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When you were a kid did you ever build models of your favorite race cars? Doug Scott of Oshawa, Ontario, has taken model building to a new level, as he is building a full scale replica of his favorite childhood stock car. Scott grew up attending the local stock car races at Mosport Speedway in the early 70s. It was there that he feel in love with the Chevy Chevelle after witnessing several race. Unlike most Canadian kids who grew up dreaming of being Bobby Hull, Scott dreamed of racing an American Musclecar.

In 1985 it seemed like Scotts dream of building a stock car was about to come true. He was in his 20s and he purchased a blue 1969 Chevelle that was powered by a 350. However, his dream was quickly crushed when he was caught in a snow storm and slid off the road his car was totaled. Scott never forgot about his Chevelle and told himself that one day he would own another Chevelle.

Twenty-three years after the incident, Scott was able to begin his dream project. In 2008 while browsing onRacing Junk, he found a 1999 Hutch Pagan Monte Carlo ARCA car for sale. Scott knew that the chassis from this car would work perfectly for his project. After a bit of negotiating, a deal was struck for $2500 and Scott was on his way to Moorsville, North Carolina, to pick up the car. After he got home he found a Chevelle Malibu roller for sale, its body had minimal wear making it perfect for his stock car.

A 1999 Monte Carlo stock car, similar to the ones Jeff Gordon and the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr., drove.

Scott began stripping the sheet metal off of the stock car and he removed the Chevelles body off of its frame. He put the Chevelle body on his lift and lowered it over the chassis until it touched something. He would then raise the body, cut part of the frame, weld it back together and lower the body again. This went on for several weekends until the Chevelle was finally able to fit over the stock car frame.

The process of lowering the body was one of trail and error.

After the mock up, Scott sent the body to get sand blasted. The blaster ran into a little trouble during the process, when he discovered the car had a vinyl roof. The metal under the roof needed to be replaced as it was full of holes, Scott ordered a new metal roof and welded it to the body.

The next step was the interior, he ordered 2 black Sparco Evo Plus seats and called Manick Race Cars to weld the body to the chassis. The finishing touch was the gauge cluster that Scott hand fabricated from sheet metal. The body was then sanded with 280 grit and a coat of grey primer was applied.

Shes beginning to look like a stock car.

After the primer was applied, it was time to work on the suspension. He installed NASCAR Penske 7300 shocks, for brakes he installedWilwoodGT6000s on the front and Superlites on the rear. The car sits on 27x10x15 Hoosier bias ply slick tires.

The Chevelle will be powered by 434 cubic inch engine that will produce 700 hp on pump gas. This engine is equipped with an 830 CFM NASCAR carb and it will be tied to a rebuilt T-10 Transmission. The 434 will breathe though 3.5 inch dual exhaust that was taken from a Hooters Cup car.

Scott is building his dream car in real life, as if he were a kid constructing a plastic model kit. However, Instead of imagining racing the model around a track, he will be able to do it for real. We will keep you folks up dated on the progress that Scott makes as he gets closer to completing the car.

Josh Courter is a Power Automedia freelancer with a serious passion for anything custom. Rods, classics, sleds, and even motorcycles provide inspiration for Josh along with his passion for automotive history.

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