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FREE PATTERN Hoodie Baby Blanket (originally on MagKnits

devoted to rationalizing my shameful yarn habit (and whatever else needs rationalizing)

Lacy merino heirloom blankets are lovely, but this practical hooded cotton baby blanket is cute, cool, and machine-washable, making it a welcome gift for hot and sticky summer newborns. Its a cute and cushy poolside wrap for baby, but its equally handy at bathtime, when the hood holds the wrap steady to help dry a wiggly baby. And toddlers love it as a play-time cape.

As for customizing, the pattern gives you plenty of room for leaving your own imprint with trim, pattern, and color. Trim with broken rib (shown), seed stitch, garter, picot edging, or multi-colored stripes. Use a single color, contrast trim, a million skinny stripes, or mom or dads team or school colors. And if all that stockinette makes your eyes cross, whip out your stitch dictionary and make the sampler version instead.

I used Lion Brand Cotton Ease, but any worsted machine washable cotton blend will work. (All-cotton will work, too, but the blend brings a little more bounce to the fabric).

Knitting for a winter baby? Make a cool-weather version in superwash merino like Karabella Aurora 8. For a winter version, when the added bulk will be appreciated, you could even work in your favorite Fair Isle pattern.

3 balls Lion Brand Cotton Ease (3.50 oz./100 g, 207 yd/188 m, 50% Cotton/50% Acrylic), all 3 the same, or 1 ball in contrasting color for trim, if you wish

US 8 (5mm) 32 or longer circular needle

26 x 26 in (66 x 66 cm) with 8 in (20 cm) deep hood

16 st = 10cm (4 inches) in stockinette st

Plain (shown):CO 100 st. Work 24/61 cm in stockinette st. BO loosely.

Sampler variation:Use your favorite stitch reference to select 2 16 different pattern stitches for your sampler. Select patterns suitable for 22 st (you can always flank the main pattern with a few columns of knit stitches if the number isnt exact).

You can simply alternate checkerboard-fashion, between a patterned square and a stockinette square, or work every square with a different pattern. If youre using several patterns, you might want photocopy the swatches from your reference book and arrange them in a 44 grid to make sure youre pleased with your overall pattern.

Row 3 (WS), set up sampler grid: K3, PM, K 22, PM, K2, PM, K 22, PM, K2, PM K22, PM, K2, PM, K22, PM, K3. The markers designate your sampler squares, plus their dividing grid.

On Row 4 (RS), begin your sampler squares, purling all stitches outside of the 22-st blocks. Work each set of 4 squares until the square itself is 4 (10 cm) tall, then work 3 rows in reverse stockinette (purls showing). Begin next set of 4 sampler squares, and repeat until you have a 4 x 4 grid, complete with final 3 rows of reverse stockinette. BO.

Work in stockinette throughout, decreasing as follows:

Every RS (knit) row: K1, ssk, k to 3 st from end, k2tog, K1

When you have 5 st remaining, work WS (purl) row as usual, then this RS row: k1, sl 1, k2tog, psso, k13st.

With WS facing, seam hood to blanket corner with mattress st.

Sampler variation: substitute a patterned stitch of your choosing for the stockinette, maintaining the plain decreases and knit stitch at either edge.

With stockinette side facing, and starting in the corner opposite the hood, PU st all the way around the blanket. PU one st for every st along top and bottom of blanket and open edge of hood, and 3 st for every 4 rows along sides of blanket. As you go, place a stitch marker in each of the 3 blanket corners.

As you work, youll place an increase of your choice before and after each marker every other rnd.

Work edging of choice (broken rib shown) for 1 inch, then bind off.

Edging Suggestions: Broken rib, seed stitch, garter stitch, moss stich, picot edging, simple eyelet, etc.

Weave in all ends. I prefer to use a sharp needle and split the yarn as I weave in the ends, as the cotton doesnt have the nice fiber grab of wool. I work in one direction about an inch, then double back, working through the woven-in portion of my yarn end on my way back, to make it extra secure. If possible, hide the very end of the tail in a seam or picked up edge.

Im delurking to say that I made this baby blanket for my babe-on-the-way a couple of months ago and I loved how it turned out! I used Cascade Luna and made it in colorful stripes with a cream edging. Thanks so much for a cool design!

I was just thinking about making this for my neighbors baby last night! Then here is the pattern on craftzine! Thanks so much!!!

your blanket looks great, love the colors too

Wow, what a great item. I just found out 5 people I know will be having babies before this November, this is a perfect pattern for a gift.

Thanks for posting this. It really is a great pattern!

Oh thank you for re issuing this pattern it was on my to knit list for charity.

Thanks so much for posting this so quickly! I had JUST gotten the yarn for two of these when the Magknits site went bye bye before I had a chance to print it. I cant wait to start them!

I have NEVER sewn anything, but I came across this and I really love it! Is is something that a beginner should even atempt? I mean, how difficult is this to make, honestly?

I love this pattern. This has to be my favorite blanket, I am just sorry I didnt think of it first. Thx for posting.

What a beautiful baby! I dont have anyone to make the blanket for, I just had to comment on the beautiful baby!

By the way, I love your blog. Im going to put a link to it in mine so that someday, when people actually read it (*smiles*) they can ready yours, too. Happy knitting!

Would anyone have a baby pattern for making overalls. I am trying to find a pattern so I can make overall for my 9 mth old daughter. I need the pattern have sizing up to 24 mths.

Can anyone help. If so you can email me

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I don understand the edging part. I tried pu with WS facing and it doesnt look right. Should try pu on the knit side? Im loving the way my blanket is looking already. Cant wait to use it for my first baby due in Feb.

I love the color combination!! And that baby is toooo sweet!

I Love this Item and at the moment Im trying to work out what Wool I need as Im from the Uniter Kingdom, and here it would be In Double Knit , Quick Knit or 4PlyI guess

Any Ideas would be Appreciated

maxine Im responding to your comment op the 21st of October. Have you found out what yarn to use in the UK? I am about to go the the yarn shop and buy cotton for this baby blanket (will be a grandmother for the Very First Time in February).

And on a more general note: what does PU mean and ssk and psso?

A am Dutch and I am just learning to read knitting patterns in English. It is like learning yet another language

Karinuse any machine-washable worsted weightI dont know what the UK name is, but you should be able to look it up fairly easilyor just check yarn labels for the same gauge.

ssk= slip, slip knit (decrease)slip 2 stitches knitwise, then slide them back over to the left needle and knit them together as one

psso= pass slipped stitch over (decrease)pass the previous slipped stitch on your right hand needle over the stitch directly to its left on the right needle. Its sort of like binding off one stitch.

