Best kit car gothe time money and spacwhy nobuild your own car?

Best kit car: got the time, money and space, why not build your own car?

Its a kit, that turns into a car that you can actually drive – check out these best kit cars to buy now

BySpencer Hart2015-09-29T21:40:00.271Z

Why pay someone else to build you a gleaming, refined and reliable new car, when you can knock up a shoddy, chintzy and possibly lethal lash up on your own dime? Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of kit cars.

Actually, that isnt entirely fair. While a kit car will only be as good as the man that built it, the main attraction of doing it yourself, other than saving some cash of course, is the sheer variety and chutzpah of many of the kit cars your can buy. And there are some very well engineered kit cars out there.

Fancy a classic Cobra, something that looks like a refuge from the Le Mans 24h race, a million bucks worth of classic Aston Martin or a dead ringer for that iconic supercar from your youth? All of this and more can be yours and often for the price of a family hatchback. For many, there really is no other way of getting into something seriously dramatic other than going the kit car route.

Whats more, thanks to the latest aftermarket clobber, your jury-rigged DIY special can match and sometimes beat the big boys for in-car tech. Hooking up sat nav or fitting a tablet-based touchscreen is relatively straightforward, for instance.

Interested in building yourself a kit car but havent the foggiest where to start? Here are some top tips from the Chief Motorsport and Technical Officer of Caterham, Simon Lambert:

A Caterham is a complete car in kit form just add fluids. Most other kits need the buyer to source some parts from somewhere else or even make them, hence so many unfinished projects hidden away in garages.

Its all very well lifting a bare chassis up onto some high stands to make it easy to build, but how do you plan to get it down afterwards? Even Caterham customers forget this and have to find a clever way of getting their newly finished car of stands much higher than their jack can reach.

Best will in the world, your car may be short of a part or two and the IVA/registration process can take longer than expected. Dont plan to get it and have it on the road a week later because youve booked a trackday.

The IVA test is no fun. Allowing Caterham (or other manufacturer) to prepare your finished car for IVA and get it through the process will be worth every penny and ensure your memories are of an enjoyable build only.

Why would you want to spend any time in a cold, dark place full of spiders? If you garage isnt a bright and pleasant place to be, youll find yourself rushing or working in inadequate light. A garage should be clean, well lit and insulated if youre going to be in it when it is cold (the ten months between September and June). But why stop there? Specialist garage floor tiles mean you can walk around in socks and sit on it to do jobs without getting filthy. A decent sound system, TV and beer fridge are top of the essentials list. Having WiFi and something to access it with in the garage are very handy, as the internet will be your friend when you are stuck.

Buying something that needs assembling is essentially an excuse gateway for buying more tools. Quality tools last a lifetime and having the right tool for the job will make all the difference and ensure skin remains on your fingers and nuts and screws can be undone again in the future.

Putting a mark across a nut or bolt with a sharpie is a good way of reminding yourself which fixings are torqued tight and which still need doing.

Going back to basics seems like a redundant notion for one of the simplest, purest sports cars you can buy. But thats exactly the thinking behind the entry-level Caterham Seven 160. The interesting bit is that theyve achieved it with some surprisingly modern tech. The engine is a teeny three-pot 660cc turbo affair borrowed from Suzuki. It only knocks out 80hp. But then the 160 only weighs 490kg. So its good enough to hit 60mph in just 6.91 seconds.

Hot Rods have always been beautiful machines with dissapointing performance and handling, Factory Five have tried to design a car that drives as good as it looks. The 33 Hot Rod looks like something out of a film, and blends the retro and modern to create something truly stunning. Everything is designed and built in the USA, but there are European dealers for UK petrol heads as well.

Fancy driving an iconic race car to pick up the kids after school? The Type 65 Coupe was designed to be an acurate replica of the original 1965 World Championship coupe – capturing the look and feel of original 200mph GT cars, but using modern engineering to make it more reliable and comfortable.

