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Whether a fan, parent, booster, staff member or athlete, at Neff we give you the power to customize our high-quality school apparel andschool awardsto suit your needs and your lifestyle. From sport polos, to school letter sweaters, to softshell jackets, weve got the pieces you want to show your support and spirit.

And with our new apparel designer software, creating custom designs is easy. Just choose from our layout templates, type in your text, and select from a full library of school mascots or sport/activity graphics for a unique, custom end result. Because your satisfaction is so important to us, weve given you the ability to see a virtual preview of your design each step of the way!

So take a look at each one of our pieces of quality, school apparel. Where to start? Try our popular line ofN-Tek softshell outwear. Take your pick of the mens and womens storm collar style, the hoodedN-Tek parka softshell jacketor theN-Tek softshell vest. Or view ourOW721andOW711for a softshell take on our popular, traditionalvarsity letterman jackets.

Custom design your ownperformance fleecemodern versions of everyones favorite wardrobe staples. Our performance fleece line features afull-zip fleece, aquarter-zip fleece, ahooded fleeceand matchingperformance fleece pants. Add your custom school designs, mascots and logos to customhooded school sweatshirtsorcrew neck school sweatshirts, which feature high-quality tackle-twill embroidery thats made to last, unlike screen printed designs.

Outfit your school students, staff, coaches and boosters in one of our manysport shirt polos. Let your pep band pump up the spirit as they perform inschool rugby polo shirts. Provide teachers with a casual, classyhoundstooth gingham button down shirtfor casual Friday or external events. Give coaches a comfortable, coolInfinity sport polothat shields them from the sun, breathes and manages moisture and fights stain-causing bacteria and odors.

Our classic, vintagecustom school sweatersare the perfect piece for students?providing a styling alternative to varsity jackets. Customschool sweatersshowcase hard-earnedchenille varsity lettersandschool patcheswhile providing a light-weight alternative to a wool or softshell jacket.School sweatersare great for groups, clubs, athletics and even boosters, with numerous color options and decoration styles.

Looking for basics? Try our t-shirt and short collections. Our tees include everything from basic cotton knits, like theAthlete Short Sleeve TeeorChampion Heavyweight Tee, and include pieces made for performance, like theVapor Performance Short Sleeve Teeto keep you cool and dry. Our collections of shorts are perfect for games, practices, activities and general wear! Choose from several 9 inseam selections, designs like camo, and mesh or nylon fabrics. Not sure where to start? Try the customer favoriteDigital Panel Camo Short!

Take a look at our collection ofcompression wearfor your athletes. We carry sleveless, long sleeve, short sleeve and three-quarter sleeve styles. Each piece is ready to add your school logo or name to make it spirited and one of a kind!

Top everything off with our collection of customizablehats and visors, as well as custom knit hats made by Pukka, which feature spirited poms and drawstrings.

Comfort meets spirit with our new line of colorfulspirit scarves! Our scarves are made with high-definition knitting and 100% acrylic fabric, measuring approximately 7 x 54. The front of thespirit scarfproudly displays your team name, school name or mascot and with your school logo or mascot on each end. The back of thespirit scarfback can be made in one solid color or with a contrasting stripe design.

Dont forget to take a look at ourvarsity letterman jacketsandschool awards!

Game Time Graphics

Your source for quality Screen Printing, Embroidery, Chenille and Tackle Twill

Screen Printing EmbroideryChenilleTackle TwillLetter Jacketsand much much more!!!!

Welcome to Game Time Graphics, Inc. Your premium choice for screen printing, embroidery and graphic design.

We have over 25 years of experience in the industry. T-shirts, hoodies, sweat shirts / pants, jerseys and every thing in between, if you have a need, we have the solution.

Products Yuzen

Aloha shirts were originally made by Japanese immigrants in Hawaii. The colorful kimono they brought with them were too hot for the Hawaiian climate so they cut them up and made shirts with them. When we decided to launch the Pagong brand of Western clothing made with our traditional Kyoto yuzen dyed kimono patterns, we considered many clothing types but quickly settled on the Aloha shirt due to its kimono related history.

