Online Deck Design

Download deck design software and learn how to build a deck with using home design software and 3D deck plans. Building a deck in your back yard is a great addition to any house plans. Decks are great for summer entertaining, dining outside, and even just relaxing and enjoying the warm weather. Many people want to build a deck but are unsure of where to start, how to create deck plans, or even what type of deck design to choose. With the advent of free deck design software, deck planning ideas have never been easier! Now withfree deck software, you no longer need to higher a professional contractor to plan and build your decks and patios. With the click of a button you can start using the deck building tool of your building design software and be on your way to creating your own deck designs in no time!

Currently on the market, there is a variety offree 3D deck design software, making the do it yourself homeowners remodeling dreams come true. Many companies are even beginning to make free design software available for downloading online making it easier and less expensive for people to purchase and start designing their home. Landscape, deck and interior design software programs are particularly popular because these are tasks that are easy for the DIY homeowner to complete. As more and more home design software programs become available, it is making it easier for people to undertake do-it-yourselfdecks and designbuilding projects.

Even if you do not know how to build a deck, what materials are needed to get started building a deck, or even the cost of building and designing a deck software programs are available that will give you all that information and start you on your way to building the deck of your dreams. 3D deck design software is available that will give you a 3-dimensional image of your deck designs to better visualize how your deck will look in your backyard. Deck & landscape design software helps your creativity offering free landscape design ideas. Manyonline design softwareprograms have a deck building tool that allows you to break down your deck design into multiple layers to view every aspect of your decks, including the foundation and framework required.

Different deck software programs also come with different templates to give you a wide variety of deck patio ideas and designs. Most freepatio design softwareprograms also come with a unique lighting feature that allows you to view your landscape deck & patio in different lighting layouts. This unique feature of home deck design software allows you to see how the sunlight will hit your deck so you can incorporate lighting into your patio design. A lot of patio planning software programs even have a cost calculating feature that will tell you how much materials you need and what it will cost to build a deck. With the advanced features of deck planning software, deck building has never been easier! Deck designing software now gets rid of the expenses and hassle of hiring a professional deck designer to design and build a deck for you.

Actually, a lot of the deck designer software programs on the market have many of the features and details as professional deck design software programs, but are much less expensive, more user friendly, and give you a wide variety of floor plans and designs for backyard decks. Moreover, many companies and websites are offering free landscape design software downloads on their websites, making it easier for you to purchase and use decking software. With diyhome design softwarebuild a pergola in your backyard with 3D plans to download. Free deck design plans and building software has many of the same features as deck plan software, providing different deck templates, material options, and deck designs.

While free planning software has many of the same features as other programs without the cost, free patio design software programs give you fewer options and variety than the other programs. Searching online for deck design software reviews will give you and idea of the different programs available and help you determine the best deck design ideas and software for you. Looking for the best outdoor solar lights, deck building programs include pictures of deck solar lights to include in your 3D deck plan. With a little research and time you can soon be on your way to purchasing free 3dpatio design softwarethat will help you build a deck of your dreams!

Best 3D home architect apps to design your home

Designing your dream house is relatively simple, as long as you have the proper 3D home architect software. There are many applications that can help you design your home, and today were going to show you the best 3D home architect apps.

Live Home 3D Prois an excellent home design app that will help you design and build the house of your dreams. Whether youre a homeowner who wants to completely revamp his/her home or a professional designer, this app is for both of you.

Live Home 3D Pro offers advanced design tools so that you can view absolutely all the details of your project. The app features a rich Object Library with thousands of 3D objects, including many pieces of furniture.

In-app purchases are also available. For example, you can purchase over 150 additional plans and more than 600 additional materials to make sure that the end results looks exactly like the digital design.

Here are some key features of the app:

2D floor plans and real-time 3D rendering are supported

There is no limit as to the number of stories that you can design

You can use photos to create custom materials so that you can fully personalize the design

You can automatically adjust natural light by setting the time and geographic location

You can export the design of your house to 3DS, FBX, OBJ, Collada, VRML, and X3D formats.

Live Home 3D Pro receives regular updates that add new features to the table and improve the apps stability and performance.