None other than McLaren used an Ultima GTR as a development mule when they were knocking up the legendary F1 supercar. In many ways, thats all you need to know about the Ultima cars. Its a pukka bit of kit. Today, it remains one of the very fastest cars money can buy. Itll just cost you a lot less money than the likes of a million-dollar Bugatti Veyron or any of the new hybrid hypercar brigade from Porsche, Ferrari and, yes, McLaren.

Sinuous British bodywork. Brutish power from a Yankee V8. Thats the classic Cobra combo. And Dax is perhaps the best known purveyor of Cobra kits. Engine options are extensive. You can have classic Ford and Chevy pushrod V8s. Or maybe something more modern and multi-valve like a Jaguar lump. Either way, the performance levels are going to be utterly terrifying. Our pricing here is just for the basic body and chassis, finished cars cost tens of thousands.

Thought kit cars were a bit uncouth? Then you obviously havent heard of the positively aristocratic Ronart W152. The period bodywork hides high quality Jaguar components, including straight-six and V8 engines. Theres even a terrifying 500hp Jaguar V12 option. Either, as you sail past all those ghastly oiks in their modern motors, the very last thing theyll be thinking as they get a taste of your tailpipes is there goes a shoddy kit car.

If you fancy something that looks like it took a wrong turn out of the Le Mans 24h pit lane, the Piper GT is probably for you. The design is based on a genuine 60s Le Mans racer, but the modern kit gets an enhanced space-frame chassis with added aluminium honeycomb extras. In-line engine installations up to 450bhp are supported and the body has had some aero tweaking in the wind tunnel at Kingston University to give it more stability.

Spiritually related to Caterhams Seven 160, the Westfield SDV is the more intensively DIY option. The idea here is to combine the kit with a single donor vehicle (hence SDV) to produce the home-spun sportster of your dreams. In this case, were talking gen one Mazda MX-5 giving up its soul so that you might drive something seriously exciting. The Mazdas 1.6-litre lump knocks out over 100hp, which is serious power something as flyweight as a Westfield.

One of the big pleasures in building a kit car is taking something mundane and possibly only fit for the scrap heap and turning it into something special. Thats pretty much the recipe for the Midas Gold sports car. Its based on ye olde Austin Rover Metro mechanicals. Doesnt sound promising? The Metro actually offers innovative hydragas suspension and a wide range of engines to choose from which have no problem slinging the titchy Midas down the road.

Its definitely not as sexy or thrilling as they other cars on this list, buy its cheap and accessible, which we love.

No kit car list is complete without a replica of a mighty Lamborghini, quite literally the poster car for an entire generation of spotty, frustrated adolescents. If youre never going to earn enough for a real Lambo, its probably best to build one instead. Parallel have made painstaking efforts to ensure the Torero is as close to the real deal as possible. Prices start at a very reasonable 6,000 for a rolling chassis, but that doesnt include an engine or other important parts.

Mention kit cars and one brand comes to mind – Caterham. The Caterham Seven is almost legendary, and its ultimate form is the 620 R. It features a mind-boggling 310bhp, has a top speed of 155 mph and can accelerate to 60 in 2.79 seconds – thats roughly on par with a McLaren P1 and Nissan GT-R! At the heart of the 620 R is a supercharged 2.0-litre Ford Duratec engine, as Caterham put it, we have done the automotive equivalent of attaching a rocket to a missile – sounds fun (and slightly terrifying).

The 620 R is actually the only car from Caterham you cant buy in kit form, but it still represents back to basics (yet extreme) motoring.

Price:49,995 (pre-built)Caterham

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10 Companies That Can Help You Make Money By Designing T-Shirts

Hi, Im Holly. I help women and moms find remote jobs, careers, and home-based businesses that feed their souls. If youre looking to work from home, this is the blog for you.

89 CommentsThis post may contain paid and/or affiliate links. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

So youve thought of it: Taking your design ideas and putting them out there for everyone to see.

Well, youre in luck, we have answers!

