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Online Only 2.0 Facial Exfoliating Device

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BHA Blackhead Power Liquid

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Blackheads be gone! COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid reduces blackheads and excess sebum while hydrating skin. Formulated with betaine salicylate to fight acne-causing bacteria, this lightweight anti-acne serum eliminates and prevents stubborn pore blockages. Made with a base of white willow bark water, this highly effective treatment leaves skin clear, bright, and blackhead-free.

After cleansing and toning, dispense 1 to 2 pumps onto fingertips and apply it to the areas of the face where blackheads occur.

Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol.

Blackheads be gone! COSRX BHA Blackhead Power Liquid reduces blackheads and excess sebum while hydrating skin. Formulated with betaine salicylate to fight acne-causing bacteria, this lightweight anti-acne serum eliminates and prevents stubborn pore blockages. Made with a base of white willow bark water, this highly effective treatment leaves skin clear, bright, and blackhead-free.

After cleansing and toning, dispense 1 to 2 pumps onto fingertips and apply it to the areas of the face where blackheads occur.

Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water, Butylene Glycol, Betaine Salicylate, Niacinamide, 1,2-Hexanediol, Arginine, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Xanthan Gum, Ethyl Hexanediol.

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of respondents would recommend this to a friend.

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Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

This was so awful. The packaging was horrible, it leaked everywhere, and it caused me to have the worst outbreak of blackheads in my entire life. I also got a lot of new pimple while using this. After stopping the product my skin definitely thanked me. BE CAREFUL with this one.

Bottom LineNo, I would not recommend this to a friend

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(1 of 2customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

Tried this out since I have really bad blackheads on my nose area. Wanted to make it work but I didnt notice any improvements after several uses. Ended up returning it.

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(1 of 4customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

This actually made my blackheads worse and made my skin break out in texture bumps when I continued to use it. Would not recommend for anyone with sensitive to normal skin!!

(1 of 4customers found this review helpful)

(8 of 8customers found this review helpful)

Finally found something for my enlarged pores

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

I had been on the fence fooorreeevvveer about buying this product, based on mixed reviews I had seen across various platforms. I have been using for a month now and I absolutely see results.

The thing is, you have to incorporate it into EVERYDAY use to actually see results. I have blackheads occasionally due to my pores around my cheek and nose, but I havent had any lately. My pores are smaller when I dont find myself too lazy to do my nightly routine.

Additionally, if you are using a Vitamin C serum DO NOT use this product with it. The AHA in this cancels out the vitamin C serum. So, if you want to use both (like I do) then use your Vitamin C serum in the morning and this at night, or vice versa.

(8 of 8customers found this review helpful)

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

I was really hoping this product would work for me. I broke out the first use but continued to use it. I dont see any difference in my pores or blackheads. Disappointed

Bottom LineNo, I would not recommend this to a friend

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

So glad I added this to my skin care routine. I use this every other night and it has helped a lot with breakouts and blackheads. Ive noticed a huge improvement in my skin. My pores are smaller and the blackheads on my nose are going away. I was worried This liquid would cause my skin to dry out, but it hasnt. I have applied moisturizer after this has fully absorbed into my skin, but only a couple of times. Ive applied it a lot of times without moisturizer and my skin was still soft and smooth after. However, I dont usually have dry skin. If you have dry skin, Id use this in combination with a moisturizer. Wait 20-30 minutes for the liquid to fully absorb, then apply moisturizer. I definitely recommend this product to anyone dealing with blackheads, whiteheads, and large pores.

Bottom LineYes, I would recommend this to a friend

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

Im 21 and never really struggled with acne until the beginning of this year. Ive always had blackheads, but typically only rarely had inflamed pimples. Ive been using this for 2 days and I had at least 6 inflamed pimples on my forehead… and theyre gone. No dry spot. No scar. Gone. My blackheads have made a major improvement, too. This really was a miracle worker for my skin.

(1 of 1customers found this review helpful)

(3 of 3customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

Absolutely love this whole line, but this product helped my oily combo skin w under the skin bumps and blackheads. Better than the DE tlc. I hope ulta starts carrying even more Kbeauty.

(3 of 3customers found this review helpful)

(2 of 3customers found this review helpful)

This product Contributed to Cearer Skin

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

I always had 1 or 2 zits on my face and they were large and inflamed. I started a Korean skincare routine. Through checking all ingredients of skincare or makeup products I put on my face and a little less than a year my skin is clear for a couple of weeks at a time. The comedones I get now are not as inflamed and smaller now. My pores are so much smaller also.

Bottom LineYes, I would recommend this to a friend

(2 of 3customers found this review helpful)

(3 of 3customers found this review helpful)

Comments aboutCOSRXBHA Blackhead Power Liquid:

I love this product and after 2 weeks, it has become a HOLY Grail product for me. I use it at night after cleaning my face and wait 20 minutes before applying the rest of my routine. It does cause you to break out more at first because it brings all the gunk to the surface but after a few weeks, your skin becomes so smooth and clear. I use daily but I would recommend slowly easing into that so it doesnt aggravate your skin.

Bottom LineYes, I would recommend this to a friend

(3 of 3customers found this review helpful)

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LegalShield Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

LegalShield is a company that has been using third party law firms to provide numerous prepaid legal services for more than 40 years, including demand letters, trial assistance, and more.

Based out of Ada, OK, LegalShield claims to have been providing affordable attorney access and legal services to consumers across 49 U.S. states and four Canadian provinces for more than 40 years. All LegalShield services are provided on a prepaid basis, and are available for both individuals and small businesses.

LegalShield holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, despite having 142 closed complaints within the last three yearsmost of which centered around problems with the product/service. From a customer satisfaction standpoint, online customer reviews appear to be primarily negative, with the most common complaints citing poor customer service, complicated contact procedures, patronizing/unknowledgeable lawyers, and high hidden fees.

