Best 3D home architect apps to design your home

Designing your dream house is relatively simple, as long as you have the proper 3D home architect software. There are many applications that can help you design your home, and today were going to show you the best 3D home architect apps.

Live Home 3D Prois an excellent home design app that will help you design and build the house of your dreams. Whether youre a homeowner who wants to completely revamp his/her home or a professional designer, this app is for both of you.

Live Home 3D Pro offers advanced design tools so that you can view absolutely all the details of your project. The app features a rich Object Library with thousands of 3D objects, including many pieces of furniture.

In-app purchases are also available. For example, you can purchase over 150 additional plans and more than 600 additional materials to make sure that the end results looks exactly like the digital design.

Here are some key features of the app:

2D floor plans and real-time 3D rendering are supported

There is no limit as to the number of stories that you can design

You can use photos to create custom materials so that you can fully personalize the design

You can automatically adjust natural light by setting the time and geographic location

You can export the design of your house to 3DS, FBX, OBJ, Collada, VRML, and X3D formats.

Live Home 3D Pro receives regular updates that add new features to the table and improve the apps stability and performance.

Download now Live Home 3D Profrom the Microsoft Store

3D Architect Home Designer Pro is a home architect software made for professionals and construction companies. The application is optimized for first-time users, so even if you dont have much experience with this kind of software you should be able to handle 3D Architect Home Designer Pro.

The tool allows you to create 2D floor plans, but you can easily convert them to 3D models for better view. The application also offers landscaping tools so you can also add various paths, ponds or change height levels. Speaking of ground editing, the application also has a terrain brush that allows you to edit landscape easily.

In order to help you create your designs faster, the application has a library that offers thousands of furnishing objects and textures. Speaking of which, the application also supports realistic 3D textures. Its also worth mentioning that you can import objects right fromSketchUp3D Warehouse app.

The application also has 3D walkthrough function so you can view your newly designed home from first person. Theres also support for in-line measurements so you can directly modify the desired elements. The application works with Google Maps, and theres also an advanced component editor.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro also allows you to choose between night and day in order to simulate lighting effects. If needed, you can also choose between various 3D rendering options such as 3D texture overlay.

The application also has plan mode assistant that can produce detailed drawings. Speaking of drawing, you can choose between multiple wall thickness levels and theres also an ability to scan and import existing drawings to your plan. The application also supports layering so you can easily add wall hatchings.

You can choose between wide range of windows and doors, and theres even support for bi-folding models. Its worth mentioning that there are advanced wall junction options and you can also easily join multiple roof constructions if needed.

Using this tool you can easily see room height line as well as advanced wall outline. If needed, you can also modify wall levels at different height and add different textures to different parts of the wall.

The application also supports real-time rendering and it also has a large database of construction elements. Of course, the application supports both metric and imperial measurements and you can easily import and export DXF and DWG files.

3D Architect Home Designer Pro is a great application that can help you design your home. The application offers a wide array of features, so its perfect for professionals. Unfortunately, this tool isnt available for a free trial, but you can purchase it for 300.00.

Another useful 3D home architect software is 3D Home Design. The application uses tabbed interface so you can easily work with multiple projects simultaneously. All objects are divided into four different categories and you can easily select them and add them to your project. In addition to standard elements such as walls, doors and windows, you can also add various furniture to your projects. All objects are neatly sorted in the library so you wont have any problems finding the desired objects.

Using this application you can easily create your own floor plan and customize settings for each room. If needed, you can also add labels to rooms in order to differentiate them easily. In addition, you can also create landscape and edit it the way you want. The application also supports 3D view so you can see changes on your project in real-time, but unfortunately we werent able to test this option.

3D Home Design is a solid application, but it comes with outdated interface that might turn away some users. It seems that this application isnt developed anymore, so it lacks some features that modern applications have. Despite some flaws, this is still a solid application so you might want to try it out.

If youre looking for a powerful architect software, you might want to consider Architect 3D Ultimate. This application supports photorealistic rendering and it also allows you to view your home in 3D. Using this tool you can create your own 3D objects and add them to your projects. Its worth mentioning that this application supports up to 20 floors, so you can easily create large-scale projects.

Using this tool you can design your own home and garden, and with simple to use interface the application will be perfect for beginners. The application is compatible with all modern versions of Windows, and it even works with 3D design tools such asAutoCadand 3D Studio Max.

The application has a 3D furniture database and you can easily choose between 3500 different objects. If needed, you can also insert your own images for more realistic rendering. Theres also a Global Sun Positioning tool that you can use to see how your home will look in different lighting conditions. In addition, theres a graphic editor for doors, windows, ceilings, trims and mantels. The application also has home automation tools, security system and fireplace wizard. In addition to all these features, theres also a swimming pool tool available.

Using this application you can view the structure of your home which is perfect if you want to see plans for plumbing, heating, ventilation or electricity. You can also have a tour of your home and view your project in both 3D and 2D view.

The application also has a built-in estimation tool that will calculate the cost of your project. Using this application you can also import DXF, DWG, Sketch Up or 3DS files. If needed, you can also convert 2D objects to 3D and edit them the way you want.

Architect 3D Ultimate is a great application, and its perfect if you want to design your home in 3D. There are several versions of this tool available, and if the Ultimate version is too expensive for you, you might want to consider purchasing a different version. Keep in mind that other versions lack certain features, so be sure to check the list of available features before the purchase.

If youre looking for a free 3D home architect software, you might be interested in Sweet Home 3D. The application allows you to design your home from scratch, and you can easily draw straight, round or sloping walls. Of course, you can also add doors and windows as well as various furniture. The furniture is divided into different categories so you can easily find the desired objects.

All objects support customization and you can easily change color, texture, size, thickness, location and orientation of walls, floors and furniture. You can design your home in 2D, but you can always view it in 3D mode from an aerial point of view. If needed, you can also use the 3D first person view.

The application supports annotations so you can easily add the necessary information such as room names, dimensions and arrows. If needed, you can also change the lighting settings in order to see how your home looks like during a specific time of the day.

The application supports file import and you can import blueprints, 3D models and textures to your projects. If needed, you can export your projects asPDF, but you can also save them as bitmap or vector graphics. You can also create videos and 3D files from your projects. Its worth mentioning that this application supports a wide array of plug-ins, so you can easily enhance it with new features.

Sweet Home 3D is a free application and it runs on almost all desktop platforms. Theres also a web version available that will run in any browser that supportsJava. The free version has about 95 pieces of furniture and 26 textures, which should be enough for basic users. Theres also a paid version that has about 1205 pieces of furniture and 418 textures to choose from.

Another professional application that allows you to design your home in 3D is Chief Architect. Using this tool you can easily create building plans and view them in 3D. The application offers both automatic and manual building tools and you can create variety of roof styles.