Below youll find 10 companies that can help you make money by designing T-Shirts online.

Partnering with Tee Spring is like crowdfunding with T-Shirts! Its 100% free to design your shirt. Simply use the online designer to create your product by either uploading your design or using clip art from the site. Youll have to set a sales goal or tipping point, which is the minimum you need to sell in order to have your shirts printed. Then share your campaign via email, your website, or your favorite social media networks. Your customers wont be charged unless your campaign reaches the tipping point. Once your campaign ends, shirts are printed and sent out, and youll be sent a check for the profit.

There are many factors when figuring exactly how much you can earn withTee Spring, and it varies depending on everything, from the text and design you use to your choice of t-shirt. Just so you can get an idea of possible earnings with Tee Spring, you can start with a basic shirt that costs $5.75 and add a design and text for a total cost of $7.40 per shirt. You can choose your retail price but say you opt to sell your shirts for $12.00 each and have a goal of selling 50 shirts. That would give you a profit of $229. Of course, the more shirts you sell, the higher your profit.

Wondering if you can really make money using Tee Spring? Seehow Benny Hsu made $100,000 in five months using this t-shirt selling platform!

You can join Zazzle as a designer and upload and sell your artwork on t-shirts and many other products. Open a FREE designer store (you even get to choose your store name), select a product to add your design to, and post your designs for sale. Zazzle has a large selection of products: T-Shirts, coffee mugs, wall art, office supplies, electronics accessories, and much, much more! Even pillows and jewelry!

There are no upfront costs, and you set your royalty rates yourself that can be anywhere from 5% to 99%. Zazzle produces the products and ships everything directly to the customer.

Dont have killer design skills? Become a Zazzle Associate! Link and share your favorite shops and items made by others, and you can still earn a commission!

At Zazzle, t-shirts are priced a little higher right out of the gate, but you can still make a decent profit plus there isnt a minimum amount you have to sell.

Again, there are many variables here. An example would be, you can create a simple design, and the t-shirt will run you $19.95, then you set the percentage of your royalty rate. So if you choose a 20% royalty rate, your shirt will sell for $23.95, earning you a profit of $4.55 per shirt after the 24 cent transaction fee (which only applies when your royalty rate is set at 20% or above). Sell 50 shirts, earn about $227.

Spreadshirt allows you to upload a design to the Marketplace and sell to the Spreadshirt audience or open your own online shop for FREE and sell your designs directly to your target audience. You set your own commissions. At Spreadshirt, accounts are free forever, and you control your profit margin.

With over 150 products for you to choose from, theres sure to be something for everyone!

If you have mad design skills, you can create your own designs and earn anywhere from $1.50 and more on each design sold (which means another creator purchases and uses your design on their product).

You can also create tees, either with your designs or the designs of others. I created a simple t-shirt that cost $14.20, then added a design for $4.50, so the cost to make the shirt was $18.70. At that point, you tack on your commission whatever amount youd like based on your design and what you think you can earn. I would stick around the same pricing as the other sites to stay competitive, so I chose a commission of $4.00 per shirt, bringing the selling price up to $22.70. Selling 50 shirts would net me a profit of 200 dollars.

See your artwork on t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, posters, and bumper stickers. You can sell in the Cafepress Marketplace for free or set up your own branded online shop to sell on your website for around $5-$10 a month, depending on the options you choose.

Big brands are using Cafe Press; youll find the likes of ABC, Paramount, Sprout, and National Geographic among the shop owners.

Cafepress also offers crowdfunded custom t-shirts and apparel through their platform, Tfund. There are no upfront costs; just design your product, create your campaign, set a goal, and sell t-shirts! Spread the word via email and social media, and once you reach your goal, collect your profits.

Selling through Tfund allows you to set your own pricing as well, and the more you sell, the more you make. Prices vary to create a shirt depending on your design and text, but I created a simple shirt with text and a graphic and listed it for $20. You can earn profit even with as few as 10 shirts ($63.10). Selling 50 shirts would net a whopping $410! (And remember, thats on a $20 shirt!) This is a great option if youre looking to crowdfund.

