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The following weapons were used in the film

TheGlock 17is the main sidearm for the FBI including Special Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore).

A production image ofJulianne Mooreas Special Agent Callie Ferris with a Glock 17.

Special Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) with the Glock during the harbor shootout.

AHeckler & Koch USP Compactis carried by Mr. Smith (Thomas Kretschmann) as his sidearm. Mr. Green (Nicolas Pajon) holds a suppressedHeckler & Koch USP Compacton Liz when shes taken hostage.

Mr. Smith (Thomas Kretschmann) holds hisHeckler & Koch USPwhile holding Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel) hostage.

A production image ofNicolas Pajonas Mr. Green with the suppressedHeckler & Koch USP Compactat Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel).

Mr. Green (Nicolas Pajon) holds the suppressedHeckler & Koch USP Compacton Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel). Note that the safety is still engaged.

AHeckler & Koch MP5Kis used by the terrorist sniper when confronting by the FBI agents in the helicopter.

FBI HRT members as well as Special Agent Callie Ferris are seen usingM4 Carbinesin the final showdown at the harbor.

A production image of FBI Agents usingM4 Carbinewhile being directed by Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage). The FBI agent on the right is former LAPD SWATPeter Weireter.

Special Agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) armed with the M4A1.

Miss Brown is seen with theHeckler & Koch MP7A1.

One of the terrorists is seen with aBeretta M12when hes taken out by the FBI.

AHeckler & Koch G36Cfitted with a C-more red dot sight is used by Mr. Jones during the harbor shootout.

Mr. Jones (Enzo Cilenti) uses aPGM Ultima Ratioto try and take out Cris.

When is the next Star Wars movie after Solo?

UFC Liverpool, Thompson vs. Till: Predicting bonus winners

Tavon Austin cant be the Cowboys savior

When is the next Star Wars movie after Solo?

Solo: A Star Wars Story is finally here after what feels like years of waiting! But when is the next Star Wars movie after Solo?

Solo: A Star Wars Storyofficially hits theaters on May 25, and fans are expectedly excited.

There is little to no information on what might happen in the film, but we can expect a classicStar Warsadventure that will bring both smiles to fans and big profits to Disney.

However, the best type ofStar Warscontent is moreStar Warscontent, so what is the next addition to theStar Warsuniverse afterSolo: A Star Wars Story?

The next film will beStar Wars Episode IXand, while we do not have a title just yet, we do have a release date. The last film in the new trilogy set after the events ofReturn of the Jedi, it will be released onDec. 20, 2019.

What we could get withEpisode IXstill remains in large part a mystery.

Luke Skywalker and Han Solo are dead, the Resistance is dwindling with seemingly no help on its way, and Kylo Ren is now the Supreme Leader of the First Order. Things are looking bleak for the good guys, but it should be noted that the new trilogy follows the same pattern as the old trilogy.

InThe Force Awakens,the Resistance blows up a First Order superweapon. InA New Hope,the Rebel Alliance blows up the Death Star. Likewise, inEmpire Strikes Back,the Rebellion is crushed on Hoth and the good guys are on the run yet again. At the end ofthe Last Jedi,the First Order seems to be unstoppable and the good guys end up on the run as well.

I think we can expect the same style of pattern fromEpisode IXin relation toReturn of the Jedi,but well have to wait until December to find out.

Solo isnt the best Star Wars movie, but it is the best Chewbacca movie

Greg Bird Activated After Surgery on Ankle Injury; Ronald Torreyes Demoted

Is Solo: A Star Wars Story okay for kids?

Twitter reacts to Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo: A Star Wars Story flies, but doesnt soar

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Solo isnt the best Star Wars movie, but it is the best Chewbacca movie

Rotten Tomatoes

The Tomatometer score based on the opinions of hundreds of film and television critics is a trusted measurement of critical recommendation for millions of fans. It represents the percentage of professional critic reviews that are positive for a given film or television show.

Movies and TV shows are Certified Fresh with a steady Tomatometer of 75% or higher after a set amount of reviews (80 for wide-release movies, 40 for limited-release movies, 20 for TV shows), including 5 reviews from Top Critics.

Percentage of users who rate a movie or TV show positively.

Movies Ranked Worst to Best By Tomatometer

Rank Ryan Reynolds 10 Best Movies

Writer/Director James Mangold Tapped for Boba Fett Spinoff, and More Movie News

Critics Consensus:Numerous plot holes and poorly motivated characters preventNextfrom being the thought-provoking sci-fi flick it couldve been.

