just to run a few cables, but to implement a complete cabling plant with over-provisioned cable runs to all parts of the house. Of course you can do this in stages doing just a room or a few at a time.

In my own home projects I ran four cable runs to nearly all rooms with some like the master bedroom and living room getting more like six or eight. This may sound like a lot, but in reality for a well-wired home, it is not at all, as we will see. You want to run more cabling than you are ever likely to use now, while putting in the effort, both because it is good practice and because it is simply impressive. Having extra cabling means an easier time keeping things organized and more ability to flexibly change things in the future.

Running the cables in the walls, up through an attic or down through the basement or whatever is appropriate with well managed cable runs is best. In my own house this was the attic with large J hooks keeping cables in place. Be sure to label all cabling very clearly. This is another chance to go above and beyond. Install nice wall jacks, label every jack and every cable in every jack. Make the physical cabling plant as organized, impressive, and as manageable as possible. All it really takes is a little time and effort and you can have something that you are really proud of and that you want to show off.

Where the cables run to, of course, is a matter for some discussion. Maybe you will want to have a networking closet or even a server room. Having a good place to store your home networking gear can be a wonderful addition to a home lab. A patch panel for your cable runs is ideal. Do everything right, just like you would find in a dream office environment.

Good cabling will allow us to move as much as possible from wireless to wired in the home environment. Wired connections are faster, more stable, less management, potentially more secure and improve the performance of the remaining wireless devices by lowering the wireless saturation levels in the home. If you are like me your home network consists of many devices that have regular Internet access and are often wireless but can be wired such as desktops, video game consoles, Internet television devices, smart televisions, and more. Many or most of these devices can easily be removed from wireless which can only be beneficial. Save the wireless for mobile devices.

A cabling plant, of course, needs something to attach to. A good switch will be the true heart of any home network, or any network at all. If you have a large home you could easily need a forty eight port switch or even need to look at stacked switches. A small apartment might use sixteen ports. Size will vary by need.

In acquiring a switch it is a good time to consider not just size but features. Adding PoE (Power over Ethernet) now is ideal allowing for even cleaner cable management and an even more impressive network. Wait until you see what else we consider adding to our home network that might leverage PoE.

Also, this is a time when we can consider more advanced features on the switch. Rather than just using a traditional unmanaged switch we can look at nice, rack-mounted switches that are either smart (web managed) or fully managed, which are excellent for getting broader switch experience. We might want to add a guest VLAN, for example, for visitors who need Internet access. If you have a guest bedroom in the house, maybe those Ethernet ports should be VLANd as guest access all of the time, for example.

You are going to want to monitor that closet too, no doubt. Once you start to put nice equipment in there you will want to keep it safe. Perhaps temperature and moisture sensors that communicate with the network?

Most home networks live and die by their wireless capabilities. This is a place to really shine. Instead of cheap all-in-one networking gear with anemic wireless that is stuck in the most useless corner of the house, you can use your shiny, new PoE cabling plant to put high quality, commercial wireless access points in the most useful point(s) of your home (and considering placing them on the grounds too, if you own multiple buildings or open space.) Centrally managed units are very affordable and can make for a very fast, robust wireless network and can make having guest wireless access very easy as well.

Next to consider, since we have such a robust cabling system in place already, is security. Why not add a camera or two to watch the outside of your house or the front door? You can use PoE cameras that are centrally managed. Look for business class solutions, of course, not consumer cameras and software available at the local store.

One of the bigger and more interesting home projects to consider is a full-scale VoIP PBX. This can be a great and interesting project, one of the few really good uses for running a server at home that will be really used as a production service. A home VoIP PBX can make it easy to have separate extensions for family members, rooms, or purposes. You can have features like individual voicemail mailboxes, a house intercom, front door intercom, room to room calling, wake up calls, video conferencing, free calling for other family members (outside of the home), guest lines, multiple lines for simultaneous calling and the ability to make and take calls while traveling!

Once we have a PBX in the home installing physical phones throughout the home, on PoE of course, is the next step. Phones can be very useful around a home, especially a larger one. Having real phones to manage can be very educational and certainly lets you take your home to another level of IT.

No server closet would be complete without features like a domain controller, home web server (why not have a guest website for visitors and a wiki for tracking your home projects and information) and the biggest home systems storage. Traditional storage like NAS or file server can be very useful for storing private photos and video, music and document collections, movies, and other media. DLNA streaming can make an audio and video library available to the entire house. Traditional storage such as SMB and NFS can provide high speed, protected mapped drives available to the computers in the home. And more modern storage techniques like cloud storage can be hosted as well.

Of course all of those workloads can be virtualized and run on a server (or two) and run in the server closet. If you are incredibly ambitious this could include features like high availability or fault tolerance, although these will generally push costs into a range often impractical for home use by nearly any standard.

And the pice de rsistance is, of course, backups. Use real backup software, several enterprise options are even free for home-scale use. Taking good backups, testing restores, using different media, backup strategies and backup types (such as images and file-based backups) can really showcase the reliability of your home network.

Dont forget to go beyond running systems into monitoring. Log collection and analysis, bandwidth monitoring, system monitoring, load monitoring and more can be added for completeness. Think of all the things that exist, or that you wish would exist, in an ideal office setting. There is rarely any reason not to bring these same technologies into your home.