This application has a wide range of smart design objects, and you can easily create various styles, shapes and sizes. Chief Architect software partners with real manufacturers so most objects are a realistically rendered after real models.

We also have to mention that this tool is optimized for kitchen, bath and interior design, so you can design your rooms with high amount of detail. Of course, you can create walls using this application and see a 3D model that you can easily edit. As for designing, you can design your home in both 2D and 3D.

We also have to mention that this tool supports several rendering styles including realistic and artistic. The application also has a 3D Library so you can easily add objects to your projects.

Chief Architect also supports 3D rendering and theres 360 rendering as well as support forvirtual tours. If needed, you can also create construction drawings right from this tool.

The application has a powerful CAD software engine so you can easily draw lines, polylines, splines, arcs and solids and create various objects. Theres also a CAD-to-Walls tool available that allows you to import AutoCAD files. In addition, you can also import DWG, DXF and PDF files.

Using this application you can easily create construction drawings and all your drawings will update automatically as your design changes. The application also has terrain modeling tools so you can easily add roads, sidewalks, hills, and valleys. There are also about 4000 plants available that you can add to your projects.

Chief Architect is a professional tool and it offers a wide array of features. The Premier version is available for a trial, but you can also rent it on monthly basis or make a one-time purchase. As we already mentioned, this is a professional application and due to its high price its suitable only for professional users or construction companies.

Cedar Architect is a web application that allows you to design your own home in 3D. The application is perfect if youre into construction business or if youre looking to make some improvements and renovations for your home. Cedar Architect allows you to design your interior as well as exterior. Using this tool you can easily create landscape or 3D garden designs. If needed, you can also create 3D roofs and decks.

The application allows you to easily import your floor plan and trace it. As for customization, you can customize wall thickness or perform automatic area calculation. If needed, you can also add labels, change dimensions or add doors, windows and other objects. This application is rather simple to use and you can design your home even if youre not familiar with 3D modeling at all.

Cedar Architect also supports interior decoration so you can easily add furniture and customize surfaces. Speaking of furniture, all models and textures are regularly updated so you can customize your home anyway you want. In addition, you can also use this application to preview changes in your home before remodeling.

Cedar Architect is a decent web application and its perfect if you want to design or remodel your home. You can try this web application for free, and since it will work on any platform or browser theres no reason not to try it.

Another web app that can help you design your home in 3D is Homebyme. Using this web app you can easily design your home in 2D environment and view it in 3D once youre done. The application has a wide array of branded furniture that you can add with a single click. Thanks to this feature you can see how your home will look like with authentic furniture.

After you create your own floor plan, you can switch to 3D environment and add doors and windows to your home. In addition to furniture, you can also customize the design of your floor and walls.

Homebyme is a simple web application that allows you to design your 3D home with ease. Since this is a web app, it will work without any issues on any platform. The service is available for a free trial, but if you want to continue using it, youll need to pay a fee.

Another useful web application that can help you design your home isPlanner 5D. Using this tool you can easily design your new home in both 2D or 3D. The tool is simple to use, and you can create your home plan without any experience with 3D modeling.

Using this tool you can design houses, flats, or any other type of building. The application is simple to use, and you can create your home simply by dragging and dropping the desired elements. Of course, you can select any room at any time and resize it or change its shape.

You can also easily change the floor tile or color of the walls of any room with just few clicks. Other construction elements are also available and you can easily add windows, archs, doors, stairs, etc.

The application also supports a wide array of furniture, electrical appliances and miscellaneous objects that you can add to your home. Of course, you can easily change the color of any object that you add to your home. The application also supports some exterior objects that you can add in order to decorate your yard.

Planner 5D is a solid web application, and in addition to web version theres also aniOSAndroidandUniversal appavailable. This application has its limitations, and if you want to get more than 3000 interior objects or support for HD snapshots you might want to consider purchasing an appropriate package. The application offers great user interface and solid features in the free version, so theres no reason not to try it.

If you want to create 3D models and design your new home in 3D, you might want to consider SketchUp. The software is relatively simple to use, so even if you dont have much experience with 3D modeling youll be able to learn the basics with ease. To create a model you need to draw lines and shapes and then convert them into 3D form.

Its worth mentioning that this application allows you to convert your 2D plan into a 3D model. Before converting the drawing to 3D, you can make the necessary adjustments and ensure that your drawing is in order before conversion. Its also worth mentioning that you can easily export your model to PDF, image or CAD file.

One of the strongest aspects of SketchUp is its community, and you can find thousands of different models in online 3D Warehouse. This feature is available to all users, and you can create your own models and save them to 3D Warehouse or download models made by other users.

Its also worth mentioning that this tool supports a wide array of extensions, so you can easily enhance the functionality of this tool. SketchUp is a great modeling tool, but unlike previous entries on our list, its not a home architect software. As a result, SketchUp is missing some features that other 3D home architect tools have. Nevertheless, this is a solid tool for 3D modeling, and if youre into 3D modeling and architecture, this application will be perfect for you.

Another 3D home architect software that you might find useful is Plan3D. This application is rather straightforward and you can design your home from scratch with ease. Using this application you can easily create rooms in a matter of seconds. In addition to designing your home from scratch, you can also remodel it. The application supports decorations so you can add various furniture or flooring to your home.

Plan3D is simple to use, and you can draw walls with ease and add objects simply by dragging and dropping your elements. In addition to interior design, the application also allows you to create your own landscape. If you already have your plans, you can easily convert them to a 3D model. To do that, you just need to trace your floor plan and switch to 3D mode to see how your home will look like.

The application also has a wide range of tiles and textures to choose from and you can add them to walls or floors. Speaking of textures, the application has thousands of textures available, but you can also add your own textures. Plan3D supports multiple floors and you can create objects up to ten stories high.

The application also supports various types of roofs, and you can also add dormers and skylights. Plan3D is a solid application, and our only complaint might be the slightly outdated interface. As for availability, you can download the trial version for free, but keep in mind that this version doesnt support saving. To unlock the saving feature, you need to pay a monthly subscription. In addition, you can also make a one time purchase and obtain a lifetime license.

If you want to design your home in 3D, you should consider DreamPlan Home Design. The application allows you to create the floor plan of your house with ease, and you can set custom colors, textures and add furniture. In addition to interior design, the application also allows you to create your own landscape and garden.

The application allows you to switch easily between 2D, 3D and blueprint view. In addition, you can easily design floor plans for your home even if youre not familiar with 3D modeling. DreamPlan Home Design uses tabbed interface and all available elements are sorted into different tabs. After you select the desired object, you can easily customize it before adding it to your home. For example, you can change the size of a specific object, its color, and certain elements such as floors and ceilings allow you to change their texture.

