Weve been looking to create a crest for quite some time in order to brand ourselves a bit more within the soccer community. The final product Jordan created for us exceeded all expectations and the quality of the work was more than we could have asked for. Were excited to be able to have a crest of our own and use it to brand Penn State Womens Soccer.

Its time for a change, maybe you replace that low res, ripped-off NFL logo you started with.Or maybe you finally ditch the drawing that board members daughter drew, since you still cant tell if its a lion or an aardvark. Start taking your league seriously with a quality mark and quality filetypes. Ive been making teams, leagues and organizations of all different sizes more marketable for years. Creating a professional look can raise the credibility of your club, ignite a fan base and inspire the players to be proud of playing for their organization. Lets work together to make your organization stand out from competition and get noticed. See some of my work and contact me for a quote on your sports logo or branding needs.

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