All of our Aloha shirts are made with 100% silk, custom woven fabric that has a jacquard pattern of nami waves and pagong sea turtles woven into it. Over this intricately woven pattern we dye our Pagong patterns from our historic catalog. This creates a doubly rich and deep visual effect.

We take great pride in not only our artisan yuzen dye craft but also the design and production of the actual garment. For example, we meticulously match the pattern of the shirt pocket to that of the shirt. This particular attention to detail is called kodawari in Japanese and in Kyoto, we are particularly picky and finicky about details. At Pagong, we are continually looking for opportunities to further improve our products.

Of course we considered the environment. Traditionally, Aloha shirt buttons were made with shell, wood or coconut shell. We chose the most environmentally friendly and sustainable, coconut shell for our shirts. In addition to being Aloha tropical in look and feel, coconut buttons are extremely durable and of course a lot of buttons can be produced from just a single, annually harvestable coconut. Utilizing the coconut shell does not require killing the mother tree, nor does it require pesticides, fertilizers and so on.

A few years after we launched our Aloha shirts we suddenly got a call from Yoko Onos staff asking us to bring a number to Tokyo for her to look at and purchase. We rushed to Tokyo and were extremely honored that even though we were a new and unknown brand, Ms Ono liked our early line-up enough to purchase a number of our Aloha shirts.

In 2006, Pagong was hugely honored to be included in the Japanesque Modern Selection (100) of the 100 best brands and designs in all of Japan!Among the other selections were Toyoto PRIUS, Toto Washlet, Nintendo DS Lite, Final Fantasy XII, Shinkansen Series N700 (bullet train), Sanyo eneloop (rechargeable battery), Cup Noodle, to name just a few.

Pagongs Aloha shirts have been introduced in the Japanese media countless times. Recently we have had visits from several European media organizations.

Pagongs fashion line-up for women includes one piece dresses, tunics, skirts, blouses, scarves and shawls and camisoles. We also have accessories such as handbags, pouches and Japanese-style gamaguchi coin purses. We use the highest quality Made in Japan knit fabric which is dyed in the yuzen technique in our workshop with patterns from our historic catalog of designs. Pagong ladies wear is our most popular line and looks great in both casual and more formal settings.

Unlike our other Aloha shirt and casual wear lines, most, but not all, of our ladies wear is made with fine knit fabric, not woven. We have worked closely with spinning and knitting companies to create the perfect seasonal fabrics.

Our signature summer knit fabric is a masterpiece. It is very thin and light, yet rugged and sturdy. Though 100% cotton this knit has so much elasticity that people often mistakenly thing that it includes elastic. However, it is indeed just cotton. Our producer boasts that such a fabric is not made elsewhere. Though it is extremely light and stretchy, this knit fabric doesnt lose its shape. Additionally, this fabric dries very quickly and doesnt wrinkle. The cool factor is increased by the fact that this material takes yuzen dye very well and looks gorgeous after our yuzen dye team gets done with it!

Our winter fabrics include knit wool blends and a heavy cotton weave to help keep our customers warm in their vibrant and richly colored Pagong patterns even with the snow is falling.

Striving to Express Each Pagong Pattern

Our design team loves attention to detail. Each of our unique patterns has its own heart which must be expressed in the final product. The positioning of the pattern motif on each garment, such as a flower or wave, is never random. The overall composition is always kept in mind as we create each Pagong garment.

Pagong garments are developed based on years of feedback from our customers. Early on we learned that our customers want products that are not going to out of style with the next season. We have designed our ladies fashion line to be non-trendy as well. Our customers will find that even in 5 or 10 years, their Pagong clothing wont look out of date. Interestingly, our female customers report that Pagongs ladies wear is not age specific. One family told us that the grandmother, mother and daughter went to a party, all wearing Pagong clothing!

When we created our casual wear line-up, we wanted comfortable garments that people could easily wear in their everyday lives, but because we are a Kyoto company and with our connection to Japans kimono culture, we wanted an elegance and subtle sophistication uncommon in most casual wear.