According tothis studyon the LegalShield website, more than 57 million Americans have some kind of ongoing legal issue. And, according tothis study, nearly 60% of businesses have faced significant legal events in the past two years. As a result, the primary goal of LegalShield is to help individuals and small businesses obtain prepaid legal services from a network of provider attorneys, all for one low, flat rate. Their plans include:

Letters and phone calls, document review, and trial defense.

Powers of Attorney, wills, loan documents, etc.

Traffic violations and accidents.

Name change assistance, divorce & adoption representation, and more.

Covers both you and your spouse for single credit monitoring and restoration services, in addition to unlimited consultations.

Includes everything in the ID Plan, with the addition of triple credit monitoring, web watch, SS number skip trace, and more.

Includes legal consultation regarding debt collection, contract review, trial defense services, landlord/tenant disputes, and much more.

Regardless of which plan you choose, or whether youre an individual or a business, LegalShield is supported by a team of hand-picked Providers, which are legal firms hired by the company, who are paid in advance for their services, and are supposedly fully committed to solving your problems.

Based on information found on the companys website, using LegalShields services entails a six-step process:

Review your membership packet, which will give you your legal providers information.

Register yourself on the Members website.

When an issue or questions arises, contact your provider law firm.

Explain your legal problem to the provider law firm, who will then assign a lawyer best suited to address your needs.

Finally, youll receive a call from your lawyer within eight hours of your request.

Based on many of the complaints we read, it appears the majority of users found this process to be needlessly complex. For instance, if you happened to miss your lawyers call within the 8-hour window, youll have to re-contact the law firm, and wait another 8 hours to have your call returned.

LegalShields pre-paid plans are as follows:

ID Premium $29.95 per month

: These plans are completely customized based on your businesss needs. As a result, pricing can vary.

For each plan, there are several different add-ons in a range of prices, so for full details, clickhere. Each month youll be automatically charged according to your plan, which can be automatically deducted from your credit card or bank account. Regardless of which membership option or add-ons you choose though, keeping mind that youll be assessed a $10 enrollment fee your first month.

So, with all this in mind, is LegalShield a scam? While the company appears to offer a legitimate range of products, there are a few things you should keep in mind prior to joining.

Firstas with most things in lifeyou get what you pay for, and LegalShield is no different. Think of it this way: If you were required to hire a lawyer for a minor upcoming court case, its completely feasible to expect to pay anywhere from $5K to $10K, depending on a wide range of factors. With this is mind, the quality of legal services you could reasonably expect to receive for just $20 per month is fairly low. And, many of the online customer complaints we read referenced this specific fact more than anything else. So, if youre expecting to receive personalized, responsive service from knowledgeable, highly rated firms for this amount, you may want to reconsider

Next, it appears that LegalShield has a relatively poor reputation for customer service. Most often, we read of difficulties encountered when trying to cancel plans, and service personnel who are more concerned about creating cumbersome processes than they are about solving problems.

Finally, when you consider that anything more than simple form-letter writing, a cursory review of your situation, or superficial advice (which may or may not be correct) will cost you much more than your standard monthly fee, using a LegalShield lawyer may be more expensive than hiring a lawyer direct. In fact, in one complaint we read, someone who claimed to have an immense amount of legal experience stated that youll be paying about 30% more overall.

With all this in mind, unless youre looking for help with the most basic of legal services (which are often simple enough to handle yourself), you may want to think twice about joining LegalShield.

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They took advantage of me when I was most vulnerable. Broke, in need of money to pay rent, and they recruited me to sell saying the service sells itself. Couldnt be further from the truth. If a person buys the full family plan, it costs them about $50 a month. Multiply that by 12. Do you think youll need $600 worth of legal help this year? The majority dont. No one would buy, so when I tried canceling the $249 I had spent on marketing services, they said I could not get a refund and that there was a 5-day grace period I was NEVER made aware of. Stay far away from this company, both buying the service and selling it.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I was searching for a lawyer in LA for my daughter on Google and an attorney that picked up the phone told me to register to LegalShield for $300 a year. All other attorneys asked me for a retainer for $10000 and $500 an hour.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

Let me ask you this, can you afford an attorney at $300 an hour to consult with you about any matter thats worth less than $5000? Say its a dispute on a bill, a defective product, maybe a problem with your vehicle warranty or a dispute with your deposit with a landlord? Would you normally hire an attorney for these situations and many others? For $300 a year, this is a NO BRAINER. Its interesting to see all the comments on here and how narrow-minded these people are. ANY law firm will charge you $300-$800 an hour for a consultation, letter on your behalf or even reviewing documentation.

Ive called the law firm over 10 TIMES on one legal matter concerning landlord-tenant, tell me ANY law firm in the country that an attorney would talk to you that many times without charging you one single hour? Ive used them for situations with utility bills, insurance claims, family law, issues with a defective cell phone, vehicle warranty at a car dealership, etc. I cant tell you countless times theyve saved me thousands of dollars. All together Ive recovered and saved about $20,000 from many legal situations that I normally couldnt afford an attorney.

Please think twice before you let these narrow-minded reviews cloud your judgment on changing your life with this incredible service.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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This review appears to be a carefully crafted marketing piece by an obvious distributor of the product. Not a helpful review in my opinion.

Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I have been a member since 2011, and have used the law firm service over 15 times. I have even visited my local law firm when they have an open house to its members. It was amazing to find out how large the firm actually was, and some of the stats that they shared about the lawyers. Most of the lawyers that work with LegalShield members average 20+ years of experience.