In addition, you can add various furniture and modify your landscape. Speaking of landscape, you can plant trees and gardens or create your own swimming pool. If needed, you can also download additional models and textures right from the application. Its worth mentioning that this application supports tracing so you can easily add your own floor plan and convert it to 3D model.

DreamPlan Home Design is simple to use, and thanks to the friendly user interface even the basic users will be able to design their home. You can download this application for free and use it for home and non-commercial use. If you plan to use this app for commercial projects, youll need to obtain a license.

Another great application that can help you design your own home in 3D is Home Designer. The application comes with enhanced render features and it supports Ambient Occlusion, Bloom, Normal Maps and Bump Maps. Its worth mentioning that this tool can render 360-degree panoramas and images. If needed, you can also embed these renders on your website and share them with others.

The application allows you to attach outlets and switches to the cabinet boxes, soffits and panels. If you decide to move the cabinet, all outlets and switches assigned to it will move along with it. The application also allows you to control the overhang distance of countertops for your cabinets. If needed, you can also add various comments and notes for all available objects.

Home Designer supports both L-shaped and U-shaped stairs and you can add them with ease. The stairs will connect to the walls automatically so you can add them in a matter of seconds. In addition to stairs, you can also add different railings to them. The application supports different styles of railings so youll be able to find the perfect style for your home.

As for room creation, you can assign different names to your rooms allowing you to differentiate them easily. In addition, you can also create rooms that have lower ceiling. Unlike previous entries on our list, this one is optimized for touchscreens and you can easily zoom, pan or rotate using gestures.

Home Designer is a great application, and there are several versions available to choose from. Each version offers different features, so be sure to check the list of features before choosing your version. Unfortunately, the application isnt available for a free trial and the only way to test it is to purchase it or rent it.

If you need a 3D home architect software, you might be interested in Personal Architect. The application comes with powerful building wizards so you can easily design your virtual home and share it with others. Unlike many other applications on our list, this one fully supports virtual reality so you can see how your model looks like in first person view.

The application allows you to edit objects in both 2D or 3D environment depending on which one is more comfortable for you. As for 3D editing, it fully works with objects such as walls, roofs, stairs, etc. In order to speed up the design process, the application will automatically update both ceilings and floors as you edit your walls.

Personal Architect offers a wide array of objects and you can easily add authentic objects to your projects. Of course, you can search the object library by style and name and find the desired object in a matter of seconds. In order to better organize your objects, you can create groups of elements and edit multiple elements simultaneously.

The application also allows you to draw walls, and there are different wall types to choose from. Of course, you can easily adjust the thickness of your walls. In addition, you can view cavity walls and automatically trim corners. Besides walls, you can also draw and edit your foundations. The application allows you to create different types of floors and you can apply various textures. If needed, you can also create sloped floors.

Personal Architect also supports wide range of doors and windows, so youll find the perfect model for your home. Each window or door is customizable and you can easily adjust its parameters. Theres also support for various stair types and you can choose between 22 different stair layouts.

We also have to mention that you can add all the necessary appliances using this app and theres even a wiring schematic tool available. In addition to electrical tools, you can also add all the necessary plumbing with this app.

The application has a powerful materials editor so you can import your own materials as images. Personal Architect also offers landscape design so you can easily design your garden and add various plants, exterior furniture and accessories. The application supports basic terrain modeling so you can create slopes, hills, etc.

Of course, you can also create plot plans with precise measurements using this tool which is another rather useful option. Speaking of plans, you can also import your floor plan as an image, trace it and convert it to a 3D model.

After you design your home, you can create a video tour or render it as a photorealistic image. If needed, you can also change the lighting effects and simulate different time of the day or different season.

Personal Architect is a great application and it offers an abundance of features to its users. The application is simple to use, so its suitable for both advanced and basic users alike. Unfortunately, the app isnt available for a free trial, and the only way to try this application is to purchase a license.

This is another powerful application that allows you to design your home in 3D. Using this application you can design your home from scratch, but you can also customize your interior design. For example, you can change paint or fabric of any object and preview changes in 3D. Theres also an object library that has hundreds of objects to choose from. Speaking of objects, you can add various furniture as well as large or small appliances.

Using this tool you can create photorealistic pictures and even take a tour of your virtual home. As for remodeling, you can easily change the surface or texture of most objects. If needed, you can also scan your own textures and materials and import them to the application. Virtual Architect also has a powerful kitchen builder wizard so you can easily remodel your kitchen. Speaking of which, the application offers various cabinets that you can add to any room in your home.

Using this tool you can easily draw both interior and exterior walls and add various types of doors and windows. The application can also simulate virtual lighting so you can see how your home will look like at different time of the day. Virtual Architect also offers electrical planning so you can add outlets and switches with ease. In addition to electrical planning, theres also support for HVAC and plumbing.

Using this tool you can also design landscape and modify the terrain. You can even create your own garden and see how your plants will look like during different seasons. Speaking of plants, theres a built-in encyclopedia that has more than 7500 entries. Using this app you can also add fences, gates, sidewalks, pathways, and driveways. You can also add lighting and irrigation as well as various outdoor objects.

The tool also has a home builder wizard so you can easily create a floor plan. Speaking of which, thanks to the built-in tool you can easily see the precise dimensions of your room. The application also offers enhanced 3D render mode in form of Presentation Mode. Support for virtual reality is also available allowing you to take a virtual tour in first person mode.

Personal Architect is a powerful application, and its perfect if you want to design your home or remodel it. The application isnt available for a free trial, so if you want to try it out, youll need to purchase it first.

If you need a 3D home architect, you might want to consider this web app. The application has a simple interface so you can easily create rooms by drawing walls. Each wall can be adjusted and you can see its size along with the surface of your room. The application also supports floor plan importing and you can easily import your plan, trace it and convert it to a 3D model.

After you create your walls, you can add other building elements such as doors, windows, wall openings, railing, columns, stairs, etc. Theres a variety of objects to choo

How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan

How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan

Tiny House Design Strategies,Tiny House Plans

How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan

InPart 1of our design series, we covered best tiny house interior design practices. Now, in this article, How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan, we cover the steps to crafting a detailed and beautiful custom floor plan.

Creating your tiny house floor plan by hand can be a really rewarding and creative process. After all, this is the stage when you get to transform all your wishes and dreams into a visual depiction of your dream tiny house. Lets go over the steps youll need to take when creating a tiny house interior that really hits the mark.

If youre totally new to architectural design, we highly recommend that you first create whats called a bubble diagram to visually represent each room and area of your dream tiny house. Take the list you created from the previous design article (clickhereto read it) andorganize the items so they get grouped together. For example, our list grouped the home office and dining table together since we knew we would use the same desks for both of these functions. Our TV lounge and guest room were also coupled in order to save serious space.