Download now Live Home 3D Profrom the Microsoft Store

3D Architect Home Designer Pro is a home architect software made for professionals and construction companies. The application is optimized for first-time users, so even if you dont have much experience with this kind of software you should be able to handle 3D Architect Home Designer Pro.

The tool allows you to create 2D floor plans, but you can easily convert them to 3D models for better view. The application also offers landscaping tools so you can also add various paths, ponds or change height levels. Speaking of ground editing, the application also has a terrain brush that allows you to edit landscape easily.

In order to help you create your designs faster, the application has a library that offers thousands of furnishing objects and textures. Speaking of which, the application also supports realistic 3D textures. Its also worth mentioning that you can import objects right fromSketchUp3D Warehouse app.

The application also has 3D walkthrough function so you can view your newly designed home from first person. Theres also support for in-line measurements so you can directly modify the desired elements. The application works with Google Maps, and theres also an advanced component editor.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro also allows you to choose between night and day in order to simulate lighting effects. If needed, you can also choose between various 3D rendering options such as 3D texture overlay.

The application also has plan mode assistant that can produce detailed drawings. Speaking of drawing, you can choose between multiple wall thickness levels and theres also an ability to scan and import existing drawings to your plan. The application also supports layering so you can easily add wall hatchings.

You can choose between wide range of windows and doors, and theres even support for bi-folding models. Its worth mentioning that there are advanced wall junction options and you can also easily join multiple roof constructions if needed.

Using this tool you can easily see room height line as well as advanced wall outline. If needed, you can also modify wall levels at different height and add different textures to different parts of the wall.

The application also supports real-time rendering and it also has a large database of construction elements. Of course, the application supports both metric and imperial measurements and you can easily import and export DXF and DWG files.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro is a great application that can help you design your home. The application offers a wide array of features, so its perfect for professionals. Unfortunately, this tool isnt available for a free trial, but you can purchase it for 300.00.

Another useful 3D home architect software is 3D Home Design. The application uses tabbed interface so you can easily work with multiple projects simultaneously. All objects are divided into four different categories and you can easily select them and add them to your project. In addition to standard elements such as walls, doors and windows, you can also add various furniture to your projects. All objects are neatly sorted in the library so you wont have any problems finding the desired objects.

Using this application you can easily create your own floor plan and customize settings for each room. If needed, you can also add labels to rooms in order to differentiate them easily. In addition, you can also create landscape and edit it the way you want. The application also supports 3D view so you can see changes on your project in real-time, but unfortunately we werent able to test this option.

3D Home Design is a solid application, but it comes with outdated interface that might turn away some users. It seems that this application isnt developed anymore, so it lacks some features that modern applications have. Despite some flaws, this is still a solid application so you might want to try it out.

If youre looking for a powerful architect software, you might want to consider Architect 3D Ultimate. This application supports photorealistic rendering and it also allows you to view your home in 3D. Using this tool you can create your own 3D objects and add them to your projects. Its worth mentioning that this application supports up to 20 floors, so you can easily create large-scale projects.

Using this tool you can design your own home and garden, and with simple to use interface the application will be perfect for beginners. The application is compatible with all modern versions of Windows, and it even works with 3D design tools such asAutoCadand 3D Studio Max.

The application has a 3D furniture database and you can easily choose between 3500 different objects. If needed, you can also insert your own images for more realistic rendering. Theres also a Global Sun Positioning tool that you can use to see how your home will look in different lighting conditions. In addition, theres a graphic editor for doors, windows, ceilings, trims and mantels. The application also has home automation tools, security system and fireplace wizard. In addition to all these features, theres also a swimming pool tool available.

Using this application you can view the structure of your home which is perfect if you want to see plans for plumbing, heating, ventilation or electricity. You can also have a tour of your home and view your project in both 3D and 2D view.

The application also has a built-in estimation tool that will calculate the cost of your project. Using this application you can also import DXF, DWG, Sketch Up or 3DS files. If needed, you can also convert 2D objects to 3D and edit them the way you want.

Architect 3D Ultimate is a great application, and its perfect if you want to design your home in 3D. There are several versions of this tool available, and if the Ultimate version is too expensive for you, you might want to consider purchasing a different version. Keep in mind that other versions lack certain features, so be sure to check the list of available features before the purchase.

