How to Make a Sweatshirt Look Smaller

Sweatshirts with shorter, thin sleeves appear smaller than longer-sleeved sweatshirts.

Whether you have lost weight, received an ill-fitting sweatshirt as a gift, or purchased one in the wrong size, sweatshirts that are too large need not be relegated to the back of the closet. You can make a sweatshirt look smaller by shrinking the fabric, if its made from cotton, or wearing the sweatshirt in different styles that minimize the appearance of its size.

Place a cotton sweatshirt in the washing machine with detergent and wash it with the hottest water temperature the fabric will allow. Remove the sweatshirt and run it through the drier on the hottest temperature setting the material will tolerate. This process will shrink the sweatshirt, causing it to look smaller and have a snugger fit.

Attach a thin belt around the sweatshirt at your waist. Pairing a belt with a sweatshirt at the narrowest part of your abdomen will eliminate the bulky look that a large sweatshirt has when you wear it loose.

Zip or button a jacket-style sweatshirt all the way to the neck instead of wearing it open. This will minimize the appearance of the size because the garment will be tighter around your body.

Wear a scarf or an overcoat over the sweatshirt. Adding additional layers will hide the sweatshirts size, making it appear to be a better fit.

Roll the sleeves of the sweatshirt neatly until they reach slightly below or above your elbows. Tucking up loose sleeves that otherwise fall around or below your hands removes one obvious clue about the sweatshirts size.

Wear several layers beneath the sweatshirt. During cold weather, add a long-sleeve shirt and a thermal, which is a thick winter garment that is lighter than a sweater but heavier than a regular shirt. If the sweatshirt appears less baggy on your body, it will not look as large.

Wear the sweatshirt over tights as if it were a dress. If you eliminate bulky, baggy clothing on your lower body and instead opt for slick, skintight fabric, a large sweatshirt will appear as more of an eye-pleasing contrast.

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Convert Mens Clothing Sizes to Womens

Convert Mens Clothing Sizes to Womens

Look Like You Have an Hourglass Figure

Shrink Cotton Shirts in Boiling Water

How to Cut the Neck on a Hoodless Sweatshirto Make It Look 80s

With just a pair of scissor, you can turn an oversized sweatshirt into a retro-chic 80s style sweatshirt. Cutting off the neckline takes just minutes and can completely alter the look of the shirt, changing it from a plain unflattering shirt into a sexy, alluring and more comfortable top. It is better, but not crucial, if the sweatshirt is a size or two larger than what you normally wear. Grab a sharp pair of scissors and start cutting.

Lay the sweatshirt flat in front of you.

Cut, with the scissors, around the ribbed collar one inch from the seam line.

Wash the shirt so that the cut edge will roll a little.

Try the shirt on. If the opening is not large enough, remove the shirt and cut off another inch.

Repeat this process until you are satisfied with the results.

How to Make a Sweatshirt Longer

Lengthening a short sweatshirt can save you money on clothing.

Sweatshirts can shrink due to heat and improper washing, but parents may also try to extend the length of a sweatshirt for a child who gains height but not girth. Stretching the length of a shirt while not expanding the girth takes time and patience. Fortunately, the process does not cost much money, because you likely have the household supplies necessary to complete the project.

Stop up a sink basin and fill it with water. Place the sweatshirt in the water until thoroughly soaked, a process which usually takes five minutes or less depending upon the type and density of the fabric. Soak the sweatshirt in a mixture of 1 tablespoon hair conditioner or baby shampoo per 1/2 gallon of water for better results.

Remove the sweatshirt from your sink and wring most of the water from it. Lay the clothing flat on an ironing board with the arms hanging over the sides of the board.

Turn on the steam setting of your iron and allow the iron to heat up for a few minutes before proceeding. Run the iron down the length of the shirt starting from just below the armhole and working your way down to the base of the sweatshirt. Take care not to stretch the armholes while ironing, or the sweatshirt will not fit properly.

