Meet Gary Franchi the radical Zionist behind NexNewstwork

to the dismay of the Federal Reserve and other faux capitalists

Joel Skousens critique of World Bank whistleblower KarenHudes

A regular reader calls them out on their phony anti-state slogan

Meet Gary Franchi, the radical Zionist behind Next NewsNetwork

With the purported alternative media platform,, giving so much coverage to World Bank whistleblower Karen Hudes lately (seehere,here,hereandhere), I decided it was time to cast some light on the radical Zionist beliefs of the founder of the network, Gary Franchi, in order to understand why he may be regularly giving such a platform to someone who is pointing fingers at the Jesuits being behind the international banking system and making all sorts of wild claims that sow confusion, which 30+-year researcherJoel Skousenand 20+-year economic analystAndy Gausehave questioned,including myself.

From this 2008forum post, we see Gary Franchi responding with:

For more on Gary Franchi, see my articles:

1)Gary Franchi claims hes against infighting, only to interview Mark Dice who had repeatedly attacked Alex Jones

2)What Gary Franchis 24/7 Next News Network wont be covering

3)Alex Jones to Gary Franchi: If you ever backbite me, Ill squish you like a bug, and youll be dead in this movement.

For more on another radical Zionist gatekeeping operation, see my article,Coast to Coast AMs Zionist controllers show their true colours with some competition.

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This goofball Franchi is on youtube accusing Obama, Kerry and Clinton of CREATING ISIS! The RELIGIOUS ZEALOTS of all cloths are a dangerous lot! Reality isnt important to them, they place importance on something theyve never seen and adhere blindly to a faith which trumps reality in importance. So the ends theyre trying to pursue justify their LYING, DECEIVING ways in order to try and satisfy their religious goals. They and Franchi, are sick people and the U.S. has no shortage of them.

Thanks for your comment. Its a typical tactic to put the focus on the politicians, instead of the powers who control them.

[] should be gold or silver coin (2011) 5) The United States isnt a federal corporation (2011) 6) Meet Gary Franchi, the radical Zionist behind Next News Network (2014) 7) No evidence that your []

The jewish alternative media is just as kosher as the jewish main stream media. Never forget Goyimses !

Heres some more of his work. This ones going to learn just how dirty tricks can get!

Also picked up by . He tweeted a YouTube clip of a satire video about the Federal government rounding up the Bundy Militia, as if it was real.

an addition to my previous post. The house of cards is starting to crumble and fall in on itself. When is everyone going to realize that the issue is not predicated on the importance or not of any religious faction? All religion is worthless and so is the Bible. We have much more imminent matters at hand. We should all be uniting and celebrating the fact that the elite have very little time left and put our focus there. Who cares who is running their show, the Jesuits or Peter Pan? Who cares when they are on their last performance and their curtain is closing!!!

Gary and Karen clearly dont think that religion is worthless. Gary is a radical Zionist and Karen is saying that the Bible is true, except for the part about Moses being a human Israelite descended from Abraham. No, were told by her, he was actually from another species.

This was all a consequence, if not an intent, of her talk of another species being behind the international banking system. It sows discord and gets people away from the main issue of the corrupt system and achieving positive reform (usury-free, controlling the volume of credit and decentralization).

I never said they thought religion and the Bible were worthless! I said; I thought it was worthless and it is; as you can clearly see because; all your bickering is over religious views and who is aligned with who and who is allowing Karen to have a platform because of who they are. Isnt that what youre doing? Arent you in fact side tracking the banking issue by putting the focus on the Jesuits or not and what Karen said according to her religious views?

Its a blatant fact that the Jesuits have much to do with the banking corruption and yes, they are very much an integral part. Not only are they corrupt on many levels, they seed their corruption under the guise and protection of their religion.

Whether Karen reported these things or not is irrelevant. Who Karen is, is irrelevant. The issue remains the same whether I reported it, you reported it or someone else reported it.