Nikol, Thank you so much!! I will go out tomorrow and buy the yarn. I will be in the States from next week on and I am looking forward to some knitting there! It is such a pity We (the knitters of this world) cannot knit on transatlantic flights! Oh well, Ill finally get to read some books then or do sudoku (Id rather knit though).

Thanks again for your explanation of the abbrv.

I have a questionas a beginner knitter, I recently made a scarf, all in stockinette stitch, which of course curled up and was unusable. This pattern uses all stockinette stitch. What prevents it from curling up? Does it curl up until the trim is added? Thanks 🙂 Susan

Yes, the edges curl until its trimmed. But a wide swath of stockinette wont curl as dramatically as a narrow width like a scarf (or maybe it does curl just as much at the edges, but its a much smaller percentage of the whole?).

Hey. I cant pick up all stitches right around blanket. Do I need to use a circular needle or do I do each side separatly then join the ends? Im a lil confused.New Knitter.

Use a circular needle and pick them up all the way around.

Has anyone seen a pattern for a hooded baby sweater that opens in the back?

help im having issues with the hood am i supposed to make it seperatly or is it all in one AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!! If its all in one then i am so confused!!

This makes me want to learn how to knit! Beautiful and just love the simple design! You could definitely have fun color coordinating with mom- too cute!

SibbyIts separate! Look down at the end of the hood sectionyoull seam it to the corner before you do the edging.

Wow that was just so simple well, I guess I have to start making one 🙂

i get it now as soon as i had submitted my last comment it clicked haha thank you though!!!

I guess Im gonna learn to knit, that is just to CUTE!

can someone clarify for me something on the border? am I supposed to be working in the round or do I work back and forth like the rest of it?

hi can you tell what PM means on yiour pattern and how many stitches for the hood ??

I just finished this blanket and it is so adorable! The only problem I had was with the increases around the corners of the edging. Since I didnt have a favorite Im a very new knitter I just used a make one (loop), and ended up with some fairly large holes. Is there a better increase to use? Im going to start another one of these with some new yarn and it would be nice to get it right the second time around.

I think I knit into the front and back of the stitch to increase. Do you mean a YO (yarn over)? A M1 increase, aka invisible increase, is the one where you lift the bar between the stitches from the front and knit into left side of it (twisting the stitch). It shouldnt cause a hole, so that would be a good choice, too.

Side note, you may already know all this: If you lift the bar for a M1 but knit into the easy side (right if you lifted from the front, left if you lifted from the back), it wouldnt twist the stitch, which would also make a hole. If you remember to always knit into the more awkward leg of the loop when you lift it, then regardless of which side you lift from, youll always twist the stitch, preventing a hole. If its not really tight to knit the M1 stitch, its not twisting. Twisting the stitch basically just cinches it up a bit more before you knit it. Imagine taking a live stitch off the needles and twisting it around a couple of times. Each time, the loop available to knit into gets smaller, so the stitch you make gets tighter. Make sense?

Thanx for this really cool pattern. Im from Sweden so normally i read knitting patterns in swedish, so obviously I had a bit of a hard time figuring this english pattern out, but I eventually got it somewhat right and the result is really really nice 🙂 I had to improvise sometimes and i did my own little interpretations, but overall (or is it over all with a space between the words..haha, well it doesnt matter anayway) the pattern was quite easy and fun to do.

So thanks again //Tina from the right now very very snowy Sweden (so our babies really do need a blanket like this 🙂

I an knitting the hooded baby blanket and got to Hood front, Iam not sure what ssk is. it says K1, ssk, K to 3 st from end. how and what is ssk?

ssk= slip slip knit (slip next two stitches, one at a time, knitwise, then knit them together as one)

This is a great pattern for a summer baby. I am going to knit this over the next two weeks for my next grandchild due some time at the end of the month.

Great pattern! Thank you! Im knitting a few of these to donate to a charity. Theyre perfect! My SIL is pregnant now, too, so she will most likely get one, too!

I hate to ask butwhile doing the checkerboard pattern do you do only row 4 for 4 inches or do you alternate between row 3 & 4. I was a bit confused. Thanks for your help! Im making this for our first baby.

This is my favorite pattern! I have made several and they have all been used as THE blanket baby gets brought home it, Highest compliment there is I think.

Jess~ If you purl 10 sts then k 10 then when you turn you will do folow the pattern until the stiches and rows makes a nice square. Hope this helps

hi! i am a beginning knitter and am making this in superwash merino for my baby girl, who is now three months old. i have increased the pattern from 100 to 150 stitches for the blanket. how would i increase the pattern for the hood if i wanted to make it a few inches deeper? thanks, laurence

Hi, Laurence! It turns out your geometry teacher was right (you do need geometry in real life!). The hood piece is a right triangle w/2 equal sides, so the depth of the hood (corner to center of CO edge) will be half the length of the CO side. So if you add an extra 16 st/4 when you cast on, then you should get an extra 2 of depth.

If you want it 3 deeper, CO 24 extra st, and so on. For every 2 extra you start with, youll get 1 in depth. Yay, math!

Hello I sumbled upon this webpage by sheer luck, I was digging around forNew Designer Fashionwhen I came upon your website, I must say your webpage is really cool I just love the layout, its amazing!. Im in a bit of a rush right now to entirely read through your blog but I have bookmarked it and also signed up for your RSS feeds. I will be back in a day or two. Bravo for a great website.

these cotton made blankets really looks lovely, The baby will feel warm because of the love and care that where spend for putting up these blankets together..

Hi, i was looking around for baby products, and i came upon your site. The picture of the baby in the ladies arms was very soothing and it brought back memories of when i had my children that small. Ive knitted a few sweaters and it can be quite relaxing doing it! Im not very good at it, and always marvelled at how some people are such great knitters. Thanks for sharing the pattern as i may be able to knit for my grandchildren one day!

warm regards and a Happy New Year, 2010

Thank you for this pattern! I was looking for simple baby things to sew for when mine comes and as I havent knitted since I was a child, I needed something easy this is perfect!

I have just completed the hood and main part of the blanket and am getting to the edging. Im going to do the rib edge that you have suggested, but I was wondering if you could clarify what you mean by PU 3 st for every 4 rows along sides of blanket? Doesnt that mean I am missing out 1 stitch every 4 rows? And how do I know which 3 to pick up?! A little bit confused Thanks for any help!

Yes, you skip every 4th rowso if you have 75 stitches and 100 rows, youll end up with a full 75 st along the top and bottom, but only 75 stitches (3 out of 4 rows worth) along the sides of the rows.

adorable, I love it.i am just crocheting a baby blanket, thinking about making the hood as well -what are the measurements of the hoody triangle? Thanks so much.

in answer to Tracys 25 Dec inquiry hooded sweater that zips from the top back of the hood down to the bottom of the back. Mary Maxim has a pattern. If you send them a note they can tell you how much the reprint is. It is every mothers dream sweater!!!!

