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The shelf life of perfume is generally around three to five years from the date of production.You must store perfume properly to ensure quality over a long period of time.

What Is Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses?

Polarized lenses have a filter laminated on them that only allows vertically oriented light to pass through, while non-polarized lenses are usually just tinted to block light. Non-polarized lenses do not contain a filter to remove glare.

What Is the Way to Get Scratches Out of Sunglasses?

There are a few methods used to get scratches out of sunglasses, including silver polish, baking soda, toothpaste, glass etching compound and vehicle wax. Some of these methods also work on scratches in eyeglasses.

What Is the Difference Between a Chador and a Burka?

The main difference between a chador and a burka is that a burka covers the face, whereas a chador wraps around and covers the head and hair, but leaves the face exposed. Both are worn by Iranian and Islamic women as body-covers.

To shrink a hat, heat a pan of hot water, submerge the hat in the water, and place it in the dryer to dry. The heat from the water and dryer shrinks the material on the hat.

The shaft of an umbrella is made of either wood, steel, aluminum or fiberglass. The fabric used for the canopy is most commonly nylon taffeta that has an acrylic coating on the underside and a scotch-guard type finish on the topside. Modern umbrellas also have canopies made of microfiber fabric with water repellent finishes. The ribs, stretchers, runner and handle are made of wood, metal, plastic or another material.

The poppy should be worn on the left side of the chest closest to the heart. It is meant to be worn with heartfelt thanks and remembrance for those who lost their lives while defending freedom.

The oldest known tattoo was discovered on the 5,200-year-old body of a man known as the Iceman, found on the Italian-Austrian border in 1991. Based on the locations of the markings, experts theorize that the tattoos on the Iceman were a form of therapy for joint pain.

Henna is a centuries-old art form that temporarily dyes skin a dark brown-red color. Its effects can last for up to two weeks depending on your skin tone. There are effective steps that can be taken to speed up the fading process of henna.

How Do You Paint a Zombie Face for Halloween?

To paint the face so that it resembles a zombie, use gray and green makeup around the cheekbones and chin, white makeup over the entire face, black makeup around the eyes and red and black makeup around the lips. For an even more authentic zombie look, fake flesh can be applied to the face to resemble peeling or decaying skin.

Where Can I Find Some Face Paint Examples?

Snazaroo, a maker of face-painting kits, offers a photo gallery containing stunning pictures of face-painting done by the companys customers. also offers a face-paint gallery, along with instructions on how to complete each look.

Body art uses the human body as a means of artistic expression. Body art includes piercing, tattooing, painting or scarring, and it can include adornments, such as clothes, shoes and hair coloring.

According to Tattoo Easily, an armband tattoo is one that encircles the bicep, forearm or wrist. The concept of an armband tattoo revolves around creating permanent jewelry on the skin and making statements regarding the tattooed persons personality, ideals and values.

Leather can be ironed using a very low setting. When ironing leather, a cloth should be placed on top of the leather to prevent burn marks.

Brown shoes can match almost any color as long as its done right. It is not recommended to mix brown shoes with black. Casual black clothing can work well with brown shoes, however black formal wear should not be worn with brown shoes of any color.

How Can You Find Good Thrift Shop Clothes?

Finding good thrift shop clothes is all about patience and observation. Take your time picking through the racks and looking over attractive items.

Bandanas come in a variety of sizes, but the standard dimensions are 22 inches by 22 inches. An oversized bandana is typically 27 inches on each side.

The phrase high fashion refers to the most luxurious, elegant and expensive clothing and accessories from top fashion designers. This American term comes from a common French expression, haute couture, which has the same meaning. High-fashion clothing is typically custom-made womens clothing.

How Can I Dress up Like a Superhero?

Dressing up like a superhero typically involves wearing a cape, a mask and a unitard or leotard with tights. Superhero costumes can be purchased or made by hand.

How Do Fashion Designers Use Technology?

Fashion designers use technology to design fabrics using fashion designing tools available in software packages, to alter previous designs, to see how designs look on virtual models, to determine which clothing material is fit for certain designs, and to connect with the fashion industry online. Fashion designers also use technology by introducing fashionable devices and gadgets as new trends in the fashion industry.

According to The People History, fashion changes because the style is a fad, because it is dependent on the tastes of a particular group of people or because circumstances in a culture or economy change. The site also points out that most fashions never go out of style but simply change slightly to fit different trends.

Fashion is important for many reasons, including being a form of personal identity. Fashion lets people express style and personality.

How Did Louis Vuitton Become Famous?

Louis Vuitton got his start as a box maker and packer in Paris and became famous when the wife of Napoleon III chose him as her personal box maker and clothes packer. Packing goods for transport was an important business, and the patronage of the Empress made Vuitton one of the premier craftsmen in his field. In 1854, he opened his own shop, developing his own unique luggage styles.

Who Was Jackie Kennedys Fashion Designer?

In 1960, Oleg Cassini became first lady Jacqueline Kennedys official designer. Cassini designed an entire wardrobe for her that made her a fashion icon of young women around the world. Other designers made popular by the first lady during that time were Chanel, Givenchy and Dior.

What Does H&M Stand For?

H&M stands for Hennes & Mauritz AB, a Swedish retailer of clothing for children, teens, men and women. H&M, which opened its first store in 1947, is one of the worlds largest clothing retailers.

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