Blue Cotton has 20 years of experience and guarantees their quality, which is nice to hear nowadays. They are a custom print t-shirt shop that has an amazing design studio. For the most part, individuals order shirts for personal use or to have stock on hand, like in a physical storefront. While they dont offer an online store option for you to sell your shirts, they do offer campaigns as a way for you to make money.

With campaigns, there is no risk and no inventory. You design the t-shirts, set the price, add a description, and set your goal. Then get to work at sharing your campaign on your social media channels, on your blog or website, in emails, and with friends and family. When your campaign in over, your customers will receive their shirts, and youll receive a nice check (or PayPal deposit) with the profits.

Printful gives you the benefits of running a store without all the hassle. There are no minimum purchases, monthly fees, or inventory. If you already have a store or are planning on opening one, this is an excellent choice as you can connect it with Printful. They integrate with Shopify, Amazon, Storenvy, Woo Commerce, and more. That being said, if you dont have a store or arent planning on having one, then this wont be an option for you. T-Shirt prices start at $9.99. They also have a whole lineup of items you can put your designs on including leggings, pillows, posters, tote bags, cell phone cases, and more.

At Threadless, you make art, and theyll do the rest! You can open your completely customizable artist shop for free and sell anywhere in the world. You set your prices and earn a profit on anything over the base cost of the merchandise. T-shirts and tanks have a base cost of $15, so if you sell them for $25, youre earning $10 bucks on every single shirt. Thats not too bad! There are no minimums, no shipping fees, and they handle inventory and customer care.

A Global Marketplace for Independent Artists, at Redbubble, you create and upload your designs to sell on t-shirts, vinyl stickers, posters, device cases, and more. They give you total control of what you sell your art for, just add your margin to their base price and list your products. Most artists earn an average of 17%, but its totally up to you to decide. Redbubble does all the heavy lifting including handling the sale transactions, coordinating the printing, arranging for delivery, and providing customer service. With no monthly fees and free sign up, its another great way to get started earning money online designing t-shirts.

TeePublic is a good option even if youre not an artist or designer per se. You can make money with this t-shirt company two ways. First, you can create your own designs and upload them to products for your store. This earns you a set price commission that varies depending on the product but ranges from $2.00-$8.00 on shirts, tanks, and hoodies.

Second, you can become a partner and have a merch store. This is a neat option because you can feature shirts with designs from other artists. You get to choose what you like and what to carry in your store. You earn a generous 31% commission on sales of your own merchandise and 11% on existing TeePublic designs. So even if youre not a designer, you can make money online selling t-shirts!

Even though Society 6 is for primarily selling art prints, you can add t-shirts to the mix once you have uploaded your design for a print. We wanted to include it here because many people who design t-shirts are artists, so this could be a viable option as a way to sell your artwork on many different items, including t-shirts.

One thing that might be considered a downfall is that although you can set your own prices on your art prints, the rest of the products such as t-shirts, travel mugs, and throw pillows have a set price. So you will still earn a profit, but it will be a commission that is paid on their base price that varies depending on the product. For example, t-shirts earn a profit of $2.40, tank tops $2.20, and long sleeve shirts $2.80. Still, with no minimums and no cost to sign up, it might be worth a try if youre an artist. You simply share your unique creator link with friends, family, and followers through email or on your favorite social media platforms and get a cut of their purchase profits.

Hopefully, these companies that can help you make money by designing t-shirts online. Do you know of any other good t-shirt designing resources? Let us know in the comments.

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Originally published May 28, 2015. Content updated July 3, 2017.

This page includes affiliate links. Please be aware that we only promote advertising from companies we feel we can legitimately recommend to our readers. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

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For t-shirts, Represent and Society6 are websites Ive patronized.

If one is doing other sorts of art, DeviantArt is a possibility for prints, mugs, mousepads and such.

Thanks for an excellent article. I appreciate your research.