Work in even rows vertically down the sweatshirt when ironing. Ironing from side to side will widen clothing instead of lengthening it. Repeat this process until the shirt has dried almost all the way.

Place the sweatshirt on a flat surface. Put a heavy weight, such as a dumbbell, on the shirt just below the armholes. Then stretch the sweatshirt slightly and apply another weight at the base of the shirt. Let the clothing dry fully before removing the weights.

If your sweatshirt does not have sufficient length after you complete the process the first time, repeat the process as needed until you achieve the desired length. Keep in mind that you can only extend the length of clothing so far beyond its original form with the total possible extension dependent upon the knit and material of the fabric.

You can more easily stretch sweatshirts made out of materials with a looser weave, such as cotton and cashmere, and you may experience poorer results with synthetic materials, such as polyester, rayon and silk.

You should not attempt to lengthen a sweatshirt by pulling on it with your hands, because you will stretch out the armholes, resulting in a poor fit. In addition, such a technique will not stretch the sweatshirt evenly, causing one side to sag more than the other.

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Avoid Holes in the Elbows of Shirt Sleeves

Use a Sewing Machine to Make a Shirt Larger

Use a Sewing Machine to Make a Shirt Larger

Shrink Cotton Shirts in Boiling Water

Fleece Dog Sweater

I made this pull-on sweater for my dog to wear while laying around camp after a wet day of hiking. The design features a band collar (mock turtleneck type), large leg holes for free movement, and a shirt tail to cover the rump.

Although the pattern can be scaled to fit your dog and fleece is stretchy, the tube-type construction of this sweater makes it hard to put on and take off of large dogs. This pattern is more suited to medium-sized and smaller dogs. For larger dogs, I suggest using a coat-style pattern that lays like a blanket across the back and closes with straps under the tummy and across the chest. Look inOther Resourcesfor such a pattern. Many of the sweaters for greyhounds have this type of construction.

This pattern fits a 40 lb short-haired female mixed breed withNeck circumference:17Girth at chest:27Waist circumference:21Body length (collar to tail):24Chest width (shoulder to shoulder):5Materials:1 yard of polyester fleece material, 200 weightthread to matchOptional:matching or contrasting lycra material for binding

(seam allowance is 1/4 for a plain seam or 1/2 for a top-stitched seam)

With right sides together, stitch BACK shoulders

Repeat 1st and 2nd steps for the other side of the sweater.

With right sides together, fold COLLAR crosswise and sew ends

With the right side out, fold COLLAR to match raw edges.

Match COLLAR out side to sweater body right side and sew together.

Finish the sweater with either a 1/4 or 1/2 hem or a

If you are making this sweater for a male dog, you may want to make the curve deeper on the tail end of the pattern to expose more of the tummy area.

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Welcome to Marys Productions

Mary Mularis Winter 2018 Newsletter

Adventures With 5-Inch Fabric Squares

Second Chance T-Shirt Makeovers, Video 1

Second Chance T-Shirt Makeovers, Video 2

Welcome to the Mary Mulari and Marys Productions website. Take a few moments to check out the pages and areas — its a sewing enthusiasts smorgasbord of inspiration and ideas.

I started withsweatshirt makeoversandappliqueand since then I have written about sewingmemory giftstravel gearreversible apronsfabric wraps, and much more. There are books and patterns here, so I hope youll take a tour of my website and sign up for mynewslettertoo.

AnotherReversibleApron With Personality

This reversible apron pattern offers many options for unique creations each time you use the pattern with Marys clear instructions and illustrations, and it is printed on sturdy paper for multiple uses.

These small and fun projects are great for kids and beginners to sew. Use your collection of squares or cut them from your fabric stash. Turn a collection of charm squares into clever, useful projects and great gifts.

Gather the familys collection of memorable T-shirts and turn them into great gifts with special meaning. Color photos of all projects and Marys signature: clear instructions and her own illustrations for the project steps in this jam-packed pattern.