Beyond these steps there are many places that one could go to make a home network. Features that might be interesting for you. Go crazy.

Our goal here is to raise the bar. Do at home what few businesses do.

Building an amazing home network, one that is really used, beyond building a great home IT lab, is valuable for many reasons. A great home network is more than just an amazing learning experience, it makes for a perfect interview conversation starter, it is a portfolio piece demonstrating skills in cradle to grave LAN design and management, it shows dedication and initiative to the field and it sets a bar to be used when speaking to businesses.

Go ahead, dont be afraid to make your business jealous of your home network.

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This DIYgarden benchis made from recycled wooden pallets; only the screws are new. The potting benchs 37-inch-high work surface is perfect for potting plants.

Once youve assembled the bench, you can attach salvaged or inexpensive hardware along the countertop edge to holdgardening tools, or screw casters to the leg bottoms to make the bench more mobile. You might even cut a hole and drop in a plastic or metal pan for holding potting soil or seed-starting mix. You can paint the wooden surfaces lively colors or stain them.

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Disassemble the pallet(s) using a hammer and pry bar.

Potting Bench Assembly Tip:Be careful not to damage the ends of the boards during deconstruction. Select the widest, best-looking boards for the countertop. Measure the salvaged wood; its dimensions will determine how wide the finished bench can be.

Using a straightedge, pencil, and miter or circular saw, mark and trim away splintered wood and square the edges of the boards. Cut off knotholes and other weak parts of the boards for a stronger potting bench.

Use the pallet base or 2×4 lumber for the legs. Because most pallets have three 2×4 pieces, you need to break down a second pallet or join two pallet pieces with screws to make a fourth leg. To get the hutch top above the countertop height, notch with the table saw 8 inches out of each of the two 2×4 pieces (for the back legs), and add another notched piece for the desired height of 60 inches. Sister these two notched pieces with screws, and glue, if you wish. These pieces can come from the other pallets 2×4 base pieces or from 1x material cut to match the width of the leg pieces. After youve notched out all four of the back legs and extension pieces, connect them with screws.

Starting with the two back legs, attach a 1×26-inch board; this will be the depth of the bench. Screw it in perpendicular to the inside of the leg pieces so the tops of the boards will be 36 inches from the ground. Screw in the other front leg to the 1x piece so you have a configuration resembling a lowercase h. Repeat so you have two identical pieces that will serve as the framework for the left and right sides of your bench.

Add one countertop board at the back of the bench to support it, then position the front face board, or skirt, and install it. Sister the front legs to match the thickness of the back legs. Flip the bench over and install the back skirt to complete the frame.

Measure and install blocks on the back legs in the spaces directly in front of the back skirt. You will screw the final countertop piece into these blocks.

Choose your countertop pieces, lay them flush with each other from front to back, and screw them into place. The front countertop piece can overlap the front skirt slightly if you wish. You will have to cut the last piece to the appropriate width and length.

To create supports for the bottom shelf, about 7 inches above the base attach two 1x pieces to the front and back legs on each side.

Potting Bench Tip:To ensure consistent shelf height, you can install temporary spacers (the longer pieces parallel to and touching the ground) and measure the distance between the tops of the spacers and the tops of the shelf-support pieces.

Screw in the bottom shelf pieces using 1x material the same way you did the countertop. Add the top shelf, screwing it into the tops of the back legs.

Install more 1x boards to form the back slats, generously and evenly spacing the boards so you can hook things over them in the future. Use a level to make sure the slats are straight.

Using 1x material, measure for length and cut two blocks with 45-degree ends. Drill holes into the edges so the blocks wont split when you screw them into place. Start screws into the blocks.

Position the bracing blocks on the insides of the back legs. Drive screws into the back legs, the countertop, and the back skirt. Drill in the back-skirt screws from the outside. These blocks will prevent side-to-side motion of the potting bench.

Remove all rough, splinter-inducing spots with sandpaper. Wipe down or vacuum the entire bench to remove wood dust. Stain or paint the bench. Hawley applies one coat of stain, then two coats of polyurethane, following the label instructions for drying times. If you paint, apply two coats of primer and two coats of paint for a long-lasting finish.

In the directions above, there is a picture missing for the section describing the notching process for assembling the back legs. The picture shown actually belongs with the directions for making the table support.

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Do it yourself remodeling has become easier than ever with the development of great virtual home design software that is easy to use, readily available and affordable. Many of todays top free programs even offer built in

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Create the perfect front yard and backyard landscapes with our gardening tips. Well tell you about beautiful annual, perennial, bulb, and rose flowers, as well as trees, shrubs, and groundcovers that put on a year-round gardening show.

BH&G is all about the farm-to-fork movement, even if that farm is your kitchen windowsill! Get practical and proven advice on what to grow, learn how to use the veggies and fruits from your garden with healthful recipe ideas from our Eating Well partners.

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Garden Tools

From digging to raking to pruning and nearly every job in between, tools are an essential element of your gardening routine. Equipped with the right tool, your to-do list can get a lot easier (and a lot shorter). But tools are an investment, and it pays to start small, with no-cost or low-cost helpers.

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