As I posted earlier, there is another species that are assisting in this corruption! The evidence of their existence and the DNA results are proof they exist. The elite have wealth beyond our wildest dreams and can facilitate with very little effort a safe harbor from them. I get this information on very good authority.

Why is it always so difficult for people to believe what is true? Because it means a Paradigm shift? Because it seems so far fetched? Because it means they would have to abandon their beliefs that those involved in the corruption are good and Holy?

As I have stated before; it doesnt really matter who is behind the corruption or how or why Karen arrived at this conclusion because we all know the corruption exists. The Vatican and its residents are notoriously corrupt on every level one can imagine. Many of its members in this club of thugs hiding under funny looking hats and robes breed and seed corruption to the highest degree. As I mentioned in another post; 280 priests were defrocked for pedophilia last year, but that was good news from the 400 the year prior. Not one of them were arrested!

Why is anyone bringing religion into the Karen Hudes controversy when religion has nothing to do with anything except for the purpose of dividing and degrading us into arguing amongst ourselves which BTW; is exactly what it was designed to do by the Elite who invented it many years ago to begin with?

There is a group of elite running this planet and they are diversified into several different factions who argue and threaten amongst themselves for control of us. This is a fact and there is much proof.

There is a small group of cone heads (Karen referred to) the ones with the elongated skulls, that were seeded 40 thousand years ago by an off planet species, much later than our genetic manipulation over 200,000 years ago. They serve the elite by working in exchange for intelligence with other races. They were brought here as volunteers that stayed through the withdrawal of the colonies administered by the Atouns. They almost became extinct several times through global cataclysms and were also persecuted by several different cultures for their different looking appearance.

Their DNA is different from ours which has been documented and their skull remains are evidence they did exist. They were revered as priests and were responsible for bringing astrology and scientific development to the Mayans, the Incas and the Egyptians. Unfortunately they lack in certain skills which is their inability to implement solutions and this meant they had to rely on outside sources for survival which is the other reason they aligned with the elite.

The elite keep them very well hidden in subterranean colonies and have the financial means to do so. They possess very little ability to procreate on their own and since they do not procreate with humans, their numbers have been kept way down to less than 10,000.

They are not fighters and because they rely so heavily on the elite, when the elite collapse under their own weight, this group will most likely fall with them, so we have no need to worry or be fearful of them. They are not a bad race, just dependent.

There is overwhelming evidence the elite are working very closely with the Vatican as it is public knowledge the elite launder their money with them and even though this has been proven, they have never gone to trial, meaning; the Vatican is untouchable.

The Vatican has huge investments with the Rothschilds, France, America, Hambros Bank, Credit Suisse in London and Zurich and Morgan Bank, Chase, First National Bank of NY, Bankers Trust co and many others.The Vatican has billions of shares of Gulf Oil, Shell, General Motors, Bethlehem Steel, General Electric, TWA and on and on. The Catholic church is the most formidable stock broker in the world. Their gold has been estimated into the several billions of dollars. A large bulk of this gold is stored in gold ingots with the Federal Reserve while England and Switzerland hold vast amounts as well.

There are witnesses who have testified to the vast amounts of gold hidden in the underground vaults at the Vatican, so it no surprise that Karen could very well have seen a photograph and that the photograph is real and valid, especially considering the vast amounts of gold stored and recorded at the Federal Reserve and in England and Switzerland.

Gary must not realize or care that mainstream Christian teaching for over 1700 years was that the Old Testament prophecies referring to Israel referred to Christians and not Jews.

And he must also not realize or care that Yahweh said in the Old Testament that he divorced Israel, and was letting Judah to continue to whore herself out for a time, but he would remarry Israel in righteousness, and that Israel refers to the non-Jewish dispersed 10 tribes of the House of Israel, and not some state created in 1948, and theres a reason why theyre called Israelis and not Israelites.

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