Transform soft, comfortable sweatshirts into one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing that express your own personal style. As an added bonus, a Sweatshirt Gallery presents over a dozen designs chock-full of even more fresh ideas.

Marys Most Requested – Crisscross Apron PatternHere it is –the most frequently requested reversible apron pattern! Its easy to sew and easy to wear with no annoying neckbands to rub on the back of your neck and a comfortable fit with no strings or ties.

Marys created fifteen terrific gifts to sew from new and old fabrics. Theyre quick to sew and theres something for all ages. Check it out!Revamp clothing, textiles, felted sweaters, and more with the patterns and instructions in this revised version of the original pattern.

Also find ways to keep shawls from sliding off your shoulders!

From my home, office and sewing parlour in Aurora, Minnesota I travel frequently to present seminars in stores and at guild meetings throughout the U.S. Its a pleasure to meet the people who read and use my books and patterns, and to share with them in person the projects I have shown during my guest appearances onSewing With Nancy. I also welcome your correspondence via e-mail or through the postal system. My address is below.

Dont forget tosign up for my e-mail newsletterand check out myseminar schedule. My friend Rita Farro and I, The Midwest Ya Ya Sisters, also present tag team sewing seminars at sewing events around the country.

Heres hoping youll find sewing time in your life for many of my fun and clever projects.


When your friends say, You know you can buy one of those.. do you say, Yeah, so? If you love to make things, if you constantly have a project going in a back room, or cluttering up a kitchen counter, if you start making Christmas presents in June and you watch all those do-it-yourself shows on TV, come on in! Weve got all kinds of recipes, formulas, craft projects and ideas that you can make yourself.

Great ideas for all kinds of crafts and projects for any season.

Easy art, crafts and cooking projects your kids can do.

Homemade insect repellent, fertilizers, lotions, potions, bath salts.

Dont throw it away! Make something with it!

Knitting, crochet, quilting and sewing projects.

Valentine, Easter, Mother Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving

How to Make Lamps and Vases From Bottles

Making Scents Of It All – Potpourri Basics

Formulas – Recipes For Household Cleaners

Mirror Fun: Silvering And Re-Silvering And How To Make Your Own One-Way Mirrors

Cooking Tips: Sixty Uses Of Vinegar

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Broom Tree Retreat

Welcome to Broom Tree, a South Dakota Jewel, owned and operated by the Catholic Diocese of Sioux Falls. This unique venue rests on 300 acres of some of the most beautiful land Eastern South Dakota has to offer.

Nestled in the rolling hills of Missouri Valley, Broom Tree provides a picturesque setting that makes for a tranquil and serene environment. Within walking distance from pristine Lake Marindahl, the facilities provide a perfect atmosphere where one can come away from the constant demands of everyday life. The peaceful grounds, adjacent lake, Conference Center, Lodge, cabins and prairie church provide a place of recollection and prayer for people of all ages and faiths.

For years I have recommended Broom Tree Retreat Center as a place to make a good, silent, Ignatian retreat. The facility, the setting, and the capable directors combine to make this a fruitful choice when seeking a deep encounter with Christ in prayer. I renew that recommendation.

Fr. Timothy Gallagher, O.M.V, author of Discernment of Spirits & The Examen Prayer

Beauty Fashion

The shelf life of perfume is generally around three to five years from the date of production.You must store perfume properly to ensure quality over a long period of time.

What Is Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses have a filter laminated on them that only allows vertically oriented light to pass through, while non-polarized lenses are usually just tinted to block light. Non-polarized lenses do not contain a filter to remove glare.

What Is the Way to Get Scratches Out of Sunglasses?

There are a few methods used to get scratches out of sunglasses, including silver polish, baking soda, toothpaste, glass etching compound and vehicle wax. Some of these methods also work on scratches in eyeglasses.

What Is the Difference Between a Chador and a Burka?

The main difference between a chador and a burka is that a burka covers the face, whereas a chador wraps around and covers the head and hair, but leaves the face exposed. Both are worn by Iranian and Islamic women as body-covers.