Glad you enjoyed the article, Judy. Thanks for sharing the other sites.

I trust FreshMonk for selling custom t-shirts. Making money by designing t-shirts has become the latest fad, and this sudden interest is truly justified too, considering the profit and creative satisfaction this field provides.

Thank you for this informative listicle!

Thanks for sharing, Gunshi. Sounds like youve had some success with this moneymaking opportunity good for you!

Great list, but it has been rumored that Cafepress exploits its designers. In fact, a petition has been made in concern with their greediness.

I hadnt heard that before. Do you have a link to the petition?

Question can i spread out my designs amongst all these sites

Yes, you can use multiple sites at the same time.

Thanks for this article! It is very informative & useful. I enjoy designing & crafting things, & I have been really thinking about tshirt designing. I have heard of & seen some of the sites mentioned but I never knew they provided these start-up opportunities. Wonderful ideas! 🙂

Glad you enjoyed the list. Good luck and keep us posted!

You can also check out cool t-shirt designs 🙂

Please. No. This is spec work. This is anti-designer. Sites like 99Designs explout working creatives. No way to make a living there. Boycott.

Agreed! Say no to spec. This is why Im sitting here starving, about to be homeless. Now Im joining a stampede of former graphic designers who have to design yard sale junk for a couple dollars a week.

Absolutely avoid sites like 99 Designs. Like Erin said spec work (not paid unless your design wins contest against other designers), and anti-designer.

RafTshirt design the Tshirts with custom designs which you guys order. Ordering a design on T shirts takes less than 2 minutes and delivery of your favourite design on T shirt will take place within 48 hours.

Thanks for the great article! Just a few quick questions. So, is around $3.00-$4.00 a pretty reasonable royalty price? And, when I upload my designs, are they still my designs? as in, I still have the rights to them?

Im not sure on that, Kerry. Youll need to read each sites terms of service. Good luck!

7 is the average on amazon Merch. Depends on your own pricing.

Holly, I would love to hear what you think of our site

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much for sharing all the reserch! Here are a few factors that are important to me as well.

-Design placement range. I like to put my logo on the upper back, far enough up to clear a full back image. I think Cafe Press didnt have the template for this, but Custom Ink did. Alas, Custom Ink has no plans for opening up personal stores.

-Black shirt print quality. Cafe Press and Zazzle fell far behind on this one when I experimented.

-Personal store name. I would love the ability to choose an easy to remember web domain, and even the ability to have category subdivisions.

So far, Ive been the most impressed with TeeSpring as far as design capabilities are concerned. I just wish Custom Ink would join this personal market trend!

gReally a very nice post, Teespring is doing a great job its a great income opportunity to earn from tee income. Thanks for sharing your experiences here. Facebook advert. is a good way to get sales and good percentage of ROI

This is a stupid question but if you already have a design and everything for tee spring who prints out the shirts.

HiGreat article. I have stores in all of your mention sites and a few more. I love making designs using photoshop but many of these business you can use their artwork. I have been making money for about 5 years using these concepts. I started with Zazzle give up for a while then went back and started making some sales. This is a good way to make extra money but it is not easy. You have to really market your product and website and have some knowledge on SEO. If you are good at advertising and marketing this is a great way to make extra cash. So far zazzle and customizedgirl are the only ones making money without much effort.

Hi Carol, Thanks for sharing your experience!

Do you own the rights to your designs Carol?

Hi holly. I interested make design in t shirts. I have some ideas, how to hosting my ideas please suggest right website.

I havent used any of these platforms personally. Youll have to read their terms and see which one makes the most sense for you. Good luck and keep us posted!

Thanks for this article. Ive order from Teespring and the quality of the print was not good at all and doesnt last. Just ordered from Customcat and the quality is very good and holds up nice!

Hi Brandy, Bummer. I know you can pick various qualities of t-shirts, I wonder if that makes a difference on how well the overlay stays on. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Can i upload one same design on more than 1 websites?