Every time I call I get a call back in a timely manner. After every conversation with my law firm, I have felt relieved and at ease. I have had challenges with some of the results I have received, but I realized the law is not always as fear as we wish it was. I have used the service for traffic tickets, disputes with internet providers, a challenge with a hotel, a dispute with a college, created my will, dispute with a canceled airline ticket, and even when I received the wrong prescription from a pharmacy. The list goes on, and every time they were professional and responsive.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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Daniel, you work for the company. Why do you not make that clear prior to posting, that you dont use the service but rather sell the service? Always disclose any conflict of interest first, when it comes out later any credibility or trust is gone.

John, thank for your comment. I was actually a happy member for three years prior to becoming affiliated with the company. One of the reasons I actually became affiliated was because of my belief in the service. By the way, I did not mention any connection with the company because my review was based on my personal experience as a member. Being affiliated with them does not give me any perks as a member, I call the same law firm as everyone else.

Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

No! Im not a fake reviewer and not getting paid for it either! Ive used their service twice now and both times received a call back the same day. One of those actually called back in a matter of MINUTES.

Both lawyers treated me respectfully and almost as a friend, were extremely knowledgeable, and gave me step by step instructions and expectations and what the process will entail.

My husband and I hired a regular lawyer (not through LegalShield) years ago, paid THOUSANDS and could never get callbacks or help when we needed it. We had to go to his OFFICE and refuse to leave until we spoke with him! And he couldnt wait to get us out of his office by his behavior. Talk about WASTING money! LegalShield IS LEGIT and has been a Godsend for us! A TRUE story of a couple in McKinney TX!

If you dont click with the lawyer youre assigned to, ask for another. It happens in any business. Our LegalShield lawyer has also instigated callbacks since we began our landlord issue and that tells me hes working on it. Not a scam! The second issue was resolved on the first immediate callback!

Im so tired of the bigger companies, government, and other entities that KNOW you cant afford a lawyer and will get away with taking advantage of the middle class who cant constantly afford lawyers, on issues that were no fault of our own. Its a helpless feeling. But no more! I just call my LegalShield attorney now, and it puts the accusers in their place ASAP!

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

100% scam! They outright defrauded me out of hundreds of dollars. I paid hundreds of dollars to get a runaround and never receive any help at all. Then when I allowed my membership to lapse, they proactively called me and defrauded me out of my new credit card information to secretly start charging me hundreds more, on the sly, without ever giving me any help or even letting me know they had started charging me again.

They called me to tell me my credit card was no good anymore (it had expired) and I told them yes, I had intentionally not given them my new billing information because I felt they had scammed me, I had never managed to get any legal help out of them and felt I had been ripped off. They asked about my legal problem and told me if I gave them my new billing info they could try to reinstate my account without my having to reapply and start over from scratch, and if so, they would then definitely help me with my legal issues. They made it clear that this was in no way definitely and that theyd get back to me.

I then never heard anything from them again, they never contacted me again in any way, and I just forgot about them.

About a year and a half later, I was going through my (long and complicated) financial records and noticed a small entry I had missed: they had used the new credit card information I had given them to start billing me monthly again almost immediately. They never told me theyd turned my account back on and they certainly never gave me the legal help they had at that point TWICE promised I would get for my money.

When I discovered this and called them to complain and demand a refund for the close to $400 they had charged me without ever telling me I was a member again or providing the service they had promised, they said they would cancel my subscription, and when I demanded a refund for the money they had charged me since they tricked me into giving them my new credit card number, they told me they would have to forward me to someone who could help me with that, and put me on hold. They then forwarded me to a generic recorded message, which gave no useful information and then hung up on me.

That was just a few months ago. I just now discovered they are STILL charging me after I told them in no uncertain terms to cancel and refund my money.

I am reporting them for fraud to my bank, the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, and the CA State Bar Association.

They did everything they could to prevent me from exercising my right to cancel, tricked me into giving them billing information after I told them I didnt want the service, refused to notify me that they had reactivated my membership and resumed billing me, absolutely never provided anything but a runaround, and not 1 second of help or service, ever.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Sorry to hear that David, for sure it was a misunderstanding. Ive been a customer for almost year and the service saved me hundreds of dollars. I would get back to the person that sold it to you, and figure it out.

Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I was a member for ten years. I made the mistake of providing original documents to LegalShield for input regarding potential pension. I was told that they do not do that, so my irreplaceable original documents were put out with the trash. Hard lesson to learn!

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I always paid my dues for a few years, and now when I need help, I am so disappointed and start reading all reviews so far. OMG, I better to not waste my time and money and hire a real attorney.

So far, I am nowhere with Legal Shield attorneys. And I see how hard it is to cancel. I will see…Probably will get out soon.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

Im not impressed with this service at all and am considering canceling my subscription. I had them in Florida, and I called about a dozen times for help. They were able to help me one time but never followed up in my case even after numerous phone calls and emails.

I have them now in New York, I called for help once so far, and they couldnt help me. Im very disappointed and dissatisfied with their services. I wouldnt bother subscribing, its been a total waste of money in my opinion.

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I highly recommend this company. My experiences are based on many years and countless conversations with attorneys at my law firm and other law firms in several different states. It is impossible for me to imagine not having this membership for me and my family. A vast amount and type of legal issues were handled for me. I am a small business owner, married, mother of 3 children.

LegalShield has been there for me through many life issues and events. Such as, protection for my daughters when they went away to college, elder care, child custody, many documents reviewed, motor vehicle, consumer purchases, business start-up and development (more phone calls than I can count), mortgage loan advice, tax concerns, real estate questions, and much, much more. I have spent hours in consultation seeking advice, with conversations being as long as I needed to get my questions answered and develop a legal strategy.

