The Next Two Marvel Movies Are Set B

ends with a startling cliffhanger that radically alters the landscape of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Marvels next two films – Julys- wont reveal what happens next because they are actually set

That isnt to say these films wont have any be clues as to what might happen when Phase 3 officially comes to a close withAvengers 4, but they are not direct continuations of the MCUs timeline following Thanos devastating finger snap. Instead,Ant-Man & The Waspwill more fully explore the fallout fromCaptain America: Civil War(and specifically as it relates to Paul Rudds Scott Lang) andCaptain Marvelis expected to be a deep-dive into the history of the MCU, taking place years before Tony Stark announcedI am Iron Man.

Audiences might think it strange torelease these films out of order, but its likely that information revealed in bothAnt-Man & The WaspandCaptain Marvelhas an important role to play inAvengers 4- possibly even revealing how the devastation Thanos wrought inInfinity Warcan be reversed.

Ant-Man & The Wasp: After Civil War But Before Infinity War

InAvengers: Infinity War, Ant-Mans absence is explained as him having cut a deal with the U.S. Government following his arrest inCaptain America: Civil War. Citing family hardship, both Scott Lang and Clint Barton agree to serve out the remainder of their sentences on house arrest. And while this is the reason given in the film for why Ant-Man isnt available when the greatest threat the universe has ever faced is at Earths front door, it may also not be the whole truth.

Ant-Man & The Waspis expected to focus heavily on the search for Janet van Dyne, which means that Ant-Man and Wasps absence fromInfinity Warmay be more closely tied to their adventures in the Quantum Realm – a subatomic reality whereall concepts of time and space become irrelevant-than it is Scotts house arrest. Whether they, too, become trapped in this strange realm is unclear, but seeing as the Quantum Realm doesnt adhere to normal physics, theres no telling what they might discover. And withAnt-Man & The Waspbeing touted as the filmmost connected toInfinity War, its possible that the secrets of the Quantum Realm may reveal how Thanos eradication of half the universe can be undone.

Captain Marvel: Set Before Most of the MCU

InAvengers: Infinity Wars post-credit scene, the MCU sets the stage for Captain Marvels entrance to the MCU, hinting at her being a last line of defense were the Earth to come under attack. This raises some pretty big questions, though, like where has she been? And where is she now?

Its no secret that Carol Danvers is heading all the wayback to the 1990sfor her MCU origin, but what may not be as well known is that her film will alsorevisit the Quantum Realm. It isnt known exactly how the Quantum Realm will be used inCaptain Marvel, but its been confirmed that it will provide us with abetter understanding of Carol Danvers and her place in the MCU.This seems to imply that the subatomic reality plays a role in either bringing Carol from the past to the present day or, as one theory suggests, bringing her from an alternate reality into that of the MCU.

HoweverCaptain Marvelconnects with the rest of the MCU, shes expected to take part in the action ofAvengers 4. And with time travel already a real possibility for that film, it may just be that the Quantum Realm isnt only key to restoring the universe, but in allowingCaptain Marvel to answer Nick Furys distress call.

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The Next Two Marvel Movies Are Set Before Avengers: Infinity War

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