With kimono being in our companys DNA, we again looked to the kimono for inspiration. Thetomesodevariety of kimono is one with shorter sleeves and traditionally women wore this kimono after she was married. Thetomesodekimono is said to be elegant and sophisticated and like the evening gown in Western culture. Functionally, the tomesode kimono was a little more suited to everyday life, yet as it was for married women elegance was required. The tomesode was the perfect balance of beauty and function and our aim is been the same for Pagong Casual Wear.

Unlike most t-shirts, Pagongs casual wear has deep, complex and subtle colors. Our patterns use between 15 and 25 stencils, that means 15 to 25 colors in one pattern! For example, in just a single flower in one of our patterns there could be 3 or 4 colors. A conventional screen printed t-shirt might be just a single flat color. Each color is meticulously dyed one at a time by our artisan yuzen dye team.

In addition to color depth and richness, the line quality in our patterns is special. These patterns were all created by a generation past of traditional Japanese painters. The same artists, whose artwork you might encounter in Kyotos museums created our patterns decades ago. As their artwork for our company was used for kimono, we only selected fine artists to collaborate with. Comparatively, digitally generated t-shirt artwork is one dimensional and lacks soul. When you see a Pagong garment, notice the long, thin and naturally graceful lines that compose the pattern.

Though sophisticated, our casual clothing goes especially well with denim and we recommend wearing it with jeans. In the summer, when you want to stay cool but dress-up a bit for a nice party or dinner, Pagongs casual wear is the perfect fit! We have heard from your customers that while they are wearing a Pagong t-shirt at a party, the are complimented and often get asked where they purchased the garment.

Yuzen is the most common technique used in the dyeing of Japanese kimono fabric. The yuzen technique was invented in the Edo period around 1700 by a fan painter in Kyoto named Yuzensai Miyazaki. He was a very talented artist and his patterns and color sense became very popular and much in demand. With the popularity of his fans, be began to receive commissions from aristocrats to paint kimono fabric. Yuzensai Miyazaki develop the process to create high quality dyed fabric whose art would not be ruined by rain, humidity, sweat, sunlight and so on, yet retained the artistic and nuanced qualities of hand painted artwork. With combinations of stencil, brush and resist techniques, the dye craftsmen created fabric that is its own artform. The characteristic point of yuzen dyeing is to dye complicated patterns with many colors and tonal gradation. And, of course with the dyeing process fabric can be produced in larger quantity than by hand painting.

After the fabric is dyed it is dried, steamed, washed and dried. The steaming process sets the yuzen dye. Without this labor intensive process, the product cannot be called yuzen.

At Pagong, we have inherited the culture and techniques developed by Yuzensai Miyazaki that were evolved and improved by countless Kyoto craftsmen over the centuries. Our own team of five craftsmen together have more than 170 years of experience with yuzen! We are all very honored to bring the Kyoto yuzen tradition to Western clothing.

Bangkok Isetan -Thailand- Pagong Shop Reopen

Som Ori at Atelier Blancs Manteux, Paris

Pagong Renaissance in Singapore

Pagong 2016 SS Collection at Sodoh Kyoto

Pagong Yuzen Fabric Used by Fashion Designer Yumi Katsura for Paris 2016 Collection

Yumi Katsura New York Collection Pagong

Pagong featured in KIMONO NOW, Prestel


Des maillots sublims de grande qualit, Made in France. Crer le

idal grâce notre configurateur. Quelque soit votre sport, trouver le design parfait aux couleurs de votre quipe.

conçus en France et 100% personnalisable. Vous navez comme limites que votre imagination grâce notre configurateur. Testez-le vous en serez pas dçu.

Comment allier confort et style ? Noschausettesen sont lexemple parfait. Dune grande qualit et dun confort optimal, configurez-les votre guise pour un style irrprochable.

Comment porter les couleurs de son quipes sur et lextrieur du terrain ? Avec nos

personnaliss portez firement les votre tout en gardant un style des plus branch.