If youre looking for a free 3D home architect software, you might be interested in Sweet Home 3D. The application allows you to design your home from scratch, and you can easily draw straight, round or sloping walls. Of course, you can also add doors and windows as well as various furniture. The furniture is divided into different categories so you can easily find the desired objects.

All objects support customization and you can easily change color, texture, size, thickness, location and orientation of walls, floors and furniture. You can design your home in 2D, but you can always view it in 3D mode from an aerial point of view. If needed, you can also use the 3D first person view.

The application supports annotations so you can easily add the necessary information such as room names, dimensions and arrows. If needed, you can also change the lighting settings in order to see how your home looks like during a specific time of the day.

The application supports file import and you can import blueprints, 3D models and textures to your projects. If needed, you can export your projects asPDF, but you can also save them as bitmap or vector graphics. You can also create videos and 3D files from your projects. Its worth mentioning that this application supports a wide array of plug-ins, so you can easily enhance it with new features.

Sweet Home 3D is a free application and it runs on almost all desktop platforms. Theres also a web version available that will run in any browser that supportsJava. The free version has about 95 pieces of furniture and 26 textures, which should be enough for basic users. Theres also a paid version that has about 1205 pieces of furniture and 418 textures to choose from.

Another professional application that allows you to design your home in 3D is Chief Architect. Using this tool you can easily create building plans and view them in 3D. The application offers both automatic and manual building tools and you can create variety of roof styles.

This application has a wide range of smart design objects, and you can easily create various styles, shapes and sizes. Chief Architect software partners with real manufacturers so most objects are a realistically rendered after real models.

We also have to mention that this tool is optimized for kitchen, bath and interior design, so you can design your rooms with high amount of detail. Of course, you can create walls using this application and see a 3D model that you can easily edit. As for designing, you can design your home in both 2D and 3D.

We also have to mention that this tool supports several rendering styles including realistic and artistic. The application also has a 3D Library so you can easily add objects to your projects.

Chief Architect also supports 3D rendering and theres 360 rendering as well as support forvirtual tours. If needed, you can also create construction drawings right from this tool.

The application has a powerful CAD software engine so you can easily draw lines, polylines, splines, arcs and solids and create various objects. Theres also a CAD-to-Walls tool available that allows you to import AutoCAD files. In addition, you can also import DWG, DXF and PDF files.

Using this application you can easily create construction drawings and all your drawings will update automatically as your design changes. The application also has terrain modeling tools so you can easily add roads, sidewalks, hills, and valleys. There are also about 4000 plants available that you can add to your projects.

Chief Architect is a professional tool and it offers a wide array of features. The Premier version is available for a trial, but you can also rent it on monthly basis or make a one-time purchase. As we already mentioned, this is a professional application and due to its high price its suitable only for professional users or construction companies.

Cedar Architect is a web application that allows you to design your own home in 3D. The application is perfect if youre into construction business or if youre looking to make some improvements and renovations for your home. Cedar Architect allows you to design your interior as well as exterior. Using this tool you can easily create landscape or 3D garden designs. If needed, you can also create 3D roofs and decks.

The application allows you to easily import your floor plan and trace it. As for customization, you can customize wall thickness or perform automatic area calculation. If needed, you can also add labels, change dimensions or add doors, windows and other objects. This application is rather simple to use and you can design your home even if youre not familiar with 3D modeling at all.

Cedar Architect also supports interior decoration so you can easily add furniture and customize surfaces. Speaking of furniture, all models and textures are regularly updated so you can customize your home anyway you want. In addition, you can also use this application to preview changes in your home before remodeling.

Cedar Architect is a decent web application and its perfect if you want to design or remodel your home. You can try this web application for free, and since it will work on any platform or browser theres no reason not to try it.

Another web app that can help you design your home in 3D is Homebyme. Using this web app you can easily design your home in 2D environment and view it in 3D once youre done. The application has a wide array of branded furniture that you can add with a single click. Thanks to this feature you can see how your home will look like with authentic furniture.

After you create your own floor plan, you can switch to 3D environment and add doors and windows to your home. In addition to furniture, you can also customize the design of your floor and walls.

Homebyme is a simple web application that allows you to design your 3D home with ease. Since this is a web app, it will work without any issues on any platform. The service is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, youll need to pay a fee.