Not all attorneys are created equal, and I have learned that sometimes personalities may not match. If there is a problem ask to speak to another attorney, as I did two or three times in my 16 years. I have discovered there can be different legal approaches. More importantly, I think it is about managing my expectations and clearly communicating what outcomes I am looking to achieve. I call it managing my attorney, just like I would anyone invited into my home to do a job.

Bottom Line:Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

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This review appears to be a carefully crafted marketing piece by an obvious distributor of the product. Not a helpful review in my opinion.

Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

As of 10/13/17, these con artists are still charging my card. What the heck!

Bottom Line:No, I would not recommend this to a friend

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Whats your complaint? You joined yesterday then immediately decided to cancel. Then you found it difficult to cancel online. So based on that, you chose to write a scathing review, baselessly trashing someone elses business. It just makes no sense.

Follow up. YES, a SCATHING review is sometimes necessary. Your company has not yet canceled my membership. This was canceled by phone three months ago. How on earth can that be? Who is in charge of this process? Who can get this done? I bet if I had the help of the Better Business Bureau I would get a refund and a cancellation. Im waiting for your response.

Do you have an account?Log Inbefore commenting.

(If you dont have an account dont worry, you can create it after)

I joined yesterday. I called to cancel today. I was told to write to This email address doesnt actually exist. I followed the directions for canceling, and its bull. I am now going to contact the Better Business Bureau. This should be shut down for poor practices.

P.S. I would have given it zero stars if I could have. Suck it up and hire a real attorney.

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Star of A&Es Flipping Vegas, Scott Yancey and his branded events and seminars can help you access different real estate investing tools and strategies.

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Monica Trotz:Ive had an amazing introduction to the real estate business of flipping properties. Apart from understanding the core values of the strategic funding network, I was able to set my goal for the…


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

American multi-level marketing company

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. (19762011)

Multi-level marketing, Legal services

James B. Rosseau, Sr. (President, Business Solutions)

John Long (President, Network Marketing and Sales)

identity theft monitoring and restoration

LegalShield(previously known asPre-Paid Legal) is anAmericancorporation that sells legal service products throughmulti-level marketingin the United States and Canada.

The company was founded August 8, 1972 as the Sportsmans Motor Club. In 1976 it was incorporated as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., and made itsinitial public offeringin 1984.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. went from being traded on the New York Stock Exchange back to a private company in 2011 when it was acquired byMidOcean Partnersfor $650 million and subsequently changed its name to LegalShield.

LegalShield develops and marketspre-paid legal serviceplans through a network of more than 6,900 independent provider attorneys across the U.S. and Canada. The company also markets anidentity theftmonitoring and restoration services through its partnership withKroll Inc..[4]The companys membership plans are sold as employee benefits and directly through itsmulti-level marketingdivision.[5]

LegalShield was established as Sportsmans Motor Club in 1972, then known as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. from 1976 until its acquisition byMidOcean Partnersin 2011.[3][6]

Harland Stonecipher (19382014) served as the companys founding president andchief executive officer(CEO).[7][8]Thelife insurancesalesman from Ada, Oklahoma, created Pre-Paids predecessor, a motor service club, after being involved in a car accident in 1969. Although the other party was cited for fault, they filed a suit against him for the accident. Stonecipher hadhealthlife, andvehicle insurancecoverage, but was required to hire a lawyer to defend himself in court and struggled to pay associated legal expenses.[9]After researching the industry of European legal expense plans, he created the Sportsmans Motor Club to reimburse members for legal fees.[9][10]

Pre-Paid Legal began using network marketing (multi-level marketing or MLM) in 1983. The club changed its name and incorporated as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. in 1976,[11]becoming the first company in the United States to provide pre-paid legal plans for individuals.[9]Initially, members could choose their own lawyer and seek reimbursement from Pre-Paid, but by the 1980s, the company established a way to direct members needing legal assistance to preselected firms.[9]

The company wentpublicin 1984.[12]Pre-Paid was first listed on theNASDAQ, then moved to theAmerican Stock Exchangein 1986,[13][14]followed by theNew York Stock Exchangein 1999, being listed as PPD.[8][15][16]In 1998 Pre-Paid acquired The Peoples Network, a marketing company based inDallas.[17][18]

In 2001 the Wyoming Attorney General issued a press release announcing When we discovered that Pre-Paid was using prohibited income representations to promote their multilevel marketing program, we warned them that the representations were prohibited by Wyoming law. Pre-Paid paid$4,000 in lieu of civil penalties, reimbursed the state for $1,000 in costs, and refunded $2,000 to participants who claimed to have been misled.[19][20]In the same year the Securities and Exchange Commission required Pre-Paid to stop counting the commissions paid out to sales associates asassets, instead ofexpenses, which reduced reported earnings by over half.[7]Pre-Paid did not file its financial statements for 2000 until February 2002. The statements showed decreases in earnings from $43.6 million to $20.5 million and stockholder equity from $147 million to $42 million.[21]

TheDenver Business Journalreported in 2002 that Pre-Paid earned a $27.1 million profit on $303.7 million in revenue, an increase from its $1.9 million profit on revenues of $129.6 million in 1997, and provided its members access to a network of 46 firms with 1,270 lawyers.[22]

About 30 lawsuits by approximately 250 plaintiffs were filed in Alabama in 2004 against Pre-Paid. All of these were dismissed or settled by 2006.[15]

Pre-Paid faced two lawsuits in Mississippi in October 2004 and February 2005. A jury ruled in favor of the company in the first suit. In the second suit a jury found Pre-Paid and Stonecipher guilty of deceptive advertising and fraud.[7]In November 2005, Pre-Paid and Stonecipher were required to pay $9.9 million in punitive damages.[23][15][23]The company and the Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce, of which Stonecipher served as a director,[8]described the lawsuits against the company as frivolous and abusive.[24]