Aprs les matchs soyez dcontract mais avec style grâce aux

Gladiasport. Une qualit Made in France, personnalisable linfini.

designerChemisesUn sportif se doit dtre au top sur et en dehors du terrain. Pour les aprs-matchs, unechemiseaux couleurs de votre club, afin de fter vos victoires avec classe.Crer une ChemiseT-shirtsLet-shirt, produit classique mais apprci de tous, surtout quand il est autant personnalisable. Pour un vnement particulier, ou simplement pour votre club nhsitez pas venir configurer le votre.Crer votre T-shirtGoodiesDes Goodies, pour dployer les couleurs de votre club, jusquaux accssoires les plus dlirants.Crer votre GoodiesPacksChez Gladiasport on ne vous propose pas seulement de simple produit, mais galement despacks. Des combinaisons mûrement tudies, des prix attractifs, pour rpondre toutes les demandes.Crer un PackCoupe Vent et ParkaPour quen temps de pluie ou de vent vos joueurs soient au chaud et au sec, venez personnaliser votre coupe vent aux couleurs de votre club.Crer un Coupe Ventcrez a linfini avec le

Des maillots sublims de grande qualit, Made in France. Crer le

idal grâce notre configurateur. Quelque soit votre sport, trouver le design parfait aux couleurs de votre quipe.

conçus en France et 100% personnalisable. Vous navez comme limites que votre imagination grâce notre configurateur. Testez-le vous en serez pas dçu.

Comment allier confort et style ? Noschausettesen sont lexemple parfait. Dune grande qualit et dun confort optimal, configurez-les votre guise pour un style irrprochable.

Comment porter les couleurs de son quipes sur et lextrieur du terrain ? Avec nos

personnaliss portez firement les votre tout en gardant un style des plus branch.

Aprs les matchs soyez dcontract mais avec style grâce aux

Gladiasport. Une qualit Made in France, personnalisable linfini.

Fabrication spciale pour les clubs

Custom Fraternity Sorority Greek Hoodies

Something Greek clothing store offers the greatest variety of ladies and mens Greek Sweatshirts, custom-made just for you! We carry classic Fraternity and Sorority Greek hoodies and pullover sweatshirts, as well as the popular Greek Hockey Hoodies and Contrast Hood Sweatshirts. Our Greek hoodies include popular brands like Champion, Gildan, Comfort Colors, and more! Have your new Greek sweatshirts customized with sewn-on twill letters or our new flock (suede) letters. Be sure to addGreek clothing you order to enhance your personalization. Get your fresh set of Greek letters on your Greek Hooded Sweatshirt today!

Sorority Sweatshirt Hooded – G18500 – TWILL

Fraternity Sweatshirt Hooded – G18500 – TWILL

Sorority Hockey Hoody with Twill Letters – J. America J8830 – TWILL

Fraternity Hockey Hoody with Twill Letters – J. America J8830 – TWILL

Sorority Standards Hooded Sweatshirt For Only $25.99 – Gildan 18500 – TWILL

Fraternity Standards Hooded Sweatshirt For Only $25.99 – Gildan 18500 – TWILL

Sorority Champion 9oz Hooded Sweatshirt – Champion S700 – TWILL

Fraternity Champion 9oz Hooded Sweatshirt – Champion S700 – TWILL

Sorority Comfort Colors Hooded Sweatshirt – Comfort Colors 1567 – TWILL

Fraternity Comfort Colors Hooded Sweatshirt – Comfort Colors 1567 – TWILL

Sorority Sweatshirt with Contrast Hood – Gildan 185C – TWILL

Fraternity Sweatshirt with Contrast Hood – Gildan 185C – TWILL

Greek Hanes 10oz. Hooded Sweatshirt – Hanes F170 – TWILL

Greek Contrast Hood Sweatshirt with FLOCK – Gildan 185C – TWILL

Greek Tailgate Hooded Sweatshirt – J. America 8815 – TWILL

Fraternity Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt with Twill Letters – Gildan CD877 – TWILL