Yes, you upload the same design to multiple platforms. But, you need to own the rights to the design.

Be careful when you use a few of these. The quality sometimes isnt the best. I used teespring once in the past to order shirts and was a bit disappointed. They may have improved since then however.

Thanks for sharing your experience, Tyler.

Can you tell me the real best one weasite for me holly

I havent tried any of them personally, but theyre all free to try out. Good luck and keep us posted.

Zazzle has been so far the best money maker for me. I havent done much work lately with it either. other than adding new designs. I also make a little money, but not as much on Cafe Press. I had recently started with Spoonflower and been a bit impressed with sales. You make the less money with that one, 5% 🙁 and plus you must proof your design before selling. Meaning you much order it to see it personally. Yikes! Which really is a good idea, but who can order every single design first before selling! But I have less than 12 designs on there now and already have a nice 1 seller. Keeps me on the site and occasionally proofing the designs as I add more along the way

What do you guys think about Threadless? Im currently using it but looking at other options.

Thats a new one to me, Ill have to check it out.

Im not sure youll have to check their terms of service.

Thanks a lot for your article, very interesting!

I recently discovered a French on-demand printing service ( that could be interesting for creative people who want to have their designs printed and distributed in France/Europe 🙂

Very nice tips, I had no idea about this! A few months ago, I started learning to design t shirts by following this guide: it started mainly as a hobby, but thru time I got pretty good, and now I am thinking about making a business out of it but I didnt know where to start, and now I do. Thank you for putting me in the right direction 🙂 Wish me luck!

Thats awesome, Susan! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress!

FYI Skreened better work on their rating at BBB

Ill have to check that out. There has been an explosion of t-shirt design companies in the past few years, so I may have to replace them with another company.

Great list. If you are looking for creative and brilliant designs or you want to create your own design on your t-shirts, I also recommend you Being the oldest t-shirt company in the world we have learned many tips and tricks.

You can share your ideas in our live chat, We are available 24*7.

I think you need to update this article. You should mention m and These are two of the biggest T-shirt sales websites

Thanks for sharing those! Well have to update the post =)

Teechip is an absolute rip off . I ordered shirts from them after without paying close enough attention and thinking it was teespring ( happy with everything I have gotten from them)

When I received shirts, the 2x was smaller than the large. Emailed multiple times, tried to call, sent them pics.. nothing .. thankfully I paid with PayPal .. the company didnt respond to them either.. so PayPal did the refund. They have horrible reviews all over the place..

Thanks for sharing your experience, Jenn! Good information to know.

They rip off of artists and use their designs. DONT DO IT!

Although nearly a year and a half old, Benny Hsus Tee Spring article on his netting over $100k selling Ts inspires in its honesty. (Internet traffic would probably be halved if all links to Make $10,000 in One Week were removed.) Hsus work lets us see some of what is really necessary to succeed.

Ive been reading and following up on several of your blog / emails your work is consistently thorough. I second MyfrogTees June 5th 2017 suggestion of updating this article. For instance, Ive seen grumblings about CafePress too (mentioned here in replies); and the site seems stale nothing on the home page, and the last news post is dated December 26, 2016 as Benny Hsu efforts clearly shows, it takes a good number of failures before making it. Thats certainly true for internet businesses as well.

P.S. Does The WAH Woman have a T shirt line ? :))

Glad you enjoyed the article, Howard! I dont have t-shirt line yet. Its something Ive thought about, but, Im terrible at design, so I would need to hire a designer to create something for me.

Hey Holly, email me if youd like some suggestions for Ts you have material already! H

You forget one of biggest companies: Amazon (

Do any of these platforms allow you to upload a video? My t-shirt involves customizing and so without a video to demonstrate, it will not give it justice. Thank you for a very helpful article.

Hi David, Ive only played around with Teespring and their storefront doesnt have video capability (at least yet). Youll have to test out the other platforms to see if they allow video. Good luck!

hi is this opportunity open to people outside of the U.S cos am based in Nigeria

The Work at Home Woman is geared for U.S. residents.