Hi, relatively newby knitter here. Most of this blanket makes sense to me, and I really want to try it for the 3 babies I know due this fall. However, Im a little confused about the border. I get the concept of knitting around in a cicular fashion picking up stitches at the corners and at the border, but Im confused about how you keep your stitches going? What tool(s) should I use or is it possible to knit each side one at a time and then join them at the end?

Miss FitzUse a long circular needle and work around and around. If you dont have one I think it would be fine to knit each side flat as well.

I really like this blanket..But I was wondering if anyone had a pattern for a car seat blanket with the hole in the middle so the buckles can be seen on the outsideThanks

Perfect pattern! Been searching for a pattern, and this looks awesome! Thank you!!!

I am confused about the hood? Do you knit a row pearl a row and then immediately start the decrease row?

Love this easy pattern and the color choice, too. I make many of the items for babies and children from Cotton Ease great feeling, easy to care for, and wonderful non-traditional colors.

I like using the applied I-cord edging. While it may sometimes be a bit more labor intensive, it creates a beautiful finished edge.

Im having trouble with picking up the stitches to make the border I did it with WS facing and ended up with a rather large seam-like bump all the way arounddoesnt look like the picture at all. Should I pick up the stitches with the RS facing?? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Im trying to finish this for a shower next weekend!

I have to confess it was so long ago that I dont remember, and I gifted the blanket years ago, but it certainly *looks* like theyre picked up from the RS

I just changed it to say stockinette side.

Have been wanting to do somthing like this for ages but havent had the excuse to till I remebered that one of my cousins is due to give birth in October and i want to make something special for her. Emma and her hubby have always been called two peas in a pod (so much so that they had little peas in pods salt/pepper shakers as their wedding favors) so Im going to make this bit have the trim in a darker green and also make my own decrotive patch to go on the hood which will say Pea Pod. 🙂 Cant wait to see the baba in it!

Hi!! This has been such a fun pattern! I have a question if youre still looking at this. My gage got off somehow, so 100 stitches made 20 for me, which is fine, except I did the sampler and a 44 grid of 4 squares came to 16 inches of course 🙂 I figure I must have read it wrong, since I have a rectangle instead of a square ^_^ and would have a big rectangle if the side was 26 like it should have been. Should I just add one more row of 4 inch squares to have a 20X20? Thanks again!!

That sounds like the perfect solution!

I am a newbie n confused of how to incorporate patterns into the pattern when they call for more stitches then we have .

I am not new to knitting- but somewhat new to picking up stitches like this for the edging- been reading about it and it seems there is pick up where you just put existing stitches on to the needle, and pick up and knit where you loop the new yarn through the edge and around the needle.. Which should be used here?

Also I messed up with yarn weight and made a rectangle so I doubt Ill be able to knit the edging in a round on the needles I have, has anyone had luck doing the edges each separately and just joining them?

People often use PU and PU knit interchangeably. Just go by the context. If you see PU and there are no held stitches waiting for you, then you just assume that it means pick up knit, where you make new stitches.

Theres no reason you couldnt do the edging one side at a time, it just would be more of a log cabin style than mitered corners.

I really love this cute little hoodie blanket for baby. If I would have baby someday, Ill try to knit for her/him in the future.

Its so adorable! I love it. I am starting to knit a baby blanket, thinking about making the hood as well -what are the measurements of the hoody triangle? Thanks so much.

Hi, I absolutely love your blanket and the choice of colors! Does it curl because of the stockinette stich?

Between the yarn and the edging, its not too bad. It might be curlier in wool

Hi just a question I knitted the blanket but just not sure how big the hood is supposed to be it just says to cast on 39 sts the rest so my question is what is the final measurements

Can anyone help me plz want to finish this blanket but I am confused on the hood what r the measurements before u start decreasing

Your email address will not be published.Required fields are marked*

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In this collection, we have a mix of premium and free PSD mockups for your hooded sweaters. Add your designs on any of these, and make them look realistic. This way, shoppers get a better idea of how the designs actually look. If a model is wearing them, that is even better.

Keep in mind that assuring your visitors and potential clients with high-resolution images is a must. At the end of the day, it is your product pictures that will make or break a sale. With crystal-clear hoodie PSD mockup templates, you can reach a high level of quality.

This gorgeous free mens hoodie mockup comes with many modifiable options for you to showcase your design on a piece of clothing. With the download, you get a layered PSD file that allows you to change the colors of the different parts of the hoodie. You have complete freedom in the placement of your logo/design as well. In addition, you can change the fabric texture effect and choose a different background. There are also five bonus mockups included for even more options. So, you can show the audience how your designs look on the back of the hoodie and even when folded.

This awesome layered hoodie PSD mockup template is as realistic as it can get. It will give you a killer preview of your apparel and help you start taking orders sooner rather than later. Any type of design you may have or a simple logo, it all blends with the texture via smart objects. Even when there are creases, the flow will be genuine. The mockup allows you to change the garment color, too, and gives the final piece a natural feel to it. It is a freebie, and you can start putting it to use straight away.

Part of the amazing Mockup Everything platform, the creators of Shirt Mockup released a wide selection of blank items for your apparel business. There you will find male and female hoodie mockups, with or without the model. Before you launch your actual brand or even a single piece of apparel, though, you might want to test the waters first. To imagine it better, place any design you would like to print on a mockup first to see how it would look. This prototype is almost crucial before you bring things into being. You can pre-test the item to see if the market approves and make improvements where necessary.

A PSD mockup template is a superb way of presenting your own or your clients work to the targeted audience. When you put art on a clean, blank hoodie in your desired color, you have a greater chance of grabbing way more attention. Although its not actually printed yet, the hoodie looks exactly how you might find it on the stands. With a fully customizable PSD mockup of a hoodie, you can play around with different options and make it stand out from the crowd. Also, since it looks like a real product, you can already use it for promotional material and see the response of the potential buyers.

Heres a full collection of mockups of zip-up hoodies and long-sleeve tees. It includes files of products on hangers and folded for even more presentational possibilities. You can freely change the color of the item and pick between light and dark backgrounds. Of course, you can also do your own tweaks and make the clothing look one-of-a-kind. In this package of mockup goodies, you get nine template files, nine displace maps, and an illustrated guide. Your wonderful designs will surely blend well with the mockup through a smart object. Needless to say, everything comes on a separate layer for more freedom when it comes to adjusting elements accordingly.