Fraternity 24-Hour Sweatshirt – TWILL

Champion 12oz Hooded Sorority Sweatshirt – Champion S1051 – TWILL

Champion 12oz Hooded Fraternity Sweatshirt – Champion S1051 – TWILL

Stars & Stripes Sorority Hooded Sweatshirt – Gildan 18500 – TWILL

Stars & Stripes Fraternity Hooded Sweatshirt – Gildan 18500 – TWILL

Sorority 24-Hour Sweatshirt – TWILL

Sorority Tie-Dye Hooded Sweatshirt with Twill Letters – Gildan CD877 – TWILL

Sorority Comfort Colors Front-Slit Hooded Sweatshirt – Comfort Colors 1595 – TWILL

Fraternity Embroidered Colorblock Cosmic Hoodie – JA8612 – EMB

Sorority Embroidered Colorblock Cosmic Hoodie – JA8618 – EMB

Fraternity Comfort Colors Varsity Printed Hooded Sweatshirt – Comfort Colors 1567 – CAD

Sorority Comfort Colors Varsity Printed Hooded Sweatshirt – Comfort Colors 1567 – CAD

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Something Greek Donates 600 items of Clothing to the Victims of Hurricane Harvey Hurricane Harvey brought terrible destruction, but it also brought out the best inhumanity. President Bill Clinton. It has only been a few weeks since Harvey, the destructive…Read more

Check out this super fun and super cool video of a fraternity mocking a sorority recruitment video! Real clever guys!Read more

The Ultimate Guide to Big/Lil Week Gifts! Being a little, I was spoiled by my big and the rest of my family. From getting shirts passed down, to getting my first pair of stitched letters to Lilly Pulitzer frocket ts,…Read more

Design your individual printed Firefighter oRescue Service T-Shirt with thSht Dncue-c

Design your individual printed Firefighter or Rescue Service T-Shirt with the Shirt Designer rescue-tec

Design your individual printed Firefighter or Rescue Service T-Shirt with the Shirt Designer

With the rescue-tec Designer you can design your own, individual shirt! Quick and easy: Choose a template and adapt it or create with existing designs and your own text! Ideal for fire-and-rescue-services, clubs, groups and much more…

Have a look in our shirt-galleryor choose a shirt and design it!

With the rescue-tec Designer you can design your own, individual shirt! Quick and easy: Choose a template and adapt it or create with existing designs and your own text! In the creator you find templates for firefighter shirts, rescue-service pullover, paramedic shirts. A lot of shirts like sweat-shirts, polo-shirts and more are also available for women and kids. rescue-tec – your shop for firefighting gear and equipment.

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Love Moschino Mens Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans

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Versace Jeans Mens Black Tiger Shirt

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No Sweat The Truth About Performance Apparel

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Manufacturers are producing more variations of existing models, and safety technology has been added.

Jan. 15, 2018Automakers rolled out a bevy of updated models at the North American International Auto Show, as always.

Jan. 11, 2018Perhaps the third time will be the charm for Honda Motors dedicated hybrid.

Todays marketplace features microwaves that deliver connectivity and can be placed somewhere besides on your countertop.

Corded and cordless performance gaps narrowed.

No scientific evidence proves manufacturers claims that extracted juices are better for you than is eating whole fruits and vegetables.

Aug. 31, 2017Nest Labs is taking aim at a wider audience with its first new smart thermostat in 6 years.

Jan. 5, 2017Two washers, two dryers, one laundry pair. Huh?

Manufacturers introduced two technologies that produce a wider range of brightness and color than ever before.

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Cellphone-service providers dangled a familiar term to describe their 2017 data plans. Consumers should proceed with caution.

Jan. 10, 2018After covering the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for at least a decade, weve become a bit jaded with regard to the news thats generated at the event.

Jan. 2, 2018After a wave of criticism that included accusations of forcing customers to upgrade their cellphones, Apple lowered the price of replacement batteries on most of its iPhone models.