Another useful web application that can help you design your home isPlanner 5D. Using this tool you can easily design your new home in both 2D or 3D. The tool is simple to use, and you can create your home plan without any experience with 3D modeling.

Using this tool you can design houses, flats, or any other type of building. The application is simple to use, and you can create your home simply by dragging and dropping the desired elements. Of course, you can select any room at any time and resize it or change its shape.

You can also easily change the floor tile or color of the walls of any room with just few clicks. Other construction elements are also available and you can easily add windows, archs, doors, stairs, etc.

The application also supports a wide array of furniture, electrical appliances and miscellaneous objects that you can add to your home. Of course, you can easily change the color of any object that you add to your home. The application also supports some exterior objects that you can add in order to decorate your yard.

Planner 5D is a solid web application, and in addition to web version theres also aniOSAndroidandUniversal appavailable. This application has its limitations, and if you want to get more than 3000 interior objects or support for HD snapshots you might want to consider purchasing an appropriate package. The application offers great user interface and solid features in the free version, so theres no reason not to try it.

If you want to create 3D models and design your new home in 3D, you might want to consider SketchUp. The software is relatively simple to use, so even if you dont have much experience with 3D modeling youll be able to learn the basics with ease. To create a model you need to draw lines and shapes and then convert them into 3D form.

Its worth mentioning that this application allows you to convert your 2D plan into a 3D model. Before converting the drawing to 3D, you can make the necessary adjustments and ensure that your drawing is in order before conversion. Its also worth mentioning that you can easily export your model to PDF, image or CAD file.

One of the strongest aspects of SketchUp is its community, and you can find thousands of different models in online 3D Warehouse. This feature is available to all users, and you can create your own models and save them to 3D Warehouse or download models made by other users.

Its also worth mentioning that this tool supports a wide array of extensions, so you can easily enhance the functionality of this tool. SketchUp is a great modeling tool, but unlike previous entries on our list, its not a home architect software. As a result, SketchUp is missing some features that other 3D home architect tools have. Nevertheless, this is a solid tool for 3D modeling, and if youre into 3D modeling and architecture, this application will be perfect for you.

Another 3D home architect software that you might find useful is Plan3D. This application is rather straightforward and you can design your home from scratch with ease. Using this application you can easily create rooms in a matter of seconds. In addition to designing your home from scratch, you can also remodel it. The application supports decorations so you can add various furniture or flooring to your home.

Plan3D is simple to use, and you can draw walls with ease and add objects simply by dragging and dropping your elements. In addition to interior design, the application also allows you to create your own landscape. If you already have your plans, you can easily convert them to a 3D model. To do that, you just need to trace your floor plan and switch to 3D mode to see how your home will look like.

The application also has a wide range of tiles and textures to choose from and you can add them to walls or floors. Speaking of textures, the application has thousands of textures available, but you can also add your own textures. Plan3D supports multiple floors and you can create objects up to ten stories high.

The application also supports various types of roofs, and you can also add dormers and skylights. Plan3D is a solid application, and our only complaint might be the slightly outdated interface. As for availability, you can download the trial version for free, but keep in mind that this version doesnt support saving. To unlock the saving feature, you need to pay a monthly subscription. In addition, you can also make a one time purchase and obtain a lifetime license.

If you want to design your home in 3D, you should consider DreamPlan Home Design. The application allows you to create the floor plan of your house with ease, and you can set custom colors, textures and add furniture. In addition to interior design, the application also allows you to create your own landscape and garden.

The application allows you to switch easily between 2D, 3D and blueprint view. In addition, you can easily design floor plans for your home even if youre not familiar with 3D modeling. DreamPlan Home Design uses tabbed interface and all available elements are sorted into different tabs. After you select the desired object, you can easily customize it before adding it to your home. For example, you can change the size of a specific object, its color, and certain elements such as floors and ceilings allow you to change their texture.

In addition, you can add various furniture and modify your landscape. Speaking of landscape, you can plant trees and gardens or create your own swimming pool. If needed, you can also download additional models and textures right from the application. Its worth mentioning that this application supports tracing so you can easily add your own floor plan and convert it to 3D model.

DreamPlan Home Design is simple to use, and thanks to the friendly user interface even the basic users will be able to design their home. You can download this application for free and use it for home and non-commercial use. If you plan to use this app for commercial projects, youll need to obtain a license.