To shrink a hat, heat a pan of hot water, submerge the hat in the water, and place it in the dryer to dry. The heat from the water and dryer shrinks the material on the hat.

The shaft of an umbrella is made of either wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. The fabric used for the canopy is most commonly nylon taffeta that has an acrylic coating on the underside and a scotch-guard type finish on the topside. Modern umbrellas also have canopies made of microfiber fabric with water repellent finishes. The ribs, stretchers, runner and handle are made of wood, metal, plastic or another material.

The poppy should be worn on the left side of the chest closest to the heart. It is meant to be worn with heartfelt thanks and remembrance for those who lost their lives while defending freedom.

The oldest known tattoo was discovered on the 5,200-year-old body of a man known as the Iceman, found on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. Based on the locations of the markings, experts theorize that the tattoos on the Iceman were a form of therapy for joint pain.

Henna is a centuries-old art form that temporarily dyes skin a dark brown-red color. Its effects can last for up to two weeks depending on your skin tone. There are effective steps that can be taken to speed up the fading process of henna.

How Do You Paint a Zombie Face for Halloween?

To paint the face so that it resembles a zombie, use gray and green makeup around the cheekbones and chin, white makeup over the entire face, black makeup around the eyes and red and black makeup around the lips. For an even more authentic zombie look, fake flesh can be applied to the face to resemble peeling or decaying skin.

Where Can I Find Some Face Paint Examples?

Snazaroo, a maker of face-painting kits, offers a photo gallery containing stunning pictures of face-painting done by the companys customers. also offers a face-paint gallery, along with instructions on how to complete each look.

Body art uses the human body as a means of artistic expression. Body art includes piercing, tattooing, painting or scarring, and it can include adornments, such as clothes, shoes and hair coloring.

According to Tattoo Easily, an armband tattoo is one that encircles the bicep, forearm or wrist. The concept of an armband tattoo revolves around creating permanent jewelry on the skin and making statements regarding the tattooed persons personality, ideals and values.

Leather can be ironed using a very low setting. When ironing leather, a cloth should be placed on top of the leather to prevent burn marks.

Brown shoes can match almost any color as long as its done right. It is not recommended to mix brown shoes with black. Casual black clothing can work well with brown shoes, however black formal wear should not be worn with brown shoes of any color.

How Can You Find Good Thrift Shop Clothes?

Finding good thrift shop clothes is all about patience and observation. Take your time picking through the racks and looking over attractive items.

Bandanas come in a variety of sizes, but the standard dimensions are 22 inches by 22 inches. An oversized bandana is typically 27 inches on each side.

The phrase high fashion refers to the most luxurious, elegant and expensive clothing and accessories from top fashion designers. This American term comes from a common French expression, haute couture, which has the same meaning. High-fashion clothing is typically custom-made womens clothing.

How Can I Dress up Like a Superhero?

Dressing up like a superhero typically involves wearing a cape, a mask and a unitard or leotard with tights. Superhero costumes can be purchased or made by hand.

How Do Fashion Designers Use Technology?

Fashion designers use technology to design fabrics using fashion designing tools available in software packages, to alter previous designs, to see how designs look on virtual models, to determine which clothing material is fit for certain designs, and to connect with the fashion industry online. Fashion designers also use technology by introducing fashionable devices and gadgets as new trends in the fashion industry.

According to The People History, fashion changes because the style is a fad, because it is dependent on the tastes of a particular group of people or because circumstances in a culture or economy change. The site also points out that most fashions never go out of style but simply change slightly to fit different trends.

Fashion is important for many reasons, including being a form of personal identity. Fashion lets people express style and personality.

How Did Louis Vuitton Become Famous?

Louis Vuitton got his start as a box maker and packer in Paris and became famous when the wife of Napoleon III chose him as her personal box maker and clothes packer. Packing goods for transport was an important business, and the patronage of the Empress made Vuitton one of the premier craftsmen in his field. In 1854, he opened his own shop, developing his own unique luggage styles.