Consumers soon might see a Wi-Fi standard.

Gas fireplaces are more expensive than they were before because of the now-required safety barriers that prevent injury.

More storage options exist than ever before, so consumers can get even the most difficult items out of the way.

Oct. 25, 2017If youre concerned that porch pirates will steal delivered packages from your doorstep, has a solutionlet its couriers enter your home to deliver the packages while youre away.

Jan. 5, 2017Typically, to buy a Craftsman product, you have to go to a Sears store. Soon, youll be able to buy Craftsman-branded products anywhere.

Newmedical devices provide innovative treatments for diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Manufacturers add connectivity options to their products.

Nov. 14, 2017Food and Drug Administration approved the first medication that tracks whether you took it.

Oct. 17, 2017Consumers will be hurt by the Trump administrations moves to change the Affordable Care Act (ACA), experts tell us. The only questions are by how much and whether that will change in the years ahead.

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We evaluated 252 total models to identify 12 Best Buys.

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Jan. 5, 2017Typically, to buy a Craftsman product, you have to go to a Sears store. Soon, youll be able to buy Craftsman-branded products anywhere.

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Oct. 25, 2017If youre concerned that porch pirates will steal delivered packages from your doorstep, m has a solutionlet its couriers enter your home to deliver the packages while youre away.

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You might face more than the grief of the loss of a loved one: grave desecration and double-sold plots.

HomeSpecial ReportsMarketing: Behind the ScenesNo Sweat: The Truth About Performance Apparel

Performance-apparel companies have introduced garments that are made with cotton, synthetic and wool fabrics that they claim will improve your performance when you exercise. But no independent data back up these claims, and the results of our lab tests indicate that these shirts keep you about as cool as wearing no shirt at all.

Message:Id like to share an article I read on Consumers Digest with you…

If you have walked into a sporting-goods store in the past 3 years, you probably noticed that buying a shirt isnt as simple as just picking up a cotton T-shirt in a color that you like.

These days, the shopping aisles are full of a variety of performance apparelshirts, pants, jackets, socks and tights that are touted as being capable of regulating your body temperature, keeping you comfortable and improving your physical performance.

Performance apparel rang up about $1.3 billion in sales in the United States last year. At least 60 companies now make these garments, which can cost roughly $10$50 for a short-sleeve shirt and up to $300 for a pair of pants.

Performance-apparel commercials and print advertisements typically use college or professional athletes as endorsers. And the gear is marketed toward anyone who might work up a sweateven toddlers.

The lines between traditional sports/performance apparel and normal everyday clothes are increasingly blurring, says Janet Shim, who is a retail analyst for IbisWorld, which is a market-research group. More consumers are wearing performance apparel to run errands and do everyday chores.

If youre wearing these clothes to run errands or around the blockthey arent improving your performance. We spoke with 14 exercise experts, physicians and scientists, and none of them nor the apparel-makers themselves knew of any independent, peer-reviewed evidence that performance apparel of any kind has any measurable influence on regulating temperature and improving performance. But all of our experts agreed that performance apparel will have no effect on regulating body temperature unless youre pushing your body beyond its limitations.

If youre in an extreme environment, where you are challenging yourself beyond your physiological capability, then maybe one of these things can make a difference, says Delia Roberts, who is a fellow at American College of Sports Medicine.

But for a recreational runner, I dont think it makes a difference.

We evaluated T-shirts that were made of three different performance fabrics that promised to wick away moisture from the skin and keep exercisers cool and comfortable. Our results suggest that the fabrics might indeed keep sweat from accumulating on the skin, but this didnt keep runners cooler or more comfortable than when they wore no shirt at all. (See Through the Paces: Testing Three Fabrics.)

These fabrics are probably more of a fashion statement than something functional, says William Sands, who is the former head of Sport Biomechanics and Engineering for the U.S. Olympic Committee. (Sands also is director of Monfort Family Human Performance Laboratory at Colorado Mesa University, which conducted our evaluation.)