Critics Consensus:Numerous plot holes and poorly motivated characters preventNextfrom being the thought-provoking sci-fi flick it couldve been.

Critic Consensus:Numerous plot holes and poorly motivated characters preventNextfrom being the thought-provoking sci-fi flick it couldve been.

A man with the ability to see the future and change the outcome of events before they occur is forced to choose between saving himself and saving the world in this supernatural thriller starring Nicolas Cage and directed by Lee Tamahori (Die Another Day, The Edge). Cris Johnson (Cage) is a Las Vegas magician who possesses the unique ability to witness the events of the immediate future moments before they happen. As a child Cris was subjected to a series of cruel experiments by government scientists and doctors, but a change of name and a new identity allowed the tortured psychic to elude detection and start a new life away from the prying eyes of his former captors. Though his clairvoyant vision only extends a few minutes into the future, it has still allowed Cris to eke out a living as a low-rent Las Vegas magician while earning a little extra cash at the blackjack tables. Up to this point in his life Cris has never used his power for anything substantial, but when he experiences a vision of Los Angeles being incinerated in a nuclear holocaust, the small-time magician realizes that he could hold the key to saving millions of lives. But as low as he has tried to lie in recent years, Cris has never completely escaped detection by the government. Now, as terrorists prepare to unleash the ultimate horror on an unsuspecting city, FBI counter terror agent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore) sets out to capture Cris and convince him to use his exceptional gift to prevent the nuclear nightmare from becoming a terrifying reality. Jessica Biel, Peter Falk, and Thomas Kretschmann co-star in the film, which is based on a short story by acclaimed sci-fi author Philip K. Dick. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi

PG-13 (for intense sequences of violent action, and some language)

Mystery & SuspenseScience Fiction & Fantasy

Philip K. DickPaul BernbaumJonathan Hensleigh

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This busy sci-fi thriller often seems like a page full of equations rendered meaningless by an early misplaced decimal point.

Another failed attempt to bring Dicks deliriously paranoid mind-set to the screen.

Next features Nicolas Cage as a clairvoyant who can see events before they occur. If anyone on the production team had similar abilities, they could have foreseen that the film was a folly in the making.

A schlocky mix of bad special effects and worse Cage hairdos.

Once you know the rules, its hardly worth playing. Especially when you find out youve been tricked.

Tamahori and the phalanx of writers implode Dicks intriguing premise into a pedantic thriller.

Nobody said this had to be great art, but why couldnt it be a satisfying thrill machine?

Its debatable whether Cages supernatural ability is any more interesting than his strange coiffure.

Predictable Cage sci-fi tale may entertain teens.

Someone that can change the future like Cage does here is a bit like Superman, but without any Kryptonite . . .

Suffice it to say that Im a big time warp movie fan and this is a good one.

Nick Cage helms this thriller with a supernatural twist in that he plays a dude (Californian accent and all) able to see into the future for 2, count em, 2 minutes. Everything happens at once: some international bad guys get a atomic bomb into the U.S., the FBI decide this dude can help em find it, just as he runs into the girl of his dreams. Cue the car chase, the helicopter chase, the explosions, random numbers of people dying in shootouts, etc., etc., etc., = typical Hollywood thriller. It doesnt make sense cause it doesnt have to. Who are you to question, lowly ticket holder?! Eat your popcorn and behold Nickys black dyed Californian surfer locks! Peter Falk wanders through the middle of the film simply happy to be on the set. Kind of a guilty pleasure. Julianne Moore has a coupla scenes running … worth the price of admission alone.

Chris Johnson was born with the ability to see two minutes into his own future but chose to hide it in an attempt to lead a normal life, until FBI agent Julianne Moore decides that he is her best chance of foiling a terrorist plot to detonate a nuclear weapon in California. Next is a fairly generic sci-fi actioner based on an interesting premise taken from yet another Philip K. Dick story, but the upshot is that its 24 with Hiro from Heroes standing in for Jack Bauer. There are a couple of flaws in the logic of the plot; the reason why Jessica Biels pretty and pretty irrelevant character alters his ability and who the terrorists are and what it was they hoped to achieve are both completely ignored. What is left though is an entertaining action flick that ticks all the no-brainer boxes. Essentially its just a superhero film without the tights but thanks to some well executed set pieces and direction with a modicum of flair its a fun way to spend an hour and a half if youre not in the mood for anything too taxing.

Bad acting + bad plot = bad sci-fi(-ish) movie.