Who Was Jackie Kennedys Fashion Designer?

In 1960, Oleg Cassini became first lady Jacqueline Kennedys official designer. Cassini designed an entire wardrobe for her that made her a fashion icon of young women around the world. Other designers made popular by the first lady during that time were Chanel, Givenchy and Dior.

What Does H&M Stand For?

H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB, a Swedish retailer of clothing for children, teens, men and women. H&M, which opened its first store in 1947, is one of the worlds largest clothing retailers.

See More Fashion Designers Questions

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How to Make Your Own Hoodie

About: Threadbanger is a network for people who love to DIY, recreate, refashion and craft. Forget about corporate stores, were here to help you create and find your own style! From our episodes, forum and blog to…For anyone interested in DIY fashion, we have a great new project to sink your sewing needles into. Although it may be the middle of summer, hoodies are always in style and this is the perfect way to make your own! We atThreadbangerare always looking for new DIY fashion ideas so be sure tosend in your projects!And dont forget to subscribe to our podcast oniTunes!2. Some Newspaper (for cutting patterns)3. Fabric (for the hood and the pockets)Step 1: Cutting Out Your Patterns (Front and Back of T-shirt)

First, cut two (front and back) T-shirt pattern pieces out of two sheets of paper.The neckline on the front should be a little lower than the back.

For the hood pattern piece, you want to trace the neck with the two shirt pattern pieces and draw a notch in the middle. Outline the rest of the hood with a simple hood shape for the back of your head.

Pockets are pretty much the same thing, basically a square with a half circle cut out.

Now, take the T-shirt and cut it in half along the side. Next, you lay the back pattern piece over the logo, pin it on, and cut out the pattern. Just like tracing. Do the same for the front pattern piece.

For the front pattern piece, cut down the middle of the T-shirt for the zipper.

For the hood and the pockets, you will need some extra fabric. But the process is the same. Pin them down and cut them out…and make sure to double your fabric.

With everything cut out, its time to start sewing! For sewing the hood together, you only need to sew around the curved part of the hood. Make sure when sewing the pockets that you leave room for your hands!

After the pockets are sewn on, the side seams are next, this connects the front and back of the shirt. Then, sew the straight seams at the top for the shoulders.

Sewing the hood onto the rest of the shirt can be a little tough while connecting to the neckline. Make sure to pin it enough.

Now all you have to do is sew on the zipper, fold up the hem, and you have great little homemade hoodie!

Did you make this project? Share it with us!

byPenolopy BulnickinKnitting & Crocheting

Please be positive and constructive.

whats the notch on the hoodie pattern for?

i have tht shirt i now wut im doing!!!!!!!!

If your struggling with the first step…it can be really hard to free hand if your not used to it…get a shirt that you like the way it fits and turn it inside out, trace the seams front and back. Or if you dont mind loosing the shirt cut off the seams, just make sure you add a quarter inch all around when cutting out the new hoodie for the seams so it still fits right.

This link is a tutorial on how to make your own pattern from old cloths, it is for kids clothes but it works for adult cloths as well.

You lost me on step 1; i think i need another Instructable for that? šŸ˜›

Get a t-shirt or other knit shirt that you like turn inside out, and trace around the seams. front then back as both are different.

Another way to do it is a pull on hoodie, just cut out a hoodie from knit fabric or a different t shirt and add it to the collar, out side or inside doesnt matter, depends on how you want it to look, no need to cut up the t shirt. Or as I believe another poster mentioned remove the collar from a polo and add a hoodie in its place.

can you make one with long sleeves? and can you hand sew it, or is it better to use a machine?

Yes you can make it with long sleeves…you can either get a long t that fits you cut up the front and cut off the collar, add the hood and zipper…done.

Or you can turn a long sleeve shirt that fits wrong side out and trace the sleeve, add to the body of the shirt after sewing the shoulders together but before sewing the sides, when they are added sew up the sides and sleeve in one long stretch.

and yes you can hand sew but it takes a lot longer, if you machine sew it best to use a zig-zag stitch if you dont have a surger.