Next, draw a circle around each of these collections and cut them out. Start playing around with their location in relationship with each other. Do you want your kitchen next to your bathroom? If so, put both circles at one end and then work your other items such as sleeping, dining, entertainment around them.Do your best to really visualize yourself walking through each proposed scenario and focus on making the flow as efficient and comfortable as possible. Are you able to easily move from area to area? Are you able to incorporate all the items you wrote on your wish-list into your tiny house interior? Would the flow improve if you moved the dining room to where the living room is? Once you feel comfortable with the overall layout of what area will go where, youre ready to convert some of these findings into answering the question of what size is best for you.

In order to move forward with creating atiny house floor plan design, youll need to have a set of dimensions to begin with. Of course this can change so were not proposing a life long commitment to these dimensions here, but this is the time to choose a dimension and explore the implications. Keep in mind that larger tiny houses cost more to build, are harder to tow, and require larger vehicles to pull them. Bigger is most certainly not better in a tiny house so we recommend it be designed to meet the needs of its inhabitants but in the smallest square footage possible.

Extract the information from your bubble diagram and wish list and do your best to determine how much space each of these areas will consume. Do you want a kitchen with full sized appliances or something that takes up as little space as possible? Research the dimensions of each item you want to incorporate into your tiny house. Go online to sites that list the exact dimensions and weights of every product they sell (such as HomeDepot, Ikea, etc).

With our hOMe floor plan design, before we really sat down to designit, we collected information on the dimensions and weights of all our dream appliances, cabinetry units, furniture pieces, HVAC systems, bathroom components, etc. If youre not 100% sure of which components youll incorporate, get a sense of the general dimensions of the items youre likely to build into your tiny house floor plan and thencross reference the dimensions of your items with the space available in your tiny house floor plan.

Floor plans provide a visual representation of a house interior from a birds eye vantage point and should always be drawn to scale (proportionally accurate). The easiest way to produce a house interior design floor plan to scale is by using an architectural scale (a specialized ruler). The most commonly used scale dimension in American architecture is 1/4 = 1, meaning that every 1/4 on a line represents 1 in the real world. Whatever scale you draw your tiny house floor plan to, be sure to note it down so that you use the same one during future edits. A high quality mechanical pencil is also recommended for creating a clean floor plan.

An architectural scale is an indispensable tool, providing the most common measurement scales in the drafting industry.

• Begin by drawing your exterior walls in your tiny house floor plan design. Use your architectural scale and pencil, making very light lines that can easily be erased as needed. Remember that if you want to tow your tiny house on wheels without any special-use permits (wide-load), youll be restricted to a total exterior width of 8 6 at the widest point in most states. Any gutters, exterior lights, roof overhangsdocount in this measurement.

One often missed detail when drawing exterior walls is the thickness of the wall system itself. Most people frame their tiny houses using 2x 4 material. On top of this they add exterior sheathing (1/2 average), exterior siding (3/4 average), and interior wall finish (1/2 average). This creates a wall system 5 1/4 thick.If you dont factor these dimensions into your tiny house on wheels design, youll most likely exceed the 86 maximum road width highway standard which will require a wide load permit during transit.

Another frequently missed detail isthe trailer wheel wells. If you have a custom trailer that maximizes the width of your house,other than a trailer deck that sits completely atop the wheel wells, your wells will protrude into your tiny house to some extent (how much depends on if you plan on using a drop axle or regular axle trailer). Having some information on hand as to what type of trailer you will use is helpful. Typically, if you plan on building a tiny house 28 or longer, you should look at a triple axle trailer. From 18-26, two axles and from 16 and below, a single axle.

The more axles you have, the more of your interior will have wheel wells inside competing for space. Bear in mind as you layout our furniture, lower cabinets, stairs, and door that youll need to factor in the location of these wheel wells. Wondering how to roughly calculate where your wheel wells will land? Our friends , who have manufactured dozens of hOMe tiny house trailers, shared this invaluable tip:

We have a few different formulas to determine the location of the wheels wells. For a 28 tiny house for example, take the deck length of 28, divide it in half (= 14) then add 1 inch for every foot of total deck length (14 + 28 = 16-4). A triple axle is approximately 9 long, so the front of the fender is approximately 11-1o back from the tongue end, and ends at approximately 20-10 from the trailer front.

We can modify the location of the fenders to suit any build, but that is the approximate default location, assuming there arent unusually heavy items that need to be placed in the tiny house.

• Next, draw out your interior partition walls, again adjusting for the thickness of whatever material you will use. In hOMe we used 3/4 plywood to create partitions and this worked out really well for us. Our original intent was to frame with 2 x 4 material but an error in our design process prohibited us from installing a bathroom wall quite that thick. Weve had no regrets in using a thinner partition wall to our bathroom and it even provides a significant amount of sound buffering.

• If you plan on building stairs to a loft, we recommend you incorporate them into your design at this stage since they can take up significant space in a floor plan. Make sure your stair design is comfortable for day to day use (not too steep) and that it incorporates storage below. The specifics of your stair layout will depend not only on whats comfortable, but also on what code youre building to. Be sure to review the details in the ANSI code (if building to RV standards) or the recently approved2018 IRC Appendix V(if you plan to build to official house standards).

There are many details to consider when building a code compliant stairway. For example, youll need to consider the stairway width, treads and risers design, headroom requirements, landing platforms, handrails, and stairway guards all of which are addressed in Appendix V. At a bare minimum, be sure to address the treads and risers of the stairway with the following details (from Appendix V)to make sure they meet code. The formula is usedin both IRC Appendix V and ANSI standards.

Risers for stairs accessing a loft shall be not less than 7 inches (178 mm) and not more than 12 inches (305 mm) in height.

Tread depth and riser height shall be calculated in accordance with one of the following formulas:

1. The tread depth shall be 20 inches (508 mm) minus 4/3 of the riser height, or

2. The riser height shall be 15 inches (381 mm) minus 3/4 of the tread depth.

• Doors and windows are next in a house interior design process. Make sure to erase your wall lines as necessary to create a gap for your door and window openings. Get a sense of what type door(s)/window(s) you want to install and find their dimensions ahead of time. Keep in mind that doors and windows have whats called a rough-opening dimension. This is the size of the actual opening in the framingyoull need to create to accommodate the unit. The conventional representation for a door in a floor plan is a quarter circle emanating from the direction of the door opening (refer to the hOMe floor plan below for drawing conventions). To draw your windows, use the same principles as those outlined above for doors. The one major difference, is that youll need to consider the height at which the windows are installed, even though that wont show on the floor plan. Keep the elevation view (the two-dimensional view of the house represented as perpendicular to the wall itself) in the back of your mind to make sure everything will line up properly in the overall design.

