Supreme Hoodie


White Supreme BOGO Box Logo Hoodie (FW16)


Pre owned and washed. Only hung dry.

Supreme Box logo Hoodie Heather Grey (Size L)

Used 8-8.5/10 condition. Very slight, barely noticeable stain under left sleeve. What you see is what you will receive.

Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Bogo Season FW16 Black/Black Size Medium Authentic

Black Supreme BOGO Box Logo Hoodie (FW16)

Supreme SS12 small Navy Floral Hoodie box logo pcl

Supreme SS12 small Navy Floral Hoodie Size small Used but in excellent condition



Supreme Paisley Hoodie 2011 Box Logo PCL CDG Floral Skull Pile Medium New Tyler

Soft & durable terry cotton fleece, a slightly lighter material to their heavyweight crossgrain fleece, perfect for all seasons. 100% authentic as always.

scott stray Gray Floral Hoodie Size Medium (LIMITED) Hypebeast Supreme

supreme x lv hoodie 2018 brand new Louis Vuitton Paris red XL, L, M


Supreme Paisley Hoodie Size X-Large

From the Fall 2011 Drop. Worn and washed. Good condition. Faint wear throughout. Length: 29.

Supreme Embossed Logo Hooded Sweatshirt Pink XL SS18 Week 10 Authentic Hoodie

Authentic Supreme Embossed Logo Hooded Sweatshirt still in original packaging. Does not include sticker or bag

Supreme 2017 FW Supreme Box Logo Hoodie Pink Size XL

Shoulder 49cm bust 128cm length 77cm.

Supreme CDG Black Polka Dot Box Logo Hoodie

Supreme CDG Comme Des Garcons Collaboration Hoodie Black Size Large

In the photos, I had no choice but to use a black background (does not do the pics or the hoodie justice, sorry!). However, you can notice the details. I took one with flash and one without because it…

Tide NEW FW17 X CDG Hooded Sweatshirt Supreme Plaid Hoodie

The project is Asian size, which is smaller than us size!


Mens Large Supreme x CDG Dot Hoodie navy size S

About Supreme HoodiesAs an artist you understand a hoodie is not just another piece of clothing, it is a canvas to express yourself. Supreme hoodies offer you a chance to fully embrace the scene you love. Set the trend around your people and express who you are. Supreme opened their doors for the first time in 1994. The store was situated in the midst of New Yorks urban scene; filled with skate boarders, hustlers, and street artists. Supreme box logo hoodies keep their design clean and simple. These hoodies are Supremes most common sweaters available. There are several colors options to choose from as well as camouflage, floral, and urban-wear designs. Supreme CDG hoodies are a by-product of Comme Des Garcons designing genius. These hoodies feature Japanese cultural influences mashed together with Supremes simplicity. There are windbreaker renditions, patterns, and two-tone CDG hoodies available. New and used Supreme hoodies are available to be purchased from sellers on eBay. Gear up and impress your friends. Bring the New York artist scene to your neighborhood and rock your Supreme hoodie.

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How to Design Your Own Custom Hoodie

We know how much you guys and gals love a good tutorial! We just launched our newHoodie Templatesand they are amazing. I decided to sit down and design a hoodie and to write a tutorial in celebration.

You should know right from the start that there is a lot to digest here. This is a long tutorial and will demonstrate some advanced skills. Along the way youll not only learn how to create a detailed illustration, but also how to create professional hoodie mock ups with Go Medias Hoodie Design Pack.

Heres what were gonna make:

I scanned the rough image from my sketchbook into Photoshop and busted out myhandy dandy Wacomtablet.

I set up my file for 25 by 20 at 300 dpi in CMYK, then pressedctrl+alt+shift+nto create a new layer and began to draw over my sketch.

We always get questions about what kind of brush settings we use when drawing with a Wacom. These are the exact settings I used.

Remember how quickly I sketched the octopus? Its just a starting point, because as you can see I dont always stick to the original sketch. As I am working I just let the drawing dictate where things should lie.

If you arent comfortable with this, you can just add all the detail that you want to your initial sketch and try to follow it a little more closely inside Photoshop.

In this next shot you can see how the drawing is growing beyond the boundaries of the original sketch. Its starting to shape up! Take a look at your own design right now and start to revise it until youre happy. Well be moving on to adding details in just a minute.

After I had my rough outline at a satisfactory point, I then went back through the drawing and added detail to make the little guy come to life a bit more. For me, it usually just involves thickening up outlines to simulate depth and adding texture to the rough outline. In this particular image, it mostly involved making wrinkles and adding splashes of ooze.

These next few shots are really important. As Bill expertly explained in hisHow to Become a Master Designerseries, one of the secrets to depth is varying line weight. Take note of how this looks and try to add a little depth to your own design.

Okay! Looks like all my linework is complete. Now lets bring it to life with some color.

Once I was finished with the outline of the drawing, I went back and began to add color. I started by laying down the base color of the octopus. For this drawing I chose a nice bluish green color.