No, the extra fabric could, possible, tear a hole in the space time continuum and end all life as we know it.

if all life ends on this planet…..i aint sharing my pizza with you in heaven

since its thanksgiving sure you can have some of my popcorn

okay, some people in my band are wanting to get hoodies made that look similar to our band uniforms. The right arm and upper torso are black, and the right arm and lower right torso are white. is there a website or other place where i can get a hoodie like this made?

The right arm and upper torso are black, and the right arm and lower right torso are white,Question 1: How can the right arm be black and white at the same time?Question 2: What about the lower left torso?

LOL! yea…i think he just got done with some addys n coke….dont mind him. if he ODs his band will become famous! XD

Nice. If you wanted a legit summer hoodie, a t-shoodie if you will, Id suggest sewing a strangly patterned fabric onto a crazy t-shirt as a pocket and hoodie. Imma try it with a nice thin polo so I can not overheat with the hood on. Ha! Kudos.

Make A DIY Dog Sweater From A Sweatshirt +oggie Travel Tips!

*This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser, MARS Incorporated. All opinions are mine alone. PedigreeMoments CollectiveBias

Do you have a dog in need of a sweatshirt? Whether you are planning on traveling this summer like we do (camping!) or the weather is just a tad chilly for your pet, thisDIY dog sweatermade from a sweatshirt is a really quick and easy way to upcycle an old sweater or sweatshirt! It makes for an inexpensive dog sweater and its perfect for chilly nights or cool mornings!

Last summer on one of our Fall camping trips my husband told me that for my Birthday I could pick out a puppy! I was so excited and immediately began the hunt for the perfect puppy to join our family. Fast forward to this Spring and our little puppy, Maddie, is a member of our family now! She is 8 months old and is a mix of chihuahua, Pomeranian and min pin. Shes the sweetest little puppy and loves cuddles. We get to take her camping with us this Summer and I know she will love it!

Since she weighs in at a tiny 5 pounds she is often chilly when the weather is damp or cool. I knew wed need several dog sweaters in order to take her camping with us, but I didnt want to spend an arm and a leg. I came up with this super easyDIY dog sweateridea that takes about 5 minutes total from start to finish. Maddie now has a trendy collection of dog sweaters to bring camping with us. Read on for the step-by-step tutorial and my tips for traveling with your dog! Did you just get a new puppy? Be sure to read myUltimate Guide to Bringing Home Your New Puppy!

First youll want to find an oldsweatshirtorsweaterthat you no longer want. I found a sweatshirt that was too short on me and had some really fun patterns on the arms. You need to make sure the circumference of the arm of the shirt will fit around your dogs body. If your sweatshirts are too small then head to the thrift store and find some larger sweaters that will fit your pooch. The arm of the sweater will serve as theDIY dog sweater.

Next, lay your sweater flat on the floor or table. Carefully cut off the arm. I chose to cut the arm just below the pattern line because I intent to upcycle this sweatshirt into a short sleeve shirt I can wear with a tank top underneath. Now Maddie and I will both get new shirts! If you arent upcycling yours you can cut along the seam of the arm.

Now smooth it out flat and cut two notches on the bottom and top, near the cuff for leg holes. I held up the sleeve to my dog and eyeballed where her legs would fall on the arm and then cut my holes that far back from the cuff.

Now open up the sleeve and lay it so that both holes are lined up on top of the other. Now youll want to cut a slightly angled line from the bottom up, getting wider towards the top. This is to create the correct curve for the shirt to lay over their back and come up shorter underneath them so they can go potty.

Thats it! Put yourDIY dog sweateron your pooch and see how it fits! You can always make small changes if needed. Cut it shorter if its too long, cut the leg holes larger, etc. This seriously takes about 5 minutes total!