• Next in a tiny house floor plan design are the cabinets and appliances. By now, you can see the importance of knowing what appliances and cabinets you want to use. In our hOMe design, we had to work and rework our floor plan several times to make room for all the cabinetry we wanted. And just when we thought we had figured it out perfectly, we realized we had forgotten to add a refrigerator!

You can simplify this process by creating scaled paper cut-outs of each appliance, cabinet and piece of furniture you want to incorporate. Move them around like puzzle pieces until you figure out a configuration that accommodates each component.

• Once you feel confident that your downstairs looks the way you want it to, go over the exterior wall lines with a pen. We do recommend that you keep your house interior design details in pencil so that you can easily make changes as needed.

• If you plan on incorporating lofts in your tiny house floor plan design, go ahead and place a second piece of paper atop the original first floor drawing and transfer the exterior dimensions onto the new sheet. Just dont copy the window details to the loft floor plan drawing since youll want to incorporate the second level window placement in your floor plan, rather than the downstairs ones.

• Youll need to budget space for electrical and mechanical systems in your tiny house interior design. In order to do so, youll need to have an idea of what systems and units youll use. For example, will you use a tanked or tankless hot water system? Will you heat your place with a wall panel unit or something that sits on the ground? What clearance requirements will your heater need in order to meet safety standards? Where will your electrical panel go and will you need any water filtration systems? These little things can take up significant space in a tiny house so make sure to research these components extensively before finalizing anything. Create a light switch and light fixture plan once you feel pretty solid on the rest of your details. One thing to consider with utility placement is the use of exterior space. For example, perhaps you can install those items in a locked cabinet that attaches to the front or back of the home, such that it wont impact the road restriction width.

Give yourself some time off between design renditions if possible (at least a couple of days). Its easy to become so focused on the details that the larger picture becomes blurry. Conversely, its easy to become so attentive to the larger details, that smaller ones are missed (like our missing fridge in one of our designs!).

Your tiny house floor plan design will serve as the foundation for your entire tiny house interior design so the time you invest into this process will reward you with a reduction in headaches and questions down the line. Once its all done, if you want, you can hire someone to turn it into digital form or do it yourself with some of the software thats out there. Take your time with this process and remember that the more detailed information you have before going into creating your interior design floor plan, the easier time youll have in creating your floor plan.

The digitized version of our hOMe tiny house

Gabriella has had a fascination and interest in housing and how we occupy space for most of her life. A global traveler, she has lived in all types of housing from an oceanside mansion in Rio De Janeiro, to an 80 sqft historic log cabin with no running water, plumbing and electricity in the Colorado mountains. Gabriella is happiest and most at peace when living in a tiny space in close contact with her family and nature.

Are Composting Toilets Legal in Tiny Houses?

Learn More About Tiny Houses in Montego Bay Jamaica

How To Create Your Own Tiny House Floor Plan

Great read! I wish I had read this a few years ago when I began designing mine. Very much inspired by your hOMe project, I released my Sketch-up design on my blog at the end of 2015 and have just recently received the engineered plans from my architect. Hope to begin building this year. 🙂

Email (will not be published)(required)

Getting Started Making Your Own Clothes

From time to time I get e-mails from readers who are interested in learning how to make their own clothing. Those who get in touch are usually looking for a starting place or advice on which sewing machine they should buy. Since TaylorTailor is three years old this month, I thought I would try to share my thoughts on the topic. This is mainly intended for those who have never sewn anything before and is in no way comprehensive. You might be disappointed if you are looking for technical advice or a step-by-step guide; buy this model of sewing machine, buy this special book, turn to page 9, and BOOM, you will have a pair of jeans. Instead, what follows are basically the steps I went through to get started. Hopefully it is helpful to others who might be thinking about learning how to sew.

I am in no way an expert, or have any formal training with pattern making or sewing. While I do have an amazingly helpful mentor/teacher here in Nashville, Ive learned quite a bit on my own as well as from other blogs and websites. I may not do things the way a professional pattern maker or commercial sewing factory would do them, but I do what works for me with the knowledge and equipment I have on hand.

My first bit of advice is that you CAN do this. Dont let lack of knowledge stop you from trying something new. I had no idea what a bobbin is or what seam allowances are when I started. With that said, making a piece of clothing that looks like it came from a store, that you are proud to wear in public, is hard work. Dont expect to complete a shirt in a Saturday afternoon or quickly throw together a pair of jeans. This stuff takes time, lots of it, especially if youve never sewn before. I dont mean that last part as discouragement. If your expectations are aligned properly going in, you wont be disappointed when youve spent several weeks on the same project and it still isnt finished. Take your time, learn as you go, and enjoy the process however long it may be.

1. First, decide what types of garments/accessories you want to make, and try to gauge how committed you are going to be to learning something new. This will have an effect on how much you budget for your first sewing machine and which type of machine you decide to buy.

2. Get a sewing machine. Choosing the right machine really comes down to budget, personal preferences, and in some cases, the types of things you want to make. Here arethe machines I use.I cant make a specific recommendation for a machine that will work for every beginner, especially if Ive never used it myself. Sewing machines generally fall into two categories, those made for domestic or household use, and industrial sewing machines.

Pros of household/domestic sewing machines: portable, take up little space, most can do a variety of stitch types, they are versatile.

Cons of household/domestic sewing machines: lack power and speed, not ideal for really heavy materials, they can be less durable, although Im sure a good household machine that is properly cared for can last quite a few years.

Pros of industrial sewing machines: powerful, retain power even at low speeds, ability to sew very fast, heavy duty (note: this doesnt mean that they can all sew heavy duty materials. Depending on the machine, they can be set up for light or heavy work), made to do one task (such as a straight lockstitch) and do it really well.

Cons of industrial sewing machines: uni-taskers generally they can only do one type of stitch, need different machines to do different types of stitches (straight, zig zag, bar tack, etc.) not portable, weigh a lot, need dedicated place to put them.

Ive never had any problems with my industrial machine. The thing just works, and it works every time I turn it on. No fuss, no babying it, no mechanical issues. All other things being equal, if you have the space and the budget (a simple industrial can be cheaper than a complicated domestic) I would recommend an industrial sewing machine. Again, this is a personal preference, and after researching machines you might come to a different conclusion.

3. Learn how to use your machine. If you dont have a friend or relative to show you the basics, I would suggest checking out a local fabric/sewing supply store. If they dont offer classes for beginners, they are likely to know someone who offers private lessons who can get you started. Once you know a few basic things like how to adjust the thread tension, how to wind a bobbin, how to back tack, and how to change a needle, you are ready to start with your first project.

4. Keep it simple for your first couple of projects. I wanted to start with a three piece suit when I first got interested in sewing. My wife talked me down and convinced me to start with anapron. Im glad she did. Ive been sewing for three years and Im still not ready to tackle something like a mens suit. There are lots of commercial patterns available for beginners. With these simple projects you will develop your sewing skills, continue to learn the quirks of your machine, and get a feel for what you like and dont like to sew.

