Dirt Late Model Race Car Graphics

Dirt late model racing is huge in many parts of the country. We offer many styles of late model graphics including options for your favorite specialty vinyls such as multi-lense holographic vinyl and fluorescent vinyl. You can mix and match those with our printed graphics to make your late model stand out from the crowd. Now for the first time ever you can actually design your own vinyl graphics package, and purchase it online without leaving the comfort of your own home or shop!

I dont have to tell you guys how important it is to your sponsors to be represented on a professional looking car. Our goal is to offer designs and pricing for your vinyl racing graphics at the very highest level. It doesnt matter if you are racing in the top late model division on the Speed Channel, or if you are in your local crate late model division, it is important that your car be able to attract attention for both you and your sponsors. We feel like we can be an important part in that process, and keep within your budget at the same time. We are all too aware of the rising costs of putting a competitive car on the track. With that in mind, we feel like we can earn your business by not only providing the best racing graphics website on the net, but by also providing you with the best possible prices, which are normally lower than our competitors.

Use our state of the art racing graphics designer to design and proof your car directly on our site. Design the top, sides, and hood with our designer. Change your car color and much more! Play around, see what you can come up with.

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s time to buildyour Model S

Tesla recently sent the following message to our first Signature Series reservation holders:

Its Time to Build Your Model S. The Fremont factory is almost ready and the entire Tesla team is very excited about taking this next important step.

This is another big step forward on our way to deliveringModel Sin July.

Over the next few months,Tesla Retail Storesand theTesla websitewill be offering additional interactive tools enabling Model S reservation holders to choose colors, interiors and other options in theDesign Studio. In Tesla Retail stores, we will also be completely updating the Design Studio and touch screens. These tools are well into the design and testing phase and Im very happy with the direction they are taking. They are very visual, easy to navigate and fun to use.

For those that are unfamiliar with EVs, we are working on a Go Electric experience that I think is very entertaining and informative. The experience answers the five most frequently asked questions we hear in our stores.

The Go Electric experience will answer all these questions while explaining how and why electric vehicles fit perfectly into peoples everyday lives.

There has been a lot of activity surrounding Model S since mylast blogin late December. Its worthwhile to highlight a few changes since then and to clarify a few items that have received some attention.

When we first conceived the Performance version of Model S, we designed it to have a carbon fiber interior dcor. Over the past two months, there have been lots of requests by future Model S Performance owners to make all interior dcors available, so we have now added Piano Black, Lacewood and Banana Leaf decors as availableoptions. We have also made the Rear Spoiler optional.

I probably should have made something clear in December about our Turn-by-Turn Navigation offering, but missed the opportunity to do so. When you outfit your Model S with Turn-by-Turn Navigation, we include 7 years of map updates at no charge. In most other premium sedans, these updates cost between $200 and $250 per year. We included 7 years of updates so there is never a question about keeping your Model S completely up to date. We believe this is an important benefit to every Model S owner.

We have received a lot of questions about how the car will be connected. Internet connectivity will be an option for all customers. The exact details are not quite ready for communication but we plan to make a formal announcement on this subject within the next few months. There will be several package options designed to provide different levels of experience.

Another item that has received attention is Satellite Radio being available only with our all-glass Panoramic Roof. We did this because we really dislike how a shark fin antenna on the roof detracts from the beautiful lines of Model S. With a Panoramic Roof we can install the antenna under the glass which means it doesnt need to protrude above the roof line. We found a solution that allows us to offer Satellite Radio, without the shark fin, on all cars that choose the Sound Studio option.

I have very exciting news to share on how we plan to deliver Model S. I am very pleased to introduce Tesla Personal Delivery. We will deliver your car wherever you like: your home, your office, your friends house, your hotel on vacation, or anywhere else that makes you smile. During Tesla Personal Delivery, we will explain all the features that make Model S great and make sure you know everything you need to know about owning the most advanced car on the planet. We will do so in a personalized, one-on-one way to make sure you get the most out of your Model S from the first moment you sit behind the wheel. We will also offer the option to take delivery at ourFremont factory. Along with the detailed explanation about your Model S and its technology, you will get a tour of the factory to see where your Model S was born. We are very excited about Tesla Personal Delivery and the Factory Experience. Both will be great ways to meet your new car.

2012 is the Year of Model S. We are pleased with how the Fremont factory has progressed and are very excited to have Signature Series reservation holders actively configuring their cars. Based upon input from our very active Tesla community, I think we have made a few very good updates to the options available on Model S. We have several great tools on the way to enhance the overall Tesla buying, owning and driving experience, and the entire Tesla team is anxiously awaiting that first Model S delivery.

We look forward to delivering your Model S anywhere that makes you smile!

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