Pre-Paids independent auditor was unable to approve the companys 2004 financial statements because of material weaknesses related to the processing of commissions.[7]New rules proposed by theFederal Trade Commission(FTC) required Pre-Paid to disclose to potential associates that less than 25 percent of its sales representatives sold multiple insurance plans in 2005, which the company confirmed in aU.S. Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) filing.[15]

In November 2006 Pre-Paid announced plans to spend $27.4 million to repurchase shares owned by executives.[15]

In 2007 the FTC began investigating Pre-Paids marketing of its identity theft service and Affirmative Defense Response System (ADRS), which the company developed to increase group sales. Pre-Paid changed its marketing materials in 2009, after regulators found the companys claims misleading regarding ADRS.[25]According to an SEC filing, the FTC and Pre-Paid [reached] a mutually agreeable solution, and in 2010 the agency ended its three-year investigation without any action. Pre-Paid remained the focus of an informal SEC inquiry; the agency requested documentation about the companys stock repurchasing, consumer complaints related to provider law firms, payment card compliance, Stoneciphers resignation in April 2010,[6]as well as the resignation of director Tom Smith.[25]

In January 2011 Pre-Paid Legal agreed to merge with entities formed byMidOcean Partners, a private equity firm headquartered in New York which it says is focused on the middle market. The transaction would result in the company becoming privately held. The deal closed on June 30, 2011.[26]Beginning in July 2011 Rip Mason served as Legal Shields Chief Executive Officer.

On September 10, 2011 the company announced[27]that it would change its name to LegalShield. The new corporate name for the 40-year-old company was said by the company to be part of an overall re-branding initiative following the acquisition of Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. by MidOcean Partners.

In July 2014Jeff Bellwas appointed Legal Shields Chief Executive Officer replacing Rip Mason. Rip Mason assumed the position of Chairman of the Board.[28]

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Winslow, Laurie (February 1, 2011).Pre-Paid to Merge with MidOcean.

Pre-Paid Legal Services Becomes LegalShield. Pre-Paid Legal Services

PR Newswire.LegalShield Names Jeff Bell as Chief Executive Officer.

Prepaid Legal to Merge with MidOcean Partners, Acquisition for $650 Million July 2011

Attorney Generals Office Nets Refunds From Multi-Level Marketer

Insurance companies of the United States

Privately held companies based in Oklahoma

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featured reviews, collapseText: Close featured reviews, target: [.js-campaign-reviews__featured] data-expand-collapse-action=expandThis review is featured by LegalShield (formerly Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.)

We love LegalShield. All we can say is, LegalShield is great for people who are in low and fixed income like us. Attorneys are very expensive and most people cannot afford it. LegalShield is a lifesaver.

We couldnt agree more! LegalShield is here to help our members worry less and live more. We greatly appreciate you and your kind words! Thank you!

I know this service guarantees an attorney returning my initial call within 8 hours as a consumer, 4 hours as a business owner and a document review within 3 days. Imagine my delight when I had a lease document review back within hours of my initial call and email of forms! Its amazing what all attorneys can do to simplify my life when I can seek their advice without first determining the financial importance outweighing the cost!

We are so glad to hear that you have had nothing but success when utilizing your membership! LegalShield provides a great peace of mind for our members and we thank you for the amazing review! We appreciate you and your time.

This is the easiest way to have an attorney 1 call away, no guessing or stressing and you have access to an entire network of paid legal providers. Lots of membership perks that cover the membership fee for years. You get discounts from 400 different national companies all from the convenience of your phone. Ask LegalShield requires no login and is free to download. You can find answers to questions like:

What is a living will? How much does it cost to file for bankruptcy? How do I obtain a death certificate? Will a revocable living trust avoid probate expenses? Are traffic violations civil or criminal matters? How can I collect money that is owed to me by my customers? Can I collect child support from an out-of-state parent?

Are subleases allowed? All these questions can be addressed by calling your attorney from your cell or home phone.

Thank you so much for your kind words, we couldnt agree more! Thank you for being a member! We appreciate you!

I was a member and sales rep for Pre-paid Legal and when I got hurt and needed their help they told me they could not help me. Only if Im being sued can they help me. I told him thats why I have property insurance so why would I need Legal Shield. Anyway I went to use them and they wanted to charge me outrageous fees. This company is nothing more than a scam and everybody should be concern especially the dopes that they have out there selling this crap!

As a member of LegalShield, formerly doing business as Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc., trial defense benefits are available if you are the named defendant in a civil suit. If you are the Plaintiff, there are benefits available depending on the details of your case which can include consultation, document review, and the preferred member discount. This information is made available in the benefits contract that is sent to each member and at

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This company takes advantage of people who dont have enough money to get by. I signed up to sell LegalShield because someone took advantage of my financial position, made me trust her, and led me to believe the service could sell itself. Before my first month was up I had reached out to my family, I had my parents reach out to friends, and I even went as far as to ask my friends if theyd share some info with their parents. They all said the same thing: that sounds unnecessary. And theyre right: this company has families buy into a service at about $50/month for 12 months a year. Unless you are constantly getting in trouble with the law, $600 yearly legal fees for NOTHING if you end up not needing an attorney is ABSURD.

With about 11 days left in what I THOUGHT was a 30 day trial in a $249 investment in marketing services the company offers associates, I contacted them about backing out. At this point, they informed me that there was only a 5 day trial for me to get any money back. I feel deceived, misled, and taken advantage of this company. Shame on them. Do not become an associate if you think you can make a dime by just sharing info with friends and family! (The truth is they want you to spend MORE to be certified to present & sell to small businesses). Scam artists at their finest, they know that associates like me do not have the time or money to file a class action lawsuit.