In just a few clicks, you will be able to present a model of your products with your designs. With the help of hoodie PSD mockup templates, everything is possible. For men, specifically, you get four mockups with or without the model. There are also no limits when it comes to picking the desired product color. The background, in particular, is transparent, so you can do with it whatever you want. Have it white, or pick something more exclusive and eye-catching but not too noisy since you do not want to take the attention from the hoodie design to the background. The mentioned four mockups are front and back views with or without the model.

Here are simply and efficiently crafted beautiful hoodies with a solid PSD mockup template. With this mockup, youll get seven files and organized layers. You can modify the hood, arm, pocket, and hem of the product, as well as change the skin color of the model and the color of the jeans he is wearing to achieve great contrast. While the background is transparent, there are also three different variations included. Two street looks and one in front of a cement wall. Additionally, four color effects are available: two vintage looks, summer warm, and midnight sky. It is just an extra touch that you can add to the presentation. If it happens that you are new to mockups and clothing design, a guide is available.

This fully editable hoodie PSD mockup template brings your designs to an entirely different level. Whether they are big and complex or small and minimal, you can fill them with life with a high-resolution mockup. You can change the color of the hoodie, the cords, the pants, and of course, the background. A zoom option and four different views are available, too. All your masterpieces come to life via a smart object, and they beautifully blend with the garment. The views available are front and back, along with three-fourths left and three-fourths right. Use this intuitive tool for purely promotional purposes, or use it to start taking your very first orders.

With a hoodie PSD mockup download, youll get three views, a displacement map for each view, and five FX controllers, but there is a ton more to it than just that. Besides having access to eight backgrounds, you can make your own, too. Additionally, the shadow in this template is removable, and the layers are well organized. An illustrated guide is available to assist you so that your clothing design process achieves the best and greatest results. Without actually taking any photos of a product and even hiring a model, you can make it all look truly professional. This is both cheap and efficient, if you will. It is all in the power of a mockup, which gives you total or almost total freedom. Benefit from it, and begin growing your business ASAP.

Some hoodie mockups are for both males and females, but some focus on either. This premium hoodie mockup for women is equipped with different views to give buyers a better idea of how your product looks. Indeed, the design receives the most attention, but the overall experience should be a flawless one as well. You will easily achieve this with a modern and trendy-looking mockup whose colors are white, gray, and black. You do not, however, need to limit yourself to these only. Likewise, feel free to play with FX and choose your desired background, which should be ready for use. Still, you can design your own background to get the result you want.

For hoodie-specific look books, real-life shots for social media or websites, or any other type of branding, check out the Urban Edition of this gorgeous hoodie mockup PSD template. Here is a quick rundown of its features: You can pick between male and female models and classic and zip-up hoodies. Add any color to it, and change the laces and zipper. All the images are in high-resolution, which allows you to crop them and change the size to the preferred one. Add your designs by using the smart layer and by combining an additional touch to the overall look with the five predefined color filters. With very little work, you can attain terrific and very expert web and even print presentation.

If you are just starting out or testing the waters, a professional hoodie PSD mockup template is the best option for you. There is no need to invest much capital, but you will still get incredible results, especially when these mockups involve male and female models. Indeed, it brings life to your designs and makes the final photo look more professional. There are 10 predefined PSDs available for you to start mixing them with your design. You can choose between male and female models, pick classic hoodies or zip-ups, and change the overall color and the lace and zipper colors separately. Besides, you also get 10 different backgrounds, but you can design and incorporate your own, too. There is just so much you can do with the templates to make your life a whole lot easier and simpler.

Although this is a full apparel branding mockup, you can choose each item separately. Meaning, choose only the hoodie and improve it according to your needs. The resolution is 6000 x 6000 px, and the mockup is exceptionally easy to edit. Crop it or frame it to your desired size. You can use it for your social media, official website, banner ads,flyers, you name it. Every item is separated for more flexibilityshadows, six unique backgrounds, plus six impressive filterswhile the designs are editable via a smart object.

Mockups are a fun way to promote your designs and, of course, your brand. No need to put much time and effort into it, and the outcome will be a fine piece of work. For ladies, this professional hoodie PSD mockup quickly brings your designs onto an actual product. You get to choose the color of the hoodie, change the background, and place your art accordingly. For everyone who needs help along the way, the files include instructions. You can show your product to your audience and see their reaction to it. If suggestions keep coming to your inbox, then you can make adjustments and finalize it before it hits the print shop.

From hoodies to pullovers, this bundle mockup covers them all, as well as male and female products. Twelve views are available, along with a nice range of different pre-made backgrounds. However, you can make your very own eye-catcher. You can pick between white, gray, and black colors of hoodies or pullovers, yet again, you can include your own at any time. No need to stick with three options only. When you have the preferred color already incorporated, you can then play with FX and see what feels right. The options are almost endless. You can remove shadows, edit designs via a smart object, and use the displacement map for each view. Everyone can do it, even a novice.

After you have the designs ready and set for printing, there is one more step you should take. See how they look on the apparel first. The best and most cost-effective way is to select a first-class hoodie PSD mockup template. It is too easy to add the design on a piece of clothing nowadays and make it look similar to the final product. Once you see it on a product, you might notice that the design needs improvements. You save yourself time and money and start building hype for your products.

This mockup includes six different views (with or without model), four color effects/filters, and a transparent background. The actual hoodie allows you to change the sleeve, hood, pocket, and hem, as well as the models hair, skin, and jeans. For additional accuracy, displacement map filter comes handy. There is a whole bunch that is possible with this ladys hoodie PSD mockup. See results as quickly as possible.

For a small investment, you can clearly see what works and what does not. Not only can you check how your designs look on a product and enhance their visibility if needed, you can test the market as well. If you already have a decent following base, you will quickly see if the hoodie will sell or not. Or you can use paid promotion to test the probability of your hoodies potential. A practical PSD template allows you to change the color of the product and the background; you can change the print effortlessly as well. In case any of those may sound new to you, instructions are included so you will not have a problem making it happen.

This is a great option to create customized hoodie with your very own print on it. This hoodie PSD mockup template comes with six PSD files and two displace maps. Changing colors is simple, and so is putting your designs on it with smart objects. When you finish editing, you can then further study your designs in case you need to make changes. It depends on what you are using the mockups for. Of course, if its for a client, it needs to be designed to a T, whereas if its for personal use, you can release them unfinished. Together with your audience, you can put the finishing touches to it and have the final piece ready for selling and promotion. Get your fans involved, and turn them into customers before you actually release the hoodie.

Ten hoodie PSD mockups are available in this template set. They are ready for print, for the web, or for both. With this template, there is no need to do a photo shoot yourself; it is already done for you. All you have to do is add your designs to the hoodies. They will naturally blend into the overall picture and help you showcase your designs. The downloaded file will also consist of five custom vintage filters and a detailed video tutorial. The video walks you through the entire procedure of setting things up for yourself.