Heres how I set up my new Octopus layer:

Use the magic wand to select all the white area around your black outline and all the other spots where you dont want the octopus color to be.

Then use select inverse and create a new layer.

Use the bucket tool and fill the new layer with the color you chose.

Then I selected a slightly darker hue and added shadows to create even more depth and dimension.

I followed the creases and folds of the tentacles with my Wacom pen keeping in mind which parts I want to pop forward and which I want to recede into the background. Always try to think of where the light would be hitting the different areas.

I wanted the octopus to look really wet and shiny, so I added heavy white highlights throughout the illustration to simulate a glossy surface. Again, just follow the creases and folds keeping in mind how the light would hit the various parts. Also keep your Wacom pen strokes somewhat loose and free flowing.

I then chose other colors that complimented the design and I used them to add the final details to the octopus. FYI: I always keep my colors on separate layers. It makes it much easier to edit them without having to destroy the whole drawing if you decide to change something.

For the background of the illustration, I created a free form splatter shape that echoed the shapes of the ooze splatters. I duplicated the shape and used a bitmap to create a halftone image. I then used hue shift to change the color to a purple hue.

The final illustration looks a little something like this

I really liked the way the tentacle/intestine shapes were looking so I decided to make a repeating pattern from them to use as a background texture/all over print.

To begin with, I created a file at 1800 x 1800 pixels. I then copied portions of my black outline layer from the octopus illustration into the new file.

After I had arranged the tentacles into a design I was satisfied with, I used theoffset filterto make the pattern repeat. I did this by offsetting the image by half of each of my dimensions, so 900 pixels in width and 900 pixels in length. You will notice at this stage there is a noticeable area in the center where the lines are crazy and dont match up dont freak out were gonna fix this.

So, I erased all the weird seams and began to re-connect the tentacles with my Wacom Pen. Go back and redraw, erase, and repeat. There are a lot of lines to clean up, but the most important thing is thatyou should not change any of the lines on the outer edge of your designor your pattern will not repeat correctly.

Once you get it to a point where you think everything looks good, double check to make sure the pattern aligns correctly in all directions. If it does, congratulations, you just made a repeating patternnot so hard, huh?

Now if a client asked for a hoodie design she might not be too impressed if I show her just the flat illustration. She asked for a HOODIE, so thats what were going to give her. Enter the hoodie templates.

I begin by dragging my artwork onto the whole hoodie layer to size it and get it positioned where I want it. Once you get it where you want, the joy of the hoodie template comes into play. The design already looks pretty darn real because its automatically shaded by the Shadows & Highlights layers.

For this design I only want the print to appear on the front and the pockets of the hoodie. However, if you want some custom pockets or cuffs its really easy. Adam Wagner has painstakingly masked off the various parts of the hoodie at nearly every seam, so you can do some really custom things with the design.

Anyway, for my particular design, I opened the folders for the Chest and Pocket Layers and pasted the design onto the Left Chest, Right Chest, Left Pocket and Right Pocket Layers.

Now that I have my design in place, lets move on to coloring the hoodie. I am a huge fan of reversible hoodies (two looks for one price baby!), so were to mock this up as one.

I began with the outside color of the hoody. Im on a big purple kick right now so I am going with a vibrant dark purple color. I selected the folder named Colors and I use hue shift to adjust one of the color layers until the hoody is the right color of purple.

On the inside, I used a green that is similar to the green of the ooze in the design. I sampled the green from the ooze with the eyedropper tool and then filled all three of the liner fill layers with the fill bucket tool.

The last thing I did was add the seamless pattern to the whole hoodie. For the outside I gave the pattern a light purple color, and for the liner I gave it a light green color. Presto done.

Heres the final design and hoodie mock. Phew we made it! If all of this was a bit difficult for you, give it time & keep reading. Im going to show you some really quick shortcuts to get you started in the next couple of sections.

Heres one more in a standard flat view.

1.The shape layer (this acts as the mask)

3.Pattern Layer (more on this in a minute)

To the left you can see all the seams that weve already masked out for you.

These layers make it a snap to mockup complicated designs that need to look real. For example, you can realistically mockup diagonal stripes on each of the pockets, or give your design dark cuffs. Besides all these layers, youll notice lots little details, like how the tag & drawstrings are separated for some extra realism.

The Colors Group has eight preset base colors, and you can of course fill any of these layers for any base color you choose.

The hoodie mockups below were created in a few clicks using a few of the included patterns. Cool!

Phew! We went from sketch to scan to final Illustration to mock up. Then we went ahead and explored theHoodie Design Packin a little more detail. I think thats enough for this time! I hope you ended up with a killer illustration and had fun playing around with the templates.

We want to hear what you have to say. Do you agree? Do you have a better way to approach the topic? Let the community know by joining the discussion.

I cant even express how psyched I am about your design skills. Just awesome.

The highly polished end products reflect both the personal attention and professional service they provide.

Christa Kraft, Marketing Consultant