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If you want to use materials other than the default materials (foamcore, wooden axle, ideal rubber tread, and plastic spring), you first must discover their physical properties and enter them into Virtual Car, so that Virtual Car can model them accurately. Here are the properties you will need to measure:

You are free to choose any board material you wish, as long as you have the right tools to cut it and put holes in it. If you are planning to use an X-Acto knife for cutting, corrugated cardboard is a good choice. Other materials should be similar: they must be easy to cut, relatively thick (but not too thick), and reasonably tough. Some other ideas are: foam insulation board, or styrofoam. Or, you may invent your own board by gluing layers of thinner materials together.

Axle materialsThe default wooden dowel material is a good all-around choice. But if you have the right tools, you may have success with aluminum rods or tubes that you can get from the hardware store, or plastic rods that you can buy in a hobby store.

Spring materialsYou may be able to find other springy materials that can be used as a spring, instead of the default plastic soda bottle material. First you should try them out to see if they retain their springiness after they are rolled up onto the axle. If you find a good substitute spring material, you will have to install it into an already-built car and test it to see how much torque it provides.

Tread materialsRubber bands are the best tread material. You should test your own rubber bands to make sure that the coefficient of static friction is correct for that type of rubber band.

How to Measure ThicknessToaccuratelymeasure thickness of a material,do nottry to measure a single layer. Instead, stack several layers of the material together, and measure the total thickness — then divide the total thickness by the number of layers. This will give a much more accurate measurement.

How to Measure DensityDensity is mass divided by volume. Volume is length * width * thickness (for board or spring materials), or cross sectional area * length (for axle materials).

To measure density accurately, work with alargepiece of material, not a small one. Find a large piece that has straight and square edges so that it can be measured easily. Compute its volume (in cubic inches) as described above. Then weigh the piece of material to get its mass (in pounds). Finally, divide the mass by the volume.

How to Measure Coefficient of Static FrictionThe coefficient of friction represents the force needed to make something slide along a surface. There are two types of coefficient:thecoefficient of static frictionthecoefficient of dynamic friction

Thecoefficient of dynamic frictionapplies to objects that are sliding along a surface. It is not important for our purposes.

Thecoefficient of static frictionapplies to objects that havenot yetbegun to slide.

Virtual Car needs to know thecoefficient of static frictionbetween the tread material and the racetrack surface.

One experimental method to determine the coefficient of static friction involves finding the degree of incline that makes a material begin to slide on another material. You will need a protractor, a piece of the material on which you will be racing your cars, and a square block with tread material attached to it.

Figure 1. How to estimate the coefficient of static friction

Find a block of any material that is flat and about 1-2 square.Get a sample of your chosen wheel tread material (rubber bands are good).Wrap the tread material around the block so that one side is covered evenly with the tread material.Get a piece of the competition racetrack from your instructor.Place the racetrack material on a rigid movable surface such as a book, and place the tread-covered block on the surface of the racetrack material.Starting from a flat position, very slowly raise one end of the book until the block just begins to slide. At this point, measure the angle of the book. The tangent of this angle is the coefficient of static friction between the tread and the flooring material.Repeat several times and average the results.

A car that you have already builtA nail or some other sharp and strong item that you can stick into one of the wheelsA sample of the spring material (24-36 inches long)A small scale, such as a postal scale or a spring scaleThen follow this procedure:

Install the spring in the carMake sure that the rear wheels aretightlygripping the axle.Stick the nail firmly into the wheel tread surface, so that only about a half inch of the nail head sticks out.Wind the spring up all the wayUsing the scale, measure the force exerted on the scale by the protruding nail.Let the spring unwind one or two revolutions and measure again (keep doing this until the spring is completely unwound).To finish, you will need to convert theforcefigures that the scale gave you, intotorquefigures. Torque is force * distance, so you will have to multiply the force by the distance of the nail head from the center of the wheel. For example, if the force exerted by the nail head was 0.5 pounds, and the nail head is two inches away from the center of the wheel, then the torque is:

(0.5 lb) * (2 inches) =1.0 lb-inIf you were to plot the torque figures, you would see something like this:

Figure 2. Example of a Force-Deflection Curve

Finally, enter the torque figures into Virtual Car. You will also need to take note of the width of the spring that you tested, and enter that in too. This is so that Virtual Car can scale these torque figures up or down to account for wider or narrow versions of the same spring material.