5. After suffering though a few aprons or pairs of pajamas, choose a project that is a little more complicated, something that might eventually turn into a piece of clothing you wear in public. For me, this was a pair ofjeans. You might find a commercial pattern for this project, or you might want to make your own pattern. Besides having a genuine interest in learning how to design and make my own patterns, I also decided to do so out of necessity. The commercial pattern business really seems to focus a lot more on womens clothing, which makes sense given that most of their customers are women. But, for a guy who is interested in making his own clothes this left me with few options for patterns, and Im extremely picky in terms of fit and style. The book I use to make patterns can be foundhere.

6. Once youve decided on a project and have a pattern in hand, make a test garment, or two, or three. For every new pattern I draft, I make at least two or three test garments out of cheap practice muslin before cutting into nice fabric. With each test garment, I make adjustments to the pattern and modify the fit as needed. There is no sense in ruining a nice piece of fabric with a pattern that doesnt fit the way you want it to.

As far as learning construction techniques goes, there are TONS of sewing books on the market. Here are the two that I use the most often for shirts and pants: David Coffin-Shirtmaking, David Coffin-Making Trousers for Men and Women.Another great way to learn construction techniques and some pattern making is to inspect store bought clothing. You can learn a lot by turning clothes inside out and inspecting seams, pockets, etc. Then there is good old fashion experience. The more you sew, the more you learn, the more the construction part will become intuitive.

Here are the tools I use the most often:

Iron/Ironing board- If you are just starting out, the iron/ironing board you currently have is probably fine. At some point though, you will want to invest in a decent quality iron and a nice ironing board. For many projects, you will spend more time pressing than at your sewing machine.

Chalk wheels(s)- For marking positions on fabric.

Seam ripper- This will be your best friend when you make a mistake.

Point turner- Not always essential, but can be helpful turning various kinds of points.

Rulers/curves- For pattern drafting and measuring during construction.

Tracing paper- For pattern drafting and modification.

Pattern weights- I like to use large round washers.

Rotary cutter and cutting mat- When used with pattern weights, the best way to cut fabric in my opinion.

Shears/scissors- for trimming seam allowances and other cuts, have a pair for fabric only, no paper, cardboard, or other materials which dull the blades quicker.

Flexible tape measure- Great for making fit adjustments.

Pins- To temporarily hold fabric pieces together before sewing. Pins tend to distort fabric, so use them sparingly and only when absolutely necessary.

With the beginning of a new year approaching, this might be the perfect time to start a new hobby and learn how to make your own clothing. As always, feel freeto get in touchif I can help in any way.

Canada_Steve December 31, 2012 @11:35 am

When I first became interested in denim I soon discovered that there was only limited resources online for building something that Id actually wear. I found that between your site and Peters sew along ( I found exactly what I needed to get me started in the right direction.

A year and a half later I now have my own straight leg pattern for selvedge denim that I created in CAD (Im a mechanical designer by trade). It can be scaled to different sizes with a single click & seam allowances automatically added after the fact so they go out of proportion. I sourced a used heavy duty vinyl plotter/cutter thats used to cut a new pattern from kraft paper at a moments notice. This is soooooooo much better than taping 8.511 sheets together!

For those that might be interested in the extreme world of raw denim theres the superdenim forum on It contains a wealth of knowledge relating to raw denim and some of the worlds most knowledgeable denim heads. Theres even a home-made jeans thread which seems to be gaining some momentum 🙂

Im still learning with every pair of jeans I build, but if there is anything that I can do to help your efforts please let me know 🙂 Thanks for getting me started & keep up the great work!

Taylor December 31, 2012 @12:06 pm

Thanks Steve! Im definitely jealous of your CAD set up. I would love to work on my patterns electronically, but Im not quite sure about the best software to use and if I could find a way to import my existing patterns into the software. Something Ill explore when I have the time.

Scooter January 6, 2013 @8:31 pm

Great little intro. Heres hoping more people take on the challenge of engineering themselves good-fitting clothes that suit them!

To add to the comments about sewing machines, an old domestic machine, old enough to be metal-bodied, can be a great compromise between an industrial and a domestic machine for a brand-new sewist. Theyre generally a bit more versatile than an industrial and easier to drive, but usually have plenty of power and are more or less bombproof, unlike newer domestics. Singer, Pfaff, Necchi, White, and Monkey Wards all made some great machines in the first half of the 20th century.

Theyre easy to find for less than a couple hundred bucks, so they make a nice entry to allow you to explore your interests and hopefully figure out what direction you want to go with your sewing.

I very accidentally lucked into this approach when I started sewing, and though I now have (ahem) five machines, including two juki industrials, I still frequently use my 60-pound pfaff from 1953. It purrs like a kitten, will handle anything from chiffon to five layers of midweight denim, and is absolutely reliable, with basic maintenance. Completely worth the fifty bucks and a great way to get started.

Taylor January 7, 2013 @12:21 pm

That is a great point. I have heard lots of good things about the old domestic machines. If I had more space I would probably have one. Without having direct experience though, I didnt want to try and talk about them. I wish they still made metal bodied domestic machines. I like that they are strong and durable, but take up less space than a modern industrial.

Good stuff. Waaaay beyond my capabilities! I recently tried to replace pockets in my denims. It didnt work out so well.

Making clothes just takes some time and practice. You can do it!

Victoria May 5, 2013 @6:26 am

Thanks for this post! I just bought a basic book yesterday but no tools yet! Its a daunting hobby to take up but Im really excited! I will bookmark your website!

Thanks for the encouragement. Im going to try make myself a bow tie. Ill let you know how it goes. eeeeeeek

Kushla September 2, 2013 @7:17 am

Ive heard that many people are learning to sew and I think its something I may just be interested in. As my older sister used to do lessons and my mother and nana are pretty good sewers, we have all the essentials needed. Ive had a quick browse on the Internet and I cant find online lessons or anything like that, just looking for some tips or something relevant. Im 12, in year 7, and Im looking forward to beginning! thank you xo

Taylor September 3, 2013 @5:57 pm

You might want to check out this website: The tutorials look to be very straight forward with great images and explanations.

Rebecca December 1, 2013 @7:33 am

I have just started teaching myself to sew. It came out of the need to have a skirt but not being able to afford one at the store and having to many jeans i dont wear. Making jean skirts are fun. Now i have material and teaching myself to make other things. I bookmarked your site and look forward to making my own cloths.

Amy February 12, 2014 @1:39 am

This is such a wonderful introduction to sewing! I have many people ask me similar questions but often forget what it is like when you are just starting out. This will be a great post to share.