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Id love to kiss ya, but I just washed my hair.

intense sequences of violent action, and some language

Action/Adventure, Suspense/Thriller

Nicolas CageJulianne MooreJessica BielThomas KretschmannTory KittlesFull cast + crew

A man with the ability to see the future and change the outcome of events before they occur is forced to choose between saving himself and saving the world in this supernatural thriller starringNicolas Cageand directed byLee TamahoriLee Tamahori

Dave Whites first movie review was of the animated feature Snoopy Come Home. He was seven years old…Read full profile

all the stunts look fake

Grae Drake began her love affair with cinema as a wee bairn, as she spent every weekend corralling her friends over to the local…Read full profile

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What Will Happen in the Next Avengers Movie?

obviously, as well as potential spoilers for

Were not even donesitting shiva for our fallenInfinity Warheroes, yet the ending of the third Avengers installment doesnt exactly encourage mournful introspection. Instead, Thanoss genocidal victory inspires an anxious anticipation for the untitled follow-up out in theaters only a year from now which is an incredible feat for a movie that features so many superheroes, its a wonder there isnt an Avenger named Kitchen Sink.

But because of our insatiable need for instant gratification coupled with a binge-culture atmosphere, there is nothing more tortuous than the cliffhanger. Or more succinctly, as they say in comics, Argh! Fanboys have a tendency of passingthis timeby theorizing and speculating on story lines with sources as disparate as the canonical material, leaked set photos, or what Robert Downey Jr. had for breakfast (by the way,it was two eggs and three tomato slices).

Below, well share with you an aggregate of the three best theories weve discovered online after drawing from the bottomless wells of geekdom and one we made up ourselves.

Sebastian Stan revealed inan interview with theIndependentthat he was excited by the opportunity of having filmed a scene with Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer, who portray Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne, also known as the originalAnt-Man and Wasp,respectively.

Now that weve seenInfinity War, we can speculate about the scenes inclusion in the fourth Avengers movie. Either that, or at the risk of offending anyone, Sebastian Stan just safely assumes he has shot a scene with everyone in the MCU.

But this small revelation actually suggests the importance of Scott LangsAnt-MantoAvengers 4and the possible inclusion of theQuantum Realm, an alternate dimension only accessed either through magic, mystical teleportation, or by shrinking to subatomic levels via the Pym Particle. This is also a dimension in which traditional notions of time and space are irrelevant.

Perhaps this alternate reality is a way for the Leftovers to access the Multiverse and travel within timelines that either manipulate the narrative or preemptively defeat Thanos before he makes like a Pokmon and collects em all. But dont take my word for it. Listen to the second-gen Wasp herself, Evangeline Lilly: Ant-Man and Wasp are experts in the quantum realm then that does open a whole entire new multiverse to enter into and play around in. This would also help explain why Scott Lang was revealed in on-set photos alongsidea 2012 iteration of Captain America.

Theres a scene toward the end of Infinity War that in some ways deviates tonally from the taut and frenetic pace of the movie, and it follows Thanos snapping his fingers,singing Ive Got the Power,and killing off half the universes population. The genocidal nihilist then comes face-to-face with Gamora as a child in an ethereal landscape, presumably within the Soul Stone, which would make sense considering Dad of the Year sacrificed his own daughters life in exchange for collecting this gem on Vormir.

As the comics dictate, the Soul Stone enables those that possess it to steal and control all souls, both living and dead. Its also a pocket universe, or an alternate dimension, that doubles as a purgatory for the souls its collected. It seems that Gamora is there and its possible that the trillions of lives Thanos took are there as well.

And to get them all back, the Soul Stone requires yet another sacrifice. But not just any sacrifice: As Johann Schmidt informs Thanos, the Soul Stone requires the interested proprietor to exchange the life of a loved one for it so they can truly understand the repercussions of possessing the power stored within.

And heres where Theory No. 2 gets truly depressing. Forgive us for going to a dark place, but the precedent ofInfinity Warand the promised culmination of the MCUs ten years warrants it. As the most senior alumni and with a contract resolution in sight, it would seem that either Chris Evans or Robert Downey Jr. are up for a Big Moment, or an unprecedented mic drop. This could mean that either Captain America asks Iron Man to take his life in exchange for the countless lives lost aimlessly in the Soul Stone, or vice versa.

Are you tearing up just thinking about it? Gosh, we hope were wrong, but imagine the impact of that heartbreaking moment as we leave the theater having just witnessed the ultimate sacrifice.