Virtual-reality software to aid car customization

Love cars? Climb in the drivers seat for the latest in reviews, advice and picks by our editors.

Cater, a technology group funded by the European Commission, is working on software that could help shoppers customize with confidence.

Many new car buyers face a similar dilemma: You want to customize a new car, but dont know if youll like the maroon leather interior that looks great in the catalog but always seems too pimplike in person. Not wanting to make an expensive mistake, you go with the safe silver-and-black combo, just like everyone else.

Cater, a technology group funded by the European Commission, is working onsoftware that could help shoppers customize with confidence.

Using virtual-reality technology, Cater is building a car customization application that helps customers picture more realistically, and spatially experience, what their configured vehicle will look like.

New Web-based software can help car buyers in Asia and the European Union customize a new vehicle based on image keywords. Customers can view their selections from several angles, inside and outside the car.

The system is based on a stereoscopic TV set that enables stereo vision using so-called shutter glasses, according to Caters Web site. The relatively inexpensive virtual-reality system can be installed for between about 10,000 euros and 12,000 euros. The technology ideally will enable customers to make more informed customization choices and enable dealerships to offer a greater range of vehicles to the public without having to display them on the showroom floor.

For online shoppers, Cater has also developed a Web-based customization tool that takes into account a persons age, country of residence, gender, and image keyword (aggressive, sporty, sexy) when suggesting products.

Using the Cater system, customers would select a package and view how the products will look in the car from a variety of 3D angles. A Web-based demo of the product isavailable online, though only for PCs.

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Virtual Car Body Shop Tuning and 3D Car Rendering Services

TempGP is now offering virtual car tuning service. What that mean is that we can design exterior or interior of the car for you. If you want to know how certain body kit will look on your car our virtual tuning service can help you with visualization. Not only we can render combination of your car + existing products on the market but also we can show some creative ideas on custom parts design. For example we can design whole interior of your car, help selecting materials ex wood, carbon fiber. We can show how custom paint job will look like.

Using virtual 3D tuning can help you visualize your car after it was pimped up, but even more importantly you can show the model in fabrication show so they will build you exactly what you want from the 1st time.

Below you can find our portfolio of cars. If you need help with your project please use contact us page.

Update: We now have interactive online tuning and car configurator engine (beta). Please take a look here:

If you need your car model added please let us know. Remember we are still at beta so updates are released every day to make it look nice .

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The Dubmodder Team is pleased to announce that the 21st Century (2012) Bug model is launched in our Interactive Car Customizer Series!

Volkswagen Bug is an icon. Only someone who knows its history could make a new generation of this Dub a reality. The task ahead for the engineers was very clear. They had to develop a high-tech car that was still affordable, did not leave any stone unturned, integrated the communication technologies of our times and of course achieved the lowest environmental impact. It also had to be a car that places driving fun at the forefront. The new generation Bug would have to be a very agile, dynamic performer, and the people who developed the Hot Hatch would also be able to achieve this.

Congratulations to Michael K. on being the first Dubmodder/Outline Sportt-shirt winner! We will be selecting a new winner each month so sign up to for your chance to win.

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OUTLINE Sport and Dubmodder T-Shirt Draw

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Plus 360 Degrees

UXCARSis the best Web based car visualization platform, that revolutionizes the online experience, allowing users to explore, customize, share and play with the largest interactive 3D car collection, accelerating their decision making process. The project is all about delivering the best visual and performant results to users who are either looking for their next purchase, or car enthusiasts who want to customize their current vehicle.