Another great application that can help you design your own home in 3D is Home Designer. The application comes with enhanced render features and it supports Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Normal Maps and Bump Maps. Its worth mentioning that this tool can render 360-degree panoramas and images. If needed, you can also embed these renders on your website and share them with others.

The application allows you to attach outlets and switches to the cabinet boxes, soffits and panels. If you decide to move the cabinet, all outlets and switches assigned to it will move along with it. The application also allows you to control the overhang distance of countertops for your cabinets. If needed, you can also add various comments and notes for all available objects.

Home Designer supports both L-shaped and U-shaped stairs and you can add them with ease. The stairs will connect to the walls automatically so you can add them in a matter of seconds. In addition to stairs, you can also add different railings to them. The application supports different styles of railings so youll be able to find the perfect style for your home.

As for room creation, you can assign different names to your rooms allowing you to differentiate them easily. In addition, you can also create rooms that have lower ceiling. Unlike previous entries on our list, this one is optimized for touchscreens and you can easily zoom, pan or rotate using gestures.

Home Designer is a great application, and there are several versions available to choose from. Each version offers different features, so be sure to check the list of features before choosing your version. Unfortunately, the application isnt available for a free trial and the only way to test it is to purchase it or rent it.

If you need a 3D home architect software, you might be interested in Personal Architect. The application comes with powerful building wizards so you can easily design your virtual home and share it with others. Unlike many other applications on our list, this one fully supports virtual reality so you can see how your model looks like in first person view.

The application allows you to edit objects in both 2D or 3D environment depending on which one is more comfortable for you. As for 3D editing, it fully works with objects such as walls, roofs, stairs, etc. In order to speed up the design process, the application will automatically update both ceilings and floors as you edit your walls.

Personal Architect offers a wide array of objects and you can easily add authentic objects to your projects. Of course, you can search the object library by style and name and find the desired object in a matter of seconds. In order to better organize your objects, you can create groups of elements and edit multiple elements simultaneously.

The application also allows you to draw walls, and there are different wall types to choose from. Of course, you can easily adjust the thickness of your walls. In addition, you can view cavity walls and automatically trim corners. Besides walls, you can also draw and edit your foundations. The application allows you to create different types of floors and you can apply various textures. If needed, you can also create sloped floors.

Personal Architect also supports wide range of doors and windows, so youll find the perfect model for your home. Each window or door is customizable and you can easily adjust its parameters. Theres also support for various stair types and you can choose between 22 different stair layouts.

We also have to mention that you can add all the necessary appliances using this app and theres even a wiring schematic tool available. In addition to electrical tools, you can also add all the necessary plumbing with this app.

The application has a powerful materials editor so you can import your own materials as images. Personal Architect also offers landscape design so you can easily design your garden and add various plants, exterior furniture and accessories. The application supports basic terrain modeling so you can create slopes, hills, etc.

Of course, you can also create plot plans with precise measurements using this tool which is another rather useful option. Speaking of plans, you can also import your floor plan as an image, trace it and convert it to a 3D model.

After you design your home, you can create a video tour or render it as a photorealistic image. If needed, you can also change the lighting effects and simulate different time of the day or different season.

Personal Architect is a great application and it offers an abundance of features to its users. The application is simple to use, so its suitable for both advanced and basic users alike. Unfortunately, the app isnt available for a free trial, and the only way to try this application is to purchase a license.

This is another powerful application that allows you to design your home in 3D. Using this application you can design your home from scratch, but you can also customize your interior design. For example, you can change paint or fabric of any object and preview changes in 3D. Theres also an object library that has hundreds of objects to choose from. Speaking of objects, you can add various furniture as well as large or small appliances.

Using this tool you can create photorealistic pictures and even take a tour of your virtual home. As for remodeling, you can easily change the surface or texture of most objects. If needed, you can also scan your own textures and materials and import them to the application. Virtual Architect also has a powerful kitchen builder wizard so you can easily remodel your kitchen. Speaking of which, the application offers various cabinets that you can add to any room in your home.

Using this tool you can easily draw both interior and exterior walls and add various types of doors and windows. The application can also simulate virtual lighting so you can see how your home will look like at different time of the day. Virtual Architect also offers electrical planning so you can add outlets and switches with ease. In addition to electrical planning, theres also support for HVAC and plumbing.