As some Avengers prep for battle on planet Titan, Doctor Strange analyzes 14,000,604 timelines, but only one results in Thanoss defeat. And as Strange says at the end ofInfinity War, moments before his demise, It was the only way. This implies that while it may feel like Thanos and his bedazzled Isotoner are the victors, in reality, this is the timeline trajectory as Strange intended.

This timeline also unfolds, as rumor has it, withAvengers 4opening five years after the tragic events ofInfinity War. Which explains small minutiae, like why Scott Langs daughter, who is an adolescent in the upcomingAnt-Man and Wasp, was just cast in the final Avengers filmas a teenager. Or perhaps this is also why were seeing photos of a gray-haired Tony Stark dressed in a S.H.I.E.L.D. uniform. However, this could also mean that in the five years since half the world turned to dust in the wind, Stark modified the unfortunately acronymed B.A.R.F. (the Binarily Augmented Retro-Framing) and with it is traveling virtually to key moments in the Avengers past and observing and analyzing them for insights into how to defeat Thanos.

But if youre still insistent on the role of time travel (even though the Russos arecoyabout its involvement), in 1998, Marvel published a 12-issue limited series calledAvengers Foreverin which the character Rick Jones,who has folk singer listed as one of his abilities, recruits various members of the Avengers past, present, and future to form a timeline-crossing superteam. And withAvengers 4set photos leaked online ofa golden tressed Thor, orthose cars from the 1940s, or the fact that Black Widow hasred hair again, thats totally a possibility.

Then again, why travel back in time to recruit the heroes still very much alive in the present? Is that really what it takes to defeat ol Five Goldfingers? Or maybe, just maybe, all of this retro shooting is the Russo brothers preparing for their very ownTime of Your Life montage video?

WithHela smashingThors hammer Mjolnir inThor: Ragnarok, the god of thunder needs a new weapon, which brings him to planet Nidavellir. Its here, on this far away planet, that Thor, along with Rocket Raccoon and Teen Groot, encounters the weapon-forging dwarf Eitri. Its also here where were shown a forged prototype for the Infinity Gauntlet, or a first and perhaps abandoned attempt at creating the only utility in this universe that could harness the power of the six Infinity Stones.

The shot is so intentional that we have no choice but to consider its relevance and speculate about its potential as a plot device forAvengers 4.

Now remember, after Thanos uses the gauntlet during the films climax, were shown that straining its full potential has burnt the gilded mitt to a crisp. And if Thanos has lost his only functioning gauntlet, he can no longer harness the power of the Infinity Stones. The key takeaway here is that itshisonly functioning gauntlet.

Lets take a short tangent for a moment. Theres a Hong Kong-based company calledHot Toysthat produces stunning and incredibly lifelike, one-sixth-scaled collectible figure of pop-culture characters. Each of these high-priced and coveted action figures are always unveiled a few months prior to its respective and coinciding movie. For example, pictures and preorder information for theInfinity Warcollectibles were released as far back as March. But with these announcements come spoilers and speculation, and companies like Hot Toys, which values its relationship with movie studios, takes painstaking care to prevent gratuitous spoilers.

The preorder forSteve Rogers/Captain America Hot Toy Infinity Wariteration went live a couple weeks back, and when it did, it obscured pictures of two mystery weapons. The figure itself also comes out in June of2019, which is a whole month afterAvengers 4.Collectors speculated that the obscured armaments could include a new vibranium shield crafted by TChalla after Rogers gave his to Tony Stark at the end ofCivil War. Others considered that this was the first appearance of Captain Americasplasma shield, which we first saw inIron Manissue No. 145. But heres what were thinking

But not just any gauntlet its the one we spotted on Nidaviller. And Captain America uses it against Thanos in an ultimate showdown of epic proportions. Imagine, in this corner, standing six feet tall, weighing 200 pounds, and bearded; and in this corner, standing, gulp,eight-feet-two-inches, weighing, um,985 pounds, and purple. Round after round of golden-fisted jabs and uppercuts. Its the fight of the century and only one walks out alive.

And while Thanos has the formidable advantage, Steve Rogers, to his credit,could do this all day.

What Will Happen in the Next Avengers Movie?

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Season-Finale Recap: In Love and War

Is a Complex Metafictional Memoir of Sexual Abuse

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The Next Two Marvel Movies Are Set B

ends with a startling cliffhanger that radically alters the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvels next two films – Julys- wont reveal what happens next because they are actually set

That isnt to say these films wont have any be clues as to what might happen when Phase 3 officially comes to a close withAvengers 4, but they are not direct continuations of the MCUs timeline following Thanos devastating finger snap. Instead,Ant-Man & The Waspwill more fully explore the fallout fromCaptain America: Civil War(and specifically as it relates to Paul Rudds Scott Lang) andCaptain Marvelis expected to be a deep-dive into the history of the MCU, taking place years before Tony Stark announcedI am Iron Man.