When a prospect elects to sign up to become a LegalShield Associate, there are initial fees outlined in the agreement and explained to the prospect. There is a 5-day refund policy which allows the new associate to review the information and if they determine this is not a business they would like to pursue, then it can be refunded in full. Currently, there is not a 30-day trial offer when becoming a LegalShield Associate.

Checking my credit card statement and found two charges of $99.00 and $9.95 from LegalShield, a company I had never done any business and never even heard of. Called the company, explain to a representative of what happen. He asked for my credit card number to look up the charges, which he found, apparently someone I never heard of used my CC information to purchase services from LegalShield. I told the representative that I did not know this person. I did not authorize these charges. The rep told me to file a police report and call the bank, but they were going to charge my card anyway. I called my bank and cancelled the CC, and Im disputing the charges. This all happen today, so I will see what happens. I would stay clear of this company, seems like a scam.

We will certainly look into this matter and refund any monies taken without your authorization. When LegalShield receives an application to become a member and/or to become a selling Associate, we process the application as requested. We are a legitimate and respectable company who has been doing business for 45 years and certainly not a scam of any sorts.

I clearly asked the associate selling me the product what is the refund policy. He said 30 days trial period. I called two weeks into signing up, and LegalShield say starting April 1st, it is 5 days cancellation policy. Huge scam.

When in need of legal service Legal Shield ALWAYS denies to represent me saying its not covered. The last instance is I have been refused representation for a speeding ticket I received. Im beginning to wonder what is actually covered and what Im paying for!! However they do give me the option to obtain representation at a discount.

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. Please visit us on to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction.

How do I know I can trust these reviews about LegalShield?

1,111,847 reviews on ConsumerAffairs are verified.

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For more information about reviews on please visit ourFAQ.

LegalShield assigned a law provider to us for a consultation for a tenant/landlord dispute. We vacated our four year rental home on the false pretenses that the landlady wanted to move in. She rented the property within two weeks of our departure. The greedy landlady also retained our $1200 security deposit. We left the house in pristine condition, had the premises move-out detailed cleaned by a team. We took 32 photos of every room and appliance to proved the condition. There were no damages or breakages. The case was handed to an attorney who mishandled the trial prep from the start and was subsequently fired after incompetent work and the complaints of multiple unhappy clients, What we were told appeared to be a straightforward case, we paid the $2300 represented as the fee for 10 hours work. We were led to believe that there would be no further charges.

We lost the case (however we prevailed meaning the Judge ruled in our favor but cut the refund). We were also granted all reasonable attorneys fees. And only received $86 from our security deposit after our LegalShield providers attorney dismissed a vital witness (an realtor agent) who was subpoenaed and appeared in Broward County Court (FL) to provide testimony. Now there were a further three lawyers assigned to our simple case who were in turn either fired or resigned. The Defendant hired an attorney even though we offered to surrender the complete deposit to her. This being the reason we sought help from LegalShield.

Now the assigned Law firm (not prepared to state the name for obvious reasons) is saying we owe a further $6900. This is simply daylight robbery. This is unacceptable the creative. My wife and I are both Senior citizens who have never been sued and this fight of our security deposit to be rightfully returned is our very first lawsuit. We believe strongly to do no harm to anyone but feel the compulsion to seek legal assistance for Justice to prevail. Now we have been slammed by the LegalShield Law firm who has retained all of the downpayment and installments of our legal fees (they are saying this is to cover their balance.) This is not right!!! We have been doubly wronged.

Please someone take action to have this situation rectified. We low income family struggling to make it from month to month, as are many other families out there. We would like to have someone please look into this matter and transmit this Consumer complaint to LegalShield. We have now discontinued our membership and only had only other minor matter involving a letter sent on our behalf to recover a check issued to us without funds. Thank you.

I am a LegalShield member, I greatly enjoy my membership, it is very helpful if you know how to utilize it. Its not a magical fix all overnight solution, which is what Im assuming most people think when they purchased their memberships. Its not free, no lawyer is just going to represent you for nothing but it clearly states in the sign up process that members are guaranteed a 25% preferred member discount from the lawyers theyre referred to, you still have to spend out of pocket money for legal representation.

However if you need letters written or documents reviewed, a living will or power of attorney those are free under the membership. Pre-existing legal matters like unpaid parking tickets, divorce, child custody etc. Pretty much anything that requires a lawyer to physically be present in court would fall under the 25% discount benefit. Though you will still be paying significantly for legal representation -as would anyone needing legal representation- youre paying less for any of these matters than you would be without the help of LegalShield.

I purchased my membership out of New York and I have to say in the 4 months Ive had my LegalShield membership Ive have gotten loads of significant advice from the law firm out of New York, and as a father being able to get my last will and testament done for free thanks to my membership as to where if I were to have one done up by some random lawyer it would cost me upward of 100s-1000s of dollars is just awesome! Having them write letters on your behalf to get collections agencies etc to stop harassing you, even more powerful. Get the membership, learn how to utilize it properly and I promise you wont be let down! Legal matters dont get better overnight and nobody is going to represent you for free other than public defenders or conflict defenders. LegalShield provides quality law firms and yes you are going to have to pay money but its a lot less than what youd pay without the membership! Be smart. Use your heads my dear people! 🙂

Thank you so much for your kind words and we are so glad to hear that you have received great assistance with your legal matters! We greatly appreciate you being a member of LegalShield!

The first lawyer I was assigned, Mark ** of Rockford could not read the documents I gave him. The second lawyer assigned was Frank ** of Batavia who had me drive 60 miles to tell me he would not drive that far to represent me. The third lawyer I was assigned, Steven ** of Skokie has some serious negative reviews concerning his lack of honesty by former clients. I was able to talk briefly with him twice. I emailed him all the court documents he needed. After that, many messages I left with him was a waste of time. We had an agreement that I would call him March 2, 2018. I called him twice that evening. He ignored me. LegalShields law firm, Shimanovsky & Moscardini, Ltd. refers you to a lawyer they dont screen, obviously.