Using this tool you can also design landscape and modify the terrain. You can even create your own garden and see how your plants will look like during different seasons. Speaking of plants, theres a built-in encyclopedia that has more than 7500 entries. Using this app you can also add fences, gates, sidewalks, pathways, and driveways. You can also add lighting and irrigation as well as various outdoor objects.

The tool also has a home builder wizard so you can easily create a floor plan. Speaking of which, thanks to the built-in tool you can easily see the precise dimensions of your room. The application also offers enhanced 3D render mode in form of Presentation Mode. Support for virtual reality is also available allowing you to take a virtual tour in first person mode.

Personal Architect is a powerful application, and its perfect if you want to design your home or remodel it. The application isnt available for a free trial, so if you want to try it out, youll need to purchase it first.

If you need a 3D home architect, you might want to consider this web app. The application has a simple interface so you can easily create rooms by drawing walls. Each wall can be adjusted and you can see its size along with the surface of your room. The application also supports floor plan importing and you can easily import your plan, trace it and convert it to a 3D model.

After you create your walls, you can add other building elements such as doors, windows, wall openings, railing, columns, stairs, etc. Theres a variety of objects to choo

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Cabinet Design Software

The most important aspect to consider when deciding on which cabinet design software to purchase is whether or not you will be able to actually use it. If not you will have wasted your time & money. With its intuitive interface, Cabinet Planner is considered to be the easiest program around in respect to its low learning curve. Time after time the question comes up, Will I still be able to access the job(s) I created with the free trial. The answer is yes, of course. But what this question reveals is that the prospective customer was able to actually create something of value in a relatively short time.

A natural side effect of being easy to use is that it is also quick. A kitchen for an average middle income house can be designed in about 20 minutes. That is faster than you can do it with a pencil, paper & ruler. But most important is the cut lists and shop plans will be accurate for

construction techniques. You will need to setup the program for your building style but this is fairly easy to do. Most users say they are up and running in only a few days with all their standards fine tuned.

The cost of the program is $69.95 and there are no other fees. Period! Support is done via email only. This works out well because you have the email to refer back to, especially handy for more technical descriptions which could be easily forgotten after a phone call.

While Cabinet Planner is geared mostly toward kitchen and bath room cabinets it can also be used to design and build book cases, entertainment centers, mud rooms, laudry rooms, dressers and much more. Basically every type of cabinet found in a house. With the Combined Cabinets (casework or casegoods) feature you can design an unlimited amount of cabinet combinations.

The included panel optimizer will help you do both. Youve got your signed contract & down payment and now its time to start cutting materials. But, do you know the best way to cut out your cabinet boxes to get the highest yield? Cabinet Planner program does. With just a few clicks you can print them out and be on your way to being more efficient.

Lets face it, most customers look at a floor plan or elevation drawing and have no idea what the finished product will look like. You cant really blame them, it is a concept they dont see in their day to day life. In todays world you must supply them with 3D renderings. Better yet, take your laptop and sit down with them in their kitchen and show them the design you have created. Youll see the light going on in their mind. Thats when you know the sale is complete.

Automation Is The Hot New Game That Lets You Design CarFrom Scrch

Ever thought that you could do better than the top car manufacturers? Create your own car company from scratch and see what youre really made of!

When I first noticed thatAutomationwas in development, I thought here goes another build-your-own car game where reality and basic engineering principles dont exist. Oh well, Ill keep my eye on it. I downloaded the demo, and curiosity eventually got the best of me. I contacted the developers who kindly supplied a copy of the full game under the condition that I wouldnt reveal anything until it went to early release on Steam. As I began exploring the game, my desk became the epicentre of a massive facepalm storm. What is wrong with me? Why did I let other games destroy my faith? Why didnt I get my hands on this game sooner?

Now that Automations Early Access is open on Steam, Im free to spill the details! Automation is the first game developed by the indie start-up company,Camshaft Software. Based in New Zealand, the company is made up of a few extremely talented petrolheads who had an idea to make a game with way more detail and sense than those other car building games of the past. The result is a highly technical game where the player designs, builds, tests and rebuilds their cars to meet certain criteria.