Audiences might think it strange torelease these films out of order, but its likely that information revealed in bothAnt-Man & The WaspandCaptain Marvelhas an important role to play inAvengers 4- possibly even revealing how the devastation Thanos wrought inInfinity Warcan be reversed.

Ant-Man & The Wasp: After Civil War But Before Infinity War

InAvengers: Infinity War, Ant-Mans absence is explained as him having cut a deal with the U.S. Government following his arrest inCaptain America: Civil War. Citing family hardship, both Scott Lang and Clint Barton agree to serve out the remainder of their sentences on house arrest. And while this is the reason given in the film for why Ant-Man isnt available when the greatest threat the universe has ever faced is at Earths front door, it may also not be the whole truth.

Ant-Man & The Waspis expected to focus heavily on the search for Janet van Dyne, which means that Ant-Man and Wasps absence fromInfinity Warmay be more closely tied to their adventures in the Quantum Realm – a subatomic reality whereall concepts of time and space become irrelevant-than it is Scotts house arrest. Whether they, too, become trapped in this strange realm is unclear, but seeing as the Quantum Realm doesnt adhere to normal physics, theres no telling what they might discover. And withAnt-Man & The Waspbeing touted as the filmmost connected toInfinity War, its possible that the secrets of the Quantum Realm may reveal how Thanos eradication of half the universe can be undone.

Captain Marvel: Set Before Most of the MCU

InAvengers: Infinity Wars post-credit scene, the MCU sets the stage for Captain Marvels entrance to the MCU, hinting at her being a last line of defense were the Earth to come under attack. This raises some pretty big questions, though, like where has she been? And where is she now?

Its no secret that Carol Danvers is heading all the wayback to the 1990sfor her MCU origin, but what may not be as well known is that her film will alsorevisit the Quantum Realm. It isnt known exactly how the Quantum Realm will be used inCaptain Marvel, but its been confirmed that it will provide us with abetter understanding of Carol Danvers and her place in the MCU.This seems to imply that the subatomic reality plays a role in either bringing Carol from the past to the present day or, as one theory suggests, bringing her from an alternate reality into that of the MCU.

HoweverCaptain Marvelconnects with the rest of the MCU, shes expected to take part in the action ofAvengers 4. And with time travel already a real possibility for that film, it may just be that the Quantum Realm isnt only key to restoring the universe, but in allowingCaptain Marvel to answer Nick Furys distress call.

Next:What Is Avengers 4s Title? We Have A Cool Theory

Tags:the avengers 3captain marvelant-man 2

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Next (2007 film

is a 2007 Americandirected byLee Tamahoriand starringNicolas CageJulianne MooreJessica BielThomas KretschmannTory Kittles, andPeter Falk. The films original script was loosely based on thescience fictionshort storyThe Golden ManbyPhilip K. Dick. The film tells the story of Cris Johnson, a small-time magician based in Las Vegas, who has limited precognition; his ability allows him to see into the very immediate future. His gift makes him a target not only of a highly motivated and heavily armed group of terrorists, but also wanted by the FBI to help them fight those same terrorists.

The film was released on April 25, 2007, in Belgium and France, and on April 27, 2007, in the United States byParamount Pictures. With a production budget of $70 million, the film grossed $76 million worldwide, making it a box office flop.

Cris Johnson (Nicolas Cage) cansee into his future. He can only see two minutes ahead, with the exception of a vision he once had of a woman walking into a diner. Knowing no details other than the time, he goes to the diner twice each day at 8:09 to await her arrival. He works as a small-timemagicianinLas Vegas, where he supplements his income with gambling, using his powers to win against the house.

Cris draws the attention ofFBIagent Callie Ferris (Julianne Moore), who has figured out his ability and wants to stop Russian terrorists from detonating anuclear weapon. Before she can approach Cris, his gambling draws the attention ofcasino security. He stops an imminent robbery, yet is chased by security agents. Using his ability to forecast the actions of his pursuers, he eludes them and theLas Vegas police. Ferris tracks Cris to his home, but he escapes after foreseeing her arrival. Later that night, the casinos security chief is approached by two of the terrorists, is interrogated about Johnson and is then killed.