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. We are not showing a concern has been filed on this matter, meaning we were not made aware of this members issue. Please visit to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction.

Have been a member since 1985 and have been happy with every situation the attorneys handled. It was quick, and resolved. We were able to save thousands of dollars because of the membership on one situation alone. Would NEVER be without it. Thank you LegalShield!!

We are so happy to hear about your satisfaction with our service! Thank you for being a member all these years! We greatly appreciate you!

Ive had LegalShield for 7 years. I have always thought they were amazing. Until today. I called LegalShield for an extremely important matter yesterday, 02/15/18, and they told me a lawyer would be in touch with me between 1-8 hours. That normally happens. However, no lawyer EVER called. So today, 02/16/18, I called LegalShield 5 times to speak to this attorney, Michelle (I only know her name because the receptionist said it), and the receptionist tells me shes always on the phone. So now its after 5, on a Friday, and a lawyer has never called me, not once. This is the first time LegalShield has ever done this to us, but its enough!! This legal matter were dealing with is important and them ** around is costing us time. Weve paid for this membership for 7 years, and now when we need them they suck!!!

LegalShield views its members as the companys most important asset. So when youre not happy with the service you received, we want to know. Please visit to leave us your feedback. We will look into your concern and reach out in a timely fashion to ensure satisfaction. Please keep in mind that to preserve confidentiality, communication will be made only with the affected member.

This membership is amazing! Once I realize that attorneys dont magically fix the situation things got a lot better. My expectations at first was they were going to fix everything then after speaking with the person who sold me the plan I completely understand what the membership is and how to use it. I love it.

Travon, we are so glad to hear that you are enjoying your membership! LegalShield is a great service to have should you ever need assistance, thank you for being a member!

I have had my membership for 4 years now and it has always been a great support for me and my family in regards to have our rights protected. Two years ago my apartment complex tried to kick me out for an ad I didnt post on Airbnb, but when I called my provider law firm and explained the situation. I was given a 3 days notice to leave the apartment but instead I received an excuse letter from the administration management for the mistake.

Rene, we are so happy to hear that your matter was taken care of with full satisfaction! Thank you for taking the time to let us know how you have benefited from your membership!

Every time Im given the opportunity to utilize these services, I am truly astonished at the professionalism and quick turn around I receive. As soon as I became a member of LegalShield and contacted my Provider Law Firm, I knew I had to let my good friends and family know about LegalShield!

We are so glad to hear that you have received nothing but the best service and couldnt agree with you more. Thank you for being a member of LegalShield!

One of their associates apparently submitted an application for Legal Shield using my payment information. My debit card has been fully in my possession. I had never heard of this company before checking my bank statement this morning. Apparently I paid for some random mans account, a mans name Ive never heard of before. I told them that this was NOT an authorized charge, provided a front side copy of my VISA debit card showing the card number was mine (not this strange mans), and a copy of my bank statement showing the charges. I was charged $99 for what I assume after researching, an account for him to sell Legal Shield. Ive filed a police report, identity theft report, and my bank is investigating. LegalShield on the other hand is not cooperating. They want additional proof from me that the debit card is in fact mine. Im not sure what more I can prove to them without further violating my own privacy.

Im also not sure what I would gain from trying to have another persons card refunded. I also find it interesting how they are demanding so much from me to refund a service I never purchased, yet clearly didnt require any type of verification before charging my card. They will not confirm to me that the account opened using my payment information has been or will be closed. They refuse to provide any information on the application I paid for. Ive also asked several times for them to provide information to the police and they will not do that either.

So now I am out $99 until my bank finishes their investigation. There is apparently an Associate of LegalShield who has my debit card information, and possibly more information of mine which is extremely concerning, and LegalShield wont confirm that this account is closed or that any action will be taken. They say to work in legal services, including identity theft protection, yet their Associates are opening accounts and registering as Legal Shield representatives by using stolen debit card information. LegalShield takes no responsibility for this, does not investigate further, does not contact authorities, and will not refund the fraudulent charges to the rightful debit card owner.

As a company, LegalShield takes any indication of fraud very seriously. We launch full investigations using every resource available to us so that we may properly resolve the matter. If funds are received by way of a fraudulent action, we will provide the appropriate refund once we have confirmation of the transactions and are able to identify the parties involved.

I was using the internet to search for a way to find assistance with completing a very simple legal document (a title of transfer) out of state. I stumbled on a site that lead me to a LegalShield salesman who swore to me that the purchase of a membership would result in the completion of everything I needed done without further cost. I let myself be talked into it but very soon found that the purchase of a membership only entitled me to a discount on the legal services of the company they referred me to. I immediately canceled my membership which they were willing to do but when it came to getting a refund of the membership fees, this proved to be an entirely different matter. They said I need to submit a request for a refund separately which I did but so far my request has been completely ignored. Dont be fooled. This is a scam!

Updated on 03/03/2018: In response to my previous review on this site in which I report that although I cancelled my LegalShield membership less than 24 hours after having been talked into it through false claims being made, I still had not received a refund of my membership fees 3 weeks later. A LegalShield representative responded to my review by saying that members who cancel their memberships are entitled to a refund of their fees. However, a month has gone by now and I still have not received a refund and LegalShield does not respond to my emails. I will report here if, in fact, this does eventually have a good ending. In the meantime, I am still waiting.

Updated on 03/06/2018: I wrote 2 previous negative reviews about my experience with LegalShield and my difficulties in getting a refund but to be fair, I now want to report that although it took 6 weeks, they did refund my membership almost in full. I can not give them high marks for customer service however as they never responded to my emails and did not notify me when they finally completed the refund. I only found out from my credit card statement.