Changing the color of the hoodies is simple, and results are instant. The hoodies that the models are wearing are American Apparels, which might even be the one you will use for your brand. Smart objects with displacement mapping will make your design look like they are printed on the models pullovers.

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Rok is a professional content creator and an enthusiastic marketer who spends most of his day behind the screen, drinking coffee and listening to black metal. But he never misses a daily workout to get the blood flow going. He goes by the quote, Only a fool worries over what he cant control.

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Rate the Dress an 18th century Hoodie

Im so excited about launching theScroop Patterns Otari Hoodie(which you have about 19 hours left to get 20% off on, along with all the other Scroop Patterns, with the code TWOYEARS at checkout), that of course I had to pick a historical hoodie for this weeks Rate the Dress!

Last weeks Rate the Dresspick wascontentious.  You definitely couldnt fault it for not being interesting, but some of you faulted it for pretty much everything else.  The two biggest complaints were about the (even more clashing) sash and buttons, and the abrupt join of the two fabrics around the hips.

There were also people whoadoredthe outfit for its personality, and for being such a fabulous example of mid-1910s quirkiness.

Well, its a slight improvement on the week before it I guess?  Unfortunately a lot of the people who adored the outfit only commented on facebook, and I dont include the FB comments because they get lost to time (and are a pain to count), so not a success for this one this time.

Portrait of a Girl Holding a Spaniel, Alexander Roslin, mid 18th century

This charming young lady was painted by Roslin sometime around 1760, along with her equally charming pet.

Portrait of a Girl Holding a Spaniel, Alexander Roslin, mid 18th century (Detail)

She is clad top to toe in a brunswick ensemble in lavender pink, faced with white satin.

A brunswick was a hooded jacket fashionable in the mid 19th century.  Brunswicks were usually worn with matching waistcoats, and the hood could be attached to the jacket, or the waistcoat.   Roslins lady seems to have a hood which attaches to the waistcoat.

Portrait of a Girl Holding a Spaniel, Alexander Roslin, mid 18th century (Detail)

The young ladys extremely coordinating ensemble is accessorised with a double pearl choker, and a fashionable mid-century hairstyle, with heavily powdered hair twisted back from the brow, topped with a scattering of flowers, and crowned with a small cap.

A reminder about rating feel free to be critical if you dont like a thing, but make sure that your comments dont stray into the kind of meanness that is actually insulting to those who do like a garment.  Our different tastes are what make Rate the Dress so interesting, but its no fun a comment implies that anyone who doesnt agree with it, or who would wear a garment, is crazy.

(as usual, nothing more complicated than a .5.  I also hugely appreciate it if you only do one rating, and set it on a line at the very end of your comment, so I can find it!  Thanks in advance!)

A lovely coloured outfit, was it for a ball or court dress. Im sure it looked lovely in candlelight. A bit fussy for me, but Im a plain ( old ) girl.

Love the hairstyle though, but wonder how she got all that powder & whatever lurked in it out.

This is such a charming, appealing portrait, but that little dog is pawing her with its little dog claws! I wonder how the fabric looked afterwards?

Ive never seen this kind of hoodie before, and I think its enchanting almost fairy-taleish. Id love to be able to see it with the hood up (would this be a pointed hood or a round hood?), but even down, it creates such a soft, natural looking collar that works well with the highly structured gown. The simple accessories are lovely.

As for the dress itself, with all its ruffles and squiggles and laces, it does skew towards being sickly-sweet. And Im not sure about the color. In real life, it might have been rather drab. But in the picture, it has a soft, silvery blush, so thats what Ill judge it on. The ornate sleeves are right up my alley, and the frilliness of the dress isnt overwhelming. In fact, Id say there are enough embellishments for the effect to be lavish, but not absurd.

The fabrics are lovely, and I like the coordinated color scheme a lot. My only quibble is that the Brunswick the sitter is wearing looks as though its too large through the torso, which makes it look sort of odd. It really does look rather like a hoodie. I wonder if wearing of Brunswicks was a fashion mostly confined to children and very young women?

DratI missed last week. Anyway, this week, the dress is so elegant! It must have taken a tremendous number of woman-hours to apply all of that trim. The manner in which only one fabric was used for everything except the bit of white lining keeps all of the detail from going over the top. I think whoever created this had a great eye for design. And yes, I love the hoodie.

I love this. and the colour really suits the sitter.

10! I dont usually like pink, but this is such a lovely shade of rose that it gets a pass. So many beautiful details, and Im a sucker for a hood in any case.

I find it an interesting costume. I think the colour suits the girl and it echos the flowers in her hair which is lovely. However, its way too monochromatic. I started out saying that I liked this part but not this other part but realised in the end that I liked most of the parts in isolation its just when theyre all put together that I start to dislike them because it becomes overwhelmingly pink. So in the end, the only thing I have real reservations about is the odd jutting out of the bodice (which I think is the corset underneath although it seems rather low cut for a corset, but if not that, then what?) and the lack of colour variation!

I love this! The color is perfect for her and Im actually also drawn to the white lining in the sleeves.

Having a hard time imagining how that dog sat for a portrait for ages without ruining something from dress to perfect blue bow.

I give 8/10 because its a lot of only one color.

Its an I like it, but. Interesting and attractive example of the style, and the hoodie is intriguing. The colour is suitable, and the girl and her dog look well with it.

But it is a very heavy formal outfit for a young girl. So much ruffling. Looks solid, as if shes in satin armour.

I thinks its lovely and a wonderful example of what the rich were wearing, so much work went into it and all sewn by hand.

I love the colour and her sweet little face but I think she is overpowered by the size and volume of the dress. Its also a bit too frilly and fussy for my liking. Am I the only one who thinks there is something about this dress that reminds me of a pink satin bedspread?

7/10 cos she has such a sweet little face.

Love it. Love the painting ( I am a painter in oils) love the dress, love the 18th C. style, love the silvery rosy color, which gets a sort of changeable silk taffeta impression across.

What an elegant hoodie. And a very elegant young lady, perhaps going to dine as not a child for the first time.

Its not something I would ever wear, but its a great example of its style and time.

Good use of self-fabric trim and contrast. Totally luxurious.

And I love the way her hair and the trim have similar shapes (it almost looks like twist braid cornrows), and the dusting of tiny flowers from hat to brow.

Its quite nice, but I wish all the pink on the outside were broken up with some white, or even powder blue like the dogs ribbon. Even if the monochromatic-ness is a little drab, its still quite pretty, so:

Were so accustomed to a hoodie being a casual garmet detail that having it be part of such formal apparel seems delightfully iconoclastic.

Im not at all bothered by a monocrhomatic approach, especially since there is so much trim, but I must admit I would prefei the trim to have been in a smaller scale.