In other words, these shirts might make you feel more comfortable and look trendier at the gym, but we remain unconvinced that theyll help you to breathe more easily, run longer or lift more weight.

WICKING OR STICKING?Most performance apparel is designed towick(or pull) away moisture from the skin and through the clothing surface, so the moisture evaporates to leave you dry while you exercise.

Moisture-wicking claims are legitimate and typically are achieved by using one of two methods, says George Havenith, who has studied these fabrics at Environmental Ergonomics Research Centre, which he directs at Loughborough University in England.

The first way to promote moisture wicking is to apply a hydrophilic surface treatment, such as silica, to a fabric. This treatment allows the fabrics fibers to attract water and pull it into the fabric and away from the skin, Havenith says. The second way is to use a knit structure that involves two types of fibers. The fiber that touches the skin absorbs little moisture, but it wicks away the moisture to the fiber thats on the outside of the fabric, which is more absorbent, Havenith says.

This process leaves your skin feeling drier. But it wont make your body temperature any cooler or extend your endurance, says Nigel Taylor, who directs thermal physiology research at University of Wollongong in Australia. Sweat cools you when it evaporates from your skins surface, and (depending on the individual) you might cool down less if the evaporation happens on the outside of the fabric instead of on your skin, Taylor says. Consequently, a shirt could cool you less than bare skin does.

Its always better to have the sweat evaporate on your skin than on a garment thats flapping in the wind away from you, says Timothy Gavin, who is an exercise physiologist at East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C. Gavin published studies in the journals Sports Medicine and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise that reported on how different types of clothing influence the bodys capability to keep cool in the heat. None of his research found any discernible effect regardless of fabric types.

That doesnt surprise Thomas Altena, who is an associate professor of health at Missouri State University and is a triathlete. He believes that the benefits of performance apparel are all in the mind.

If you do 3060 minutes of weight training or playing a game of pickup basketball, performance apparel isnt going to make your performance any better, he says. There might be a psychological effect of having something new, feeling good about yourself. Call it retail therapy, Altena says.

No fabric helps the body to regulate temperature better than bare skin does, but if you have to wear clothing (and most of us do), fabrics that wick away sweat will make you feel drier and more comfortable than will fabrics that absorb water, Taylor says.

BACK TO NATURE.Polyester and polypropylene ruled the performance-apparel market up until 2 years ago, but lately weve seen a surge of natural fabrics that are made from cotton and wool. The performance-apparel industry has been criticized for its use of resources that arent renewable or biodegradable, Shim says, and manufacturers responded by developing products that use fibers such as cotton and wool.

At least 20 manufacturers claim that their newest garments that are made with new fabrics can surpass synthetics in terms of comfort and performance. (And what a surprise: They charge $25$30 for one of these T-shirts!) Thats an about-face from 3 years ago. Performance-apparel manufacturer Under Armour went so far as to proclaim that cotton is the enemy.

In reality, cotton is no enemy, Havenith says. Natural cotton has a tendency to hold moisture and keep it close to your skin, and that can be a good thing in the heat.

When you stop [exercising], it feels like a cold towel against your skin. We call that after-chill, Havenith says. After-chill can be dangerous if you work out in cool conditions, but it can be refreshing on a hot, sunny day, he says. But cotton can become heavy and uncomfortable as it absorbs sweat after a prolonged period.

To match the wicking capability of synthetic fabrics, the cotton-industry group Cotton Inc. patented a technology thats called TransDry and introduced it in 2008.

Performance-apparel-maker Longworth became the first to adopt TransDry in its products when it introduced the material into its Polarmax brand of garments. TransDry garments consist of several different cotton yarns that are treated with a proprietary chemical to alter the absorbency. The result is fabric thats made to wick and spread moisture away from the skin, says David Earley of Cotton Inc. He claims that TransDry dries just as fast as typical performance polyester fabric does.

Under Armour took notice and last year began to market its own line of TransDry apparel under the name Charged Cotton.

We were never against cotton, says David Ayers of Under Armour. We were just against products that dont perform for athletes.

