eDream Designer Exterior design tool to help visualize a home redo

Curb appeal is a big deal, whether or not youre planning a home sale. After all, the outside of your home is the first thing people see when they come calling. Dream Designer is an online tool that can help create and customize your dream home exterior.

Do you ever watch home remodeling shows and think, I cant imagine what the finished design will look like? Without fail, the designer swoops in and presents a visual overview to the homeowners, helping to paint a picture, if you will. It can be overwhelming to imagine what your home might look like before any remodel is complete and not everyone has access to a personal designer. Fortunately, Royal Building Products, an industry leader in innovation and style of home building products, has picked up on a growing trend and developed an online tool to help.

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Kriss Swint is the director of interactive and design strategy atRoyal Building Products. She notes that homeowners loveDream Designer. They love being able to see what their house will look like before they choose the products and colors. It gives them an opportunity to design their exterior the way they want and really show off their own personal style.

Chances are super-slim that youre not subscribed to Pinterest or havent at least peeked at the site. This is where Royal Building Products saw an opportunity. There are more than 8 million users on Pinterest, and home inspiration is a popular category there. From design tips to links that take you to products you can purchase to landscape inspiration, users are finding and sharing ideas and images of their dream homes. The Dream Design tool takes your interests a step further.

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Dream Designer allows users to create and customize their dream home exterior with different siding and trim textures, styles, materials and colors that complement the look and feel of their home. Dream Designer is the ultimate try it before you buy it tool, says Swint. It allows homeowners to play around with different types of siding profiles so they can see what the products will look like on their home in the colors they want. They can also choose trim options to help accentuate the windows and corners for a more finished appearance. Once the homeowner narrows down their design options, they can create a PDF of their designs to share with family and friends by posting it on Facebook, sharing on Twitter or sending via email.

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Users can choose from a variety of home styles on the website, or upload a photo of their own home, and begin the dream design process of selecting a siding profile and color, adding trim and stone, layering architectural corners and more. Once complete, users are encouraged to share their completed home design, inviting friends and family to potentially approve the look before any exterior design work gets underway.

One you complete your design board via Dream Designer, you can purchase your custom board for $20, which includes your home exterior image. Within a few days, youll be sent product samples for each part of the design project, so you can discuss the details with your contractor, helping to turn your dream into reality.

The online tool is fun to use and gives you a feel of what your dreams will uncover! Check outDream Designerfor yourself.