The following morning, Cris is at the diner again when he sees Liz Cooper (Jessica Biel), the woman from his vision. It turns out that not only can Cris see the future, but he can also see how his actions can affect that future. After envisioning different approachesall of which fall flathe intervenes when Lizs ex-boyfriend arrives. Knowing that she is heading forFlagstaff, Arizona, Cris charms her into giving him a ride. Ferris follows, while the terrorists decide to kill him. A washed-out road forces Cris and Liz to spend the night in a motel. With the weapon tracked to Los Angeles, Ferris convinces her superiors to let her bring Cris in. The terrorists follow in the hope that the agents will lead them to Cris.

Ferris confronts Liz near the hotel. Claiming Cris is a dangeroussociopath, Ferris asks Liz to drug Cris so that they can bring him in peacefully. Instead, Liz warns Cris, who tells her his secret. When she asks why he will not help the FBI stop the terrorists, he explains his limitations, noting the exception for events involving her. Asking for Liz to wait for him, he tries to escape from the FBI agents but is captured after saving Ferris from logs tumbling down the side of a mountain. Unable to kill Cris, the terrorists kidnap Liz instead.

In custody, Cris is strapped to a chair with his eyes held open and forced to watch television until he has a vision that can help the FBI. They expect him to see a report about the detonation of the bomb, but instead he envisions a broadcast from several hours in the future in which Liz is killed by a small bomb while strapped to a wheelchair as bait for him. Cris escapes from captivity and races to the parking garage where she will be killed. Pursuing him to the garage, Ferris promises to help save her as long as Cris will help stop the bomb; she also sets up a plan to draw out the terrorists.

Using his ability, Cris helps the FBI track the terrorists to the port where they are based. When they arrive, Cris is able to walk right up to the terrorist leader and avoid being hit, by seeing where the bullets will go and dodging them. After killing the terrorists and saving Liz, they find that the bomb has already been moved. Ferris shows Cris aseismograph, hoping that he will see any tremors caused by explosions before they happen. As he stares at the screen he realizes that he has made a mistake and that he was too late: the bomb detonates out at sea and completely destroys the port, as well as the rest of the city.

The timeline reverts to Cris and Liz in bed at the hotel in Arizona, before Liz goes outside to be confronted by Ferris. Because of Lizs involvement in events, Cris has been able to envision everything that could happen leading to the nuclear explosion. Every time you look into the future, it changes.

Cris calls Ferris and offers to help prevent the nuclear disaster, then asks Liz to wait for him.

Gary GoldmanandJason Koornickinitially optioned the science fiction short storyThe Golden ManbyPhilip K. Dick. Goldman wrote a script treatment that he and Koornick presented to Nicolas Cages production company,Saturn Films, but Goldman ended up writing the screenplay on spec.

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This first draft had more similarities to the short story, detailing the efforts of a government agency to capture and contain a.[2]

To provide greater interaction between the opposing parties (as well as create a leading role), Cris was changed from a feral animal whose existence threatened humanitys into a more familiar and understandable social outcast. A romantic subplot was added: the character of Liz Cooper, who in this draft was not only destined to be the love of Criss life, but a mutant as well (born inLove Canal) and the only woman he has ever met with whom he can have children, herself incapable of procreating with normal humans.

As the original short story had a distinct tone of racist paranoia, the motivation for the pursuit of Cris was changed from an ironclad policy of exterminating mutations to a manipulativeDepartment of Homeland Security(DHS) agents obsessive search for unconventional assets in thewar on terror.

This script was filled with anti-authoritarian themes, with Cris often speaking clearly and eloquently of how he enjoys his independence. He states plainly that what I want is freedom. And you dont get it by giving it up.

The DHS is explicitly depicted as a completely unregulated, astoundingly powerful and unapologetically ruthless collection of fanatics, breaking laws without consideration and eager totortureand even murder innocent civilians to achieve their objectives. They discuss their plans in using Cris as if he were a piece of machinery, most of which consist of using him as a timescope: that is, bolting him into a chair for the rest of his life so his only experiences are ones which are useful to them, a process which they believe would extend the range of his abilities. One agent suggests that theyamputatehisarms and legs, a suggestion his colleague considers humorous.

However, his enemies are skilled tormentors and eventually they drive him to the breaking point: when the DHS learns that Liz is pregnant with his child, they coldly decide to have her executed at a pre-determined time, thus pre-emptively proving to Cris their determination to possess him. He attempts to secure Lizs safety, but the DHS captures her. In retaliation, he demolishes the Las Vegas DHS headquarters with a barrel ofC-4 explosiveagents had seized earlier in a warrant-less search. He and Liz are theonlysurvivors.