I love this style! I will agree with some of the other commenters that the dress looks a bit big on the girl. Maybe its on loan from an older sister for the portrait? Or maybe the odd fit is just a quirk of the painting? As far as the color of the dress goes, Im actually a fan of all the pink. Keeping everything in one color keeps all the trim from being overwhelming.

Actually, from the portrait it looks to me as though the fabric of the girls outfit is a changeable silk (pink and blue).

I love brunswicks, but I dont think Ive seen a pink one before. I love it, I tried to find faults with it, and maybe I would have cut back a bit on the trim, but otherwise I cant find anything that I dont like.

I love the color, but I find the contrasting stripes of trim on the edge of the outer coat/wavy lines on the inner bodice kind of distracting. I love the hoodie though! 7.5/10

*Is* it a Brunswick though? I thought that was the term for a shorter (hip-length or just below) jacket, whereas a full-length hooded gown like this one was a Jesuit? Anyway, theyre odd garments in general because in various artwork/extants, sometimes the hood is sewn onto the main garment, and sometimes onto a separate vest worn underneath the main gown so you could still take it off and just wear the gown with a regular stomacher when you werent traveling like a boss. I like the versatility of the latter, so I neeeeeeed one.

This ones gorgeous. Such trim, so pastel, much floof. Awesome travel-wear too in a cold carriage, thank goodness for those long sleeves. This kind of garment is on my make-someday list and Im so pleased to see one in purpley-pink. 10/10.

This is so inspiring! After seeing this, I think Im going to make a Brunswick next! Thank you for sharing!

Lovely, lovely gown. Im drawn to hoodies and love garments with hoods so I dont have to wear a hat or carry an umbrella in inclement weather. This is perfect for a formal occasion. I can see that changeable silk glistening in candlelight. The monochromatic scheme keeps all the trim and frills from overwhelming the eyes, in my opinion. The gown looks substantial enough to be warm in the winter.

I really like it! I now want to make myself a dress with a hood.

(I hope I am stil in time, please forgive my brevity)

Lovely color, excellent design, the only thing I do not like is her extreme doll-like face, it is barely human. But that is not the dress, so it will not influence my score.

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Introducing the Scroop Patterns Otari Hoodie!

High fashion hairstyles for 1916 (and the Hump hairpin)

Aloha! Im Leimomi Oakes, a textile and fashion historian, sewing teacher, writer, speaker, and a little bit of everything else. Join me for fashion, history, mad sewentist adventures, and, of course, Felicity the cat!Click to learn more.

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Custom Hoodie,100+ designs to choose from, or create your own, superb quality…

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Design Your Own Hoodie with YourDesign

Have you ever wanted to design your own hoodie? YourDesign allows you to design your own clothes quickly and easily. Read on to find out how.

I love unique clothing. Clothing can make a statement and show your personality. It is always nice to have something no one else has.

Would you love to design your own clothes? Making clothes from scratch isnt easy. You need patterns, material, and a sewing machine. YourDesign is a site that allows you to create personalised photo gifts and clothing. It is a great way to give a special gift or create a unique clothing item. Choose from t-shirts, bags, mugs and hoodies. You can even get a Great British Bake Off apron or personalised wooden spoon.

When YourDesign got in touch to see if I would like to try out their site to create a personalised gift I was happy to do so. It was difficult to choose what to personalise as they have plenty to choose from. I chose to order a hoodie as the weather is getting colder. I knew it would be ideal to put on for walking the dog in the mornings.

The great thing about YourDesign is that you can put anything on the hoodie. A favourite photo, words, your imagination is the limit.

I did wonder if it would be difficult to design and order mypersonalised hoodiebut the process is simple.  All you do is choose the hoodie you want from the range of womans hoodies. There are five different styles to choose from. Just click on the style you want. You can then choose the colour.

Clicking the customise it button takes you to the design screen. Here you get the option to add text, add your own photo or choose from a gallery of images. The gallery has a number of collections like dogs, unicorns, alcohol, cakes. This makes it easy to find what you are looking for.

When you have chosen your design clicking on it adds it to the picture of the hoodie. You can then change the size, rotate and move the item until it is exactly where you want it.

When you are happy with the design click buy. The hoodie goes into your bag and you can order it. The process is simple and easy.

I kept my design simple. I put my dragon logo onto the side of the hoodie. It was easy to design. After getting the logo in the right place and size I ordered. After ordering you get a chance to check your design before YourDesign print it. If there are any problems with the order they will let you know. My delivery came quickly.

This is my hoodie, what do you think?

I love my new hoodie. The material is 80% cotton and 20% polyester. This makes it very soft and also very cosy.  It feels lovely and soft to the touch. It feels really high quality.

The pocket on the front is a great size with a hidden opening for an earphone cord. This is ideal if you go jogging and listen to podcasts on your phone.

The design is really good as well. All the colour and detail in the image is there. The hoodie is exactly how I thought it would be.

If you are looking for a special gift or want to personalise some hoodies for a school team then why not give YourDesign a try?

I was sent a personalised hoodie and t-shirt to allow me to try out the site. I was not obliged to say anything nice and my opinions are my own.

Click to print (Opens in new window)

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Best Clothes for Autumn Dog Walking

Best Clothes for Autumn Dog Walking

Looking good 🙂 Love the idea of designing your own hoodie great idea for Christmas

Its a brilliant idea, perfect for Christmas

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Hello, Im Alison. Welcome to my blog. Here you will find recipes and food ideas, places to explore in the north east and beyond. Join me, my husband, son and dog on our adventures. Everyone needs a little fairy dust in their lives.

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Turn Signal Biking Jacket

Introduction: Turn Signal Biking Jacket

This tutorial will show you how to build a jacket with turn signals that will let people know where youre headed when youre on your bike. Well use conductive thread and sewable electronics so your jacket will be soft and wearable and washable when youre done. Enjoy!

A version of this tutorial is also onmy website.

.Get your supplies. You need:–LilyPad Arduino main board–FTDI connector–mini USB cable–LilyPad power supply–16 LilyPad LEDs(note: these arent available from SparkFun yet, but will be soon)–2 push button switches–a spool of 4-ply conductive thread– a digital multimeter with a beeping continuity tester.This is the one I have.– a garment or a piece of fabric to work on– a needle or two, a fabric marker or piece of chalk, puffy fabric paint, a bottle of fabric glue, and a ruler(Available at your local fabric shop orJoann Stores.)– a pair of scissors– double sided tape (optional)– a sewing machine (optional)disclosure: I designed the LilyPad, so Ill make some $ if you buy one.