Plus 360 Degrees is an award winning independent studio based in Bremen, Germany. It was founded by 3D Artist and Product DesignerDelia Otetea, and Multi Disciplinary Artist and Web DeveloperIvan Moreno, with the aim to create customized high-end real-time 3D experiences for brands and agencies. Our team has expertise in producing content and assets for realistic 3D applications, video games and installations using a wide range of methods and tools.

Our most well-known works are vehicle configurators, where the users can explore and customize them from any angle. In addition to pioneering new solutions for the automotive industry, we also cater to the aerospace, architecture, fashion and industrial design sectors.

Isabella Wrenlets you customize a professional wardrobe that fits your body, your style, and your lifestyle. Isabella Wren takes the anxiety out of correct sizing, so you can just relax and enjoy shopping knowing your perfect outfit will be, exactly that. In collaboration with Singaporean based studio 360and5 we created their unique online 3D module.

We can handle all aspects of a 3D interactive project; from concept, to design and development. We design and create user experiences with our clients image, target groups and distribution platforms in mind. We seek the union of art and performance, knowing that for the best result, the two must always go hand in hand. Our clients will always get the most from it.

We never stand still. In order that we may offer our clients the latest and most advanced solutions, we are in a constant state of research and development. This is why we are always pushing the boundaries of current technology as well as testing different methods of delivering compelling content to end users.

Above the Cloudsis a tribute to the Earth. It is a realtime video experience that takes the user on a journey from above the ground on a variety of places around the globe. Its meant to inspire each and one of us, to unite us and make us realize that there is only one home Earth. Made in WebGL, accessible from desktops and mobiles.

Our work has been exhibited in renown international events asSIGGRAPHWebGL BOF,3DWebFest,MOODMuseum of Design Temporal Exhibition,Budapest Design Week, Festival of Architecture and Interior Designing Mumbai -FOAID, Shenzhen International Industrial Design Fair -SZIDF, among other events. It also has been published in design books, computer programming books and scientific papers of 3D computer graphics and interactive techniques. We have the honour to have been awarded and interviewed by international organisations of design as theA PrimeDesign Award and Competition, the Adobe Design Achievement Award andFWA, being Ivan aFWA Hero.

On Loveis a metaphor of two people finding each other and the stages that they go through in their connection. It starts with the tumultuous life of dating and finding a right partner. Then a prelude leading to the first kiss is presented. The two then connect and go through an infatuation phase, and in the end they start the journey of how we all came to be here  by creating a new life.

Over the years we have the pleasure to work with clients from different industries as The Boeing Company, Alcar Holding, RPA, ACME DC, Isabella Wren, Sommer, Sistemi Moderni, to name some. If you would like to be our next partner, dont hesitate to contact us!

Car Visualizer Classicswas created as a sequel of the first Car Visualizer and as the title shows, it presents a collection of classic cars. With improvements in development methods, it is a more advanced vehicle visualizer and can be accessed from a multitude of devices.

Our internal platform allows the configurators to be used across multiple content distribution mediums; kiosk, desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile, and video projection and large installations. Our team takes advantage of the power of WebGL to deploy applications for a wide variety of computers and devices.

Better and faster is one of our mottos. We are always focused on delivering the best looking, highest performance applications. After years of refinement and polish, the pipeline we have set in place allows us to author live content with very efficient turnaround times.

Years of creating content for different mediums has taught us the importance of paying attention to the smallest details. This is what sets us apart.

Car Visualizerhas been a pioneering project in realtime 3D presentations online. Launched in mid-2012, it was the first of its kind in the Web industry. It showcases a collection of 8 vehicles in a garage where the user has the ability to customize body colors and select/swap wheels. The project runs smoothly in most of the new and old devices supporting WebGL. It gathered recognition from industry awards and leaders.


You can preview it on a computer browsing with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari and/or Internet Explorer using FlashPlayer11

You can preview it stable on a computer browsing with Chrome, Firefox 4+ and/or Safari 5.1+ (Safari 5.1+ for MacOS users only)

This application is not for commercial purposes for the cars and brands displayed in it. The design of the cars and logos are

exclusively of the brands presented in this application and NO modifications were made by the author of the application.