The start of a new project

Ive always wanted to completely design and build my own car, so after meeting a local guy who built his own locost 7 style car, Ive started to lay it out in Modo. Im trying not to rip off the Ariel Atom too heavily, but they did a nice job so its kind of tough.

The plan right now is to find a early 90s Acura Integra as a donor car for the engine, transmission, wiring and a few other bits and then upgrade the engine and components as I can. Im at the point now where I need to review the designs with an ICBC vehicle inspector before I spend any money on metal etc.

The most fun part for me so far has been to pick parts that I like rather than what works on an older design like the Spitfire. Rizoma motorcycle mirrors, Drift Iridium guages and Momo Race steering wheel for starters.

Can I ask why youd choose to have steering rack ahead of the front axle, rather than behind?

Wouldnt this location interfere with the radiator?

I wouldnt exactly say everything is in its final place in the design as some things will change as I acquire parts, but the plan right now is to use Miata uprights and steering rack which sit in front of the axle. The rad will sit in front this, but the Im hoping the frame design is flexible enough to allow for this.

Looks pretty killer. Love the curves on the front end.

love the look. where would you be fitting the fuel tank. will you be selling the plans when youve finished.

Ive got a couple of options for the fuel tank either behind the seats in front of the engine or theres an area above the footwell at the front. It would help with front/rear balance, but would lift the centre of gravity a bit.

No plans to sell the frame plans as Im not an engineer, so I think liability issues would be a big issue. Theres a guy (Kurt Bilinski) who is building a mid-engine Lotus 7 style car and he is writing a book and selling plans for it. You can see his progress here:

You might find that you have the tyre going in the wrong direction.

Yeah, I noticed that after I saw a couple of people point it out on a forum post. Ill be turning them around before I do my next renders and definitely before I drive through any virtual puddles!

Its very cool car. I hope you can put it on the road soon, so we can see how it works.

I dont know about soon, but Im definitely looking forward to getting this on the road and tested. Im trying to do it as inexpensively as possible as the approval and insurance process is not simple. Hopefully after that I can spend some time and money on upgrades.

Really cool looking car, my engine looks really good in there:-)

Looking forward to see how you get on building the real thing.

I seem to remember getting the engine from the SketchUp library out of a Super 7 model. That was yours? It certainly proved useful in the renders to figure out some rough packaging. Thanks again.

Ive since replaced it with a really rough dimensional model of my K20A3 motor to get a better idea of what can go where.

Im also looking forward to actually moving forward with the build. Im still mostly researching parts and design, but should be buying some tubing soon.

we really love your design we are educating in university i and my 3 friends would l?ke to use it as base design to to built our car own car. are we allowed or not.

Theres really not too much to copy right now, I would say. Theres no plans, no final suspension design or anything. Basically, all Ive tried to do is to mimic an Ariel Atom style car while removing as much of the custom bodywork as possible. If you do decide to use it as a base design, please keep me posted on your progress, especially if you do any virtual testing on the chassis layout!

What program did you model it in? Interested in an electric version?

The car is modelled in Modo. Their site is here:

I would be very interested in an electric version if I could afford the batteries/controller/motor. Mostly the batteries I guess, as the good ones right now are still pretty expensive. I could see converting this down the road if the technology gets a little cheaper. I did build the electric motorbike using Sealed Lead Acid batteries which, while cheap, were heavy and slow to recharge. Are you building an electric car right now?

yeh, i\\\m building a single seater (of similar design) using two wheel chair motors inboard, direct drive to the rear wheels. i\\\ve used front hubs off a suzuki swift for the rear, seems to work quite well. (not that its on the road yet) project is going slowly due to working full time. just ordered some liPo batterys. the price isn\\\t too bad now. for about 4kNZD. like your work by the way, i think the new frame looks alot better from a strength viewpoint. cheers.

I dont know about security codes I636357m an old fart! I have a 1963 vw bug, its got a 62 356 porsche engine in it, And no fenders on it, highway patrol says fenders. The fenders on your lotus mini look great, could you tell me how you came by them! Thanks, (old disabled veteran) Dale

The fenders are just a digital render of what I hope to eventually put on the completed car. You can get fibreglass or even carbon fibre ones from the UK. They also occasionally show up on ebay under cycle fenders.

The engine is a Honda K20A3 from an Acura RSX. I would estimate that the overall cost will be around $15-18,000 Canadian.

Very nice lines and detailing. Id love to see your ideas transposed to a standard locost configuration. Everyone doing the exo thing seems to want to make a middie, whilst I think that itd be a very good look to go exo front/rear config.

I think you could apply this kind of design to a front engine layout quite easily. I guess everyone who builds this kind of car was probably originally inspired by the Ariel Atom so it only makes sense that most would be mid-engine. Personally, I was attracted to the idea of a mid-engine car for balance/handling etc.

I love your design and would love to use it for the base of my turbo charged Hayabusa powerplant. I would love to be able to get a hold of a file that would be able to be used by the company building the Chassis (laser Cut/bent)

do you have any info? Can I use your design?

Can u send me this project in parasolid or .iges format?

Or any format, it would be very useful, cause im a mechanical engineer student and i liked this project a lot.

You should get in touch with the guys at factory five or flyin miata. Im sure theyd be curious to see if this concept works. This could be a very basic entry kit that would be bread and butter production for these companies. Negotiate 15% for total sale value of each unit produced, money in your pocket and all you had to do was draw up this thing in cad. Not a bad deal

I keep getting drawn back to your design. Ive done a Lotus 7 copy from scratch 20 years ago so Ive a bit of an idea. Here in Australia the rules are complex, but not so much for a reverse trike, so that would be my preference, and your Ariel Atomesque design would lend itself nicely to 3 wheels. I notice in the various comments that you have little objection to anyone using your design. I would of course try to keep you abreast of how it goes.

One thing I really prefer is your original iteration where the curved side tube terminates at the seat back. Im not so keen on the tube going back to the rear shock mount, but then thats me. I just think the former looks more balanced. Its academic anyway, the tubing terminations etc for a motorcycle mount are entirely different.

Please advise if you have any particular objections with regard to intellectual property rights, and Ill rethink the thing.

Congratulations. It s an updated interpretation of original seven kit car low cost!

I use to play with that idea and play with Picture, chopping, copy, pasta for see how could looks.

I hace a model on you tube called Lotus se ven motor central.

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