.Plan the aesthetic and electrical layout of your piece.Decide where each component is going to go and figure out how you will sew them together with as few thread crossings as possible. Make a sketch of your design that you can refer to as you work. The photos below show the sketches for my jacket. Stitching for power (+) is shown in red, ground (-) in black, LEDs in green, and switch inputs in purple.Important note about the power supplyAs you design, plan to keep your power supply and LilyPad main board close to each other. If they are too far apart, you are likely to have problems with your LilyPad resetting or just not working at all.Why? Conductive thread has non-trivial resistance. (The 4-ply silver-coated thread from SparkFun that comes with the LilyPad starter kit has about 14 ohms/foot.) Depending on what modules youre using in your construction, your LilyPad can draw up to 50 milliamps (mA) of current, or .05 Amps. Ohms law says that the voltage drop across a conductive material–the amount of voltage that you lose as electricity moves through the material–is equal to the resistance of the conductive material times the amount of current that is flowing through it.For example, if your LilyPad is a foot away from the power supply, the total resistance of the conductive material that attaches your LilyPad to your power supply is about 28 ohms. (14 Ohms in the conductive thread that leads from the negative terminal of the power supply to the negative petal on the LilyPad and 14 Ohms in the conductive thread that ties the positive terminals together). This means we can expect a drop of 1.4 Volts (28 Ohms * .05 Amps.) This means that while 5 Volts is coming out of the power supply, the LilyPad will only be getting 3.6 Volts (5 Volts – 1.4 Volts). Once the voltage at the LilyPad drops below about 3.3 Volts, it will reset. The resistance of the traces from + on the power supply to + on the LilyPad and – on the power supply to – on the LilyPad should be at most 10 Ohms. Plan the distance accordingly.If all of this was confusing, dont worry! Just keep the LilyPad and power supply close to each other in your design.Transfer the sketch to your garment.Use chalk or some other non-permanent marker to transfer your design to the garment. If you want, use a ruler to make sure everything is straight and symmetrical.Use double sided tape to temporarily attach LIlyPad pieces to your garment. This will give you a good sense of what your final piece will look like. It will also keep everything in place and, as long as the tape sticks, make your sewing easier.

.First, trim the leads off of the back of the power supplyGet out your LilyPad power supply piece and trim the metal parts that are sticking out the back of it. Small clippers like the ones shown in the photo work well, but you can also use scissors.Stabilize your battery on the fabric.Generally, you want to do everything you can to keep the power supply from moving around on the fabric. I recommend gluing or sewing the battery down before starting on the rest of the project. You may also want to glue or sew something underneath the power supply to help prevent it from pulling on the fabric and bouncing around as you move.If you are working on a thin or stretch piece of fabric–first of all, reconsider this choice! Its much easier to work on a heavy piece of non-stretchy fabric. If you are determined to forge ahead with a delicate fabric, choose the location for your power supply wisely. Its the heaviest electronic module, so put it somewhere where it will not distort the fabric too badly. definitely glue or sew something underneath the power supply.Sew the + petal of the power supply down to your garment.If you are new to sewing,check out this great introductionbefore you start for info on how to thread a needle, tie knots and make stitches. Cut a 3-4 foot length of conductive thread. Thread your needle, pulling enough of the thread through the needle that it will not fall out easily. Tie a knot at the end of the longer length of thread. Do not cut the thread too close to the knot or it will quickly unravel.Coming from the back of the fabric to the front, poke the needle into the fabric right next to the + petal on the power supply and then, from the front of the fabric, pull it through. The knot at the end of the thread will keep the thread from pulling out of the fabric. Now make a stitch going into the hole in the hole in the + petal on the power supply. Do this several more times, looping around from the back of the fabric to the front, going through the + petal each time.Pay special attention to this stitching. It is the most important connection that youll sew in your project. You want to make sure you get excellent contact between the petals on the power supply and your conductive thread. Go through the hole several times (at least 5) with your stitching. Keep sewing until you cant get your needle through anymore. Do not cut your thread, just proceed to the next step.Sew from the battery to the LilyPad.Once youve sewn the + petal of the battery down, make small neat stitches to the + petal of your LilyPad. I used a jacket with a fleece lining and stitched only through the inner fleece lining so that no stitches were visible on the outside of the jacket.Sew the + petal of your LilyPad down, finishing the connection.When you reach the LilyPad, sew the + petal down to the fabric with the conductive thread. Just like you were with the battery petal, you want to be extra careful to get a robust connection here. This stitching is making the electrical connection between your power supply and LilyPad.When you are done with this attachment, sew away from the LilyPad about an inch along your stitching, tie a knot, and cut your thread about an inch away from the knot so that your knot wont come untied.Put fabric glue on each of your knots to keep them from unraveling.Once the glue dries, trim the thread close to each knot.

.Measure the resistance of your stitching.Get out your multimeter and put it on the resistance measuring setting. Measure from power supply + to LilyPad + and power supply – to LilyPad -. If the resistance of either of these traces is greater than 10 ohms, reinforce your stitching with more conductive thread. If youre not sure how to measure resistance,check out this tutorial.Put a AAA battery into the power supply and flip the power supply switch to the on position. The red light on the power supply should turn on. If it doesnt and youre sure you flipped the switch, quickly remove the battery and check for a short between your + and – stitches. (Most likely there is a piece of thread thats touching both the – and + stitching somewhere.) You can test for a short between + and – by using the beeping continuity tester on your multimeter.See this tutorial for information on how to use the continuity tester.Also check the resistance between the + and – stitching. If the resistance is less than 10K Ohms or so, youve got a mini-short (probably a fine conductive thread hair that is touching both + and -) that you need to find and correct.If the power supply does turn on, look at your LilyPad. It should blink quickly each time you press its switch. Once these connections are working properly, turn off the power supply and remove the battery.Insulate your power and ground stitchingSo, your jacket is now full of uninsulated conductive stitches. This is fine when a body is inside of it. A body will prevent sewn traces from contacting each other. But when the jacket is off of a person and you bend or fold it, traces will touch each other and short out. To fix this problem, cover your traces with puffy fabric paint (or another insulator like a satin stitch in regular thread). But,you dont want to cover traces until youre sure that everything works! So, use good judgment in when to coat traces.