Automation can be played in four modes:

Sandbox-Build any car from scratch. The only limit is your imagination. No rules here.

Scenarios-Learn from video tutorials or get to work designing engines or entire vehicles to fit certain needs. Stay within the predetermined criteria in weight, top speed, reliability, manufacturing time, material cost and more to earn the highest score. The scenarios vary in difficulty with Easy, Medium, Hard, Brutal and Insane tasks.

Multiplayer- (In Development)Co-op with your mates, using your combined knowledge to build the ultimate dream ride, or start an online challenge with up to seven other players.

Campaign- (In Development)You have from 1946 until 2020 to build a prosperous car company from scratch. This means more than just designing engines and cars. You must protect your good image, run advertising campaigns, perform R&D and manage production.

I highly recommend starting in the Scenarios mode, and trying to meet the various client requests. If youre over-ambitious, you can always go back to the tutorials, or click above each tuning spec for help understanding its role. You have to understand that this is nothing like tuning in other video games. Youre not going to slide thePowerandTorquescale all the way to the highest degree and be on your merry way. No, there are real decisions to make regarding the components. What block configuration? How many cylinders? What material is the block? What are your bore and stroke measurements? CompressionTimingFuel Mixture?

By now, only the true petrolheads (or those willing to actually learn a thing or two) have survived the game. After building your creation, you can watch an animated test of the engine running while the data is graphically presented. I admit I failed my first Easy Scenario, spending almost twice as much as I was allowed. I paid no attention to the cost during my first build. It was just too exciting, but it didnt take long before I figured out how to save manufacturing costs while hitting the requirements.

Right now, the price is 22.99 onSteam, which I feel is a fair tribute to an indie studio trying to survive its first release. The team has been working on this thing for years, and I have seen the huge leaps in progress first hand over the last several months. I have no complaints over the game being limited right now without the campaign mode. Its important to master the design and build areas first before establishing your place in the industry. I only wish I could time travel and give this game to my younger self before I had my first car, so that I may have opened my eyes to the world of tuning much sooner.

After I got hooked on Automation, I bought a copy for my little sister, who is a pure car idiot but likes to problem-solve. The way I see it is that Ive spent more than 23 on stupid rubbish for her in the past, and this may just teach her something. Anyone at any skill level can play the game, but its definitely more enjoyable when you know what youre doing. Yes, we all get very excited over free games, and I dont normally write about paid ones, but seriously, skip one useless purchase this week, and go buy Automation.

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Design a

Design Your Own Skateboard or Longboard and put Whatever You Want on it!

Design Your Own Skateboard, Longboard, Griptape and More:

Design Your Own Custom Skateboard, Custom Longboard, and Custom Griptape!

Custom Skateboard Designs & Counting!

Design aCustom SkateboardorCustom Longboard. Your Graphics. Your Style.

Try not to freak out as you design your own deck and see how ridiculously awesome YOUR designs look on acustom skateboardorcustom longboardof your choice! Youre the artist now. Youre the brand now! Ride a design you love, and design whatever you want!

Our boards aremade to be HIGH QUALITYfrom Canadian or North Eastern Maple, and some with a reinforcing carbon fiber layer for incredible strength and flex. Its not just a board with your awesome design, its one of the best boards youll ever ride, with your own style on it. Youll be proud to shred these awesome decks with your name on them.

Finally you can make an amazing skateboard with the exact design you want on it. Dont even try to keep it tame. Express yourself. Get weird. Go for the gold. (ok if its totally weird or offensive please keep your designs marked private in step 4, but design whatever you want and enjoy it!)

Our boards are HIGH QUALITY. Sometimes lame graphics can ruin an otherwise sick deck. Well, not anymore. Put what graphics YOU want on your own custom longboard or skateboard and ride something epic, hilarious, amazing, or just plain awesome.

Make a design and share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, email, or any network.  They can even load and customize the design themselves to make their own version!  This can be great for companies, teams, sponsors, or brands. This is how to make a skateboard, build your own skateboard, and design your deck however you want!

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Ambassadors, Skate Crew, and Skate Team.

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Photo Gallery Instagram

Shane ONeills Got Talent

Shane ONeill showing incredible creativity and board control.