Saturn Films had the script extensively rewritten and in the process almost completely eliminated its anti-authoritarian themes. Though Cris remained a meek social outcast, he is somewhat less sympathetic: he is portrayed as arrogant, as well as far more prone to applying violent solutions. The DHSs role was replaced with theFederal Bureau of Investigation(FBI). Despite a scene in which Cris experiences his worst nightmare spending the rest of his life strapped into a chair with his eyes wedged open the authorities are portrayed as sympathetic and Cris as uncooperative and belligerent. Their insistence on his obedience is reduced to the point that the authorities offer their assistance inrescuingLiz (whom they neglect to arrest despite her efforts to sabotage Criss capture) from the terrorists. This leads to the films greatest variation from the original draft a confrontation with the terrorists. No clue is given as to the motivation for the terrorists detonation of the nuclear device in Los Angeles. The few terrorists who speak in the film with British, French and German accents, seem to be under the guidance of an unseen leader who has told them that they must kill Cris since he says that Cris is the only threat to the plan. During the confrontation with the terrorists, Cris willingly supports the FBI with his abilities in a series of sequences similar to those in the original script, only with the authorities as allies instead of antagonists.

This was the script Saturn Films brought to the attention ofRevolution Studios. Revolution Studios acquired the screenplay and in November 2004, Revolution Studios hiredLee Tamahorito direct the film, with Cage in the lead role. Filming was to begin in summer 2005.[3]In December 2005, Moore was cast as the federal agent who seeks people to help prevent future terrorism and uncovers Cages character as a potential candidate.[4]In November 2005,Initial Entertainment Groupnegotiated for rights of international distribution ofNext, which had a target release date of 2007.[5]In February 2006, actress Jessica Biel was cast as the love interest of Cages character.[6]

In May 2006,Starz! Entertainments14-episode reality television miniseries,Looking for Stars, gave 200 contestants the opportunity to earn a speaking role inNext,[7]which was won by actorMarcus Welch.[8]

Sections of the film were filmed in theSan Bernardino Mountainsin California. Mountain locations used in production of the film includedCrestlineRunning SpringsandBig Bear Lake. The hotel featured in the film, The Cliffhanger, is actually a restaurant in the Crestline area that has remained closed for some time. The restaurant, located on a cliff, overlooks the City ofSan BernardinoToday this scenic location is opened to the public as Hortencias Mexican Restaurant. In order to make the restaurant look more like a hotel, a facade was attached to the building. The facade is the section of the motel where Johnson and Liz Cooper were staying. Interior shots were filmed elsewhere. Following the end of production, the facade was removed. However, remnants of the signage placed and the paint works conducted remain intact. The property has been fenced off and a for sale sign has been posted. Running Springs served for scenes shot in the town. Scenes (in which a vehicle was rolled off the side of a cliff) shot in Big Bear Lake were shot at a campground. Due to the terrain located on the side of the cliff the Cliffhanger is located on, the producers decided to finish the scenes at the campground in Big Bear Lake.[9]

Nextoriginally was to be distributed bySony Pictures Entertainment(which had a deal with Revolution), set to be released on September 28, 2006, but that studio dumped it in January 2007, andParamount Picturessubsequently picked it up and released the film on April 27, 2007.[10]

The film opened at 3 at the U.S. box office, grossing $7.1 million in 2,725 theaters in its opening weekend.[11]In its eight-week run in the United States, it grossed a total of just $18 million and has a combined worldwide gross of $76 million.[1]Compared to other films based on Philip K. Dick stories,Nextgrossed less thanMinority Report,Total Recall,PaycheckandBlade Runnerbut performed better thanImpostor,ScreamersandA Scanner Darkly.[12]

Rotten Tomatoesgives the film an approval rating of 28% based on 128 reviews, with an average rating of 4.6/10. The sites critical consensus reads, Numerous plot holes and poorly motivated characters preventNextfrom being the thought-provoking sci-fi flick it couldve been.[13]Metacriticgives the film had an average score of 42 out of 100, based on 23 critics, indicating mixed or average reviews.[14]

