Design Your Dream Home Office

Mix business with pleasure in your custom home design and make room for your dream home office. Whether youre a full-time telecommuter or just want an area to conduct business after hours, Wayne Homes will help you maximize the potential of your home office. From finding inspiration and motivation in colors and dcor to the layout of your office furniture, here are some tips for creating a space that accentuates function and aesthetics.

Colors can influence our moods theres no denying that. Home offices have come a long way from cream-colored walls and rigid metal filing cabinets. Your end goal should be to design an area that you look forward to going to. Fuel your passion by painting the walls a fiery hue, mellow yourself out with calming blues or invigorate yourself with bright greens. Bring on the cheer with yellows and soft pastels.

Get your daily dose of vitamin D and set up your dream office in a room that has plenty of natural light. Bright lighting cuts down on eyestrain and headaches, ensuring youre feeling your best while on the job. When positioning your desk and other office equipment, be mindful of the rising and setting sun. You dont want to be staring into the sun, nor should you place your computer in a direction that will be subjected to its glare. If natural lighting is not an option, a desk lamp and ample overhead lighting will suffice.

Separate yourself for privacy. Or not.

One of the benefits of planning your dream office as part of your custom home design is you can choose whether or not you want the space open or enclosed. If you need a quiet space to boost productivity, then give yourself the option to close the door. Parents working from home may need peace and quiet but keep an eye on the kids at the same time; doors with glass panels allow them to do both.

No matter if youre spending 10 hours a week in your home office or 10 hours a day, investing in comfortable furniture is a must. Avoid back pains with an ergonomicoffice chair; itll help you maintain your posture and keeps you from slumping over. If you have clients visiting you at home, make sure you have seating for them as well. Choose between chairs and couches. A sleeper sofa doubles as seating by day and by night it can accommodate the occasional overnight guest

Optimize desk and storage space arrangement.

Placement of your desk in your home office is crucial. If at all possible, give yourself a view of the outdoors so you dont go crazyjust be mindful of the sun. Have plenty of space forstorage and organization bins. If youre a paper filer, then filing cabinets are a must. If youre paper stacker, trays are a better option. Have all your most used office equipment within arms reach to avoid twisting and straining. Dont simply arrange things because it looks better; youll thank yourself later for valuing utility over aesthetics in this case. Organize wires with wire covers and conduit to keep your office from looking like tangled jungle vines.

Out with boring beige walls and metal filing cabinets and in with colorful, purposeful furniture and dcor. Make your dream home office a place you look forward to spending time. Be happy in your space and youll find your productivity skyrocketing. To get started planning your entire new home with Wayne Homes, visit theModel Home Centerclosest to you.

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