Our investigation found that Under Armours performance claim holds up: Charged Cotton has the same cooling effect on body temperature as at least one synthetic fabric doesin other words, no effect at all. We called Under Armour back for its response to our study, but the company didnt return our calls by press time.

Wool is another natural fabric thats making inroads into performance apparel. At least six companies now sell premium ($35 and higher for a T-shirt) performance apparel thats made from merino wool, which is a special variety of New Zealand wool thats prized for its fine, soft texture.

Unlike other fabrics, wool fibers are porous and absorb sweat vapor instead of just sweat droplets, Taylor says. Wool long has been known to provide good performance in cold conditions, because it insulates you (and thus keeps you warm) even when its wet.

The treated merino wool thats used by performance-apparel companies is made of fine fibers that dont prick the skin as fibers of conventional wool do. Lightweight wool such as merino wool performs best in hot, arid environments, where it helps to speed the evaporation of sweat, says David Harms of Smartwool, which makes merino-wool performance apparel.

But do any of the claims about merino wool hold up? We didnt find any independent studies beyond ours that showed that. Amy Klee, who is a designer for Icebreaker, says our study proves that merino wool performs as well as do cotton and synthetics in heat. But she didnt comment on why no performance fabric (wool or otherwise) performed better than bare skin does.

EVEN MORE CLAIMS.Performance-apparel-makers claims go beyond moisture control and temperature regulation. Companies tout wools natural ability to inhibit the microbial growth that leads to body odor. At least one study, by researchers at University of Otago in New Zealand, confirmed that wool retains fewer odors than do synthetics that contain polyester, which are notorious for breeding bad smells.

But wools advantage here might not be as great as it once was. For the past 2 years, AYG, Columbia, Patagonia and Under Armour have treated most of their synthetics at all prices with minerals and salts to make them odor-resistant. We found no independent studies to prove that the treatments work, but Havenith says its reasonable to expect silver to reduce odors, because its been shown to reduce the growth of bacteria that create odors in clothing.

Less plausible, however, are the claims that manufacturers make about a new treatment of fabricthe use of infrared light to result in a boost of energy, an increase in oxygen levels and a reduction of pain. Hologenix and Schoeller produce this fabric, and several brands of apparelnotably Reebokhave adopted the fabric. A pair of tights thats made from this exotic material starts at $100. But Dr. Harriet Hall, who is a retired physician who specializes in investigating medical claims and an editor of the website Science-Based Medicine, calls these infrared-light claims preposterous.

East Carolina Universitys Gavin scoffs at the claims of benefits from infrared light in clothing. Its true that we radiate heat through infrared radiation, but usually when youre exercising, your biggest problem is losing this heat, not keeping it in, Gavin says.

Hall also rejects the claims of kinetic-energy-absorbing fabric. Seth Casden of Hologenix says the companys textiles contain a mineral-embedded polyester thats called Celliant, which absorbs the wearers kinetic energy like a sponge and returns the energy to the wearer. Casden claims that his companys tests have shown that the technology reduces pain, increases blood flow and blood oxygen levels, and helps to balance body temperature. But no independent tests have been conducted to verify this claim, and Hall says none of these claims has any clinical or even preclinical evidence to back it up.

Tom Weinbender, who is president of Schoeller USA, says wearing a garment thats made of his companys energear fabric allows your energy to last longer. But he was unable to explain the specifics of how it works.

Its an old science thats been in Asia for hundreds of years, he says, and he compared it with the (unproven) benefits of wearing a copper bracelet to improve arthritis symptoms.

Our research suggests that instead of selecting apparel thats based on technological claims, youre better off to base your choices on comfort and price.

A lot of it just comes down to personal preference, Gavin says. If you like the feel of one type over another and that makes you exercise more, then thats a good thing.

Just dont expect your performance to improve as a result.

Christie Aschwanden is a contributing editor for Runners World and Bicycling. A former competitive athlete, shes also written for Science, Slate and The New York Times.

Claims that products are Made in USA arent challenged thoroughly.

Many stores wont adopt the new system.

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