If you have summer road trips, camping excursions or just a day trip with your dog planned then youll love these easy travel tips! We have these two adorable dogs and they love to go camping with us and on day trips to go exploring. Weve discovered a really easy solution to taking along theirdog food!

We found thesePEDIGREEĀ® POUCH Meaty Ground Dinner with Beef, Hearty Chicken/Beef, Bacon & Cheeseare the perfect grab and go meal for our dogs. They carry them at Walmart in the dog food aisle and you can also order them onAmazon.Ā  Both of our dogs LOVE them and they make for a quick and easy pre-portioned meal that we can take along, mess-free in the car. We keep these in our camper too and we never have to worry about spilled dog food or attracting wild animals with an open bag of dog food. They come in an 8 and 18 count packages in a variety of flavors. Just tear off the top and dump it in their bowl.

Our bigger dog, Max loves thePEDIGREEĀ® Dry Complete Nutrition Chickenas well and we love using theĀ PEDIGREEĀ® pouches as a topper on his dry food to make it a little more interesting for him! Interestingly enough we started our little puppy Maddie on puppy food and we couldnt keep her away from MaxsĀ PEDIGREEĀ® Dry Complete Nutrition Chicken dog food so we have transitioned her over to that completely now. She loves it! Between theĀ PEDIGREEĀ® pouches and PEDIGREEĀ® Dry Complete Nutrition Chicken dog food we are able to give our dogs the quality they deserve at a price that keeps us within our budget.

In addition to bringing food and water when you travel with your dogs, make sure you also remember to bring dog dishes. We love using the collapsable silicone dog bowlsthat fold up flat. Make sure your dog always has adog tagon their collar that has their name and your contact information on it should you ever be separated from your dog. Its also a good idea to bringdog leashesdog poop bags, your DIY dog sweater if its chilly, and akennelif you need one.

You can find more inspiring ideas for on-the-go dogs on thePedigreepage! Find fun no-sew travel beds, doggy go-bags, a no-sew pet treat pouch and lots more! Our pets are our best friends and they deserve the very best! Make sure your pet is ready for on-the-go fun this Spring and beyond with thisDIY dog sweater! Personally, Im looking forward to a wonderful summer camping with our new puppy, Maddie!

We love when you pin our posts and share them on Facebook using the sharing bar above and below this post! Thank you!

Looking for the products featured in this post? Find them in the dog food aisle at Walmart!

Meal Plans for Every Week of the Year Week 28

Mobile Parenting: Raising Healthy and Strong Teenagers in the Digital Age

How cute are your pups. Love that easy no-sew sweater idea. client

What a neat idea. This would be perfect for my friend and her pup.

Ok, weve used old clothes to make pull/chew toys, but never thought about making clothes for them. Great idea!

We do something similar with baby clothing, but I never considered the arm of a sweater. This turned out super cute!

What a cute idea to do this with baby clothes. Id love to see a picture of it.

This is so adorable! I am loving the idea to make it from a sweater that you already have.

This is super cute! What a great way to upcycle an old sweater.

This is such a fun project! Dog sweaters can be so expensive so this is a really smart way to spruce up your pups wardrobe for less money.

It is really amazing! Its fun and interesting. I love outfits of the dog. Love it!

What a great idea. And so easy to do. I dont have a dog anymore but I just had to pin it. Your baby is so cute.

Your doggies are adorable! I love this idea and Ive been wanting to try it; thanks for the great tips!

Im visiting from Wow us Wednesdays

I love this! My chiweenie has the same expression when she wears a sweater (Must we, Mom?) Ive made them with baby clothes too but the arm holes dont match up well. Ill try this one. 🙌🙌

What a good idea to help out the pooches at animal shelters. They have no heat in winter and the dogs lay on cold cement floors. What about collecting old sweaters and sweat shirt and then making a whole bunch of these in different sizes to donate to animal shelters. They would be easy for them to throw in the machine and dryer and Im sure would be much appreciated by the dogs! Cant wait to get started. Thanks for the tips.

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