Richie Jackson One of Our All Time Favorite Skaters

We met Richie in Long Beach last year and hes truly a cool and interesting guy to hang out with. Check out one of Richie Jacksons more famous video parts. Well let the video and steez do the talking, as Richies style is so unique, nothing else need be said. and heres some of our []

Meet one of the Youngest Pro Skaters in the World!

Here is your daily dose of inspiration.  9 year-old Sky Brown is one of the youngest pro skaters in the world whose dream is to compete in the X Games. Sky is a constant reminder that with the right attitude, you can do anything and its OK to scare yourself sometimes. Be brave, be strong, []

Skateboard Sizes: The Best fit for YOU

Watch this video and learn how to determine the best skateboard size to fit your needs. The guys from Braille Skateboards will answer all your questions on board sizes. Its all about preference and what works for YOU!

At Whatever, we dont judge people by how many tricks they can do, or whos a better skater. We believe the skater thats having the most fun and encouraging others to do the same is the best skater. This series of Skateboarding Made Simple By Aaron Kyro, a favorite skater amongst our crew is probably []

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More Custom Skateboards, Custom Longboards, and Custom Griptape!

Banger Park Skateboard 7 7/8 x 31 5/8

Grizzly and baby deck Banger Park Skateboard 8 x 31 3/4

Looking for more custom products and photo gifts? Take a look at some of our photo printing friends!

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Design Your Own Car Online

For those interested in learning to design your own car online, we have gathered some information in regards to computer aided drafting and design that you may find interesting, and hopefully useful.

When building our list ofcar design software, we noticed that quite a lot of websites are geared towards providing a car design game online.

While Im sure this is quite interesting to those looking to design your own custom car online strictly for entertainment purposes, we hope to provide those of you who are looking for a way to utilize car design programs, in a professional manner, resources to design your car.

Whether you want to become a professional car designer, or a do-it-yourselfer looking to customize a vehicle, we hope that this information will become a useful tool to you.

We have been in the computer aided drafting and design business since 1995 and have utilized CAD design products from mostly the Autodesk software family (AutoCAD).

While we do lean towards Autodesk products for the majority of the work that we produce for architects and engineers, we realize that there are many other great CAD design software programs to help you design your own car.

Unfortunately, we have not come across many computer assisted drafting programs that can help you design your own car ONLINE, in a professional manner that is.

If you know of any good online automobile design programs, please let us know bycontacting us.

With that said we have compiled a list of free, trial and fully paid car design software programs that you can download to your computer and create custom car designs.

Please note that we are not affiliated with any of the following car design programs below, nor do we endorse any particular CAD vendor.

If you are interested in designing cars for a living, we suggest you look into information aboutbecoming a car designerto get the credentials you need to become a full-time professional car designer.

Free CAD Design Programs- The first place we suggest you look for software to assist you with creating car designs, is to check out our complete list of free computer aided design programs. Many of these CAD programs have exceptional 3D capabilities and can be used to create custom cars, trucks, vans, and more. Be sure to read the software reviews at the bottom of the page. If you have used any of the free CADD software to create your auto designs, please leave a comment in the review section to help others.

Free AutoCAD Download- Our preferred 2D and 3D CAD program. You can download a 30 day trial and see if its right for you. You may also be interested in checking out some AutoCAD tutorials to help get you started.

Use Google Sketchup to Design Your Own Car Online- This is a fantastic, and absolutely free, CAD program that can be used for creating 3D drawings, including car body design. Just check out the videos below and decide for yourself just how useful this free program can be to design your own custom car. If anyone is to come out with a good software program to design your own car online, we think it would be Google.

Here are some links to otherSketchup car designscreated by other users that you may find helpful.

Free Autodesk Software Downloads- Get the trial versions of many Autodesk software products. Several are specific to industrial and automotive design so be sure to look over the complete list. Also, be sure to visit the All Product Trials on the right hand side of the page and check out the Autodesk Alias design product downloads.

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I have reference files attached that I cant detach the normal way (highlight, right click, select detach, file is removed)

I am using AutoCAD 2011 and must have hit a wrong combination of keys that has brought up the Selection box that appears when I am picking a line to fillet,

Online fashion design software that makes creating fashion designs, tech packs and line sheets much simpler. Makes use of modular designs that you can