Take a look at FlexJobs for international work-at-home jobs:

Hi, I have a shop on Etsy, currently designing t-shirts via CustomInk and the only problem is that its expensive itself, so it forces me to set prices high so that I can still make a profit. Obviously these high prices most likely make people turn away. Are any of these sites good for designing shirts and then selling them on a different site for a more reasonable price?

My name is shannon, and I just put up my website for the millionth time, only this time i intend for it to stay, and forsee it doing so, because I am adding things as i go along. i have a section called business tips and networking, and I would love to include your link in that section. I have immensely enjoyed the chatter on the t-shirt making businesses, because as a henna artist, i am looking to make some tees.

I look forward to reading more of your articles, and only hope that it can help my audience.

Thanks for the article. I tried my first T-shirt project using Teespring. I use their design tools to put quotes on a shirt and I think the final product on the screen looks cheap and amateurish because theres not many options when using their design tools. I probably wouldnt buy if I saw a Teespring ad for quotes on a shirt. But your article gave me other resources which I may pursue.

Nice list Holly! but still the most important thing isnt what platform to choose but how good my shirt is and if theres an audience for it?, most people focus on facebook ads and ignore the t-shirt design which is more important at the beginning, people wont buy ugly t-shirts.

Those are important aspects too. But you want to confirm that the platform that you choose has good quality products, ink that doesnt bleed, and prompt delivery of the products.

Is it a good idea to upload my design to all this pages? or it will be better to focus on one and advertise it properly?

I would focus on one platform and then spend your time promoting your products.

Sayings are really big sellers now. not a copyright issue. But what do you suggest to protect your design. some shops have the right to keep your design and keep producing it. Any advice on protecting designs? For now I would send designs im not attached to. Save my line for my site while submitting clever shirts on multiple sites and not worrying about the design. Do most sites advertise for you and you get a percentage? Is anyone using and having success with shopify? Facebook advertising?

Yes, sayings are popular right now, but you always need to do your due diligence and make sure youre not using someones copyrighted phrase or materials.

To protect your designs, I would look into trademarking your material.

Each site had different terms so youll need to read through all of them.

Teespring has a good article on understanding intellectual property:

And here is another article on protecting your designs:

When in doubt, I always suggest talking with your lawyer. Good luck!

What about designbyhumans ? Is that a good site?

so many t-shirt selling platform out there, im so excited to get in, i dont know if i should start design and upload to all those platform or i should focus on one? cause more mean more opportunity

How do I become an artist/designer so I can do try these websites out?

You dont need any special software. Just click on the links to the websites and everything you need will be supplied via their portals.

I have interest in designing the special occasion dresses and wondering if you have any idea about such websites where i can share my designs and earn some money in return

Take a look at this post for starting your fashion line:

Hi great article, thank you. I have a question though. You choose a crowd fund situation campaign and you have a set goal What happens if orders continue to come in beyond your goal? Can you continue selling said design for quite awhile or is it closed out and the end of campaign?

And I really my point is with the above situation or in general is volume something any of these companies on your list can handle if your design T-shirt and/or bumper sticker goes viral?

Yes, you can continuing selling beyond your goal. I would assume they would be able to handle the volume.

Nymbl just rolled out our public beta for our print-on-demand e-commerce platform and we have a pretty awesome deal for all new users:

You get a free domain (with setup)

Up to 12 free designs (from a pro artist 1/mo)

Free site customization & marketing support

Check out our new site at more details and to signup.

Some of our coolest & unique features:

Open source CMS, cloud of self-hosted

Single-seller store or multi-seller marketplace configuration available

50+ products and we are capable to generate unique, customized & automated mockups (photoshop based) in just minutes for all our available products

Many other features check out the site for additional info.

Feel free to ask me anything you like and either I or a member of the team can get your answers.

Thanks for the article. Ive been looking for other sites besides Tee Spring.

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