Hi i want to start sewing and eventually start my own clothing line, but 1st things first for a person who would be a beginner. What advice does anyone have for me . Thank you

Salome Bronkhorst December 20, 2014 @6:10 am

I just dont know how to start making a pattern from one of my long pants,

could you please assist, this will be the first time that I will be trying to make a pants, I cant seem to get a pattern of this specific pants, and would like to try and cut my own pattern.

Taylor December 20, 2014 @10:46 am

Simply do a Google search for how to copy a pattern from a piece of clothing and you will see lots of blog posts and instructions.

Colin September 24, 2015 @8:43 am

I am looking to start making my own clothes, but eventually want to make my own 3 piece suits. Do you think that is achievable as a hobby?

Taylor September 24, 2015 @9:16 am

With lots of practice, patience, and study, I do think it is possible. My goal is to also make some suits at some point.

Ravel September 25, 2015 @3:24 pm

Hi, I just got a White (Model 88). I hope it is good for making shirts, sweaters, maybe some pants. I am just starting and hoping I wont have to buy another machine.

Joel October 19, 2015 @7:53 pm

Hello! Im looking foward in making my own clothing line,  I been really needing help finding tailors around my area, or a tailor period to help me make my designs to live.

Mark Pyles April 16, 2016 @5:34 am

I am a novice sewer and have various crafts but not clothing. I wish to learn how to sew a mens button down shirt dress and casual. Are there any beginning patterns available for a novice sewer that arent too complicated? Thank you.

Hannah Bryan April 28, 2016 @8:30 pm

hi, Im Hannah and Im 14 and want to try to make my own clothes, but I dont know how. I could use some tips and hints.

Alex Chukwumka Joseph March 20, 2017 @5:36 pm

Thanks so much for all that you said which has really encouraged me more to go into fashion designing. Please help me out on what site I can get videos on how to cut mens clothes. Thanks

Selam Afework April 2, 2017 @6:36 am

Thank you so much Taylor. This helps a lot for beginners like me where you get on to a lot of confusion on which type of basic stuff you need to get and work with.

Mail (required – will not be published)

I created this blog to document my experience learning how to design and make my own clothes. I am on a mission to create my entire wardrobe from scratch. Its going to take a while.

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Build your own car from scratch

Most of us settle for modding the latest car weve bought. [Steve Graber] took another approach andbuilt his owncar from scratch. [John] sent in this impressive project. The original was built around Toyota MR2 parts andthe bodywas made from fiberglass after the design was hand made from a wooden support frame, foam and drywall mud that was sanded down to create the shape. After that, molds were made from the slug to allow the panels to be cast from fiberglass. [Steve] is actually offering the car up as abuild-it-yourself kit. Personally, Id like the see the price come down a bit the 1,500lb street weight would make a sweet basis for an electric car.

Bonus: If youd doing EVs, bots or R/C toys, you might likethis comparisonof the latest breed of Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries by [Ian Hooper].

I was looking at the battery charger circuit and I saw it had a 7805 which if my memory services right, is a linear voltage regulator. I avoid those now, because they are typically very inefficient. Could one use a switching regulator, like the ones max makes. They seem to an awesome job, and i have tons of them sitting around in my room. You can get tons of them for free if you are like that (which I am).

amazing. fiberglass is sweet, until he hits a bump or something and shatters part of it.

steffen: what 5v regulators are you refering to?

and a bit more on topic, there is another company in indiana that is going to start selling a similar car but more of an indy/f1 racing style soon very similar to this.

i may have to check into that, im living in indy right now! havent heard anything about it yet tho.

But if you want someone else to build it for you and have got a spare Â30K, then take a look at the hand built and designed Javan R1 sports car at

Made from honeycomb aluminimum construction with a 220bhp Honda iVtec engine, it weighs in at 670Kg and does 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds.

Now get rid of that nasty ICE and put in a sweet brushless electric, with some LiFePO Batteries

lol, even if you thick resin and wax fiberglass it still gradually rots. It also deteriorates urethanes and enamels when heated which means shotty paint in a matter of years. Ive seen it happen to professionally done urethane acrylic paint in a matter of 3 years even with routine waxing just under regular sunlight.

I also like the design, but Id use polymers and improve the circuits. Also use solar and a couple deep cycles. LIPO would be like sitting on a corrosive bomb.

I love how every ignores the most low yield energy source in the world: solar.

Theres nowt wrong with fibreglass, with the correct prep itll last a damn sight longer than metal bodies do. There are TVRs knocking about from the early 80s with original body and paint, full fibreglass. With modern epoxies problems are minimised even further. F/glass only rots when left unsealed in humid/wet conditions for long periods, it is, after all, just glass and plastic mixed.

For 25k you get pretty much everything you need, except the engine, tranny, paint, and basically everything else you would need Hell, Id drive a cardboard box around if it could do 12 sec 1/4 miles. why spend so much without even getting an engine?

Like I said: solid polymer for the body, and improve the electrical. Were talking about communications satellites for NASA, just a electric car with a neat looking body, and tuner wheels.

I havent been following the kit car world for years, so I dont have a clue, how this stacks up with whatever else is available to mod into an EV. Im not so sure if fiberglass has all the drawbacks posted here it would be in such wide spread use.

So this is where all the traffic to my website is coming from! Thanks for the mention Hack-A-Day!

If you spend even 5 minutes on my website and get into the diary you will see that I have thousands of photos, and hundreds of diary entries detailing every phase of my build saga covering 5 years. The car was built almost entirely in 1/2 of a 2 car garage using the most basic metalworking tools. I designed and built the frame, suspension, and bodywork myself. One person Solo. It is a big accomplishment if I say so myself. (pats back)

I feel the need to clarify something that seems to pop up often on these types of comment areas about my car, or any handcrafted low production volume automobile for that matter. When you build a single car or even 10 cars from scratch, you do not have the benefit of the economies of scale that come from mass production. Therefore you cant expect the car to cost $5,000.

One only has to realize that even a lightweight car such as La Bala requires a huge number of components and a huge amount of time/effort to build. Every last nut and bolt does cost SOMETHING, and it has to be sourced from somewhere after all! I have a filing cabinet just for receipts. So until you get into it I guess you dont know what it costs. I am here to set that record straight right now.

I would like to point out to Jordan that the reason for offering the car without the engine is that you can choose an engine that you prefer. I know that people have a preferred brand and La Bala is unique in that it has been designed to accept ANY FWD drivetrain in a mid-engine configuration! You like Honda? it fits, Toyota? go for it! GM Ecotec? great choice. Are you starting to see how this works? A crate GM EcotecSS outputting 245HP can be ordered from the GM catalog for $2,500. Bolt it into a La Bala and you have a 1,500Lb mid-engine sportscar that is totally unique (and not too shabby looking IMHO) that will do high-11s in the 1/4, 0-60 in the low 4s or high 3s, stop and turn on a dime and cost less than $30,000! Too expensive? Gimme a break. The Ariel Atom starts at $60,000!

