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Its super-simple, you dont need to code and the results are fully responsive & google friendly.

Our free website builder also comes with eCommerce and blogging.

Creating a website with XPRS or IM Creator is easy, fast and intuitive. Anyone can create a website in a matter of minutes.

Any content youll add is responsive-by-nature and will naturally adjust itself to any device: Laptops, Tablets, Mobile-phones & even google glass and smart-watches.

Get unlimited hosting, unlimited bandwidth. We think websites shouldnt cost money. They should be available to all.

We included a full SEO control over your content. As well as nicely structured HTML and site-structure that makes sure your site loads fast. Your site is optimized for Google crawlers.

Building a website with XPRS is like building stuff with Lego™ Blocks. Each block is gorgeous and works well with other blocks – making the process super-fun.

You can build a one-pager, or 1000-pager. Our system can support the largest news websites as well as the smallest portfolio. You have no limits on your growth.

Sell anything, just add a price to any item – and you got an online store. Full professional credit-card checkout, analytics & management console. Powered by ShopRocket.

Our templates are designed by experienced, well known designers and ought to leave an impression on your users. The animation effects will blow their minds.

WIth our new XPRS mobile app you can edit your site, upload pics, add blog posts, all from your mobile. Dead-simple.

IM offers the top of the line web design tools. With us anyone can build a website for free. Our new Polydoms technology implemented in XPRS site builder is putting us way above all other website builders.

Our sites are always responsive and are actually fun to use. Plus, just take a look at our templates vs. the competition – you will immediately spot the difference.

Hey, even this site was built with our tools.

XPRS is using Polydoms, which is a new technology we created just to make website making simpler. Polydoms allow us to present you pre-made, professionally designed content blocks (or Stripes) that vary in layout, color scheme and goal. We have Stripes for any function: contact form, store, gallery, products features and more. We have tons of stripes, fit to every purpose and every kind of content. These stripes are dynamic, customizable, and look great together, so you can make your own website in just a few clicks.

Creator is using the good old Drag&Drop technology that allows you to literally drag elements you want showing on your website and dropping them exactly where you want them to show.

The main difference is in the website creation process. A drag & drop website builder vs. a Lego-Like website builder. Some will like one better and some will prefer the other. Also keep in mind that Creator sites are not responsive and require you to make some tweaks to show it well on mobile. You can build a free website on both.

You can go online today! Make yourself a cup of coffee and youll be done by the time you finish it. Its really up to you and how you see your website unfolding.

Yes, IM website builders are completely free. We do offer premium packages (after all we need to pay the bills somehow), but our business model allows us to provide anyone who wish a completely free website.

On XPRS we took the meaning of free website builder a step further and were now giving all the premium features completely free for students, artists & non-profits. Just send us an email through your academic institute email address, or show us your website when youre done, and well give you a free Premium account.

No problem. with IMs free website building tools you dont need to. We have beautiful website templates to start with, and beautiful elements to add on top. Youll be surprised how well your websites look once youre done, without any effort.

We built XPRS just like a toy, so you can play around with it and actually have fun creating your website. Click around and try things out and in no time you will have a great looking website that looks professionally designed.

With XPRS you have full control over your images. Add top colors, set opacity and add animation and effects to them. Everything your gallery needs to look professionally designed.

Mouse-over, scrolling, and entrance effects can be added to every element on your website to give your users that wanted feeling of WOW. Dont over do it though, subtlety is the key here.

IMs website creator includes a growing stock of free icons. Were adding new icons constantly so youre site will never look outdated. You can also choose from tons of fonts that will complement your sites design.

There are so many ways to display your images on your new website. All the latest design trends are implemented into our galleries and slideshows, including a masonite (waterfall) gallery.

Our website maker makes blogging dead-easy. Just create a new blog post and simply add titles, text, images, social and more. All you have to do is come up with great content – everything else is on us.

Design your website however you like. Change your content block layout in just 1 click! Make your image a background or move it to the right, or perhaps the bottom? Your call.

Full control over margins and paddings between the elements on your site. Our designers already set everything up to look the best, but you can always change it if want.

Change the order of elements on your stripes. Do you want the icon below the title? No problem! Maybe you want the subtitle below the button? You got it..

Our website builder is extra-simple but were here for you for whatever you may need. We guarantee to get back to your within 1-12 hours (for a paid account) and 48-72 hours for a free account.

with your username to get your free license

Great for Web-designers, hosting-companies, resellers, white-labels etc.

Unlimited licenses for your clients (!)

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