Justin Chang ofVarietysaid the film plays like the cinematic equivalent of aChoose Your Own Adventurenovel and that the plot is highly reminiscent of24. Chang also said What starts out as a mildly diverting thriller blows itself to smithereens in the final reel, describing theclimaxas a stunning cheat.[15]James BerardinelliofReelViewsgave the film 2½ out of 4 stars and said parts of the film are fascinating and compelling but that the whole thing ends up collapsing under its own weight. Berardinelli said Nicolas Cage seems to be going through the motions, Julianne Moore brings intensity to the part of Callie, although the character is incomplete, Jessica Biel is appealing but the character is unfinished, and that Thomas Kretschmann is unimpressive as a generic24-style terrorist. He also said some viewers will feel cheated by whatNextdoes, and its hard to blame them.[16]Connie Ogle of theMiami Heraldgave the film 2 out of 4 stars and said the film looks like director Lee Tamahori spent about 12 bucks on his special effects budget. Ogle said the film had a decent premise butNextbegins to seriously embarrass itself and its stars once it rolls to its climax.[17]Toronto Starfilm critic Peter Howell gave the film 1½ stars out of 4 and called it a colossal waste of time and said it is possibly the most egregious befouling of Dicks work to date. Howell said the roles seem to be cut-and-pasted from other movies, called the film a straight-to-DVD wannabe, and said the film has one of the most infuriating endings ever.[18]

Moira MacDonald of theSeattle TimesgaveNext1½ stars out of 4 and said Late in the movie, Cris shouts at a bad guy, Ive seen every possible ending here. None of them are good for you. Its as if hes talking to the audience, and alas, hes right. and Julianne Moore spends most of her screen time in Lee Tamahoris confused sci-fi thrillerNextlooking royally pissed off, like she got tricked into making the movie on a sucker bet. You cant blame her; this films audience is likely to look that way as well by the time the end credits roll.[19]Kalamazoo Gazettecritic James Sanford gave the film 1½ stars and said the only visionsNextinspires are flashbacks to better films likeHoneymoon in Vegas,Leaving Las Vegas,The Illusionist, andHannibal, adding any film that makes someone wish he or she were watchingHannibalmust be pretty awful. Sanford said Cage performs as if hes on autopilot, Moore looks more miserable than she did as the suicidal housewife inThe Hours, and Biel seems fully aware she was hired only to provide a few glimpses of cheesecake. Sanford also remarked, the ending of this film is not just a colossal cheat, its a hard slap in the face to anyone who has invested his or her time in watching it.[20]Daniel Eagan ofFilm Journal Internationalsaid the film follows a familiar Hollywood pattern in which a few intriguing ideas are swamped by the demands of a big-budget, star-driven vehicle and that it wont add any luster to Nicolas Cages resume. Eagan said Half ofNextis a clever, unpredictable thriller that plays with Dicks customary obsessions with time and reality. The other half is a sloppy, bloated adventure marred by cheesy special effects and some equally cheesy acting and also that the script toNexthas plenty of [plot jams], one or two egregious enough to demand ticket refunds.[21]

Orlando Sentinelcritic Roger Moore gave the film 3 out of 5 stars and said who says preposterous junk cant be fun? Moore said this sloppy littletime travelvariation is a crowd-pleasing hoot, thanks mostly to Cage turning on the charisma and showing off his gift for hangdog understatement and that theGroundhog Day-like attempts to woo Jessica Biels character are hilarious. Moore concluded Its all so stupid and ends so perfunctorily that you cant callNextgood, or even as good as the dopeyDj Vu…but it does score over [Dj Vu] in one important criterion. Its just fun.[22]Wesley Morrisof theBoston Globegave the film 2½ out of 4 stars and called it a watchably absurd popcorn flick and that the film bears almost no resemblance to the original short story The Golden Man, the short story it was adapted from. He described Moores performance as enjoyably curt and said alongside Cages spontaneity, Biel seems humorless and earnestly dull. Morris said the film is fun until it turns crass and concluded, when youre being toyed with that cheaply, you forget how much you admire Nicolas Cages shamelessness and start to resent the movies.[23]Diana Saenger ofReviewExpressgave the film 3½ stars and saidNextboasts a fresh plot with a tricky twist ending that can be misconstrued if you dont pay close attention and then pause to think about it. Saenger reported that it was Nicolas Cages idea for Cris to be a magician, and that it was his suggestion that his wife be part of the scene where a woman comes out of the audience to be part of the magic show. Saenger remarked that people complaining about the twist being a rip-off probably didnt understand it and said it made perfect sense and concluded I liked the surprise twist and foundNextvery entertaining.[24]

The film was subject to the heckling ofBridget Jones NelsonandMichael J. Nelsonin an October 2007 installment ofRifftrax.[25]

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