The track version of La Bala that I am offering is different from the street version and is comprised of all-new race car components. It is made from the highest quality materials. And, if you dont want a track car, then the street version (shown above) based on the MKI MR2 can be built for about 1/2 the cost of the track version, but you have to build it yourself using my plans. So get out your angle grinder, band saw and your welder because you really can build your own la Bala!

Have the glass-haters never seen a Corvette?

the indy car one i was talking about is here, they have the prototype done but the website is not updated just yet

Have the glass-haters never seen a Corvette?

Ever seen one of those models after an accident? I have. The engine went threw the taillights. Also try looking at one that is poorly maintained or a daily driver, my previous statements are still going to hold true.

For 25k Id buy a 07 impreza and convert it to electric, or one of the other 07 tuner cars you can get for that: civic si, rx8 etc..

The point is, that this car is less than half the weight of your average car. Things like RX8s, Imprezas, are all around 1400 KG, as opposed to this car at 670 KG. Im not sure if that weight figure includes an engine or not (I believe that figure includes the 4AGE engine). If it doesnt, add an engine and youre still around 800KG which is damn light. That gives it brilliant power-to-weight for a low price. Compare that to the 850KG Lotus Elise or Exige for more like $80,000.

Lots of people are doing it, take a look @ Hartley V8, AWD with 375hp yields 0 to 60 in about 2.0 seconds.. Nice!

coollooks a bit like the body of a Lotus Elise with a Ferrari nose.. or atleast, that was my first imperession.. cool car!

Yeah, a bit like an Elise is something of an understatement. The back end looks like pure Elise, he might have altered the front a bit but it seems a bit of a cheat calling it an original body design. If I wanted a cheap elise clone Id buy a vauxhall vx220 and maybe convert to electric 🙂

If I wanted a cheap elise clone Id buy a vauxhall vx220 and maybe convert to electric

Then you would have a tesla roadster

This is starting to remind me of that old john hancock snl sketch where the grandpa buys a toy wooden boat, whittles on it, and gives it to his son.

I like the concept of home brew cars from the ground up, but a lot of the stuff Im seeing isnt really original. What about active suspensions designs and stuff?

Something tells me you could get just a good if not better designs then this for less than 25k. Thats even using better quality parts too.

I gotta make another comment. I read through the diary part, and most of the other site. Is it me or is there no real details on building this car? I specifically looked for chassis welding and metal grades, but a lot of other stuff is missing too.

Its kind of interesting to read commentary and look at images I guess, but the site really isnt too informative.

I totally agree thekhakinator, but I was most interested in the metal grade and welding he used on the overall frame. Most people here where already capable of designing electrical systems, and suspensions before this entry.

He has a reference section somewhere with the books he used to learn how to do that stuff. Guess he figured it would be superfluous to re-iterate chassis design and welding, but a couple of years ago when I first stumbled onto the site thats all I was interested in too.

Guess he figured it would be superfluous to re-iterate chassis design and welding

On the contrary, thats probably the only complex process in his whole project, and good luck finding a *single source* for that type of chassis fabrication on the net or elsewhere without forking over money.

Fiberglass and polymer body kits like that have been in mail order catalogs for decades, and even high school drop outs are tuning and swapping both carburetor and fuel injected engines now days.

Outside the suspension and chassis design its pure shade tree mechanic material. I guess it takes a person with basic knowledge of automotive engineering to appreciate that aspect, and not be blinded by the aesthetics.

wow, that is one awesome car! low wight and low rideheight = tons of pure fun, mmmmm. 🙂

Sweet speed 🙂 i want one i Want one!

NICE! looks like a overgrown gocart :))

i wanted to ask about that car u have made,

i dont know much about how america works with from scratch cars for on-road legality,

but i wander, if i ever made one of those.

1) do u think it could be made eu/uk road legal?

2) u could put in a huge tank so it travels further

3) if its possible to create a super sound system / carpc in ur creation

4) would it of been cheaper with local parts in the uk, should i of made one , (rather than importing etc)

and. 5)how many MPSs did u get? (+ which fuel?)

And you are right about the cost, I thought I would gat away with it for about 10 000$ and i am up to 15k and it still doesnt run. I am just wondering, I am thinking about fiberglass for the body.

Do yo know if I have to make a mold of the entire car, or can I use something like chicken cage and put the fiberglass on it. I am also wondering if the fiberglass will be solid enough to hold the windshield without breaking it. and then how can I fix the body to the frame the lightest way possible.

OK, let me repeat that Nuzzle my respect company Wanna joke?) How many Microsoft employees does it take to screw in a lightbulb? None. Well just declare darkness the new standard.

Dose someone have the Chassis Plans and parts list for the La Bala so I dont have to pay $99.

Why should I spend $99 to find out about a $25,000 or $30,000 car that I mite buy that has NO crash test ratings or NO road rules or unbiased videos that should be lake this

and that are not all posted buy the maker of the car.

I cant find a 1/4 mi time ether.

There is NO videos of the car doing work compared to others lake

$99 is a lot to throw away for a car that could be vary unsafe or above the 13.00 sec 1/4 mi with it weight.

hmmm not what i had in mind when i googled the search, i was curious if anyone could make a car from scratch, and from scratch for me would be start at mining for the metal, not buying premade parts

I am interested in building my own car. Well actually designing my own car and then having it built. This was not the information that I was origionally expecting when I found this site. But the car is nice. How ever, I was looking more for the technical stuff as in what engine, brakes, transmission, type of suspension, etc.. that was used.

For example: 2.5L DOHC 16-valve 4cylinder, 5speed auto w/paddle shift, 4wheel independant suspension, etc..

I have several ideas for cars, using parts that are already available, with the only exceptions being the body and possibly the frame. I know there are resources available to learn how to design and construct those parts. But finiding them is the problem I have, especially with no $$$$!

I recently found out Toyota is considering recalling all vehicles due to acceleration troubles . My uncle bought a Toyota, should the vehicle be driven before its fixed?

personaly i would drop a B16 with a T4 twin ballbaring turbo ,and add some light weight piston rods and some titanium lifters and valve spring , bigger fuel rail and fuel injecters,and add a weapons R coldair intake ,put a 4.2.1 racing headers on, and bigger cam like from ComPCams. Then this beast would be rolling. Buck 20 noooooo problem. Now guys dont get me wrong i know that the ivtek is nice but with the set up im talking about would make your every day grandma grocrie getter neon ,2nd gen of course smoke that car.

Ive just stubled upon this site could I just borrow the technical

articles from the site or do I need special permission?. Im writing a school project.

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