Upon written request, the Member shall be entitled to be reimbursed by the Company the unused portion of the membership fees paid for this Contract, the amount to be calculated on a pro-rata basis over the period of the Contract. This specific refund request is currently under review and in the process of being completed as it was received on 1/30/18.

They promised free first consultation, never got it. In fact they were charging way more for the first consult than other attorneys outside of Legal Shield. I knew it was too good to be true. They dont help like they promised. I shouldve read the reviews first.

LegalShield members receive consultations on unlimited legal matters as a benefit of their membership at no additional cost. Members may also receive our Preferred Member Discount of 25% off the lawyers standard hourly rate for any services that are not fully covered by the plan.

I was recruited by a representative of this company. In his ad it said Would you like to have those old traffic tickets resolved. I replied and spoke with the guy who assured me this service could do that. After receiving my membership numbers, I called the attorney selected for me and was told since you got the tickets before joining, we cant help you unless you pay for it. I called and asked to cancel and for a refund. Its been well over a month and no refund yet. I called and emailed my request again, a supervisor called me and got my information and story. Still there has not been a refund yet. Just a lot of its being processed replies. I would caution anyone NOT TO USE this service.

As a LegalShield Member, a Pre-existing legal event is an event that predates the effective date of the membership. You may have consultation on unlimited legal matters including Pre-existing. You may also receive our Preferred Member Discount of 25% off your lawyers standard hourly rate for assistance with any Pre-existing legal matters.

I was not allowed to have a phone consult with an attorney unless I sent over documentS first. I repeatedly advise them that I did not have documents. I then spoke to another attorney in the same practice. He said that I did not need documents but then proceeded to argue with me (because he was curious), to why I wanted to talked to an attorney about an issue he already gave me his opinion on. His job was to refer me to a MD attorney who knew MD laws. Customer service was rude & argued with me for 2 wks. Finally, when I got the contract in the mail, I called them and asked them where in the contracted it stated I needed documents. After a long hold, a snippy rep got on the phone and said that they finally canceled my membership & refunded my money. They are deceiving and dishonest but they didnt get my money!! Stay far away from these scammers!

LegalShield provides benefits as outlined in the membership contract. We have a Provider Firm set up within each state to service the members of said state. Your legal issue originated from another state other than your state of residence. In this case, our process is to review any related documents to ensure the legal situation does get referred to the correct state as well as determine benefits of how the legal situation will fall within the benefits of the contract. We understand this process was not understood originally and not acceptable, so we cancelled and refunded your membership in full. We wish you the best.

I attempted to cancel back in July of this year after my assigned Lawyer didnt get back with me after a couple tries. I even informed them it was over a will and time sensitive. I was also going to be involved in their MLM program but decided I could not effectively promote something I didnt believe was beneficial. I confess, I USED TO FAIL to go over my bank statements carefully but I did this month and found [in December] there was LegalShield, taking out money STILL. I guess they taught me something, always double check your statements! Everything they sent me went to spam so I had no way of knowing I was still with them.

I CANNOT PROVE THE NEXT PART but it is oddly coincidental. After, accusing them of being a waste of money and the only way they can keep people is to keep billing them when they try to leave. Somebody tried to get a credit card in my name in Detroit Michigan. I MEAN THE SAME DAY and my password with LegalShield just happened to be the same as that credit card [which I changed]. I had no problems before that…ever. But that is speculation but I can say WITHOUT A DOUBT, they gave me NO refund for all those months I had actually quit their service.

I immediately asked for a refund $140 roughly in total which according to their policy shouldnt be an issue (they dont refund the $100 state fee I had to pay when I set up with them. Isnt that swell). I got no response. They just sent me an email letting me know it was cancelled. I followed up with another email 2 weeks later asking about the refund and got ignored. So I submitted a BBB complaint, yesterday I got a call from customer service regarding that complaint stating everything was cancelled and they would refund everything minus the $10 nonrefundable fee (scam fee) and obviously the $99 state fee since that wasnt paid to them, mind you I was ok with this. I didnt expect them to refund that stuff.

However, today I looked at my bank account and have been refunded $40 total so far and CHARGED another $20 that I DID NOT give permission for! I sent them another email that was this time immediately responded to stating everything was cancelled (though they did list the wrong date for cancellation) and the refund request would be reviewed. If they post this charge Im reporting it as fraud because I have lots of written documentation stating they do not have permission to charge me and they are too incompetent to fix this.

I bought LegalShield for one thing – cover me from speeding tickets. After almost a year of paying the monthly dues, I finally get a speed camera ticket and send it in with the app. The lawyer calls me and says, Good news. There are no points for this, so you can just pay the $40 online. I asked her if she could just get it dismissed. She responded I could request a hearing and pay $100 per hour for legal representation… Isnt that what Im paying you for? I then asked what tickets they do get dismissed and she said she could answer that because there are no guarantees. Frustrated I just paid the ticket online. At this point Im not seeing value for my monthly membership and will be cancelling the service.

Our services arent getting tickets dismissed, we cannot guarantee that. What we can guarantee is representation for moving traffic violations that dont rise to the level of a felony. With that being said, if you were told there would be an hourly charge for representation for the ticket you received, wed definitely love to be able to look into this for you and get some more information because that is something we do guarantee.

Wed like to schedule a time to discuss this issue with you to ensure our attorneys are delivering the services we guarantee our members.

I subscribed to the credit monitoring service provided by LegalShield but was never able to avail myself to the service because of technology issues on their end. After three attempts to fix the technology issues I asked to be refunded the one month amount paid of $19.95. I received $0.66. The experience was a complete debacle. I have since easily joined a co