.Sew in your left and right signals.Using the same techniques you used to sew the power supply to the LilyPad, attach all of the + petals of the lights for the left turn signal together and to a petal on the LilyPad (petal 9 for me) and all of the + petals for the right signal together and to another LilyPad petal (11 for me). Attach all of the – petals of the lights together and then to either the – petal on the LilyPad or another LilyPad petal (petal 10 for me). Refer back to my design sketches if any of this is confusing.Remember to seal each of your knots with fabric glue to keep them from unraveling. Be careful to avoid shorts; dont let one sewn trace touch another. In this case, the – traces for the LEDs are all connected, but you want to make sure that the + traces for the left and right signals do not touch the – trace or each other.Test your turn signals.Load a program onto your LilyPad that blinks each turn signal to make sure all of your sewing is correct.Note, if you dont know how to program the LilyPad,work through a few of these introductory tutorials before proceeding.Heres my test program:int ledPin = 13; // the LED on the LilyPadint leftSignal = 9; // my left turn signal is attached to petal 9int rightSignal = 11; // my right turn signal is attached to petal 11int signalLow = 10; // the – sides of my signals are attached to petal 10void setup()pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // sets the ledPin to be an outputpinMode(leftSignal, OUTPUT); // sets the leftSignal petal to be an outputpinMode(rightSignal, OUTPUT); // sets the rightSignal petal to be an outputpinMode(signalLow, OUTPUT); // sets the signalLow petal to be an outputdigitalWrite(signalLow, LOW); // sets the signalLOW petal to LOW (-)void loop() // run over and over againdelay(1000); // wait for 1 seconddigitalWrite(leftSignal, LOW); // turn the left signal offdelay(1000); // wait for 1 seconddigitalWrite(rightSignal, HIGH); // turn the right signal ondelay(1000); // wait for 1 seconddigitalWrite(rightSignal, LOW); // turn the right signal offdelay(1000); // wait for 1 secondIf your layout is the same as mine, you can just copy and paste this program into your Arduino window.If your turn signals dont work, use your multimeter (and the instructions from the last step) to test for shorts or bad connections and make sure that your program matches your physical layout.insulate your turn signal stitchesCover your traces with puffy fabric paint. Remember,you dont want to cover traces until youre sure that everything works! Use good judgment in when to coat traces.

.Place your switchesFind a spot for your switches where theyll be easy to press when youre riding your bike. I mounted mine on the underside of my wrists. I found a good spot by trying out different places. Check out the photos to see what I mean.Once youve found a good position, push the legs of the switch through the fabric and bend them over on the inside of the fabric.Sew in your switches.Sew your switches into the garment. Sew 1 leg to the switch input petal on the LilyPad and another leg,one that is diagonally across from the first, to ground or another LilyPad petal. I used petal 6 for the switch input on the left side and petal 12 for switch input on the right side. I used – for the – connection on the left side, but petal 4 for the – connection on the right side. Refer back to my design drawings if any of this is confusing.When youre done sewing, go back and reinforce the switch connections with glue. You dont want your switches to fall out of their stitching.

.Sew a single LED onto the sleeve of each arm.These will give you essential feedback about which turn signal is on. Theyll flash to tell you what the back of your jacket is doing, so make sure theyre in a visible spot. Sew the + petals of each LED to a LilyPad petal and the – petals of each LED to the – side of the switch (the – trace you sewed in the last step). I used petal 5 for the LED + on the left side and petal 3 for the LED + on the right side. Again, refer back to my design drawings if any of this is confusing.As always, remember to glue and trim knots and be careful not to create any shorts.Once you sew both wrist LEDs, youre done with the sewing phase of the project! Now, on to programming…

.Decide on the behavior you want.I wanted the left switch to turn on the left turn signal for 15 seconds or so, and the right switch to do the same thing for the right signal. Pressing a switch when the corresponding turn signal is on should turn the signal off. Pressing both switches at the same time should put the jacket into nighttime flashing mode. The wrist mounted LEDs should provide feedback about the current state of the jacket.Heres the code I wrote to get that behavior.Program your jacketTo program your garment, copy and paste my code into an Arduino window and load it onto the LilyPad. You may have to make some small adjustments first depending on where you attached lights and switches. Play with delays to customize your blinking patterns. Follow myLilyPad introduction instructionsif you need more information on how to program the LilyPad or how to make sense of my code.Plug your battery back in and see if it works and…go biking!Insulate the rest of your tracesCover the rest of your traces with puffy fabric paint. Again, dont coat anything until youre sure it works.About washingYour creation is washable.Remove the batteryand wash the garment by hand with a gentle detergent.Note: silver coated threads will corrode over time and their resistance will gradually increase with washing and wear. To limit the effects of corrosion, insulate and protect your traces with puffy fabric paint or some other insulator. You can also revive exposed corroded traces with silver polish. Try this on a non-visible area first to see what it does to your fabric!

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So the lilypad main board is not for sale anywhere would i be able to use updated products for this project?

can someone please tell me how long this took to make? thank you so much.

How long does this take to make???????? Some please answer I will bake you brownies!!!!!!!!!!! Please I beg you how long did this take to make!!?????!!????

How do I control or make the 12v input to the Arduino?

please send code and wiring to hook bike turn signals to arduino and make jacket batuomatic

I am sort of surprised that a single output can drive that many LEDs (and the high resistence thread). I would have expected Vcc (+5V) to go out to each bank of lights and the return line (connected to the – terminal on the LEDs) would be connected to a port configured with INPUT_PULLUP. Youd have to set the output to LOW to turn on the LEDs but the microcontroller wouldnt need to supply all of the amperage, just sink it.

Do I need to use the lilypad LEDs or can I use different ones?

Please anyone suggest , can we use any other sensor instead of Push Buttons for Switching Purpose (To turn the right/left indicator LEDs on/off ) ?? I found just Picture of this Clothing sensor which Gives pulse on closing finger.. it can be used in this Project but unfortunate i cant find its title or name etc. please suggest me if u know any sensor…

can we use other than LilyPad Arduino board like Arduino UNO board??

You can use other boards for this project, however, the liliypad, flora, and gemma boards (all very similar save for size) are designed for projects like this because none of the components stick out the bottom, preventing snagging anfdtearing, and have pads designed for use with conductive threads. The uno and others will be harder to mount, and may not be compatible with your thread if it is too thick orand/or cant be soldered. Feel free to experiment though. You might find new solutions.

Will the atmega32 chip overheat when I would use leds of 2.2V and 50mA If (instead of the 3.3V and 30mA If lilypad leds) even though the the max. forward current of the chip is 40 mA?

Standard disclaimer, the code is dependent on your wiring and so forth, but heres what I used to drive my jacket.

you have the code to turn the left signal off and the right on and off to flash but for the left signal do you just do the same have the right turned off and the left on and off for flashing and do you just input the code under the loop or what

Dude, just loop the codes for right signal to off and left signal on 🙂

hello sir i am new here and in arduino so iwant to learn arduino programing and every thing about arduino so if you khow about programing so please help me to learn arduino sorry for my poor english thanks in advance i am very thankful to you please give me replay to my email

is the info about the power supply all you need to know for the power requirements for all the components or is there more power reqs needed

The power supply is enough for 3-4 hours and if u buy a rechargeable lithium battery, you can recharged it . There is no more power supply require.

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